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Braided Oscillators
A. Yildiz
Mathematics , 1999, DOI: 10.1063/1.1436304
Abstract: The braided Hopf algebra structure of the generalized oscillator is investigated. Using the solutions two types of braided Fibonacci oscillators are introduced. This leads to two types of braided Biedenharn-Macfarlane oscillators.
Quantum Group Covariance and the Braided Structure of Deformed Oscillators
A. Yildiz
Mathematics , 2002, DOI: 10.1063/1.1509088
Abstract: The connection between braided Hopf algebra structure and the quantum group covariance of deformed oscillators is constructed explicitly. In this context we provide deformations of the Hopf algebra of functions on SU(1,1). Quantum subgroups and their representations are also discussed.
Generalized exclusion and Hopf algebras
A. Yildiz
Mathematics , 2002, DOI: 10.1088/0305-4470/35/50/310
Abstract: We propose a generalized oscillator algebra at the roots of unity with generalized exclusion and we investigate the braided Hopf structure. We find that there are two solutions: these are the generalized exclusions of the bosonic and fermionic types. We also discuss the covariance properties of these oscillators
A new algebra which transmutes to the braided algebra
A. Yildiz
Mathematics , 1999,
Abstract: We find a new braided Hopf structure for the algebra satisfied by the entries of the braided matrix $BSL_q(2)$. A new nonbraided algebra whose coalgebra structure is the same as the braided one is found to be a two parameter deformed algebra. It is found that this algebra is not a comodule algebra under adjoint coaction. However, it is shown that for a certain value of one of the deformation parameters the braided algebra becomes a comodule algebra under the coaction of this nonbraided algebra. The transmutation of the nonbraided algebra to the braided one is constructed explicitly.
The Risks of B ogen c Am nes in Cheese
F. Yildiz,A. Yetismeyen
Journal of Tekirdag Agricultural Faculty , 2005,
Abstract: Biogenic amines are compounds become in food as a result of dekarboksilation of amino acids. These amines are designated as biogenic because they are formed by the action of living organisms. These compounds are important because of physiological effects on human and animal health.The purpose of this article is to give some information about biogenic amines in cheese, to investigate the importance of these compounds for human health and to evaluate the amount of biogenic amines and risk ratio in cheese variaties manufactured in Turkey.
Adsorption of phenol and chlorophenols on pure and modified sepiolite
Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society , 2007,
Abstract: In this work, pure sepiolite and sepiolite modified by nitric acid (HNO3), ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) and hexadecyltrimethyl-ammonium (HDTMA) were used ad adsorbents. The changes on the surface were studied by IR spectroscopy. The adsorption of solutions of phenol and phenol derivatives in pure ethanol on these adsorbents were examined by means of gas chromatography. It was found that the adsorption capacities of the clay–organic complexes (sepiolite–EDTA and sepiolite–HDTMA) were higher than those of pure sepiolite and sepiolite–HNO3.
Finite Element Formulation of Forced Vibration Problem of a Prestretched Plate Resting on a Rigid Foundation
M. Er z,A. Yildiz
Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2007, DOI: 10.1155/2007/56360
Abstract: The three-dimensional linearized theory of elastodynamics mathematical formulation of the forced vibration of a prestretched plate resting on a rigid half-plane is given. The variational formulation of corresponding boundary-value problem is constructed. The first variational of the functional in the variational statement is equated to zero. In the framework of the virtual work principle, it is proved that appropriate equations and boundary conditions are derived. Using these conditions, finite element formulation of the prestretched plate is done. The numerical results obtained coincide with the ones given by Ufly and in 1963 for the static loading case.
Evaluation of cellulosic wastes for the cultivation of Pleurotus eryngii (DC. ex Fr.) Quel
M Akyüz, A Yildiz
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2008,
Abstract: This study investigated the possible use of local cellulosic wastes for the cultivation of Pleurotus eryngii (DC. ex Fr.) Quel. var. ferulae Lanzi and Pleurotus eryngii (DC. ex Fr.) Quel. For the propagation of the main culture, 2.0% malt-extract agar was used whereas barley grains were used for the propagation of spawn. For the formation of basidiocarp, wheat straw (WS), soybean straw (SS) and bran of rice (RB) were used as culture media. Three types of compost were prepared: a mixture of WS-SS (1:1), WS and SS. The three compost types were also supplemented with 5.0 and 10.0% of RB. The shortest mycelium growing period was determined as average 8 days on SS and the longest period was 17 days on WS + 10.0% RB. In addition, the shortest mycelium growing period for P. eryngii var. ferulae was determined as average 12 days on WS + 10.0% RB, while the longest period was 18 days on WS-SS (1:1) + 5.0% RB. The shortest primordium formation period for P. eryngii was determined as 36 days on SS + 10.0% RB, while the longest period was 95 days on WS + 5.0% RB. In addition, for P. eryngii var. ferulae, there was no basidiocarp formation on any trial after mycelium growth on the compost even after 108 days of culture. The first harvest period for P. eryngii was determined as average 48 days on SS + 10.0% RB, and the total harvest period was 108 days on WS + 5.0% and WS + 10.0% RB. The highest biological efficiency (BE) was 93% on WS-SS (1:1) + 5.0% RB and the lowest BE was 7% on WS + 10.0% RB. The lowest average yield per 100 g of material (70% moisture) was 2.0 g on WS + 10.0% RB, while the highest yield was 28.0 g on WS-SS (1:1) + 5.0% RB. In conclusion, various local agricultural wastes can be used for the cultivation of P. eryngii.
The zero short Covering Problem for finite rings
Abdullah Pa?a,Bahattin Yildiz
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: In this work, we find the cardinality of minimal zero short covers of An for any finite local ring A, removing the restriction of D(A)^2 = 0 from the previous works in the literature. Using the structure theorem for Artinian rings, we conclude that we have solved the zero short covering problem for all finite rings. We demonstrate our results on R_k, an infinite family of finite commutative rings extensively studied in coding theory, which satisfy D(A)^2 \neq 0 for all k \geq 2.
Yildiz E?,Karadeniz B?,Yildiz A M?,Rencuzogullari E?
无机化学学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 制备了4-(5'-氨基萘-3'-磺酸)偶氮-(2″-n-(4''',6'''-二氯-s-三嗪)苯-5″-(β-羟乙基砜硫酸酯)-2-甲基蒽醌(2a),4-(2'-氨基苯磺酸)偶氮-(2″-n-(4''',6'''-二氯-s-三嗪)-3″-苯磺酸)-2-甲基蒽醌,4-(5'-氨基萘-3'-磺酸)偶氮-(2″-n-(4''',6'''-二氯-s-三嗪)苯-5″-(β-羟乙基砜硫酸酯)-2-甲基蒽醌和4-(p-(β-羟乙基砜硫酸酯)偶氮-(2″-n-(4''',6'''-二氯-s-三嗪)萘-5″-磺酸)-2-甲基蒽醌的feⅲ,coⅱ金属配合物,并在安姆/沙门氏菌/微粒体致突变试验(ames/salmonella/microsometest)和大鼠胚胎中测定其致突变-畸变作用。不管是否使用代谢赋活剂s9mix,2a-fe和2a-co对ta98andta100菌株均无致突变-畸变作用。
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