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Analytic method of determination of the external design parameters in the microclimate systems of buildings
A.G. Sotnikov
Magazine of Civil Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: It is known that the external design parameters are quite important for designing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, because they determine design discharge of the building: cold (in summer) and heat (in winter). Thus they substantially influence the capital and maintenance expenditure. Until recently in many countries the external design parameters are determined quite equally, exactly by arbitrarily given provision (probability of non-exceedance). Such way of determination of the external design parameters is the one in heating facilities and ventilating equipment that does not have any system-reasonable analytic methodology.The author of this paper, using the number of researches, suggests the appropriate method, referring to outside design temperature in the frost-free season. At a later date there will be proposed another methods for design moisture content – in summer and design temperature – in winter.Analytic dependences, that come from the study, take into account all the complex of characteristics: system, technological, climatological, hygienic, static, dynamic and also probabilistic. In particular it is proved, that rather essential parameter, that generally is not taken in account in computation, is outside air consumption in the compound with recirculated air. Therefore this method requires sufficient skills of the specialist, who must be well acquainted with related fields of knowledge, technics, appropriate terminology. The new method although requires the following discussion and probable improvement, but it allows determining the external design parameters more reasonable and less complicated. If it finds a broad response, it will be recommended for design standard of microclimate systems in different countries.
Mathematical analysis of parameter maintenance in precision technological V and AC systems (rus)
Sotnikov A.G.
Magazine of Civil Engineering , 2011,
Abstract: Various industrial processes usually take place in the air and they require different parameters of air quality and accuracy of its maintenance.In present there are no rigorous analytical methods for reliable determination the actual accuracy of maintenance of air quality parameters on condition that they change orderly or stochastically. The harmonic analysis of exponents of periodical increase and decrease of parameters is proposed. It can be used for the estimation of fluctuations and precision of maintenance of various air quality parameters, first of all, in precision technological V and AC systems.Suggested method of temperature calculation under changing periodical heat load at the premises is illustrated by the example of high-precision V and AC system operating the area of grinding and test of optical devices.
Microclimate monitoring as a basis for creation of effective systems and the building with minimal energy consumption
A.G. Sotnikov
Magazine of Civil Engineering , 2010,
Abstract: Microclimate monitoring for public and industrial buildings is principal and single way to determine actual loads that are usually far from design values, and to determine air parameters. The method of thermo-, moisture-, steam- and gas-air balances is little known for designers and so unclaimed. But the information that could be received is objective and is a basis for design of passive buildings.
Mathematical and stereographic analysis of intensity of solar radiation and openings shading for the building SLE calculation
A.G. Sotnikov
Magazine of Civil Engineering , 2010,
Abstract: Modern administrative and public buildings have increased and sometimes excessive glazing area. Stained glass often takes the height from floor to ceiling, and in the corner room window area can construct 30 - 40% of the total area of the external and internal enclosures. Without discussing the visual appeal of these fronts, let us pay attention to the thermal protection from heat loss in winter and heat income in the summer.It is known that the heat transfer coefficient of the window is 4-5 times greater than the wall, and heat radiation has intensity up to 700-800 W/m2. For such rooms and buildings should be specified the design temperature for heating in winter.Traditionally in Russia, "5-day" temperature can lead to deviations of the room temperature, which will exceed permissible levels. The periodicity of radiation exposure needs to apply a harmonic analysis in its description. More generally, taking into account the shading from this or neighboring buildings we need harmonic analysis in more general view. Finally, the time of beginning and the end of irradiation can only be determined on the basis of stereographic trajectories of the Sun. All this taken together will allow finding a more accurate way of calculation of radiative heat influxes into the room and determining the time of its insolation.
Mathematical modelling of hydraulic conditions of balancing and control of heating, cooling and dehumidification subsystem in ventilation and air conditioning systems
A. G. Sotnikov,A. P. Rusakov
Magazine of Civil Engineering , 2011,
Abstract: The article is the second part of the one published in the Vol. 1, 2011. The aim of this research is processes modelling and investigation of quantity parameters influence on heating and cooling subsystem of VAC systems when balancing that subsystem by various balanced valves and when controlling it by three-way valve. The basic characteristic received and analyzed in model, is balancing-adjusting characteristic (schedule) of mixture in knot depending on a combination of many factors: binding, crosspieces, an arrangement of corresponding valves, pressures and other parameters. For reception of the balancing-adjusting characteristic of subsystem in different operating modes its mathematical model was created, methods of processing and generalization of the data were offered. After that calculations in different modes of use of the crosspieces were done, allowed to define all regime parameters at the set positions of balancing and regulating valves, parity of pressures in a network and a pump, design of armature and entry conditions.
Theoretical and experimental validation of the air changes in industrial ventilation optimization method
Sotnikov A.G.,Borovitskiy A.A.
Magazine of Civil Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: Wide dissemination and development of industrial ventilation of different industries, which began in our country from the period of industrialization of the 30s years of the twentieth century has led to significant scientific and practical achievements noted in numerous books and articles. It also has a positive effect on the health of manufactures staff. More than 2.5 thousand different harmful substances and local suctions from them were investigated in detail by hygienists and engineers in the USSR, in Russia and abroad, but, unfortunately, have not been systematized and generalized. This article tries to make such generalization, corroborated by analytical relationships and dependencies experienced by different authors.This technique is based on the exponential-power dependence for the effectiveness of local suction, which is close to dependence, accepted in the study of turbulent diffusion, but in more general terms. The proposed in the article new term equivalent-effective rate is rather universal concept, which allows to compare the effectiveness of hazards trapping for different design, technological and aerodynamic parameters of the source and the suction of any kind. On the basis of this idea, an opportunity of the ventilation systems in industrial ventilation for numerous industrial processes optimization appeared.As a result of using this method the capital and operating costs for the equipment of these systems, steam curing, and air movement could be reduced, thereby significant technical and economic effect could be provided.
Systematization and generalization of local exhaust devices characteristics - the basis for engineering design techniques of effective industrial ventilation
A.G. Sotnikov,A.A. Borovitskiy
Magazine of Civil Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: The modern development of the industry, new technologies and a lot of harmful substances more than 2500 names attracts a lot of attention to industrial ventilation systems. The subject of this paper is analysis and generalization of foreign experience within the limits of proposed theory. In this paper, as a continuation of the previous papers the basics of designing effective industrial ventilation systems by optimizing air flow were described.An integrated exponential power dependence for defining the recovery effectiveness of different harmful substances by different local exhaust devices was proposed. The conception of equivalent effective velocity was proposed and substantiated.The method of optimal air exchange calculation and engineering design techniques were proposed.
Mathematical modelling of hydraulic conditions of balancing and control of heating, cooling and dehumidification subsystem in ventilation and air conditioning systems
A.G. Sotnikov,A.P. Rusakov
Magazine of Civil Engineering , 2011,
Abstract: The goal of these investigations is modeling of processes and studying of influence of quantitative characteristics and parameters in heating and cooling subsystem of ventilation and air conditioning systems at balancing this subsystem by means of various balancing valves and control of three-running valve. Balancing and management processes are considered on an example of the binding water air-heater of ventilation and air conditioning system. Besides, influence of various regime parameters on considered balancing characteristics is studied, as that: difference of pressure in a network of a heat supply, the pressure created by the pump, their parity, various water temperatures, the modes leading to self-oscillations. Result of work is reception of balancing and adjusting characteristics of a considered subsystem in most general view under various working conditions and their further analysis.
Approaches to the Intelligent Subject Search
V. K. Ivanov,B. V. Palyukh,A. N. Sotnikov
Computer Science , 2015, DOI: 10.15439/978-83-60810-57-6
Abstract: This article presents main results of the pilot study of approaches to the subject information search based on automated semantic processing of mass scientific and technical data. The authors focus on technology of building and qualification of search queries with the following filtering and ranking of search data. Software architecture, specific features of subject search and research results application are considered.
Critical entropies and magnetic-phase-diagram analysis of ultracold three-component fermionic mixtures in optical lattices
Andrii Sotnikov
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.92.023633
Abstract: We study theoretically many-body equilibrium magnetic phases and corresponding thermodynamic characteristics of ultracold three-component fermionic mixtures in optical lattices described by the SU(3)-symmetric single-band Hubbard model. Our analysis is based on the generalization of the exact diagonalization solver for multicomponent mixtures that is used in the framework of the dynamical mean-field theory. It allows us to obtain a finite-temperature phase diagram with the corresponding transition lines to magnetically ordered phases at filling one particle per site (1/3 band filling) in simple cubic lattice geometry. Based on the developed theoretical approach, we also attain the necessary accuracy to study the entropy dependence in the vicinity of magnetically ordered phases that allows us to make important predictions for ongoing and future experiments aiming to approach and study long-range-order phases in ultracold atomic mixtures.
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