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Electrical Resistivity Tomography and TDEM Applied to Hydrogeological Study in Taubaté Basin, Brazil  [PDF]
Rodrigo Corrêa Rangel, Jorge Luís Porsani, Cassiano Antonio Bortolozo, Luiz Rodrigo Hamada
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2018.92008
This research applies Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) and Time Domain Electromagnetic Method (TDEM) to study the hydrogeology of the Taubaté basin, which is characterized by half-grabens with about 850 m of maximum sediments thickness. The study area is in Taubaté city, São Paulo State, Brazil, where the Taubaté aquifer is an important water source. The Taubaté Group is the main sedimentary package of the basin; it is formed mainly by shales that form aquicludes, and thin layers of sandstones that form the aquifer. There are 40 groundwater exploration wells in Taubaté city that provide important information. The study purpose is to characterize the geoelectrical stratigraphy of the subsurface to locate the contact between the Quaternary and Tertiary sediments and to identify the Taubaté aquifer. The ERT is used for shallow investigations (tens of meters) and the TDEM can reach a great investigation depth (hundreds of meters). Therefore, these geophysical methods are complementary. The ERT data were acquired with the pole-dipole array with 20 m of electrodes spacing and 400 m length, and the TDEM data with the central-loop array with a 200 × 200 m transmitter loop. The results permit to define the contact between the Quaternary and Tertiary sediments around 15 m depth, the Pindamonhangaba Formation between 15 m and 30 m depth and the Taubate Group between 30 m and 300 m depth. The TDEM method defined the Taubaté Group as a single geoelectric layer because the shale and the sandstone layers are all very conductive. The basement is formed by gneiss, which is a very resistive rock. The TDEM method is not able to identify a high conductor/resistor contrast. Overall, the results are consistent with the known geology and the wells information.
Rendimientos de la Educación en el Noreste Argentino: Evolución reciente y Estructural actual
Fernández,Rodrigo A.;
Visi?3n de futuro , 2011,
Abstract: this paper estimates the private returns on investment in education. annual rates of return were estimated for the conglomerates in northeastern argentina (nea) between the third term of 2003 and third term of 2009, using the basis of micro-data from the permanent household survey (eph). in yield estimation were proposed models for men and women to correct the sample bias problems evidenced in their low participation in the economically active population (pea). the results show a higher return to education for men than for women, a different yield in the agglomerate posadas above average of nea, a high penalty function in the informal economy sector (black work) a direct relationship between company size and yields of men at the same time would bring report less volatility in its temporal evolution.
Hacia una Nueva Conceptualización del Homo-Economicus - Aportes a la Teoría del Consumidor
Fernández,Rodrigo A.;
Visi?3n de futuro , 2009,
Abstract: in the present paper a critical revision of some assumptions that underlie in the theory of the neoclassical consumer, specially those referring to the characteristics of the economy or consuming agent, which has among other characteristics an extreme rationality and a tendency towards the mathematical optimization in the consumption decisions. some historical and methodology aspects are reviewed that explain the origin and development of the homo-economicus. among the critics stand out: the methodological individualism, preferences exogeneity, preferences individuality, opposition between preferences and values, instrumental rationality, and information limitless management. in the paper one argues that the form in which it has been constructed, from the economy theory and especially of the consumer theory, the homo-economicus corresponds to a traditional philosophical approach, whereas some guidelines set out from heidegge's existentialist philosophy to surpass the limitations.
El Archipiélago de Chiloé y los Jesuitas: el espacio geográfico para una misión en los siglos XVII y XVIII
Magallania (Punta Arenas) , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-22442011000200004
Abstract: the present article has the aim of showing how the particularity of the geographic enviroment of chiloé was a conditioner of the missionary methodology that the jesuits applied there between the xvii and xviii centuries. the archipelago is composed by one main island and more than thirty minor ones populated mainly by aborigines of the huilliche tribe who were mostly bound by the encomienda labour system. spanish presence was concentrated in the town of castro that lies on the eastern shore of the main island and was founded on 1567. at that at the date was the southernmost urban enclave of the world. the jesuits, using an uncommon system for permanent missions, used the fying or circular system of mission as the core of what was considered a successful apostolate.
Efficiency of five biosolids to supply nitrogen and phosphorus to ryegrass
Corrêa, Rodrigo Studart;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2004001100012
Abstract: biosolids have been considered satisfactory to supply crops and plant nutrients. the ideal biosolids application rate should result in high crop yields and nutrient uptake, and leave low concentrations of nutrients in soils to avoid environmental problems. the objective of this study was to estimate the capacity of five biosolids to supply n and p to ryegrass (lolium perenne) after a single application of either fertilizers or biosolids to a spodosol and an oxisol. results showed that 6% - 36% of n and 3% - 7% of p applied as biosolids were recovered in plants grown on the spodosol, while the range on the oxisol was 26%-75% for n and 1.2%-3.7% for phosphorus. biosolids' efficiency on supplying n and p to plants was similar to fertilizer on the spodosol, but on the oxisol it refrained to 65%-67% fertilizer's efficiency. after a single application of biosolids followed by six consecutive harvests, 25%-94% of the n and 93%-99% of the p were not used by plants and remain in the soils.
Molecular taxonomy of Plagioscion Heckel (Perciformes, Sciaenidae) and evidence from mtDNA RFLP markers for an invasive species in the Paraná river, Southern Brazil
Torres, Rodrigo A.;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81752006000400034
Abstract: mitochondrial rflp markers were developed to examine whether plagioscion squamosissimus (heckel, 1840) is invasive in natural environments of the congener p. ternetzi in the paraná river, in southern brazil. specimens of p. squamosissimus and of the putative p. ternetzi (boulenger, 1895) were obtained from the negro river (manaus, amazonas, brazil) and from paraná river, respectively. fragments of the cytochrome b gene (900bp) were amplified by pcr and four restriction enzymes (eco ri, mbo i, bam hi and alu i) yielded the mitochondrial markers. an additional rflp analysis with a cytochrome b gene sequence of plagioncion sp. from genebank was carried out to validate the prior analysis. no genetic differentiation was found among either sample. while molecular variation in the cytochrome b analysis was no substantial among individuals, the combined analysis was important for demonstrating that there is no evidence for differentiation of the putative sample p. ternetzi from that of p. squamosissimus. the ecological implications of the introduced occurrence of p. squamosissimus, as well as the role of molecular taxonomic approaches for biodiversity studies are discussed.
Fabricación digital de modelos constructivos: análisis de equipos y procesos
García Alvarado,Rodrigo;
Revista Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad de Antioquia , 2011,
Abstract: this paper sets out a preliminary classification of digital fabrication equipment and possible uses in the design and execution of buildings. it proposes the elaboration of construction models by laser cutters in order to study material and industrial possibilities. digital design strategies for the execution of these models are set out, and the development of an internal script in 3d-modeling software is presented. finally, several conditions of the elaborated models are analyzed, verifying the constructive issues review on design, as well as, optimisation and industrialization.
Espacio sagrado y Religiosidad Popular: perspectivas veterotestamentarias
Teología y vida , 2003, DOI: 10.4067/S0049-34492003000200013
Abstract: the article in the first place establishes the parameters of the notion of sacred space, from the perspective of the religious sciences, i.e. as a mediation of the experience of the absolute, amid the ordinary experience. it then provides an instrumental definition of popular religiosity for the analysis of this phenomenon in the old testament, where what is popular is opposed to what is official. even though both forms share beliefs and rites, the latter is not carried out by the duly established institution and therefore lacks the warrant of officially. finally, the article presents the development of the sacred space from the exodus until the exile, on the hypothesis that from the exodus times the liberation experience had preceded the cult at an established place. as a consequence, the prophetic criticism on religious practices stresses the contents of dignity in the life of the poor. the authenticity of the biblical faith is not linked to the institution, but to the experience of the exodus. therefore it can be said by analogy, that the main sacred place is life itself and therefore the body of the others
A depress o na esquizofrenia
Bressan Rodrigo A
Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria , 2000,
La confidencialidad de la consulta psiquiátrica y el deber de protección a terceros: El caso Tarasoff Tarasoff's case
Rodrigo A Salinas R
Revista Chilena de Neuro-Psiquiatría , 2007,
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