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The Supply Chain, a Strategic Marketing Approach
Ionel Dumitru,tefan Claudiu Cescu
Amfiteatru Economic , 2013, DOI: 1234567
Abstract: The main objective of this article is to integrate strategic marketing instruments within the supply chain in relationship with the suppliers. In order to integrate the commercial and economic activities at the supply chain level there is a need of developing tight relationships between the customer and the supplier. Thus, it is justified to approach the supply chain from a strategic perspective and the strategic marketing tools are perfectly applicable on the business-to-business market. Our research, has led us to the conclusion that, especially on business to business markets, organizations focus their marketing activities not only on the relationship with their customers, but on the relationship with their suppliers as well. In the supply chain, companies appear as buyers and as clients for the suppliers of goods, financial resources and of work force. Starting from this, we have developed a quantitative marketing research, interviewing 60 organizations from the business-to-business Romanian market, with the purpose of identifying the way in which companies from the B2b market integrate strategic marketing in their supply-chain.
Improvement of the Induction Heating Process by Numerical Simulation for the Semi-finished Products
Claudiu MICH-VANCEA,tefan NAGY
Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering , 2009,
Abstract: In the paper we present the numericalsimulation of the electromagnetic phenomena coupledwith the thermal ones when processing the semifinishedproducts made up of non-ferrous alloy,through electromagnetic induction with the purpose toobtain a homogenous heating of the pieces in theshortest time. Maxwell’s equations that describe theheating process through induction, show that theimportant quantity, basically important to determinethe eddy currents induced in the piece, is the intensityof the magnetic field, resulting the electromagneticlosses, due to their transformation in thermal energy.Determining these losses and verifying the quantity ofheat emerged in the piece is also possible by means ofmathematical calculus with the help the numericalmodeling by methods of approximation such as themethod of the finite differences or the finite elementmethod. So far the results of the experiments haveshow that the intensity of the magnetic field for a longinductor is more intense in the center of the inductorand weaker at its extremes. The purpose of thenumerical modeling is to render solution tohomogenize the intensity of the magnetic fieldaccording to the geometry of the inductor.
Body composition, fitness score and arterial stiffness assesment in a chronic hemodialysis population
Adelina Mih?escu,Nicu Olariu,Alexandra Rusu,Claudiu Avram
Timisoara Physical Education and Rehabilitation Journal , 2011,
Abstract: Patients undergoing long-term hemodialysis have a high risk of cardiovascular disease. Arterial stiffness is highly prevalent in this type of patients. The aim of our study was to analyse the relationship between body composition, blood chemistries and arterial stiffness in a poorly fit population of chronic hemodialysed patients. Patients and methods involved measuring body composition and fitness score by multifrequence bioimpedance with the body composition analyzer InBody720 and arterial stiffness by the measurement of aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (PWVao) and Aortic Augmentation Index (Aix) using an oscillometric method on 65 HD patients; measurements were made before a midweek dialysis session. Results: PWVao correlated significantly with weight (p=0.01, r2=1.14), body fat mass (p=0.007, r2=0.14), abdominal circumference (p=0.01, r2=0.12) and with fitness score (p=0.01, r2=0.11). Aix correlated with weight (p<0.05, r2=0.25), intracellular, extracellular- and total body water (p<0.05, r2=0.24) with body protein, soft lean mass, minerals, fat free mass and skeletal muscle mass (p<0.05, r2= 0.3) and with serum calcium (p=0.005, r2=0.2). Conclusions: Arterial stiffness is a common feature of the hemodialysed patients, significantly related to the blood calcium, fitness score and the body composition, especially fat body mass.
Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The paper shows the positive traits of the European Social Fund proved by the history of this mechanism which has been applied in the European Community for almost half a century, as well as the measures adopted in order to improve the measures in the eld of employment during the period of the economic crisis. The European Social Fund (ESF) helps increasing the adaptability of the workforce and of the enterprises; it helps increasing the access to the labour market; it prevents unemployment and prolongs the active life; it increases the participation of women and of the immigrants to the labour market; it increases the social inclusion of the disadvantaged people and ghts discrimination. In Romania, workforce employment is a priority goal, and POSDRU1contributes to the implementation of the measures set by the European Strategy for Employment. The paper shows the need to identify solutions to the crisis of employment in Romania using the funds allocated to the Operational Program, Human Resources Development, which produce measurable effects with regard to the unemployment rate in Romania.
Issues Concerning Ways to Optimize the Electrothermal Induction Systems using Informational Techniques
Teodor LEUCA,Claudiu MICH-VANCEA,tefan NAGY
Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering , 2009,
Abstract: This paper presents some aspects of theelectromagnetic induction systems related to thepossibility of optimizing the processes and devices usedfor the induction heating through informationaltechniques. We have analyzed the specific problems ofthe power supply installations for an inductor –product system, as the electrical energy conversionaccording to specific and optimal parameters of theinduction heating process. The electromagneticinduction devices must be designed through thecoupled numerical modeling of the circuit inverter andof the induction heating process because the product’sproperties and the electrical parameters of the heatingdevice vary according to temperature. These methodstogether with the informational techniques aresignificantly improving the process: there are fewersuperior disturbance harmonics, fewer losses of thestatic commutation elements during the commutationprocess, the uniform lengthwise heating of the semifinishedproduct.
Revista Romana de Economie , 2008,
Abstract: This article briefly describes the premises for the application of the standard direct cost calculation method in industry, the standard single cost calculation method, the stages of standard cost calculation per product and the calculation methods of standards per product. It also briefly underlines the possibilities of cost calculation and monitoring of deviation of the costs of raw materials and other materials as compared to the pre-established standard costs.
Scientific Annals of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. New Series, Section 2. Vegetal Biology , 2010,
Abstract: This paper contains preliminary results obtained in the period 2009-2010, materialized in flora conspect, cenotaxonomic conspect and analysis of aquatic and marsh flora in the territory Valea Morisca. The flora conspect (aquatic and marsh plants) contains 216 species and subspecies belonging to 123 kind and 48 families. The ecosystems investigated were identified 17 plant associations, belonging to 3 classes, 7 orders and 11 alliances.
About Eddy Currents in Induction Melting Processes
tefan NAGY,Claudiu MICH-VANCEA,Dorelu-Drago? BETEA,Gafi?a Nicolae-Bogdan
Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering , 2008,
Abstract: In this paper we present a method forcomputing the eddy currents in induction meltingprocesses for non-ferrous alloys. We take intoconsideration the situation when only the crucible ismoving, inside the coils. This fact makes differentialcomputation methods to be hard to apply, because isnecessary to generate a new mesh and a new systemmatrix for every for every new position of the cruciblerelated to the coils. Integral methods cancel thisdrawback because the mesh is generated only for thedomains with eddy currents. For integral methods, themesh and the inductance matrix remain unchangedduring the movement of the crucible; only the free termsof the equation system will change.
Natriuretic peptide and diastolic heart failure in the elderly
Antonia Macarie,tefan C. Vesa
Human & Veterinary Medicine , 2009,
Abstract: Objective: To determine the possible correlation of amino-terminal pro B natriuretic peptide(NT-proBNP) and other factors with the diastolic dysfunction (DD) in elderly diagnosed with heart failure(HF). Material and methods: 87 Patients aged over 65 years, diagnosed with HF, were included in study.Biochemical markers and imagistic parameters were determined, and the presence or absence ofcomorbidities was noted. Results:. The logistic regression has determined the odd ratio (OR) and theconfidence interval 95% (CI 95%) for studied factors: Log NT-proBNP – OR 2.6, CI 95% 1.3-5, p=0.004;anemia – OR 1.1, CI 95% 0.5-2.5, p=0.75; low estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) – OR 3, CI95% 1.1-8, p=0.02; age – OR 0.8, CI 95% 0.77-1.02, p=0.1; arterial hypertension – OR 1.2, CI 95%0.5-3.3, p=0.59; atrial fibrillation - OR 1.2, CI 95% 0.61-2.65, p=0.51; coronary disease - OR 1.7, CI95% 0.71-4.06, p=0.22: diabetes - OR 0.7, CI 95% 0.24-2.4, p=0.64; sex OR 1.8, CI 95% 0.84-3.93,p=0.12. Conclusion: NT-proBNP and eGFR were associated with severe DD in elderly with HF.
Rodica Bontescu,Gallia Butnaru,GH. Ti?escu,C. S?rbovan
Annals of West University of Timi?oara : Series of Biology , 1999,
Abstract: The role of the water in the living organisms is essential. Using deuterium depleted water (23 ppm D) or heavy water (2,74.3 ppm D) has examined the effect of occurring variation of deuterium concentration instead of normal water containing the natural abundance of deuterium (150 ppm D). Our test studied germination and growth variability at three genotypes of Zea mays: Andreea breed linesLC186, LC187 and the hybrid. Eight days after seeded the roots growth was significantly stimulated at Andreea breed line LC186 (d= +2.10), line LC187 (d=+4.51) and the hybrid (d=+3.53) when the plants have germinate and growth in heavy water reported to control. We suggest that the deuterium concentration have an important influence on biological process at plants. A favorable effect is granted by the genotype.
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