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Herpetofaunal assemblage with special emphasis on community structure and spatiality in amphibians of Cauvery delta region, Tamil Nadu
Anukul Nath,Sanjoy Sutradhar,A. Kalai Mani,Vishnu Vijyan
Asian Journal of Conservation Biology , 2012,
Abstract: We studied the amphibian community structure, spatial overlap and herpetofaunal assemblage at Mannampandal, Tamil Nadu during October, 2010 to January, 2011. The survey methods involved careful visual estimation of amphibians in all the possible microhabitats present in the study area. Five different microhabitat categories were selected, viz., leaf litters, temporary water pools, tree holes, shrubs & grasses (ground vegetation), pathways, open floor & outer edges of buildings. We identified 26 species of reptiles and 14 species of amphibians. There was a significant difference found among the amphibian species occupying in different microhabitats. Species diversity was calculated, Shanon-Wiener H'= 1.55. The high niche overlap was found between Duttaphrynus scaber and Uperodon systoma followed by Fejervarya sp. and Sphaerotheca breviceps. The present study on amphibian community is just a representation to show the microhabitat occupancy and adjustment by the amphibians in human settlements and competition among them as, spatial resource partitioning.
Wnt signaling, a novel pathway for coronary artery disease and metabolic syndrome
A Mani
Iranian Cardiovascular Research Journal , 2007,
Abstract: -
Super Rough Semantics
A. Mani
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: In this research a new algebraic semantics of rough set theory including additional meta aspects is proposed. The semantics is based on enhancing the standard rough set theory with notions of 'relative ability of subsets of approximation spaces to approximate'. The eventual algebraic semantics is developed via many deep results in convexity in ordered structures. A new variation of rough set theory, namely 'ill-posed rough set theory' in which it may suffice to know some of the approximations of sets, is eventually introduced.
Algebraic Semantics of Similarity-Based Bitten Rough Set Theory
A. Mani
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We develop two algebraic semantics for bitten rough set theory (\cite{SW}) over similarity spaces and their abstract granular versions. Connections with choice based generalized rough semantics developed in \cite{AM69} by the present author and general cover based rough set theories are also considered.
Dialectics of Counting and the Mathematics of Vagueness
A. Mani
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: New concepts of rough natural number systems are introduced in this research paper from both formal and less formal perspectives. These are used to improve most rough set-theoretical measures in general Rough Set theory (\textsf{RST}) and to represent rough semantics. The foundations of the theory also rely upon the axiomatic approach to granularity for all types of general \textsf{RST} recently developed by the present author. The latter theory is expanded upon in this paper. It is also shown that algebraic semantics of classical \textsf{RST} can be obtained from the developed dialectical counting procedures. Fuzzy set theory is also shown to be representable in purely granule-theoretic terms in the general perspective of solving the contamination problem that pervades this research paper. All this constitutes a radically different approach to the mathematics of vague phenomena and suggests new directions for a more realistic extension of the foundations of mathematics of vagueness from both foundational and application points of view. Algebras corresponding to a concept of \emph{rough naturals} are also studied and variants are characterised in the penultimate section.
A Program in Dialectical Rough Set Theory
A. Mani
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: A dialectical rough set theory focussed on the relation between roughly equivalent objects and classical objects was introduced in \cite{AM699} by the present author. The focus of our investigation is on elucidating the minimal conditions on the nature of granularity, underlying semantic domain and nature of the general rough set theories (RST) involved for possible extension of the semantics to more general RST on a paradigm. On this basis we also formulate a program in dialectical rough set theory. The dialectical approach provides better semantics in many difficult cases and helps in formalising a wide variety of concepts and notions that remain untamed at meta levels in the usual approaches. This is a brief version of a more detailed forthcoming paper by the present author.
Meaning, Choice and Algebraic Semantics of Similarity Based Rough Set Theory
A. Mani
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: Both algebraic and computational approaches for dealing with similarity spaces are well known in generalized rough set theory. However, these studies may be said to have been confined to particular perspectives of distinguishability in the context. In this research, the essence of an algebraic semantics that can deal with all possible concepts of distinguishability over similarity spaces is progressed. Key to this is the addition of choice-related operations to the semantics that have connections with modal logics as well. Among these we focus on a semantics that is based on local clear distinguishability over similarity spaces.
Dialectics of Counting and Measures of Rough Theories
A. Mani
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: New concepts of rough natural number systems, recently introduced by the present author, are used to improve most rough set-theoretical measures in general Rough Set theory (\textsf{RST}) and measures of mutual consistency of multiple models of knowledge. In this research paper, the explicit dependence on the axiomatic theory of granules of \cite{AM99} is reduced and more results on the measures and representation of the numbers are proved.
FOSS-Based Grid Computing
A. Mani
Computer Science , 2006,
Abstract: In this expository paper we will be primarily concerned with core aspects of Grids and Grid computing using free and open-source software with some emphasis on utility computing. It is based on a technical report entitled 'Grid-Computing Using GNU/Linux' by the present author. This article was written in 2006 and should be of historical interest.
Dialectics of Knowledge Representation in a Granular Rough Set Theory
A. Mani
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: The concepts of rough and definite objects are relatively more determinate than those of granules and granulation in general rough set theory (RST) [1]. Representation of rough objects can however depend on the dialectical relation between granulation and definiteness. In this research, we make this exact in the context of RST over proto-transitive approximation spaces. This approach can be directly extended to many other types of RST. These are used for formulating an extended concept of knowledge interpretation (KI)(relative the situation for classical RST) and the problem of knowledge representation (KR) is solved. These will be of direct interest in granular KR in RST as developed by the present author [2] and of rough objects in general. In [3], these have already been used for five different semantics by the present author. This is an extended version of [4] with key examples and more results.

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