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Spherical Anisotropic Fluid Distribution in General Relativity  [PDF]
A. Sah, Prakash Chandra
World Journal of Mechanics (WJM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/wjm.2016.612034
Abstract: In the present investigation of a spherically symmetric electrically neutral anisotropic static fluid, we present a new solution of the Einstein’s general relativistic field equations. The solution shows positive finite central pressures, central density and central red shift. The causality condition is obeyed at the centre. The anisotropy parameter is zero at the center and monotonically increasing toward the surface. The adiabatic index is also increasing towards the surface. All the other physical quantities such as matter-energy density, radial pressure, tangential pressure, velocity of sound and red shift are monotonically decreasing towards the surface. Further by assuming the surface density?\"\", we have constructed a model of massive neutron star with mass 2.95?\"\"?with radius 18 km with all degree of suitability.
Class of Charged Fluid Balls in General Relativity  [PDF]
A. Sah, Prakash Chandra
International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics (IJAA) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ijaa.2016.64038

In the present study, we have obtained a new analytical solution of combined Einstein-Maxwell field equations describing the interior field of a ball having static spherically symmetric isotropic charged fluid within it. The charge and electric field intensity are zero at the center and monotonically increasing towards the boundary of the fluid ball. Besides these, adiabatic index is also increasing towards the boundary and becomes infinite on it. All other physical quantities such as pressure, density, adiabatic speed of sound, charge density, adiabatic index are monotonically decreasing towards the surface. Causality condition is obeyed at the center of ball. In the limiting case of vanishingly small charge, the solution degenerates into Schwarzchild uniform density solution for electrically neutral fluid. The solution joins smoothly to the Reissner-Nordstrom solution over the boundary. We have constructed a neutron star model by assuming the surface density \"\". The mass of the neutron star comes \"\" with radius 14.574 km.

Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash Filled High Density Polyethylene  [PDF]
Iftekhar Ahmad, Prakash A. Mahanwar
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2010.93016
Abstract: Effect of fly ash as filler in mechanical properties of HDPE is described in this study. Three different particle size of fly ash was used. Concentration of fly ash was varied up to 40 % by weight. The composites were prepared using twin screw extruder and then test specimens were prepared by injection molding. Tensile, flexural and impact properties were tested. The microstructure was investigated through scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of the fractured samples. Both tensile and flexural strengths and moduli were found to increase with fly ash addition. Tensile elongation drastically reduced at fly ash concentration greater than 10%. With increasing fly ash concentration impact resistance decreased up to about 15% fly ash concentration and then did not reduce significantly on further addition. Composites with smallest size fly ash particles proved to be better in enhancing strength and relative elongation. Modulus and impact resistance did not seem to depend much on particle size.
Teleportation of Superposition of Coherent States Using 4-Partite States and Effect of Decoherence on Fidelity  [PDF]
H. Prakash, N. Chandra, Shivani A. Kumar, Ranjana Prakash
Journal of Quantum Information Science (JQIS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jqis.2012.24019

A scheme of teleporting a superposition of coherent states |α> and |-α> using a 4-partite state, a beam splitter and two phase shifters was proposed by N. Ba An (Phys. Rev. A, 68, 022321, 2003). The author concluded that the probability for successful teleportation is only 1/4 in the limit |α| and 1/2 in the limit |α|. In this paper it is shown that the author’s scheme can be altered slightly so as to obtain an almost perfect teleportation for an appreciable value of |α|2. We find the minimum assured fidelity i.e., the minimum fidelity for an arbitrarily chosen information state, which we write MAF in this paper, for different cases. We also discuss the effect of decoherence on teleportation fidelity. We find that if no photons are counted in both final outputs, MAF, is still nonzero except when there is no decoherence and the initial state (the state to be teleported) is even coherent state. For non-zero photon counts, MAF decreases with increase in |α|2 for low noise. For high noise, however, it increases, attains a maximum value and then decreases with |α|2. The average fidelity depends appreciably on the initial state for low values of |α|2 only.

Bender-Gestalt Test correlates of prognosis in Unipolar Depression
A Prakash
Internet Journal of Medical Update - EJOURNAL , 2010,
Abstract: The Bender-Gestalt test (B-G test) was administered to examine its prognostic implications in an Ethiopian sample with unipolar depression. Total 30 patients with moderate level of depression were included in study and their time taken was compared against the performance on the B-G test. Finally, a significant difference was found between time taken and Z-scores of the test supporting the prognostic value of this test in unipolar depression. KEY WORDS: Unipolar depression; B-G test; Prognosis
Modified Vegetable Oil Based Additives as a Future Polymeric Material—Review  [PDF]
Nikesh B. Samarth, Prakash A. Mahanwar
Open Journal of Organic Polymer Materials (OJOPM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojopm.2015.51001
Abstract: Polymeric materials from renewable resources have attracted a lot of attention in recent years. The development and utilization of vegetable oils for polymeric materials are currently in the spotlight of the polymer and chemical industry, as they are the largest renewable platform due to their universal wide availability, ingrained biodegradability, low cost, and excellent environmental aspects (i.e., low ecotoxicity and low toxicity toward humans). These excellent natural characteristics are now being taken advantage of in research and development, with vegetable oil derived polymers/polymeric materials/composites being used in numerous applications including paints and coatings, adhesives, and nanocomposites. The aim of this review paper is to give a fundamental description of the various vegetable oil applications in polymer materials and its recent developments. Particular emphasis will be placed on study and main application of triglyceride based additive for polymer and to give the reader an insight into the main developments is discussed.
Vascular complication following lipid free propofol injection
Dubey Prakash,Kumar A
Journal of Postgraduate Medicine , 2005,
Bulk Viscosity of Interacting Hadrons
A. Wiranata,M. Prakash
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2009.09.023
Abstract: We show that first approximations to the bulk viscosity $\eta_v$ are expressible in terms of factors that depend on the sound speed $v_s$, the enthalpy, and the interaction (elastic and inelastic) cross section. The explicit dependence of $\eta_v$ on the factor $(\frac 13 - v_s^2)$ is demonstrated in the Chapman-Enskog approximation as well as the variational and relaxation time approaches. The interesting feature of bulk viscosity is that the dominant contributions at a given temperature arise from particles which are neither extremely nonrelativistic nor extremely relativistic. Numerical results for a model binary mixture are reported.
An Experimental Study on Mechanical and Fracture Behavior of Phosphoric Iron  [PDF]
A. K. Vishnoia, B.K. Mishra, S. Prakash
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2010.912079
Abstract: Phosphoric iron of two different phosphorus content, namely P1 (Fe-0.30P-0.226C), P2 (Fe-0.11P-.028C) were first prepared by ingot casting route. The ingot were soaked and forged at 1150℃. The microstructures of the phosphoric iron and its relevant mechanical properties such as hardness and tensile properties have been characterized. J-R curves of the material have been determined at room temperature. Fracture behaviour under tearing load has been studied through fracture toughness tests on phosphoric iron using Compact Tension (CT) specimens of Width (W) =50 mm and thickness (B) =12.5mm. J-R curves were obtained from specimens precracked to a/W = 0.5 .The single specimen unloading compliance method have been used for generating J-R curves.
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of Hybrid Epoxy Resin Emulsion Coatings  [PDF]
Rakesh N. Patil, Brihbihari V. Sharma, Prakash A. Mahanwar
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2012.1110104
Abstract: A hybrid epoxy resin one pack emulsion with acrylate was synthesized for application in the field of corrosion protec- tion. Electrochemical impedance tests were applied to steel specimens coated with hybrid epoxy and tested after im- mersion in 3.5% NaCl solution at room temperature. Results taken from Nyquist and Bode plots as were analyzed by means of software provided with the instrument. Specimens were examined under scanning electron microscope shows a clear rupture and degradation in hybrid epoxy coating after prolonged exposer to salt solution.
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