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mran GüR
Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches (itobiad) , 2012,
Abstract: mge, modernist ve postmodernist edebiyata zgü yeni bir edebiyat tan m ve bilinci ile alternatif bir varolu u bilme y ntemidir. mge bilinci znenin konumu a s ndan ü lü bir varolu süreci ve alg s yarat r. Birincisi ‘mekansal varolu ’tur. Mekansal varolu , znenin bilin sizlik konumunu; süresel varolu , kendisine ait mutlak ger e i alg lad konumunu ifade eder. znenin iki tür varolu u da alg lad bilince tan kl k bilinci denir. Tan kl k konumunda zne izleyen, ya ayan, bilen durumlar n n tamam nda birden bulunur. znenin bu konumunun ortaya kard yeni bilince ‘ zbenlik’ alg s , ki inin zbenlik alg s i inde tan kl k etti i kendi mutlak ger e ine ‘ yküsellik’, süresel varolu un mekansal varolu ta ger ekle me konumuna ‘izdü üm’ demek mümkündür. znenin bu yeni konumun tümüne birden alternatif varolu , süresel varolu ad n verebiliriz. Bu zne tarihin ilk defa tan k oldu u yeni bir znedir. Ses ise yeni varl k alan n n yeni tanr s d r. Ona ‘ses-varl k’, kendinde eyin kendi bilincinin alg s ad n verebiliriz. ü lü varolu , imgenin kendinde ey olarak olu umunu, znenin sanat n kurgusal alan ndaki konumunu mutlak ger ek alg s nedeniyle yeryüzünün bir kurgulanan oldu u bilincine yerle ti i üst bilin alan d r. yküsellik, süresel varolu alg s ndaki insan n kendi bilincine tan kl k etmesi, izdü üm ise süresel varolu taki gerek enin mekansal alanda gerek e olarak bi imlenmesidir.mage is a new definition and recognition of an alternative with consciousness in the literature of modernizm and postmodernizm. The image consciousness creates a triangular process of existence and perception in terms of subjective state. The first one is ‘spatial existence’. The spatial existence expresses the unconsciousness state of the subject, interval of existence and the state in which she perceives her own absolute reality. The subject's perception of both existences is called ‘witnessing consciousness’. In the state of witnessing, the subject exists in the whole state of watching, living and acknowledging. It is possible to say ‘sense in itself’ for the new consciousness that emerges from this state; ‘narrativeness’ for one's witnessing his own absolute reality in the ‘sense in itself’; and ‘projection’ for the state of interval existence's realization in the spatial existence. We can name this entirely new state of subject as the ‘alternative existence’, ‘interval existence’. This subject an original and is to be witneted by the history time. In this respect, sound is a new god for the new existence’s realm. We can name it ‘sound-existence’, the perception
The examination of the effect of nurse care to the quality of care and to the patient satisfaction which is given through the standards
Gül Ertem,ümran Sevil
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: This examination is planned as an analytical, partial and experimantal examination targeting women normally given birth in order to examine the effect of nurse care to the patient satisfaction and quality of care which is given in ‘’postpartum’’ period. The examination is naturally formed by 470 normally given birth women in the ministry of health of the Turkish Republic Dr.Ekrem Hayri üstündag woman Diseases and Maternity Hospital between 01.04.2002 / 15.08.2003. The sample of the examination is farmed by 70 women chosen through an ‘’impossible sample’’ method among women (between 20-30 ages,who are unless primary school graduate) given birth in the Turkish Republic Ministry of Health Dr.Ekrem Hayri üstündag woman diseases and maternity hospital between 01.04.2003-15.08.2003. Women are matched with two groups:an experiment (35 persons) and a control of ( 35 person ) the examination is explained to the women by the researcher and their oral approval is taken for their participation. In the evaluation of thedatas received,number percentage,’’ki’’square,The test of the importance of the difference between two averages double directed ‘’varyans’’analysis and bonferroni test. There has been no noticeabledifferences found concerning women’s socio-demographic characteristics participating to the experiment and to control groups.Experiment and control groups considering their nurse care have founded that the average number to reach the target is 67.62 ± 4,20 for the control groups and the differences (student test) among the average numbers to reach the target taken by the experiment and control grups for each standarts are considered statistically meaningful (t=0.000, p<0.0001)The distribution of women is examined according to their satisfaction of the nurse care they had taken in the hospital and it is considered that women in the experiment group is satisfied about nurse care.The difference between the two groups is considered statistically meaningful. (x2=30.600, SD=2,P=0.000<0.05). Acording to the sesults of the examination it is precised that standard nurse care increases patient satisfaction in reaching targeted final criterias.It is proposed for the increase of the quality of care given to the patients and the improvement of the nursing standards for every age and for every patient for providing practical use of these in the clinics and for providing studies examining the effect of the care quality.
Evidence-based practices in preconception period and pregnancy
?ükran Ba?g?l,ümran Oskay
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Pregnancy is a special period which affects the women’s life aspect bio-psycho- social. In this period, pregnant reguires medical care and psychosocial support. It begins with the preconception period. Providing quality care during preconception period, will affect pregnancy and other periods. Quality of care and avoiding unnecessary applications will be with evidence-based practices. The purpose of health professionals is to take control/ prevent maternal and fetal health risks, protect and promote health in the period of pregnancy by physical, psychological and social holistic care. When they provide care, they must guide evidence based practices and integrate them with the clinical practices.The purpose of this review is to evaluate the degree of evidence of the interventions that are often applied preconception period and during pregnancy.
LS-SVM Method for Fuzzy Nonlinear Regression
ümran M. Tek?en,A??r Gen?
Sel?uk Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: In this study LS-SVM method is applied for fuzzy nonlinear regression whose input and output are fuzzy numbers. The method solves any problem of classification or regression via transforming to a quadratic problem without running into local solutions. This method is favourable owing to independent from a model. In this study, two practises are applied to linear and nonlinear data.
Ischemia-modified albumin levels in professional male soccer players before and after training
Can DUMAN,Tuncay ?OLAK,Belgin BAMA?,mran G?KER
Marmara Medical Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Objectives: The ischemia-modified albumin (IMA) test is a promising indicator of myocardial ischemia in the early diagnosis of the acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Recent studies examining alterations in IMA levels caused by myocardial ischemia that develops during exercise have shown contradictory results. There has been an increase in severe exercise-related cardiac events in football. We therefore, assessed IMA levels before and after exercise in professional soccer players in order to examine the effect of the exercise on IMA levels.Methods: Blood was collected from professional soccer players before and after exercise. IMA levels were measured by using spectrophotometric methods, and the albumin levels were measured in an autoanalyzer.Results: The average pre- and post exercise IMA levels of 16 soccer players were found to be 0.438±0.071 and 0.386±0.069, respectively. The pre- and post exercise albumin levels of the same group were 4.08±0.20 g/dL and 4.21±0.19 g/dL, respectively. There was a strong negative correlation between post exercise IMA and albumin levels, which was statistically significant (r = -0.535. p = 0.033).Conclusion: IMA levels should be examined not only in noncardiac pathologies, but also in specific serum albumin concentrations and in individuals practicing vigorous sport activities.
The problems experienced by the patients at home after surgery
ümran Dal,Hülya Bulut,Sevil Güler Demir
Medical Journal of Bakirk?y , 2012,
Abstract: Objective: This descriptive and cross-sectional study was performed to determine the problems faced by surgery patients at their home in the first month after their surgery. Material and Methods: This study was conducted by a university hospital's surgery clinics between April and June 2007. 196 voluntary patients were included in the study following a surgery. Data was collected through questionnaires in two phases: (1) prior to the patients' discharge, face to face and (2) through a telephone interview one month after the discharge. Results: The average in-hospital stay for surgery patients was established to be 11.10±7.63 days. It was established that the rate of information giving regarding home care after discharge was 57.1%. In the study, it has been determined that the patients had experienced problems related with especially pain (70.9%), circulation (40.8%), exercise and activity (32.1%) and self-care at home. Conclusion: In order to prevent the problems patients are having at home after surgery, a planned discharge education, a written educational pack they can use at home, counselling/support over the phone and home-care services might be recommended.
Effects of Alphacalcidol on Fall and Balance in Elderly People with Vitamin D Deficiency Original Article
ümran Kaya,Evrim Karada? Sayg?,Gülseren Akyüz
Türkiye Fiziksel Tip ve Rehabilitasyon Dergisi , 2011,
Abstract: Objective: The aim of the present study was to investigate the impact of vitamin D treatment on balance and falls in elderly patients with vitamin D deficiency. Materials and Methods: This study was carried out in 63 women older than 65 years of age with determined vitamin D deficiency (<50 nmol/L) who can be mobilized independently. 33 patients were given a daily dose of 1 mcg alphacalcidol and 500 mg of ionized calcium, while 30 patients were given 500 mg of ionized calcium. The patients were evaluated with the Timed Up and Go (TUG) test, Romberg test (RT), Berg balance scale (BBS), and 10-meter walk time at baseline and at the 3rd and 6th months of treatment. Furthermore, the number of falls within the last year and during treatment was recorded. Results: In the alphacalcidol+calcium group, significant improvements were found in TUG and BBS at the 3rd month; in TUG, RT and BBS at the 6th month. In the control group, there was no statistically significant difference in all balance tests at the 3rd and 6th months. Also, no statistically significant difference was determined between the groups at follow-up. There was no significant difference in or between the groups regarding 10-meter walk time test. Considering the number of falls, no significant difference was found between the groups at the 3rd and 6th months. Conclusion: It is thought that active vitamin D treatment has positive effects on balance in elderly women with vitamin D deficiency, however, its effect on number of falls is inadequate. Turk J Phys Med Rehab 2011;57:89-93.
retmen Profillerinin renci Motivasyonuna Etkisi
Hatice GüZEL,M. Ferda ?ZD?L,mran ORAL
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2010,
Abstract: Introduction: The feature of a teacher is important as a person who arranges and leads the period in education system. Sinceteachers educate the students, it’s necessary for them to be intellectual, modern and qualified. Because a comprehension stillsurvives nowadays that the most effective element in education system is “teacher”. Teaching profession is not only limited withinformation transfer. The researches in behavioral sciences indicated that the students are affected from the manners andbehaviors of teachers. The students usually pay more attention to the approach of teacher for the subject than the subject told byhim/her and are affected from the style how he/she comments ( Güven, 2001 ). This also is closely connected with the individualproperties, education of the teachers, cultural and social factors in which he/she was grown or was present.In the study performed by European Education Information Network [ Eurydice ] ( 2004 ), the situation of secondaryeducation teaching in Europe was revealed and the subjects such as education of teachers, demographic properties of teachers,the difficulties met during passage to the profession, the need for teachers, working conditions of teachers, improvement of thesalaries and the future of teaching profession including 30 European countries were discussed. In the study, when the age profilesof teachers were investigated, it was determined that most of European countries will encounter with teacher shortage in the nearfuture. Similarly, in a study performed together with UNESCO and ILO, it was determined that persistent increase in populationand deterioration of working conditions decreased the number of teachers all over the world and it seemed possible that thissituation might cause a decrease in the standards of education. Unesco Statistics Institution [IUS] ( 2004 ) prepared a detailedreport including teacher shortage all over the world in terms of quantity. This study comprises of 50 countries from Asia, 44countries from Europe and 17 countries from Ocean. Among these data, topics such as how many teachers are present in theworld, who does this profession, under which conditions they work, how they are educated and how the government has aninvestment on them are included. This study makes a direct connection between status of a teacher and the quality of education.In places where employment conditions of teachers are better, priority was given to education and the quality of education isimproved ( Atav, 2005 ).The problems about education in our country become more with physics teachers retiring from e
Comparison of Some Estimation Methods in Linear Regression
A??r Gen?,ümran M. Tek?en,?lkay Alt?nda?
Sel?uk Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: In this study, we are informed about some methods as alternatives to the classical least squares methods which are used for simple linear and multiple linear regression analysis. In short, linear regression model is shown via matrix as;Y=Xβ+ε where Y is the vector belonging to dependent variable, X is the design matrix of independent variables, β is the parameter vector, εis the vector belonging to error terms, so the least squares estimator of the linear regression is shown byβ=(X^{′-1}X′Y) Alternative methods have emerged on the purpose of outliers' existing in observations unlike the least squares estimation, data's not providing the regression assumptions or using of the previous information about parameters as well. In the study, we are informed about the least absolute deviations regression apart from the least squares method, artificial neural networks, M-regression, the nonparametric regression and Bayesian regression. On the purpose of comparison of the methods' results, numerical results are derived by using the temperature variation data in Antalya and Fethiye regions for simple regression analysis and variables affecting the fuel percentage in crude oil for multiple regression analysis.
ümran Kaya,Evrim Karada? Sayg?,I??l üstün,Gülseren Akyüz
Marmara Medical Journal , 2009,
Abstract: Aim: Radiographic absorptiometry (RA) is a cheap and easily applicable technique for measuring bone mineral density (BMD) of the medium phalanges of fingers 2, 3 and 4. In this trial with elderly patients suffering from vitamin D deficiency, the aim is to investigate whether it is possible to follow short-term vitamin D treatment with phalangeal RA or not and to compare the consistency of measurement results with dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA).Materials and Methods: Fifty-seven patients over 65 years old who had been determined as vitamin D deficiency (<50nmol/l) were included in this trial. Thirty patients received 1 μg of alphacalcidol and 500 mg elemenatry calcium once a day and the control group received 500 mg elementary calcium. Hand phalangeal, lumbar spinal and hip BMD measurements of all patients were performed at the beginning and the 6th month of the treatment. The consistency of percentage change of serum levels of vitamin D with RA and DXA results were statistically compared.Results: Baseline DXA BMD measurements of all of the patients were consistent with the RA measurement values. After 6 months of alphacalcidol and elementary calcium treatment, the difference in the levels of vitamin D was not statistically relevant, neither with DXA nor with RA.Conclusion: Although phalangeal radiographic absorptiometry is a reliable and practical method, its use in the short term follow-up of vitamin D treatment is thought to be limited.

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