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The obesity problem as a challenge to liberal political theory
Theoria, Beograd , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/theo1103099d
Abstract: Spread of obesity and diseases that it causes brought to justified warnings of an epidemic. Author starts from classical liberal differentiation between self regarding and others regarding acts, and then raises the issue of the possible liberal approach to obesity problem. He presents real causes of the obesity, and proceeds with two different visions of contemporary liberalism: one, abstract, which doesn’t pay attention to context in which we have to draw the line between self and others regarding acts, and second, advanced, responsible liberalism of contemporary liberal democratic state which cares a lot about the context, including international one. From the first perspective state would be obliged not to interfere in overweight problems of its citizens. From the second it would be forced to do so for many substantial reasons. Although author justifies right and even duty of the state to deal with obesity problem, he insists that for the time being it is mostly reacting in wrong way: since idea of individual autonomy is not perceived in adequate way, state reacts to the consequences and not to the causes of the problem.
New American unilateralism
Medjunarodni Problemi , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/medjp0803226d
Abstract: The article deals with the phenomenon of the so-called New American Unilateralism. The author searches for the causes, genesis and sources of such a behaviour of the current American administration, especially emphasising the importance of the neoconservative group, which has been creating, justifying and implementing this kind of unilateral strategy. Criticism of this politics is presented, coming from different directions. The author concludes that it is more the new discourse than the new politics, since the politics of George W. Bush does not substantially differ from the politics of previous American presidents. Having that in mind, it seems possible to predict that the strategy of the next president will probably go along the same lines and unilateralism will keep on being practiced as long as the world functions according to the unipolar model, with US as a global hegemon.
Hungary: Orban’s atypical programme of solving the crisis
Medjunarodni Problemi , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/medjp1102297d
Abstract: The article deals with the political and economic situation in Hungary in the last several years. The author firstly points to the causes of decline of influence of the previous socialist government and the heavy defeat of the socialists in the 2010 elections and the success of the right party Fidesz. After winning the elections, the Viktor Orban government started, at an accelerated rate, to implement the pre-election programme of Fidesz that had been prepared for a long time while it was an opposition party. The author is of the opinion that this programme is atypical, very radical and unique by many characteristics in the Europe of today. He points out that only a year after Fidesz victory the government and the parliament adopted quite a number of laws, a new Constitution and a set of risky measures of recovery that should lead to a substantial economic reform. The author particularly underlines the fact that the government decided to break of negotiation with IMF, reject its recommendations and try to overcome over-indebtedness by carrying out its own ideas.
Between science and propaganda
Zbornik Matice Srpske za Drustvene Nauke , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/zmsdn0926085d
Abstract: The article deals with the work of Ivan olovi , well known ethnologist and author of numerous books in which he has done very interesting research on subjects of contemporary popular culture. After a short presentation of his complete opus, in the first part of the article, author gives a general overview of olovi 's work and tries to evaluate good and bad points of some of the most important of his theses. In the second part of the article, focus is put on his work after 2000. The author concentrates on the investigation of the process by which, due to bare political motivation, olovi 's thought slides into pure political propaganda, and loses any of the characteristics of the serious scientific work.
John Stuart Mill, labour issue and the problem of socialism
Zbornik Matice Srpske za Drustvene Nauke , 2006, DOI: 10.2298/zmsdn0620129d
Abstract: The topic of this article is the analysis of Mill's attitude to socialism The author starts from the contemporary libertarian dogma about Mill as the spoiler of liberalism who supposedly turned this ideology towards socialist trends. The detailed and taxonomic analysis based on Mill's Principles of Political Economy and Chapters on Socialism shows that this theory in not correct; that the opposite is true - Mill actually, as the first serious critic of socialism, set all the relevant arguments which the liberal theory would later use to challenge this rival ideology. The emphasis is placed on the problems of redistribution and extension of the right to vote, but the author also tackles the issues of corporations, protectionism and tax policy.
Ideological and political conflicts about popular music in Serbia
Filozofija i Dru?tvo , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/fid0525271d
Abstract: The paper is focused on ideological and political conflicts about popular music in Serbia, as a good example of wrong and confused searching for identity. Basic conflict that author is analyzing is about oriental elements (such as asymmetric rhythmic patterns and melismatic singing) and the question if they are legitimate parts of Serbian musical heritage or not. Author is making an analysis of three periods in twentieth century, in which absolutely the same arguments were used, and he's paying special attention to contemporary conflicts, trying to explain why all of the theories are ideologically based. Author is insisting on role market played in development and modernization of popular music in Serbia. The article is ending with some recommendations for better understanding of cultural identity in Serbia, and for recognizing popular music as specific field of interest and research.
Preoperative blood transfusion for gynecological operation of a patient with Bernard-Soulier syndrome: Case report
Pe?i?-Stevanovi? Ivana,Zamurovi? Milena,urkovi? Aleksandar,Kostovska-Mi?evi? Lenka
SANAMED , 2011,
Abstract: Bernard-Soulier syndrome belongs to congenital thrombocytopathic platelet disorders. There is a change of the structure of the glycoprotein in platelet membrane, causing the impair of platelet adherence on the blood vessel wall. This syndrome is clinically manifested by spontaneous bleeding in the skin and mucosa. The prognosis is usually good with an adequate support, but serious bleeding episodes occur during menstruation, trauma or surgery intervention. Treatment of bleeding or prophylaxis during surgical intervention is usually based upon platelet transfusion and the use of antifibrinolitic drugs. The object of case report is the significance of the right and an adequate preparation for the operational treatment: Mrs 42 year old, with diagnosis: Bernard-Soulier thrombocytopathia. Iron deficiency anemia. Status post operationem cystis ovarii sinistri. Admitted to the Clinic of gynaecology and obstetrics 'Narodni front' for operative treatment. The menstrual cycle is on 28 days, duration 7 days. From juvenile period there were reports of episodes of bleeding with thrombocytopathia. In prepartal period transfused with few doses of platelet. All dental interventions followed with bleeding, done with 6 doses of platelet concentrate. The history of operation of a cyst with a diagnosis: Cysta ovarii lateralis dextri torquata in 2005. The operation followed with pre-operative use of 15 doses of platelet concentrate, 2 units of fresh frosen plasm and 3 units of deplasmatic erythrocytes. There was a report of adverse reaction due to plasm transfusion and erythrocytes as a hypersensitive reaction, but during operation, there was no bigger post-operative bleeding. In following 2 years, the patient was hospitalized few times because of seriuos menometrorrhagia, and conservativly treated with iron preparations, with a difficult tolerating. Anamnesis: allergy to preparation of salicylate, ranitidin, diclofenac and tranexamic acid. In last hospitalization, the patient was admitted because of a large bleeding. Haematological parameters: Hgb 63 g/L, Rbc 2,61 x 1012/l, MCV 76fL, Plt 22 x 109/l. Biochemical parameters in referential values. Global tests of haemostasis preoperativly: PT 13,4s (9-12,6s), INR 1,02, APTT 20,7s (24-35s), fib 2,08 g/L (1,69-5,15 g/L), TT 18,9s (18-25s), 3 doses of deplasmatic erythrocytes and 2 x 7 doses of platelet concentrate with preoperativly used of methylprednisone (80 mg). Operation: Hysterectomia totalis abdominalis classica cum adnexectomiam lateralis dextri. Pre-operative and post-operative period regular. Therapy: antibiotics, ana
Microstructure Analysis of Thermally Etched Alumina Ceramics
urkovi, L.,Rede, V.,Panjan, P.,Fuduri? Jela?a, M.
Kemija u Industriji , 2008,
Abstract: Ceramography is the art and science of preparation, examination, and evaluation of ceramic microstructures. Microstructure is the structure level approximately 0.1 to 100 μ m between the wavelength of visible light and the resolution limit of the naked eye. The microstructure includes most grains, secondary phases, grain boundaries, pores, microcracks, hardness microindentations. Investigation and evaluation of ceramic microstructure is very important because a number of mechanical, optical, thermal, electrical and other properties of ceramics are significantly affected by the microstructure. The techniques for ceramographic preparation are divided into five parts: sawing, mounting, grinding, polishing and etching.In this paper a method for preparation of a cold isostatically pressed high purity alumina ceramics (α-Al2O3) is described. Microstructure analysis of prepared ceramics was performed by means of optical microscopy (OM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). Porosity is determined on the polished sample; grain size is measured after thermal etching. The mean grain diameter is determined by means of lineal-intercept method, circular-intercept method and image analysis.
Pitanja roda i izvedbene prakse na primjerima opera i oratorija Georga Friedricha H ndela
Ivan ?urkovi
Radovi Zavoda za Znanstveni Rad Vara?din , 2010,
Abstract: U posljednjih dvadesetak godina izvedbena praksa H ndelove vokalno-instrumentalne glazbe do ivjela je pravu renesansu. Scenske izvedbe skladateljevih opera, ali i nekih dramatskih oratorija, postale su u estalima ne samo na specijaliziranim baroknim festivalima, ve i na pozornicama velikog broja europskih i ameri kih opernih ku a. Budu i da scenske izvedbe H ndelovih glazbeno- scenskih djela u realizaciji doma ih snaga jo nisu za ivjele u Hrvatskoj, ovo istra ivanje provest e se na primjerima pojedinih, na DVD-u dostupnih, diskografskih video-snimki. Tendencije kako u glazbenom, tako i u kazali nom aspektu izvedbene prakse skladateljevih opera i oratorija promatrat e se kroz dvije prizme: tzv. autenti nu interpretaciju rane glazbe i tzv. redateljsko kazali te, na odgovaraju oj muzikolo koj i teatrolo koj teorijskoj pozadini. Istra ivanje e razmotriti mogu e me udjelovanje izme u te dvije tek naizgled opre ne izvedbene tendencije. Pritom e se koncentrirati na jedno od glavnih pitanja koje ima bitne reperkusije na obje: tko, naime, treba tuma iti uloge pisane za kastrirane pjeva e, pjeva ice opsega mezzosoprana, odnosno alta ili kontratenori? U vaganju argumenata prilikom tra enja odgovora na to pitanje razmatranjem konkretnih primjera va nu e ulogu imati i gender studies, smjer u humanisti kim znanostima koji biolo koj kategoriji spola suprotstavlja kulturalnu kategoriju roda, s posebnim naglaskom na kompleksni rodni identitet kastrata u operi XVIII. st.
Some methodological aspects of determining wet gluten quality by the glutomatic method (a laboratory note)
Mi?…?? A.
International Agrophysics , 2000,
Abstract: One of the weak sides of the glutomatic method for testing wet gluten quality (ICC Standard No. 155) is a variable amount of wet gluten subjected to the action of the centrifugal force as various amounts of gluten are washed out from various wheats. The present study on the influence of such conditions as: storage (from 0 to 50 min), fragmentation (from 1 to 6 equal parts) and a weighed amount of wet gluten (from 0.5 to 3.5 g) on the gluten index (GI) value were conducted. The results showed that the physical properties of wet gluten formed at the end of its washing out and expressed by the gluten index are liable to considerable changes in the course of its storage at invariable moisture. The fragmentation degree of a wet gluten piece during centrifuging had not significant influence on value of the determined gluten index. An increasing quantity of gluten from 0.5 to 2.5 g during centrifugation causes a proportional decrease of the GI value. However, a further rise of the weighed amount of wet gluten above 2.5 g results in slow-down and then slow -lift of the gluten index value. The range of decrease in the GI depends, first of all, on the wheat cultivar and, most frequently, it is inversely proportional to the gluten quality. The results obtained indicate the necessity to consider the constant weighed amount of the wet gluten piece when it is subjected to centrifugal force test by the Glutomatic method.
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