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Beam asymmetry $Σ$ measurements on the $π^-$ photoproduction off neutrons
G. Mandaglio,F. Mammoliti,M. Manganaro,V. Bellini,J. P. Bocquet,L. Casano,A. D'Angelo,R. Di Salvo,A. Fantini,D. Franco,G. Gervino,F. Ghio,G. Giardina,B. Girolami,A. Giusa,A. Ignatov,A. Lapik,P. Levi Sandri,A. Lleres,D. Moricciani,A. N. Mushkarenkov,V. Nedorezov,C. Randieri,D. Rebreyend,N. V. Rudnev,G. Russo,C. Schaerf,M. L. Sperduto,M. C. Sutera,A. Turinge,V. Vegna,W. J. Briscoe,I. I. Strakovsky
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.82.045209
Abstract: The $\Sigma$ beam asymmetry in the photoproduction of negative pions from quasi-free neutrons in a deuterium target was measured at Graal in the energy interval 700 - 1500 MeV and a wide angular range, using polarized and tagged photons. The results are compared with recent partial wave analyses.
First Measurement of the $Σ$ Beam Asymmetry in $η^{\prime}$ Photoproduction off the Proton near Threshold
P. Levi Sandri,G. Mandaglio,V. De Leo,O. Bartalini,V. Bellini,J. P. Bocquet,M. Capogni,F. Curciarello,A. D'Angelo,J. P. Didelez,R. Di Salvo,A. Fantini,D. Franco,C. Gaulard,G. Gervino,F. Ghio,G. Giardina,B. Girolami,A. Giusa,A. Lapik,A. Lleres,F. Mammoliti,M. Manganaro,D. Moricciani,A. Mushkarenkov,V. Nedorezov,C. Randieri,D. Rebreyend,N. Rudnev,G. Russo,C. Schaerf,M. L. Sperduto,M. C. Sutera,A. Turinge,V. Vegna,I. Zonta
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: The $\Sigma$ beam asymmetry in $\eta^{\prime}$ photoproduction off the proton was measured at the GrAAL polarised photon beam with incoming photon energies of 1.461 and 1.480 GeV. For both energies the asymmetry as a function of the meson production angle shows a clear structure, more pronounced at the lowest one, with a change of sign around 90$^o$. The observed behaviour is compatible with P-wave D-wave (or S-wave F-wave) interference, the closer to threshold the stronger. The results are compared to the existing state-of-the-art calculations that fail to account for the data.
Measurement of the Σ beam asymmetry for the ω\ photo-production off the proton and the neutron at GRAAL
V. Vegna,A. D'Angelo,O. Bartalini,V. Bellini,J. P. Boquet,M. Capogni,L. E. Casano,M. Castoldi,F. Curciarello,V. De Leo,J. P. Didelez,R. Di Salvo,A. Fantini,D. Franco,G. Gervino,F. Ghio,G. Giardina,B. Girolami,A. Giusa,A. Lapik,P. Levi Sandri,A. Lleres,F. Mammoliti,G. Mandaglio,M. Manganaro,D. Moricciani,A. Mushkarenkov,V. Nedorezov,C. Randieri,D. Rebreyend,N. Rudnev,G. Russo,C. Schaerf,M. L. Sperduto,M. C. Sutera,A. Turinge,I. Zonta
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.91.065207
Abstract: We report on new measurements of the beam asymmetry for \omega\ photo-production on proton and neutron in Hydrogen and Deuterium targets from the GRAAL collaboration. The beam asymmetry values are extracted from the reaction threshold (E_{\gamma} = 1.1 GeV in the free nucleon kinematics) up to 1.5 GeV of incoming photon energy. For the first time both the radiative and the three-pion decay channels are simultaneously investigated on the free proton. Results from the two decay channels are in agreement and provide important constraints for the determination of resonant state contributions to the \omega\ production mechanism. First experimental results on the deuteron allow the extraction of the \Sigma\ beam asymmetry on quasi-free nucleons. Comparison of the results for free and quasi-free kinematics on the proton shows a generally reasonable agreement, similar to the findings in pseudo-scalar meson photo-production reactions. For the first time measurements on quasi-free neutrons are available, showing that both the strength and the angular distributions of the beam asymmetry are sensibly different from the results on the proton target.
Measurement of beam-recoil observables Ox, Oz and target asymmetry for the reaction gamma p -> K Lambda
A. Lleres,O. Bartalini,JP. Bocquet,P. Calvat,M. Capogni,L. Casano,A. D'Angelo,JP. Didelez,R. DiSalvo,A. Fantini,D. Franco,C. Gaulard,G. Gervino,F. Ghio,B. Girolami,A. Giusa,M. Guidal,E. Hourany,R. Kunne,V. Kuznetsov,A. Lapik,P. LeviSandri,F. Mammoliti,G. Mandaglio,D. Moricciani,AN. Mushkarenkov,V. Nedorezov,L. Nicoletti,C. Perrin,C. Randieri,D. Rebreyend,F. Renard,N. Rudnev,T. Russew,G. Russo,C. Schaerf,ML. Sperduto,MC. Sutera,A. Turinge
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2008-10713-4
Abstract: The double polarization (beam-recoil) observables Ox and Oz have been measured for the reaction gamma p -> K Lambda from threshold production to Egamma = 1500 MeV. The data were obtained with the linearly polarized beam of the GRAAL facility. Values for the target asymmetry T could also be extracted despite the use of an unpolarized target. Analyses of our results by two isobar models tend to confirm the necessity to include new or poorly known resonances in the 1900 MeV mass region.
Measurement of eta photoproduction on the proton from threshold to 1500 MeV
O. Bartalini,V. Bellini,J. P. Bocquet,P. calvat,M. Capogni,L. Casano,M. Castoldi,A. D'Angelo,J. P. Didelez,R. Di Salvo,A. Fantini,D. Franco,C. Gaulard,G. Gervino,F. Ghio,G. Giardina,B. Girolami,A. Giusa,M. Guidal,E. Hourany,R. Kunne,A. Lapik,P. Levi Sandri,A. Lleres,F. Mammoliti,G. Mandaglio,D. Moricciani,A. N. Mushkarenkov,V. Nedorezov,L. Nicoletti,C. Perrin,C. Randieri,D. Rebreyend,F. Renard,N. Rudnev,T. Russew,G. Russo,C. Schaerf,M. L. Sperduto,M. C. Sutera,A. Turinge,V. Vegna
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1140/epja/i2007-10439-9
Abstract: Beam asymmetry and differential cross section for the reaction gamma+p->eta+p were measured from production threshold to 1500 MeV photon laboratory energy. The two dominant neutral decay modes of the eta meson, eta->2g and eta->3pi0, were analyzed. The full set of measurements is in good agreement with previously published results. Our data were compared with three models. They all fit satisfactorily the results but their respective resonance contributions are quite different. The possible photoexcitation of a narrow state N(1670) was investigated and no evidence was found.
First measurement of target and beam-target asymmetries in the $γ p\to π^0ηp$ reaction
J. R. M. Annand,H. J. Arends,R. Beck,N. Borisov,A. Braghieri,W. J. Briscoe,S. Cherepnya,C. Collicott,S. Costanza,E. J. Downie,M. Dieterle,A. Fix,L. V. Fil'kov,S. Garni,D. I. Glazier,W. Gradl,G. Gurevich,P. H. Barrientos,D. Hamilton,D. Hornidge,D. Howdle,G. M. Huber,V. L. Kashevarov,I. Keshelashvili,R. Kondratiev,M. Korolija,B. Krusche,A. Lazarev,V. Lisin,K. Livingston,I. J. D. MacGregor,J. Mancel,D. M. Manley,P. Martel,E. F. McNicoll,W. Meyer,D. Middleton,R. Miskimen,A. Mushkarenkov,A. Neganov,A. Nikolaev,M. Oberle,H. Ortega,M. Ostrick,P. Ott,P. B. Otte,B. Oussena,P. Pedroni,A. Polonski,V. V. Polyanski,S. Prakhov,G. Reicherz,T. Rostomyan,A. Sarty,S. Schumann,O. Steffen,I. I. Strakovsky,T. Strub,I. Supek,L. Tiator,A. Thomas,M. Unverzagt,Y. A. Usov,D. P. Watts,D. Werthmüller,L. Witthauer,M. Wolfes
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.91.055208
Abstract: The first data on target and beam-target asymmetries for the $\gamma p\to\pi^0\eta p$ reaction at photon energies from 1050 up to 1450 MeV are presented. The measurements were performed using the Crystal Ball and TAPS detector setup at the Glasgow tagged photon facility of the Mainz Microtron MAMI. The general assumption that the reaction is dominated by the $\Delta 3/2^-$ amplitude is confirmed. The data are in particular sensitive to small contributions from other partial waves.
Accurate Test of Chiral Dynamics in the \boldmath$\vecγ p \rightarrow π^0p$ Reaction
D. Hornidge,P. Aguar Bartolome,J. R. M. Annand,H. J. Arends,R. Beck,V. Bekrenev,H. Berghaeuser,A. M. Bernstein,A. Braghieri,W. J. Briscoe,S. Cherepnya,M. Dieterle,E. J. Downie,P. Drexler,C. Fernandez-Ramirez,L. V. Filkov,D. I. Glazier,P. Hall Barrientos,E. Heid,M. Hilt,I. Jaegle,O. Jahn,T. C. Jude,V. L. Kashevarov,I. Keshelashvili,R. Kondratiev,M. Korolija,A. Koulbardis,D. Krambrich,S. Kruglov,B. Krusche,A. T. Laffoley,V. Lisin,K. Livingston,I. J. D. MacGregor,J. Mancell,D. M. Manley,E. F. McNicoll,D. Mekterovic,V. Metag,S. Micanovic,D. G. Middleton,K. W. Moores,A. Mushkarenkov,B. M. K. Nefkens,M. Oberle,M. Ostrick,P. B. Otte,B. Oussena,P. Pedroni,F. Pheron,A. Polonski,S. Prakhov,J. Robinson,T. Rostomyan,S. Scherer,S. Schumann,M. H. Sikora,A. Starostin,I. Supek,M. Thiel,A. Thomas,L. Tiator,M. Unverzagt,D. P. Watts,D. Werthmueller,L. Witthauer
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.111.062004
Abstract: A precision measurement of the differential cross sections $d\sigma/d\Omega$ and the linearly polarized photon asymmetry $\Sigma \equiv (d\sigma_\perp - d\sigma_\parallel) \slash (d\sigma_\perp + d\sigma_\parallel)$ for the $\vec{\gamma} p \rightarrow \pi^0p$ reaction in the near-threshold region has been performed with a tagged photon beam and almost $4\pi$ detector at the Mainz Microtron. The Glasgow-Mainz photon tagging facility along with the Crystal Ball/TAPS multi-photon detector system and a cryogenic liquid hydrogen target were used. These data allowed for a precise determination of the energy dependence of the real parts of the $S$- and all three $P$-wave amplitudes for the first time and provide the most stringent test to date of the predictions of Chiral Perturbation Theory and its energy region of agreement with experiment.
Strangeness Photoproduction at the BGO-OD Experiment
T. C. Jude,S. Alef,D. Bayadilov,R. Beck,M. Becker,A. Bella,P. Bielefeldt,S. Boese,A. Braghieri,K. Brinkmann,P. Cole,F. Curciarello,V. De Leo,R. Di Salvo,H. Dutz,D. Elsner,A. Fantini,O. Freyermuth,S. Friedrich,F. Frommberger,V. Ganenko,G. Gervino,F. Ghio,G. Giardina,S. Goertz,A. Gridnev,E. Gutz,D. Hammann,J. Hannappel,P. Hartmann,W. Hillert,A. Ignatov,R. Jahn,R. Joosten,F. Klein,K. Koop,B. Krusche,A. Lapik,P. Levi Sandri,I. V. Lopatin,G. Mandaglio,F. Messi,R. Messi,V. Metag,D. Moricciani,A. Mushkarenkov,M. Nanova,V. Nedorezov,D. Novinskiy,P. Pedroni,B. Reitz,M. Romaniuk,T. Rostomyan,N. Rudnev,G. Scheluchin,H. Schmieden,A. Stugelev,V. Sumachev,V. Tarakanov,V. Vegna,D. Walther,D. Watts,H. Zaunick,T. Zimmermann
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: BGO-OD is a newly commissioned experiment to investigate the internal structure of the nucleon, using an energy tagged bremsstrahlung photon beam at the ELSA electron facility. The setup consists of a highly segmented BGO calorimeter surrounding the target, with a particle tracking magnetic spectrometer at forward angles. BGO-OD is ideal for investigating meson photoproduction. The extensive physics programme for open strangeness photoproduction is introduced, and preliminary analysis presented.
Measurement of 3pi^0 photoproduction on the proton from threshold to 1.4 GeV
A. Starostin,I. M. Suarez,B. M. K. Nefkens,J. Ahrens,J. R. M. Annand,H. J. Arends,K. Bantawa,P. A. Bartolome,R. Beck,V. Bekrenev,A. Braghieri,D. Branford,W. J. Briscoe,J. Brudvik,S. Cherepnya,M. Dieterle,E. J. Downie,L. V. Fil'kov,D. I. Glazier,R. Gregor,E. Heid,D. Hornidge,I. Jaegle,O. Jahn,T. C. Jude,V. L. Kashevarov,I. Keshelashvili,R. Kondratiev,M. Korolija,A. Koulbardis,S. Kruglov,B. Krusche,V. Lisin,K. Livingston,I. J. D. MacGregor,D. M. Manley,M. Martinez,J. C. McGeorge,E. F. McNicoll,V. Metag,A. Mushkarenkov,M. Oberle,M. Ostrick,P. Pedroni,A. Polonski,S. Prakhov,J. Robinson,G. Rosner,T. Rostomyan,S. Schumann,M. H. Sikora,D. Sober,I. Supek,M. Thiel,A. Thomas,M. Unverzagt,D. P. Watts,D. Wertmueller,L. Witthauer
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: The total cross section for gamma p -> 3pi0 p has been measured for the first time from threshold to 1.4 GeV using the tagged photon beam of the Mainz Microtron. The equipment utilized the Crystal Ball multiphoton spectrometer, the TAPS forward detector and a particle identification detector. The gamma p -> 3pi0 p total cross section has two broad enhancements at sqrt{s}~1.5 GeV and 1.7 GeV. We obtained the ratio of the total cross sections gamma p -> 3pi0 p to gamma p -> eta p equal to 0.014 \pm 0.001 at sqrt{s}~1.5 GeV.
Measurement of pi^0 photoproduction on the proton at MAMI C
P. Adlarson,F. Afzal,C. S. Akondi,J. R. M. Annand,H. J. Arends,Ya. I. Azimov,R. Beck,N. Borisov,A. Braghieri,W. J. Briscoe,S. Cherepnya,F. Cividini,C. Collicott,S. Costanza,A. Denig,E. J. Downie,M. Dieterle,M. I. Ferretti Bondy,L. V. Fil'kov,A. Fix,S. Gardner,S. Garni,D. I. Glazier,D. Glowa,W. Gradl,G. Gurevich,D. J. Hamilton,D. Hornidge,G. M. Huber,A. K?ser,V. L. Kashevarov,S. Kay,I. Keshelashvili,R. Kondratiev,M. Korolija,B. Krusche,V. V. Kulikov,A. Lazarev,J. Linturi,V. Lisin,K. Livingston,I. J. D. MacGregor,D. M. Manley,P. P. Martel,M. Martemianov,J. C. McGeorge,W. Meyer,D. G. Middleton,R. Miskimen,A. Mushkarenkov,A. Neganov,A. Neiser,M. Oberle,M. Ostrick,P. Ott,P. B. Otte,B. Oussena,D. Paudyal,P. Pedroni,A. Polonski,V. V. Polyanski,S. Prakhov,A. Rajabi,G. Reicherz,G. Ron,T. Rostomyan,A. Sarty,D. M. Schott,S. Schumann,C. Sfienti,V. Sokhoyan,K. Spieker,O. Steffen,I. I. Strakovsky,Th. Strub,I. Supek,M. F. Taragin,A. Thiel,M. Thiel,L. Tiator,A. Thomas,M. Unverzagt,Yu. A. Usov,S. Wagner,D. P. Watts,D. Werthmüller,J. Wettig,L. Witthauer,M. Wolfes,R. L. Workman,L. A. Zana
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.92.024617
Abstract: Differential cross sections for the gamma p -> pi^0 p reaction have been measured with the A2 tagged-photon facilities at the Mainz Microtron, MAMI C, up to the center-of-mass energy W=1.9 GeV. The new results, obtained with a fine energy and angular binning, increase the existing quantity of pi^0 photoproduction data by ~47%. Owing to the unprecedented statistical accuracy and the full angular coverage, the results are sensitive to high partial-wave amplitudes. This is demonstrated by the decomposition of the differential cross sections in terms of Legendre polynomials and by further comparison to model predictions. A new solution of the SAID partial-wave analysis obtained after adding the new data into the fit is presented.
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