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Some measures for soil regulation in Belgrade peri-urban zone
Spatium , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/spat0818068m
Abstract: The development of controlled and planned construction of peri-urban areas in Belgrade and Serbia did not exist in the last decades. Depending on different factors, urban area of Belgrade sprawles on fertile agricultural soil, often causing the accelerated or progressive changes in agricultural soil use. Evidently, that kind of city development is not sustainable from the viewpoint of natural resources protection (agricultural soil protection in the first place), nor from the viewpoint of entire environment protection. This paper analyses functional and environmental measures for agricultural soil use regulation in Belgrade region. Also, paper looks into the issues of concern for substantiation of means for soil regulation and protection in Serbia, especially in Belgrade, through analysis world's and domestic soil regulatives and new EU guidelines regarding sustainable soil use and urban development. The attention is drawn to protect agricultural hinterland of Belgrade region by basic planning arrangements. .
Regional differences between rural areas of Serbia in population aging and agricultural activities: Case studies of the In ija and Knja evac municipalities
Panti? Marijana,ivanovi?-Miljkovi? Jelena
Spatium , 2010, DOI: 10.2298/spat1022029p
Abstract: As one of the signs of demographic change, population aging influences various spatial categories: economic activities, social features, land-use, perspectives for future development and more. Even though the process is indicative on a national level, there are significant differences among geographically and functionally distinctive regions. Based on considerable regional differences in the development of Serbia, this paper analyses the key problems of rural areas related to the interdependences of population aging and agricultural activities. Research on aging processes, changes in agricultural activities and their features is based here on the examples of two case studies. The In ija and Knja evac Municipalities have been chosen to represent geographically different regions - lowland and mountainous. This study uses both quantitative and qualitative approaches in order to achieve a better understanding of the situation. Statistical data were used to illustrate processes of aging and agriculture where data from two census years indicate a trend of changes. Interviews conducted with representatives of local government, entrepreneurs and local citizens from the villages are the source of information for quantitative analysis. Population aging and agriculture are examined separately, followed by an illustration of their interdependences.
Impacts of traditional architecture on the use of wood as an element of facade covering in Serbian contemporary architecture
Ivanovi?-?ekularac Jelena,?ekularac Nenad
Spatium , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/spat1124057i
Abstract: The world trend of re-use of wood and wood products as materials for construction and covering of architectural structures is present not only because of the need to meet the aesthetic, artistic and formal requirements or to seek inspiration in the return to the tradition and nature, but also because of its ecological, economic and energetic feasibility. Furthermore, the use of wood fits into contemporary trends of sustainable development and application of modern technical and technological solutions in the production of materials, in order to maintain a connection to nature, environment and tradition. In this study the author focuses on wood and wood products as an element of facade covering on buildings in our country, in order to extend knowledge about possibilities and limitations of their use and create a base for their greater and correct application. The subject of this research is to examine the application of wood and wood products as an element covering the exterior in combination with other materials applied in our traditional and contemporary homes with the emphasis on functional, representational art and the various possibilities of wood. In this study all the factors that affect the application of wood and wood products have been analyzed and the conclusions have been drawn about the manner of their implementation and the types of wood and wood products protection. The development of modern technological solutions in wood processing led to the production of composite materials based on wood that are highly resistant, stable and much longer lasting than wood. Those materials have maintained in an aesthetic sense all the characteristics of wood that make it unique and inimitable. This is why modern facade coating based on wood should be applied as a facade covering in the exterior of modern architectural buildings in Serbia, and the use wood reduced to a minimum.
Genetic variability of maize pathogens in Serbia
Stankovi? Slavica,Levi? Jelena,Ivanovi? Dragica
Genetika , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/gensr0702227s
Abstract: Variability of some maize pathogens was identified in the last 50 years of research in Serbia, mostly by their cultural characteristics and susceptibility of test genotypes and only in some cases by determination of mating types, vegetative compatibility or biochemical methods. Although more advanced methods that can determine within population variability at the molecular level were developed, they are still not applied in research in Serbia. The highest variability was determined for maize leaf pathogens - Exserohilum turcicum (Pass.) Leonard & Suggs (2 races) and Bipolaris zeicola (Stout) Shoemaker (2 races), although this variability is significantly lower than the variability of the same pathogens found in the world. Researches conducted with the aim to determine mating types and vegetative compatibility of the Fusarium species, a maize root and stalk pathogen, indicated their high variability in Serbia. Considering the pathogen ability to adapt easily and quickly to new genotypes, agro-ecological conditions and crop practice, a constant surveillance of parasite divergence and epidemiology is necessary in order to avoid detrimental consequences on maize yield and quality.
Determination of the diffusion coefficient of some highly toxic organic substances by using a diffusion tube CA Hemijska industrija
Basti? Jelena,Skala Dejan U.,Ivanovi? Slavica
Hemijska Industrija , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/hemind0301009b
Abstract: The determination of specific characteristics of materials commonly used in the preparation of cloths for the protection of the human body, lungs and other human organs, based on the principles of the effective adsorption of highly toxic organic vapors initially requires the development of specific and reliable techniques for the preparation of a gas stream with the relevant highly toxic organic substances. The dynamic method, one of the techniques commonly used for material characterization, is based on the procedure of determining the concentration of different substances in the gas stream at the inlet and after passing through a specific thin layer of the adsorption material (outlet). Therefore, the generation of a gas phase containing highly toxic organic substances in a defined quantity during a specific time interval, is the requirement that must previously be fulfilled before using the dynamic method for testing specific materials for protection of the human body. Usually, a dynamic method of determining the quality of cloths prepared with specific adsorbents requires a relatively low volumetric flow rate of the gas phase containing the test substance which may be achieved by using a diffusion tube (DT) as the standard equipment for the generation of test substances. A very wide range of concentrations of the test substances in a specific gas phase (inert, air) can be obtained by varying the working conditions (temperature, pressure, gas flow rate) and the geometrical size of the diffusion tube, taking into account that the concentration of toxic substances, is determined as the ratio of their diffusion rate and from the DT and the carrier gas flow rate. The diffusion rate of the test substances from the DT is caused by the concentration gradient between the partial pressure of the saturated vapor at one end of the DT capillary and the partial pressure at the outlet of the diffusion tube according to Fick's law. The mass rate of the generated test substances from the DT is constant for constant conditions (temperature and pressure) in the reservoir of the DT On the basis of a detailed theoretical calculation such a rate (R) may be defined by the equation: R = 16.624 DM(P/T)(A/L)log [P/(P- pv)l, mg/min where: D - the diffusion coefficient, cm/s; M - the molar mass of the test substance, g/mol; P - the pressure in the DT kPa; pv - the vapor pressure of the test substance, kPa; A - the cross sectional area of the capillary of the DT cm2: L - the length of the capillary of the DT cm; T - the temperature, K. A procedure for the constant isothermal vap
On advantage of seeing text and hearing speech
ivanoviJelena,Filipovi?-?ur?evi? Du?ica
Psihologija , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/psi1101061z
Abstract: The aim of this study was to examine the effect of congruence between the sensory modality through which a concept can be experienced and the modality through which the word denoting that concept is perceived during word recognition. Words denoting concepts that can be experienced visually (e.g. “color”) and words denoting concepts that can be experienced auditorily (e.g. “noise”) were presented both visually and auditorily. We observed shorter processing latencies when there was a match between the modality through which a concept could be experienced and the modality through which a word denoting that concept was presented. In visual lexical decision task, “color” was recognized faster than “noise”, whereas in auditory lexical decision task, “noise” was recognized faster than “color”. The obtained pattern of results can not be accounted for by exclusive amodal theories, whereas it can be easily integrated in theories based on perceptual representations.
Granulocyte-stimulating activity of the anticoagulant warfarin in rats
Kataranovski Milena,ivanoviJelena,Vrankovi? Jelena,Mirkov Ivana
Archives of Biological Sciences , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/abs0704053k
Land use planning for sustainable development of peri-urban zones
ivanovi?-Miljkovi? Jelena,Crn?evi? Tijana,Mari? Igor
Spatium , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/spat1228015z
Abstract: Taking into consideration that growth of urban population has impacts on land use and that managing urban population change is one of the most important contemporary challenges, this paper deals with the sustainable development of peri-urban zones which represent important an environment where employment opportunities are developed and resources exploited (particularly agricultural resources) and environment where important recreational and leisure activities could be pursued. Within the review of current concepts and planning practices, the concepts of multifunctional agriculture and multifunctional landscapes in peri-urban zones are pointed out, as well as EU Developing Periurban Projects. The paper particularly focuses on the current situation in Serbia, where there is no specific legal basis for the planning of peri-urban areas, although there are positive examples of strategies, regulations and planning documents which treat agriculture and greenery in peri-urban zones in a sustainable manner.
Assessment of deciduous dentition in 6-10 year old school children
Jankovi? Svjetlana,Davidovi? Bojana,Ivanovi? Mirjana,Le?i? Jelena
Stomatolo?ki Glasnik Srbije , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/sgs1204183j
Abstract: Introduction. The emergence of deciduous teeth in the mouth of a child usually brings a joy to every parent. However, after ”short-time euphoria” deciduous teeth, in most cases, become the cause of pain, swelling, infection and further complications. The aim of this study was to assess the status of deciduous teeth in school children. Material and Methods. The study included children age 6-10 years from four cities in Republika Srpska. All respondents were divided in two groups: Group I included those who voluntarily came to be examined at the dental clinic and the Group II-those who were randomly chosen in schools. The examination was performed using dental mirror and probe. Caries verification was carried out by Klein-Palmer system, dmft (d - decay; m - missing; f - filling), and its related indices: Person caries index (pci) and Average caries index (aci). In addition, a survey was conducted. Results. A total number of 228 respondents were examined. Total pci was 96.1%. On average, each child had aci= 4.17 while 10.52% of the children had fillings in primary teeth. None of the children had sealed fissures on deciduous teeth. Physical examination revealed that 12.2% of the children had submucous abscess in oral cavity. The survey revealed that 3% of children did not have a tooth brush. Conclusion. The prevalence of caries in primary teeth is high, despite the fact that the Health Insurance Fund in Republika Srpska covers full cost for complete restoration of teeth in children up to 15 years old. Responsibility for the low percentage of healthy and filled teeth is relying mostly on parents as well as the entire community that should provide development and availability of public health dental care in all areas.
The assessment of periodontal health in children age 12 to 15
Davidovi? Bojana,Ivanovi? Mirjana,Jankovi? Svjetlana,Le?i? Jelena
Stomatolo?ki Glasnik Srbije , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/sgs1202083d
Abstract: Introduction. Periodontal diseases and primarily gingivitis occur relatively early in the childhood. It was found that 8.8% of children 3-6 years old had gingivitis and that number increased with age. Gingivitis is especially common during puberty and mixed dentition. The aim was to determine the prevalence and characteristics of gingival and periodontal diseases in children age twelve and fifteen in Republika Srpska. Material and Methods. The study included 506 students of both genders from six schools on the territory of the municipalities Foca, Cajnice and Kalinovik. For the evaluation of oral hygiene and periodontal status, indices suitable for research in pediatric population were used: Greene-Vermillion Debris Index (DI), Greene’s Calculus Index (CI), Oral Hygiene Index (OHI) and Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs (CPITN). The evaluation was carried out in accordance with the criteria for the diagnosis and non- communicable diseases, established in 1997 in Geneva. Results. The average DI value for all children was 0.86, the average CI 0.13, and OHI was 0.99. Healthy periodontium had 14.6% of respondents, while deep periodontal pockets of 4-5mm were found in 8.7% of fifteen-year-old children. Conclusion. A significant prevalence of gingivitis was found among examined children. It is necessary to highlight the importance of primary prevention measures, health education, proper training and regular oral hygiene, as well as regular check-ups in order to achieve better periodontal health in children.
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