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The 1964 Wellington Study of Beatlemania Revisited  [PDF]
A. J. W. Taylor
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.515190
Abstract: In June 1964, an Honours class in clinical psychology set out to objectify the major parameters of crowd and audience reaction to the Beatles’ during the group’s three-day visit to Wellington, New Zealand. Advance publicity had warned of the “mass-hysteria” to be expected at the sight, sound and lyrics of the four lads from Liverpool. Adolescents anticipated their arrival eagerly, while the authorities were disparaging and somewhat fearful of the breakdown in law and order that might occur. The findings were published in Britain in 1966, taken a little further in the United States in1968, and the original published once more in Britain in 1992 by special request to encourage more psychologists to undertake research off campus. When writers from those countries mentioned the study recently near the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ visit, it seemed interesting to review the accretion of similar studies that might have occurred. Sadly, the outcome showed that psychologists had not taken mass-audience research any further. Hence it was thought appropriate to lift the Wellington study from obscurity, in the hope of inspiring the next generation to make amends.
Parasites of South African wildlife. XVIII. Cooperia pigachei n. sp. (Nematoda : Cooperiidae) from the mountain reedbuck, Redunca fulvorufula (Afzelius, 1815)
J. Boomker,W.A. Taylor
Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research , 2010, DOI: 10.4102/ojvr.v71i3.256
Abstract: A new species of Cooperia, for which the name Cooperia pigachei n. sp. is proposed, was recovered from a mountain reedbuck, Redunca fulvorufula, from the Sterkfontein Dam Nature Reserve, Free State Province, and is described and illustrated. It is close to Cooperia neitzi M nnig, 1932 and the South African race of Cooperia rotundispiculum in having more than 14 longitudinal cuticular ridges and in that the lateral cervical synlophe is of the closed type. The new species differs from all the other species of the genus in that the lateral branches of the dorsal ray are large and T-shaped. The spicules are robust, over 0.3 mm long and have large, curved shoes on their tips.
Terahertz wave generation via optical rectification from multiferroic BiFeO3
D. Talbayev,Seongsu Lee,S. -W. Cheong,A. J. Taylor
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1063/1.3036526
Abstract: We detected broadband coherent terahertz (THz) emission from multiferroic BiFeO3 after illuminating a high-quality bulk single ferroelectric domain crystal with a ~100 fs optical pulse. The dependence of the emitted THz waveform on the energy and polarization of the optical pulse is consistent with the optical rectification mechanism of THz emission. The THz emission provides a sensitive probe of the electric polarization state of BiFeO3, enabling applications in ferroelectric memories and ferroelectric domain imaging. We also report room-temperature THz optical constants of BiFeO3.
Novel electrically resonant terahertz metamaterials
W. J. Padilla,M. T. Aronsson,C. Highstrete,Mark Lee,A. J. Taylor,R. D. Averitt
Physics , 2006,
Abstract: We present a new class of artificial materials which exhibit a tailored response to the electrical component of electromagnetic radiation. These electric metamaterials (EM-MMs) are investigated theoretically, computationally, and experimentally using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. These structures display a resonant response including regions of negative permittivity (epsilon < 0) ranging from ~500 GHz to 1 THz. Conventional electric media such as distributed wires are difficult to incorporate into metamaterials. In contrast, these new localized structures will simplify the construction of future metamaterials - including those with negative index of refraction - and will enhance the design and fabrication of functional THz devices.
Degree of Polarization and Source Counts of Faint Radio Sources from Stacking Polarized Intensity
J. M. Stil,B. W. Keller,S. J. George,A. R. Taylor
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/787/2/99
Abstract: We present stacking polarized intensity as a means to study the polarization of sources that are too faint to be detected individually in surveys of polarized radio sources. Stacking offers not only high sensitivity to the median signal of a class of radio sources, but also avoids a detection threshold in polarized intensity, and therefore an arbitrary exclusion of source with a low percentage of polarization. Correction for polarization bias is done through a Monte Carlo analysis and tested on a simulated survey. We show that the non-linear relation between the real polarized signal and the detected signal requires knowledge of the shape of the distribution of fractional polarization, which we constrain using the ratio of the upper quartile to the lower quartile of the distribution of stacked polarized intensities. Stacking polarized intensity for NVSS sources down to the detection limit in Stokes I, we find a gradual increase in median fractional polarization that is consistent with a trend that was noticed before for bright NVSS sources, but is much more gradual than found by previous deep surveys of radio polarization. Consequently, the polarized radio source counts derived from our stacking experiment predict fewer polarized radio sources for future surveys with the Square Kilometre Array and its pathfinders.
Long wavelength magnetic and magnetoelectric excitations in the ferroelectric antiferromagnet BiFeO3
D. Talbayev,S. A. Trugman,Seongsu Lee,Hee Taek Yi,S. -W. Cheong,A. J. Taylor
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.83.094403
Abstract: We present a terahertz spectroscopic study of magnetic excitations in ferroelectric antiferromagnet BiFeO3. We interpret the observed spectrum of long-wavelength magnetic resonance modes in terms of the normal modes of the material's cycloidal antiferromagnetic structure. We find that the modulated Dzyaloshinski-Moriya interaction leads to a splitting of the out-of-plane resonance modes. We also assign one of the observed absorption lines to an electromagnon excitation that results from the magnetoelectric coupling between the ferroelectric polarization and the cycloidal magnetic structure of BiFeO3.
Sagnac Interferometer Enhanced Particle Tracking in Optical Tweezers
M. A. Taylor,J. Knittel,M. T. L. Hsu,H. -A. Bachor,W. P. Bowen
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1088/2040-8978/13/4/044014
Abstract: A setup is proposed to enhance tracking of very small particles, by using optical tweezers embedded within a Sagnac interferometer. The achievable signal-to-noise ratio is shown to be enhanced over that for a standard optical tweezers setup. The enhancement factor increases asymptotically as the interferometer visibility approaches 100%, but is capped at a maximum given by the ratio of the trapping field intensity to the detector saturation threshold. For an achievable visibility of 99%, the signal-to-noise ratio is enhanced by a factor of 200, and the minimum trackable particle size is 2.4 times smaller than without the interferometer.
Sociodemographic characteristics and diabetes predict invalid self-reported non-smoking in a population-based study of U.S. adults
Monica A Fisher, George W Taylor, Brent J Shelton, Sara M Debanne
BMC Public Health , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-7-33
Abstract: True smoking was defined as having serum cotinine of 15+ng/ml. 1483 "true" smokers 45+ years of age with self-reported smoking and serum cotinine data from the Mobile Examination Center were identified in the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Invalid non-smoking was defined as "true" smokers self-reporting non-smoking. To assess predictors of invalid self-reported non-smoking, odds ratios (OR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) were calculated for age, race/ethnicity-gender categories, education, income, diabetes, hypertension, and myocardial infarction. Multiple logistic regression modeling took into account the complex survey design and sample weights.Among smokers with diabetes, invalid non-smoking status was 15%, ranging from 0% for Mexican-American (MA) males to 22%–25% for Non-Hispanic White (NHW) males and Non-Hispanic Black (NHB) females. Among smokers without diabetes, invalid non-smoking status was 5%, ranging from 3% for MA females to 10% for NHB females. After simultaneously taking into account diabetes, education, race/ethnicity and gender, smokers with diabetes (ORAdj = 3.15; 95% CI: 1.35–7.34), who did not graduate from high school (ORAdj = 2.05; 95% CI: 1.30–3.22) and who were NHB females (ORAdj = 5.12; 95% CI: 1.41–18.58) were more likely to self-report as non-smokers than smokers without diabetes, who were high school graduates, and MA females, respectively. Having a history of myocardial infarction or hypertension did not predict invalid reporting of non-smoking.Validity of self-reported non-smoking may be related to the relatively slowly progressing chronic nature of diabetes, in contrast with the acute event of myocardial infarction which could be considered a more serious, major life changing event. These data also raise questions regarding the possible role of societal desirability in the validity of self-reported non-smoking, especially among smokers with diabetes, who did not graduate from high school, and who were NHB f
Control of respiration in fish, amphibians and reptiles
Taylor, E.W.;Leite, C.A.C.;McKenzie, D.J.;Wang, T.;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2010007500025
Abstract: fish and amphibians utilise a suction/force pump to ventilate gills or lungs, with the respiratory muscles innervated by cranial nerves, while reptiles have a thoracic, aspiratory pump innervated by spinal nerves. however, fish can recruit a hypobranchial pump for active jaw occlusion during hypoxia, using feeding muscles innervated by anterior spinal nerves. this same pump is used to ventilate the air-breathing organ in air-breathing fishes. some reptiles retain a buccal force pump for use during hypoxia or exercise. all vertebrates have respiratory rhythm generators (rrg) located in the brainstem. in cyclostomes and possibly jawed fishes, this may comprise elements of the trigeminal nucleus, though in the latter group rrg neurons have been located in the reticular formation. in air-breathing fishes and amphibians, there may be separate rrg for gill and lung ventilation. there is some evidence for multiple rrg in reptiles. both amphibians and reptiles show episodic breathing patterns that may be centrally generated, though they do respond to changes in oxygen supply. fish and larval amphibians have chemoreceptors sensitive to oxygen partial pressure located on the gills. hypoxia induces increased ventilation and a reflex bradycardia and may trigger aquatic surface respiration or air-breathing, though these latter activities also respond to behavioural cues. adult amphibians and reptiles have peripheral chemoreceptors located on the carotid arteries and central chemoreceptors sensitive to blood carbon dioxide levels. lung perfusion may be regulated by cardiac shunting and lung ventilation stimulates lung stretch receptors.
A standard test case suite for two-dimensional linear transport on the sphere
P. H. Lauritzen, W. C. Skamarock, M. J. Prather,M. A. Taylor
Geoscientific Model Development (GMD) & Discussions (GMDD) , 2012, DOI: 10.5194/gmd-5-887-2012
Abstract: It is the purpose of this paper to propose a standard test case suite for two-dimensional transport schemes on the sphere intended to be used for model development and facilitating scheme intercomparison. The test cases are designed to assess important aspects of accuracy in geophysical fluid dynamics such as numerical order of convergence, "minimal" resolution, the ability of the transport scheme to preserve filaments, transport "rough" distributions, and to preserve pre-existing functional relations between species/tracers under challenging flow conditions. The experiments are designed to be easy to set up. They are specified in terms of two analytical wind fields (one non-divergent and one divergent) and four analytical initial conditions (varying from smooth to discontinuous). Both conventional error norms as well as novel mixing and filament preservation diagnostics are used that are easy to implement. The experiments pose different challenges for the range of transport approaches from Lagrangian to Eulerian. The mixing and filament preservation diagnostics do not require an analytical/reference solution, which is in contrast to standard error norms where a "true" solution is needed. Results using the CSLAM (Conservative Semi-Lagrangian Multi-tracer) scheme on the cubed-sphere are presented for reference and illustrative purposes.
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