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The Effect of Cognitive Decline and Neuropsychiatric Symptoms on Activities of Daily Living in the Dementia Patients
N?ropsikiyatri Ar?ivi , 2008,
Abstract: Objective: Neuropsychiatric symptoms of people with dementia are frequently reported, but knowledge about the effects of cognitive and neuropsychiatric symptoms on daily activities in various dementia subtypes is conflicting. In this study, we investigated the influence of cognitive and neuropsychiatric symptoms on daily activities in mild cognitive impairment (MCI), Alzheimer Disease (AD) and Vascular Dementia (VD) patients. Method: Eighteen MCI, 40 AD, 17 VD patients and 23 healthy volunteers, making a total of 98 persons, were admitted to the study. All patients were evaluated with cognitive, neuropsychiatric and functionality scales found in the Dokuz Eylül dementia database registry, and patients were diagnosed according to DSM-IV and international study group criteria. Results: All groups were matched according to sex and education. We showed NPI (neuropsychiatric inventory for all frequency, severity, caregiver distress scores) and cognitive decline (MMSE scores) as being more prominent among AD; it has a significantly negative effect on Blessed functionality scale and instrumental daily living scale, and results were correlated with each other in all three groups. Discussion: Our results suggest that patients who have complaints of forgetfulness should be given a cognitive evaluation in addition to neuropsychiatric and functional scales determination. (Archives of Neuropsychiatry 2008; 45: 14-8)
The Aspergillus nidulans MAPK Module AnSte11-Ste50-Ste7-Fus3 Controls Development and Secondary Metabolism
zgür Bayram,?zlem Sarikaya Bayram,Yasar Luqman Ahmed,Jun-ichi Maruyama,Oliver Valerius,Silvio O. Rizzoli,Ralf Ficner,Stefan Irniger ,Gerhard H. Braus
PLOS Genetics , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1002816
Abstract: The sexual Fus3 MAP kinase module of yeast is highly conserved in eukaryotes and transmits external signals from the plasma membrane to the nucleus. We show here that the module of the filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans (An) consists of the AnFus3 MAP kinase, the upstream kinases AnSte7 and AnSte11, and the AnSte50 adaptor. The fungal MAPK module controls the coordination of fungal development and secondary metabolite production. It lacks the membrane docking yeast Ste5 scaffold homolog; but, similar to yeast, the entire MAPK module's proteins interact with each other at the plasma membrane. AnFus3 is the only subunit with the potential to enter the nucleus from the nuclear envelope. AnFus3 interacts with the conserved nuclear transcription factor AnSte12 to initiate sexual development and phosphorylates VeA, which is a major regulatory protein required for sexual development and coordinated secondary metabolite production. Our data suggest that not only Fus3, but even the entire MAPK module complex of four physically interacting proteins, can migrate from plasma membrane to nuclear envelope.
LaeA Control of Velvet Family Regulatory Proteins for Light-Dependent Development and Fungal Cell-Type Specificity
?zlem Sarikaya Bayram equal contributor,zgür Bayram equal contributor,Oliver Valerius,Hee Soo Park,Stefan Irniger,Jennifer Gerke,Min Ni,Kap-Hoon Han,Jae-Hyuk Yu,Gerhard H. Braus
PLOS Genetics , 2010, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1001226
Abstract: VeA is the founding member of the velvet superfamily of fungal regulatory proteins. This protein is involved in light response and coordinates sexual reproduction and secondary metabolism in Aspergillus nidulans. In the dark, VeA bridges VelB and LaeA to form the VelB-VeA-LaeA (velvet) complex. The VeA-like protein VelB is another developmental regulator, and LaeA has been known as global regulator of secondary metabolism. In this study, we show that VelB forms a second light-regulated developmental complex together with VosA, another member of the velvet family, which represses asexual development. LaeA plays a key role, not only in secondary metabolism, but also in directing formation of the VelB-VosA and VelB-VeA-LaeA complexes. LaeA controls VeA modification and protein levels and possesses additional developmental functions. The laeA null mutant results in constitutive sexual differentiation, indicating that LaeA plays a pivotal role in inhibiting sexual development in response to light. Moreover, the absence of LaeA results in the formation of significantly smaller fruiting bodies. This is due to the lack of a specific globose cell type (Hülle cells), which nurse the young fruiting body during development. This suggests that LaeA controls Hülle cells. In summary, LaeA plays a dynamic role in fungal morphological and chemical development, and it controls expression, interactions, and modification of the velvet regulators.
Control of Multicellular Development by the Physically Interacting Deneddylases DEN1/DenA and COP9 Signalosome
Martin Christmann equal contributor,Tilo Schmaler equal contributor,Colin Gordon,Xiaohua Huang,zgür Bayram,Josua Schinke,Sina Stumpf,Wolfgang Dubiel ,Gerhard H. Braus
PLOS Genetics , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1003275
Abstract: Deneddylases remove the ubiquitin-like protein Nedd8 from modified proteins. An increased deneddylase activity has been associated with various human cancers. In contrast, we show here that a mutant strain of the model fungus Aspergillus nidulans deficient in two deneddylases is viable but can only grow as a filament and is highly impaired for multicellular development. The DEN1/DenA and the COP9 signalosome (CSN) deneddylases physically interact in A. nidulans as well as in human cells, and CSN targets DEN1/DenA for protein degradation. Fungal development responds to light and requires both deneddylases for an appropriate light reaction. In contrast to CSN, which is necessary for sexual development, DEN1/DenA is required for asexual development. The CSN-DEN1/DenA interaction that affects DEN1/DenA protein levels presumably balances cellular deneddylase activity. A deneddylase disequilibrium impairs multicellular development and suggests that control of deneddylase activity is important for multicellular development.
The Velvet Family of Fungal Regulators Contains a DNA-Binding Domain Structurally Similar to NF-κB
Yasar Luqman Ahmed equal contributor,Jennifer Gerke equal contributor,Hee-Soo Park equal contributor,zgür Bayram,Piotr Neumann,Min Ni,Achim Dickmanns,Sun Chang Kim,Jae-Hyuk Yu ,Gerhard H. Braus ,Ralf Ficner
PLOS Biology , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1001750
Abstract: Morphological development of fungi and their combined production of secondary metabolites are both acting in defence and protection. These processes are mainly coordinated by velvet regulators, which contain a yet functionally and structurally uncharacterized velvet domain. Here we demonstrate that the velvet domain of VosA is a novel DNA-binding motif that specifically recognizes an 11-nucleotide consensus sequence consisting of two motifs in the promoters of key developmental regulatory genes. The crystal structure analysis of the VosA velvet domain revealed an unforeseen structural similarity with the Rel homology domain (RHD) of the mammalian transcription factor NF-κB. Based on this structural similarity several conserved amino acid residues present in all velvet domains have been identified and shown to be essential for the DNA binding ability of VosA. The velvet domain is also involved in dimer formation as seen in the solved crystal structures of the VosA homodimer and the VosA-VelB heterodimer. These findings suggest that defence mechanisms of both fungi and animals might be governed by structurally related DNA-binding transcription factors.
What Type of Defective Feature Do Exceptionally Case-Marked Clauses of Turkish Bear?  [PDF]
Murat ?zgen,zgür Ayd?n
Open Journal of Modern Linguistics (OJML) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojml.2016.64031
Abstract: Core Functional Categories are defined to be v0, T0, C0. They differ in that T0 is not treated as a phase head, while C0 and v0 are assumed to be phase heads: 1) a) [+ phase]: C0, v(*). b) [- phase]: T0. These heads are assumed to bear uninterpretable φ-features. T0 forms a defective a domain unless it is selected by C0. In other words, if T0 is selected by the phase head C0, it starts bearing a full φ-feature set; otherwise, it cannot inherit the features from C0, which leads to a defective domain allowing exceptional case marking (henceforth, ECM). Accordingly, T0 cannot also delete the features of the goal it enters an agree relation. In this respect, the defective features are Case/T0 features in the sense of Pesetsky & Torrego (2007). At this point, some other studies suggest that the defectivity is peculiar to only phase heads, and that T0 is ruled out of this argumentation: 2) a) [+ [+/- defective]]: C0, v0. b) [- [+/- defective]]: T0. There is an asymmetry in the understanding of defectivity between these two reasoning. The aim of this study is to discuss this asymmetry, and present evidence as to which distinction on defectivity does exist. We employed ECM data in Turkish to discuss the relevant distinction with reference to specific empirical proofs such as long distance scrambling, binding and negative polarity items. The results of the study support in favor of Pesetsky & Torrego (2007).
Dersaadet Ticaret Odas ve Uluslararas Sergiler //// Dersaadet Chamber of Commerce and International Exhibitions
Bayram Naz?r
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2009,
Abstract: lk ulusal nitelikli sanayi sergisi 1789’da Fransa’dadüzenlendi. 1849’a kadar bu ülkede 12 ulusal sergi a ld .Avrupa’da XIX. yüzy l boyunca a lan sanayi sergileri milyonlarcainsan taraf ndan ziyaret edildi. Osmanl Devleti’nde ise esitliürünlerin pazarland ve e lence niteli i de olan gelenekselpanay rlar eskiden beri kurulmaktayd . Ancak 1851’e kadarOsmanl lar n uluslararas sergiler hakk nda genel bir fikri yoktu.Osmanl Devleti, 1851’den itibaren beynelmilel sergilere kat lmayabaslad . 1851 Londra Sergisi, Osmanl Devleti’nin kat ld ilkuluslararas sergidir. 1863 y l nda Osmanl Devleti, Sultanahmetmeydan nda ulusal bir sergi düzenledi. “Sergi-i Umumi-i Osmani”ad ndaki bu sergi 27 Subat 1863’de Sultan Abdülaziz taraf ndana ld . Osmanl Devleti bu sergilerden sonra, Frans z Devrimi’nin100.y l na rastlayan 1889 Paris Sergisi’ne kat lmak i in de Haziran1888’de resmen müracaat etti. Paris Sergisi, Ticaret Odas ’n n,Osmanl sanayici ve tüccar n n kat lmalar yolunda do rudandestek verdi i ilk uluslararas sergiydi. 1893’deki Sikago (Chicago)sergisi ise Ticaret Odas a s ndan büyük bir basar oldu. Sikagosergisi i in stanbul’da olusturulan komisyonun baskanl naTicaret Odas Baskan Azaryan Efendi getirildi. Ticaret Odas ’n ndestekledi i son beynelmilel sergi 1900’deki Paris Sergisi’dir.//// The first national qualified industrial exhibition wasarranged in France in 1789. 12 national exhibitons were opened in this country until 1849. The industrial exhibitions opened duringthe XIX. century in Europe were visited by the millions of people.The traditional fairs in which various products were sold andpeople could have fun were arranged in the Ottoman Empire for along time. But the Ottomans hadn’t had an idea on theinternational exhibitions until 1851. The Ottoman Empire startedto join the international exhibitons after 1851. The 1851 LondonExhibiton is the first international exhibition which the OtomanEmpire joined. The Ottoman Empire arranged a national exhibitionin the Sultanahmet Square in 1863. This exhibition named “Sergi-iUmumi-i Osmani” was opened by Sultan Abdülaziz in 27 February1863. After these exhibitions, The Ottoman Empire officiallyapplied in 1888 June to take part in the 1889 Paris Exhibitionwhich occured at the same time as The French Revolution’s 100.year. The Paris Exhibition was the first international exhibitionwhich was directly supported by Chamber of Commerce for joiningof the Ottoman’s manufacturers and tradesmen. The 1893Chicago Exhibiton was a big success for the Chamber ofCommerce. The Head of the Chamber of Commerce A
Osmanl Devleti’nde Müzecili in Do usu ve Dersaadet Numunehane-i Osmani //// Born of the Museology in Ottoman Empire and Dersaadet Numunehane-i Osman
Bayram Naz?r
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2010,
Abstract: Osmanl Devleti’nde a das anlamda müzecilik al smalar 19.yüzy l n ikinci yar s nda baslam st r. Sultan Abdülmecid, Yalova evresine yapt bir gezide dikkatini eken Bizans d nemine ait eskieserlerin stanbul’a g nderilmesini emretmisti. Eserler Aya rini’detopland . Koleksiyon Sadrazam li Pasa d neminde düzenlendi ve 1869y l nda d nemim Maarif Naz r Saffet Pasa taraf ndan Müze-i Hümayunolarak adland r ld . Daha sonra ilk müze müdürü olarak E. Goodg revlendirildi. Ayn zamanda vilayetlere bir genelge g nderilerek bütüntarihi eserlerin tahrip edilmeden müzeye g nderilmesi istendi. Good’dansonra müze müdürlü ü g revine Anton Dethier getirildi. Onunzaman nda Aya rini’deki eserler inili K sk’e tas nd . Dethier’in lümüüzerine Osman Hamdi Bey, ilk Türk müze müdürü olarak g reve baslad .Hamdi Bey d neminde müzecilik sahas nda bir ok yenilikler yap ld . Buarada ülkedeki müzecilik al smalar na Dersaadet Ticaret Odas da ilgiduymaya baslad . Osmanl ülkesinde ticaretin gelismesine yard mc olaca düsüncesi ile bir ticaret müzesinin kurulmas n savundu. TicaretOdas n n yapt girisimler sonucunda stanbul’da DersaadetNumunehane-i Osmani kuruldu. //// Museology in a modern sense in the Ottoman Empire began in thesecond half of the 19th century. Sultan Abdulmecid ordered the antiquepieces of Byzantine era which he saw at a trip he made in the region ofYalova to be sent to Istanbul. The pieces were collected in the Hagia Irini.The collection was reorganized during the administration of the grandvizier li Pasha and was named in 1869 as Müze-i Hümayun (ImperialMuseum) by the minister of education Saffet Pasha. Later, E. Good wasnominated as the first curator of the museum. During this time, acircular was sent to the provinces demanding all antique pieces to besent carefully to the museum. Anton Dethier succeeded Good as curator. During his time, the collections in the Hagia Irini were moved to the inili K sk (the Tiled Manor). After the death of Dethier, Osman HamdiBey toke Office as the first Turkish Curator of the museum. The time ofOsman Hamdi Bey saw many innovations in museology. Meanwhile, theChamber of Commerce of Istanbul began taking interest into museologyand advocated a Museum of Commerce that was supposed to be helpfulin advancing commerce. The Dersaadet Numunehane-i Osmani wasfounded on the initiative of the Chamber.
Anadolu University Journal of Science and Technology. A : Applied Sciences and Engineering , 2010,
Abstract: Under high uncertainty and risky environments, the future estimations related to project proposalscannot be certain and really materialized values. It is inevitable that there exists a deviation or gap betweenforecasted values and actual values. Thus, project risk level of the proposal should be analyzedin the assessment phase. Simulation based project evaluation approaches enables to make more reliableinvestment decision since they permits including future uncertainty and risk in analyze process. Inaddition, many times, project proposals are evaluated with more than one conflicted criteria. The aimof this paper is to present a new approach that accounts for multiple objectives for evaluating riskyinvestment projects and determining projects risk level. With the proposed simulation based optimizationapproach, necessity values for project parameters are determined to reach the expected profitabilityof the investment with the minimum initial investment cost. Also, there is an illustrative examplegiven in this study as an application of the proposed approach.
Incidental parasitic infestations in surgically removed appendices: a retrospective analysis
zgür Aydin
Diagnostic Pathology , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1746-1596-2-16
Abstract: Pathology department records were reviewed for all patients who required an operation for symptoms of acute appendicitis between 2000 and 2006. The specimens which were pathologically diagnosed to contain parasites were reevaluated for features of acute inflamation, and parasite type. The medical records were reviewed in detail to achieve a diagnostic score(Eskelinen). Radiologic imaging findings were correlated, if present.Of the 190 appendectomies performed, 6 specimens (3,15%) were found to contain parasites(4 Enterobius vermicularis, 2 Taenia subspecies). Appendectomies with Taenia showed acute inflamation, while acute inflamation was absent in the ones with Enterobius vermicularis. The Eskelinen score was higher than the treshold in two cases with an acute inflamation, and in two without. Ultrasound scans, and a computed tomography scan were performed in 5 patients. In 3 of 4 bland appendices, results favored acute appendicitis.The diagnosis of gastrointestinal parasites is not only made by examining the stool but the diagnosis can be made by histology from surgical specimens. Timely diagnosis and appropriate therapy might prevent probable future complications that may necessitate surgical procedures, at least in some of the patients. The clinical management of these infections is different from that for classical appendicitis.Suspected acute appendicitis is the most frequent cause for emergency operations in visceral surgery, worldwide. The lifetime risk of acute appendicitis for men and women is 8.6% and 6.7%, respectively, however, the lifetime risk of having an appendectomy is 12% for men and 25% for women [1]. A reported 250,000 appendectomies are performed annually, with approximately 15% of these resulting in the removal of normal appendices [2]. A history of migratory pain together with physical findings and leukocytosis is generally percieved as accurate diagnostic clues for children and adults. The overwhelming majority of parasitic infestations of ap
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