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Discusiones Filosóficas , 2006,
Abstract: this paper is a rejoinder to professor pablo arango's criticisms. it is argued, mainly, that even arango's observations to the contrary, essentialism cannot face an interesting version of conceptual relativity, that the argument that goes from rigid designation to essentialism is not conclusive, and that essentialist metaphysics violates the principle of substitutivity of correferring terms.
Los profesores y los decimales: Conocimientos y creencias acerca de un contenido de saber cuasi invisible
ávila, Alicia;
Educación matemática , 2008,
Abstract: this article analyzes the knowledge and beliefs a group of 25 elementary school teachers has about decimal numbers and their link with mexican reforms in mathematics at the end of the 20th century. the analysis is based on data collected from questionnaires, interviews, and opinions expressed in a workshop for fifth and sixth grade teachers, with the former in preponderance. the results show that, despite the mathematical and functional importance decimals have, these numbers constitute a quasi-invisible content in primary education, because the teachers' main concerns and actions center on how to write using "the point" minimizing and even excluding attention to the conceptual aspects of these numbers. it also offers decisive evidence that their knowledge of the math and teaching technique of decimals is quite limited, which sheds light on the approaches observed and the likelihood that the curricular innovation they are involved in will be overlooked unless institutional conditions are overhauled.
Un universo de formas, colores y pinturas: Caracterización del estilo alfarero yavi de la puna nororiental de Jujuy
Intersecciones en antropolog?-a , 2008,
Abstract: in this paper the yavi ceramic style from the northeastern puna of jujuy, argentina, is systematized and analyzed. the goal is to offer a characterization of the morphological, chromatic, and pictographic variation that this style presents. the study is based on the analysis of over two hundred whole vessels that belong to this style. these are distributed across various museums and collections in different parts of argentina. the study aims to establish which attributes should be included to classify a vessel as yavi and how these are combined in order to define the perceptive unity that characterizes the style.
El radicalismo republicano en Hispanoamérica: un balance historiográfico y una propuesta de estudio
ávila, Alfredo;
Estudios de historia moderna y contemporánea de México , 2011,
Abstract: after independence, latin american countries faced similar problems yet also had similar expectations. from the river plate to mexico, through colombia and central america, thinkers and political leaders thought that the time had come to eradicate colonial habits and transform society. this article describes the simultaneity of these processes, as a result of which the author proposes that it is actually the same process, which took place between 1820 and 1830. however, changing the habits and political culture of society is no easy task. anti-reform movements overturned nearly all the measures promoted by the generation of politicians led by bernardino rivadavia, francisco de paula de santander, mariano gálvez, and valentín gómez farías.
Boletín del Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-68942011000200007
Abstract: color is one of the ways in which the world (people, places, things) is consciously incorporated into social practice. currently, color variation is most commonly treated in archaeology on the basis of munsell color chart measurements or physical and chemical analyses of pigments. however, if our goal is to reincorporate color into human experience, then we must analyze it in connection with the role it plays in real-life situations. we will therefore examine the perceptual phenomena produced by relations among colors and use these to propose new methodological tools for analyzing archaeological materials.
Resultados da reabilita??o neuropsicológica em paciente com doen?a de Alzheimer leve
ávila, Renata;
Revista de Psiquiatria Clínica , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-60832003000400004
Abstract: traditionally, alzheimer's support and information groups have been developed for families and caregivers rather than for the actual patient. however, this reality is changing because of the increase in early ad diagnosis. the demand for medication and behavioral treatment for patients is also increasing. the purpose of this case report is to describe the neuropsychological rehabilitation (nr) of a mild ad patient in group and in individual sessions. first, cgp took part in two nr groups each for a 4 month period, and then started individual nr sessions for a 22 month period. in the sessions, memory and language abilities were the focus of the nr as well as the activities of daily living. during this period it was possible to observe positive changes in mmse score, as will as preservation of other cognitive function scores. this single case study is in agreement of previous studies which also showed documented positive effects of nr with ad patients.
A retina no século XXI
ávila Marcus
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2003,
Ascens o da autobiografia: declínio do sujeito
Myriam ávila
Kriterion: Revista de Filosofia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/s0100-512x2006000200015
Manuscrits catalans a la biblioteca de la família Puiggarí de Perpinyà
Pep Vila
Llengua & Literatura , 2001, DOI: 10.2436/l&l.vi.1042
Versión estadunidense de la teoría de frontera: una crítica desde la etnografía
Pablo Vila
Papeles de población , 2001,
Abstract: Uno de los debates más interesantes acerca de la multiculturalidad que se da en la actualidad en los ámbitos académicos estadunidenses gira alrededor de lo que se dio en llamar border studies o border theory. En el presente artículo presento una crítica a lo que denomino la versión "hegemónica de los estudios de frontera" estadunidenses, dicha versión presenta una visión de la frontera que privilegia el lado estadunidense de la misma por sobre el mexicano, al mismo tiempo que la imagen del "cruzador de fronteras" es considerada como paradigmática de toda la experiencia fronteriza, casi olvidando por completo la posibilidad de que muchos habitantes de la frontera quieren "reforzar" la misma, y que la idea de "frontera" ha abandonado sus anclajes nacionales para extenderse a toda situación donde la idea de límites está involucrada, perdiendo en el camino la especificidad de las fronteras locales.

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