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Determining the Basaltic Sequence Using Seismic Reflection and Resistivity Methods  [PDF]
A. Alanezi, A. Qadrouh
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2013.32B004

This study was carried out in Harat Rahat (south of Almadinah Almonwarah) using seismic reflection and resistivity methods. The main objectives of this study are to determine the extent of the basaltic layer and to define the subsurface faults and fractures that could affect and control the groundwater movement in the study area. A 2D seismic profile was acquired and the result shows that the subsurface in the study area has a major fault. We obtained a well match when the seismic result was compared with drilled wells. As a complementary tool, the resistivity method was applied in order to detect the groundwater level. The results of the resistivity method showed that six distinct layers have been identified. The interpretation of these six layers show that the first three layers, the fourth layer, the fifth layer and the bottom of the section indicated various subsurface structures and lithologies; various basaltic layers, fractured basalt, weathered basement and fresh basaltic layers, respectively. It is obvious that the eventual success of geophysical surveys depend on the combination with other subsurface data sources in order to produce accurate maps.

Performing High Resolution Seismic Reflection for Mapping Bauxite Layers  [PDF]
A. Qadrouh, A. Alanezi, I. Hafiz, K. Munir, M. Alyousif
Open Journal of Geology (OJG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojg.2013.32B003

The seismic method is able to produce highly accurate images of the Earth's subsurface. Having such detail is not only an important factor in mining, but also in civil engineering. Bauxite exploration attracts both government and industrialists to invest in it because of the high percentage of aluminum present. The economic importance of extracting aluminum from bauxite encouraged us to take this challenge; to image bauxite layers by using a high-resolution seismic reflection method at Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia. Since the subsurface structure of the area is complex, this high-resolution reflection method was carried out along a 2D line with geophone and source interval, with settings at 5 m. The result for the seismic section shows that the depth and thickness of the bauxite layer varied from 20 to 34 m, and 3 to 7 m respectively. In addition, the bauxite layer was sandwiched between clay layers. In order to achieve an even more precise depth than presented by seismic section alone, we tied the drilled wells to the seismic data and we accomplished a well match with an approximation error of 1 - 2 m, which may have been caused by the upper clay layer or by very shallow loose subsurface material. The seismic method thus applied shows the ability to detect significant details within the near surface of the earth, and considers more cost-effective than only drilled wells.

Varicella pneumonia in adults: 13 years′ experience with review of literature
Alanezi Mohammed
Annals of Thoracic Medicine , 2007,
Abstract: Pneumonia is a serious complication of varicella infection in adults. This study investigates the clinical characteristics in 19 patients admitted to our hospital with diagnosis of Varicella pneumonia . Materials and Methods : A retrospective chart review study was performed in adult patients admitted with diagnosis of Varicella pneumonia over 13 years (1992-2005). The study documented the clinical characteristics, laboratory investigations, hospital course, complications, treatment received and the outcomes. Results : Nineteen patients were identified with a mean age of 41 (±15.4). All were males except two. Eleven patients (58%) were smokers. Eleven patients (58%) had direct contact with persons with chickenpox infection. One patient had underlying chronic pulmonary disease (sarcoidosis). Sixteen patients (84%) were admitted to the intensive care unit due to respiratory failure; eight of them required mechanical ventilation. The mean duration of ICU stay was 4.4 days. All patients were treated with acyclovir and IV antibiotics. Three patients received IV steroid. There was one death. Conclusion : Patients with Varicella pneumonia are at high risk for respiratory failure and the need for mechanical ventilation. However, early implementation of supportive therapy seems to positively influence the recovery rate and outcome.
The Influence of Institutional and Government Ownership on Firm Performance: Evidence from Kuwait
Mishari Alfaraih,Faisal Alanezi,Hesham Almujamed
International Business Research , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ibr.v5n10p192
Abstract: Drawing on prior theoretical and empirical research examining corporate governance mechanisms, this study empirically explores the effects of institutional and government ownership on the performance of firms listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE). Both a market-based measure (Tobin’s Q) and an accounting-based measure (ROA) are used to measures firm performance. Based on a sample of 134 firms listed on the KSE in the year 2010, regression analysis results show a positive relationship between institutional investors and KSE firm performance, suggesting the powerful and influential role institutional investors play as a corporate governance mechanism. In contrast, a negative relationship is observed between government ownership and KSE firm performance, implying worse market performance when government ownership exists. The findings imply that different types of ownership structures have different affects on firm performance. Some ownership structures enhance performance while others worsen performance.
A young woman with an opacity on the left hemithorax
Alanezi Mohammed,Al-Fifi Mohammad
Annals of Thoracic Medicine , 2006,
Comparative Analysis of Produced Water Collected from Different Oil Gathering Centers in Kuwait  [PDF]
Khaled AlAnezi, Meshal Al-Samhan, Mohamed Belkharchouche, Waleed Abuhaimed, Sabah Alali, Khalaf Alenizi, Abdulqader Alfuraij
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2018.96046
Abstract: Kuwait is one of the major oil-producing countries, with an estimated oil production of around three million barrels/day. Increased oil production has resulted in the production of large amounts of produced water, which is a major problem for Kuwait Oil Company. Kuwait Oil Company generates large amounts of produced water daily and thus deserves special attention. A study of the characteristics of the produced water will determine how it can be treated and later used for irrigation or disposed without harming the environment. In this paper, samples of produced water from different oilfields in Kuwait were collected, and physiochemical analyses were carried out. The salt content, TDS and other physical characteristics of the Kuwait produced water samples were compared with those of other produced water samples from different oil-producing countries.
Sarcoidosis-associated pulmonary hypertension: Clinical features and outcomes in Arab patients
Alhamad Esam,Idrees Majdy,Alanezi Mohammed,AlBoukai Ahmad
Annals of Thoracic Medicine , 2010,
Abstract: Background : Pulmonary hypertension (PH) occurs in many patients with interstitial lung disease, including sarcoidosis. We explored the frequency, clinical characteristics and outcomes of PH in Arab patients diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoidosis. Methods : A retrospective study in three tertiary hospitals was performed on 96 patients who underwent Doppler echocardiography. Demographic and clinical characteristics, physiological studies and computed tomography (CT) results were collected, and compared between patients with and without PH. Results : Twenty (20.8%) patients were found to have PH. Patients with PH were more likely to be symptomatic (cough, P = 0.008; dyspnea, P = 0.04), to have an advanced radiographic stage (P = 0.001), and to be receiving systemic therapy (P = 0.001), compared to those without PH. Physiological data including pulmonary function test parameters, arterial blood gas levels and oxygen saturation at rest and after exercise were all significantly lower in patients with PH compared to those without PH. Comparison of CT patterns between patients with and without PH showed significant differences in the frequencies of ground-glass opacity (61.5 vs. 28.8%, P = 0.032) and fibrosis (76.9 vs. 44.2%, P = 0.035). In total, four patients died during the study period, including three with evidence of PH. Conclusions : The frequency of PH in the present study was 20.8%. Clinical, physiologic and radiographic characteristics appeared to differentiate patients with PH from those without PH. The presence of PH contributed to poor outcomes in patients with pulmonary sarcoidosis.
Clinical characteristics and computed tomography findings in Arab patients diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoidosis
Alhamad Esam,Alanezi Mohammed,Idrees Majdy,Chaudhry Mohammad
Annals of Saudi Medicine , 2009,
Abstract: Background and Objective : Sarcoidosis is prevalent worldwide with significant heterogeneity across different ethnic groups. We aimed To describe the clinical characteristics and computed tomography findings among Arab patients with pulmonary sarcoidosis. Methods : A retrospective study of patient demographics, symptoms, co-morbid illness, sarcoidosis stage, treatment, pulmonary function and CT results. Results : Of 104 patients, most (77%) were 40 years of age or older at diagnosis, and females in this category ( 40 years ) significantly outnumbered male patients (69/104 (66.3%) vs. 35/104 (33.7%), P=.003). The most common complaints were dyspnea (76%), cough (72.1%) and weight loss (32.7%). The majority of patients displayed impairment in lung function parameters at presentation. However, significant impairment in forced vital capacity, percentage predicted (FVC%) (< 50%) was present in only 17% of patients. The most frequent CT finding was mediastinal lymph node enlargement in 49 patients (73.1%). Parenchymal abnormalities indicating lung fibrosis were noted in 31 patients (46.3%), and traction bronchiectasis was the most common (35.8%) fibrotic pattern detected on CT scans. Conclusion : At presentation, clinical manifestations of sarcoidosis among this sample of Arab patients were similar to reports from other nations. Further studies are needed to explore the effects of race and ethnicity on disease severity in the Middle East.
Outcome measures of the 6 minute walk test: relationships with physiologic and computed tomography findings in patients with sarcoidosis
Esam H Alhamad, Shaffi Shaik, Majdy M Idrees, Mohammed O Alanezi, Arthur C Isnani
BMC Pulmonary Medicine , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2466-10-42
Abstract: We performed a retrospective study of patient demographics, treatment, pulmonary function, 6MWT, echocardiography and computed tomography results.Fifty nine patients were included in this study. Their mean+standard deviation age was 47.5 years + 12.5 years, and 42 (71.2%) were female. Mean pulmonary function parameters for forced vital capacity (FVC), forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1) and total lung capacity (TLC) results, as percentages of predicted values, were 77.6 ± 22.2, 77.1 ± 22.8 and 78.7 ± 16.1, respectively. Comparison of the DSP with distance walked revealed a significant correlation with factors underlying reduced 6MWD, including gender, pulmonary function indices, partial pressure of oxygen (PaO2), and Borg dyspnea score. Other factors were significantly associated with DSP but not distance; these included lung fibrosis (p = 0.02), pulmonary hypertension (p = 0.01) and systemic therapy (p = 0.04). Backward elimination stepwise multiple regression analysis revealed that gender, and FEV1 were independent predictors of 6MWD, but FEV1 was more strongly related when DSP applied [DSP, R2 = 0.53, p = 0.02; distance, R2 = 0.45, p < 0.0001].Our findings reveal that, compared to 6MWD alone, the DSP is correlated with a greater number of factors associated with reduced 6MWT performance. Therefore, the DSP may be a useful indicator of functional status in patients with sarcoidosis. Additional large-scale studies are warranted to validate our findings.Sarcoidosis is a multisystem disorder characterized by noncaseating granulomas that most commonly affect the lungs and lymph nodes. Despite extensive research, the cause of sarcoidosis remains unknown. However, substantial evidence supports the hypothesis that sarcoidosis stems from interactions among genetic and environmental factors, which would account for the significant heterogeneity in this disease across different ethnic groups.Most patients with sarcoidosis experience spontaneous remission or nonprogr
Outcome of major cardiac injuries at a Canadian trauma center
Khaled Alanezi, G Scott Milencoff, Frank GH Baillie, Andre Lamy, John D Urschel
BMC Surgery , 2002, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2482-2-4
Abstract: Records of patients suffering major cardiac trauma over a nine-year period were reviewed. Factors predictive of outcome were analyzed.Twenty-seven patients (11 blunt and 16 penetrating) with major cardiac trauma were evaluated. Injury severity scores (ISS) were similar for blunt (49.6 ± 16.6) and penetrating (39.5 ± 21.6, p = 0.20) injuries. Five of 11 blunt trauma patients, and 9 of 16 penetrating trauma patients, had detectable vital signs on hospital arrival (p = 0.43). Ten patients underwent emergency department thoracotomy and 11 patients had cardiac repair in the operating theatre. Eleven patients survived and 16 died. Survivors had a lower ISS (33.7 ± 15.4) than non-survivors (50.4 ± 20.4; p = 0.03). Two of 11 blunt trauma patients and 9 of 16 penetrating trauma patients survived (p = 0.06). Eleven of 14 patients with detectable vital signs survived; all 13 without detectable vital signs died (p = 0.00003). Ten of eleven patients treated in the operating theatre survived, while only one of the other 16 patients survived (p = 0.00002).Patients with major cardiac injuries and detectable vital signs on hospital arrival can be salvaged by prompt surgical intervention in the operating theatre. Major cardiac injuries are infrequently encountered at our center but patient survival is comparable to that reported from trauma units in other countries.Major cardiac injuries can be defined as injuries that disrupt one or more cardiac chambers. Major cardiac injuries are less common than other forms of cardiac injury, such as myocardial contusions, but they are responsible for most of the deaths from cardiac trauma [1]. The incidence of major cardiac injuries varies considerably from country to country. Trauma units in South Africa and the United States of America, for example, often have extensive experience with these injuries. Canadian trauma centers such as ours have relatively little experience with cardiac trauma. Patients with major cardiac injuries presenting to C
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