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50Hz Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Enhance Protein Carbonyl Groups Content in Cancer Cells: Effects on Proteasomal Systems
A. M. Eleuteri,M. Amici,L. Bonfili,V. Cecarini,M. Cuccioloni,S. Grimaldi,L. Giuliani,M. Angeletti,E. Fioretti
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/834239
Abstract: Electromagnetic fields are an assessed cause of prolonging free radicals lifespan. This study was carried out to investigate the influence of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields on protein oxidation and on the 20S proteasome functionality, the complex responsible for the degradation of oxidized proteins. Caco 2 cells were exposed, for 24–72 hours, to 1 mT, 50 Hz electromagnetic fields. The treatment induced a time-dependent increase both in cell growth and in protein oxidation, more evident in the presence of TPA, while no changes in cell viability were detected. Exposing the cells to 50 Hz electromagnetic fields caused a global activation of the 20S proteasome catalytic components, particularly evident at 72 hours exposure and in the presence of TPA. The finding that EGCG, a natural antioxidant compound, counteracted the field-related pro-oxidant effects demonstrates that the increased proteasome activity was due to an enhancement in intracellular free radicals.
Anti-viral state segregates two molecular phenotypes of pancreatic adenocarcinoma: potential relevance for adenoviral gene therapy
Vladia Monsurrò, Stefania Beghelli, Richard Wang, Stefano Barbi, Silvia Coin, Giovanni Di Pasquale, Samantha Bersani, Monica Castellucci, Claudio Sorio, Stefano Eleuteri, Andrea Worschech, Jay A Chiorini, Paolo Pederzoli, Harvey Alter, Francesco M Marincola, Aldo Scarpa
Journal of Translational Medicine , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1479-5876-8-10
Abstract: We obtained the global transcriptional profiling of primary PDAC using RNA from eight xenografted primary PDAC, three primary PDAC bulk tissues, three chronic pancreatitis and three normal pancreatic tissues. The Affymetrix GeneChip HG-U133A was used. The results of the expression profiles were validated applying immunohistochemical and western blot analysis on a set of 34 primary PDAC and 10 established PDAC cell lines. Permissivity to viral vectors used for gene therapy, Adenovirus 5 and Adeno-Associated Viruses 5 and 6, was assessed on PDAC cell lines.The analysis of the expression profiles allowed the identification of two clearly distinguishable phenotypes according to the expression of interferon-stimulated genes. The two phenotypes could be readily recognized by immunohistochemical detection of the Myxovirus-resistance A protein, whose expression reflects the activation of interferon dependent pathways. The two molecular phenotypes discovered in primary carcinomas were also observed among established pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell lines, suggesting that these phenotypes are an intrinsic characteristic of cancer cells independent of their interaction with the host's microenvironment. The two pancreatic cancer phenotypes are characterized by different permissivity to viral vectors used for gene therapy, as cell lines expressing interferon stimulated genes resisted to Adenovirus 5 mediated lysis in vitro. Similar results were observed when cells were transduced with Adeno-Associated Viruses 5 and 6.Our study identified two molecular phenotypes of pancreatic cancer, characterized by a differential expression of interferon-stimulated genes and easily recognized by the expression of the Myxovirus-resistance A protein. We suggest that the detection of these two phenotypes might help the selection of patients enrolled in virally-mediated gene therapy trials.The incidence and mortality of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) almost coincide and novel therapeutic ap
An Efficient Time-Varying Filter for Detrending and Bandwidth Limiting the Heart Rate Variability Tachogram without Resampling: MATLAB Open-Source Code and Internet Web-Based Implementation
A. Eleuteri,A. C. Fisher,D. Groves,C. J. Dewhurst
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/578785
Abstract: The heart rate variability (HRV) signal derived from the ECG is a beat-to-beat record of RR intervals and is, as a time series, irregularly sampled. It is common engineering practice to resample this record, typically at 4 Hz, onto a regular time axis for analysis in advance of time domain filtering and spectral analysis based on the DFT. However, it is recognised that resampling introduces noise and frequency bias. The present work describes the implementation of a time-varying filter using a smoothing priors approach based on a Gaussian process model, which does not require data to be regular in time. Its output is directly compatible with the Lomb-Scargle algorithm for power density estimation. A web-based demonstration is available over the Internet for exemplar data. The MATLAB (MathWorks Inc.) code can be downloaded as open source.
IIR Adaptive Filters for Detection of Gravitational Waves from Coalescing Binaries
F. Acernese,F. Barone,R. De Rosa,A. Eleuteri,L. Giordano,L. Milano
Physics , 2004, DOI: 10.1117/12.553016
Abstract: In this paper we propose a new strategy for gravitational waves detection from coalescing binaries, using IIR Adaptive Line Enhancer (ALE) filters. This strategy is a classical hierarchical strategy in which the ALE filters have the role of triggers, used to select data chunks which may contain gravitational events, to be further analyzed with more refined optimal techniques, like the the classical Matched Filter Technique. After a direct comparison of the performances of ALE filters with the Wiener-Komolgoroff optimum filters (matched filters), necessary to discuss their performance and to evaluate the statistical limitation in their use as triggers, we performed a series of tests, demonstrating that these filters are quite promising both for the relatively small computational power needed and for the robustness of the algorithms used. The performed tests have shown a weak point of ALE filters, that we fixed by introducing a further strategy, based on a dynamic bank of ALE filters, running simultaneously, but started after fixed delay times. The results of this global trigger strategy seems to be very promising, and can be already used in the present interferometers, since it has the great advantage of requiring a quite small computational power and can easily run in real-time, in parallel with other data analysis algorithms.
A Neural Network-based ARX Model of Virgo Noise
F. Barone,R. De Rosa,A. Eleuteri,F. Garufi,L. Milano,R. Tagliaferri
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: In this paper a Neural Network based approach is presented to identify the noise in the VIRGO context. VIRGO is an experiment to detect Gravitational Waves by means of a Laser Interferometer. Preliminary results appear to be very promising for data analysis of realistic Interferometer outputs.
A new phase field model for material fatigue in oscillating elastoplastic beam
Michela Eleuteri,Jana Kopfova,Pavel Krejci
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We pursue the study of fatigue accumulation in an oscillating elastoplastic beam under the additional hypothesis that the material can partially recover by the effect of melting. The full system consists of the momentum and energy balance equations, an evolution equation for the fatigue rate, and a differential inclusion for the phase dynamics. The main result consists in proving the existence and uniqueness of a strong solution.
On a non-isothermal diffuse interface model for two-phase flows of incompressible fluids
Michela Eleuteri,Elisabetta Rocca,Giulio Schimperna
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We introduce a diffuse interface model describing the evolution of a mixture of two different viscous incompressible fluids of equal density. The main novelty of the present contribution consists in the fact that the effects of temperature on the flow are taken into account. In the mathematical model, the evolution of the macroscopic velocity is ruled by the Navier-Stokes system with temperature-dependent viscosity, while the order parameter representing the concentration of one of the components of the fluid is assumed to satisfy a convective Cahn-Hilliard equation. The effects of the temperature are prescribed by a suitable form of the heat equation. However, due to quadratic forcing terms, this equation is replaced, in the weak formulation, by an equality representing energy conservation complemented with a differential inequality describing production of entropy. The main advantage of introducing this notion of solution is that, while the thermodynamical consistency is preserved, at the same time the energy-entropy formulation is more tractable mathematically. Indeed, global-in-time existence for the initial-boundary value problem associated to the weak formulation of the model is proved by deriving suitable a-priori estimates and showing weak sequential stability of families of approximating solutions.
Existence of solutions to a two-dimensional model for nonisothermal two-phase flows of incompressible fluids
Michela Eleuteri,Elisabetta Rocca,Giulio Schimperna
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We consider a thermodynamically consistent diffuse interface model describing two-phase flows of incompressible fluids in a non-isothermal setting. This model was recently introduced in a previous paper of ours, where we proved existence of weak solutions in three space dimensions. Here, we aim at studying the mathematical properties of the model in the two-dimensional case. In particular, we can show existence of global in time strong solutions. Moreover, we can admit slightly more general conditions on some material coefficients of the system.
Karyological and flow cytometric evidence of triploid specimens in Bufo viridis (Amphibia Anura)
D Cavallo,R De Vita,P Eleuteri,L Borkin
European Journal of Histochemistry , 2010, DOI: 10.4081/1665
Abstract: Karyological and flow cytometric (FCM) analyses were performed on a group of 14 green toads of the Bufo viridis species from seven Eurasian populations. Both approaches gave concordant results concerning the DNA ploidy level. All the populations examined were represented exclusively by diploid or tetraploid specimens, except one, where triploids were found. Results evidenced an interpopulation variability in DNA content against the same ploidy level, as well as an unusually high number of triploids in a particular reproductive place. The origin of polyploidy and the presence and persistence of a high number of triploids in a particular population are discussed.
Sex Differences in Tobacco Abstinence: Effects on Executive Functioning  [PDF]
Francesca Eleuteri, Danila Rusich, Ashok S. Jansari, Lisa S. Arduino
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2019.1012107
Abstract: Aims: Several studies suggested that both sex and tobacco abstinence influence some cognitive processes such as memory and attention. However, very few studies have investigated whether males and females differ in executive functions in relation to tobacco abstinence. We investigated the effects of nicotine abstinence on executive functions in both males and females by using a virtual reality task (JEF). Design: A 2 × 2 × 8 mixed ANOVA was performed, with the percentages of task’s scores as dependent variable: Condition (Smoking and Abstinence) and Construct [Planning, Prioritization, Selective Thinking, Creative Thinking, Adaptive Thinking, Action Based Prospective Memory (ABPM), Event Based Prospective Memory (EBPM), Time Based Prospective Memory (TBPM)] as within subjects independent variables and Sex as between subject independent variable. Setting: Department of Human Sciences, Lumsa University in Rome. Participants: Thirty adults smokers, all University students, participated in the study (half females) (M age = 24.53; range = 18 - 35). Measurement: The Virtual Reality task (JEF), which assesses eight cognitive constructs. Findings: The main effect of Construct was significant (p < 0.0001) as the interaction between Sex and Construct (p < 0.01); post-hoc analysis showed that females obtained the lowest score in creative thinking while males obtained the lowest score in action-based prospective memory. More importantly, the interaction between Condition and Sex was also significant (p < 0.05) and post-hoc analysis indicated that males’ performance improved in the abstinence condition, whereas females’ performance remained quite stable across them. In both groups, event-based and time-based prospective memories obtained the highest scores. Conclusion: The results of this study partly confirmed previous findings about sex differences in cognitive processes and how tobacco abstinence may differently affect males and females. However, the use of a more sensitive ecological tool has permitted to capture isolated elements of executive functioning that reflect theories of fractionated executive processes and better clarify the effects of smoking and sex differences.
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