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Re?at A?IKG?Z,?. ?ükrü YUSUFOLU
Journal of the Human and Social Science Researches (itobiad) , 2012,
Abstract: Bu al mada, Türkiye zelinde, yoksulluk olgusunun farkl boyutlar ve yoksullukla ilgili e itli problemler ele al nmaktad r. Yoksulluk, günümüzde birtak m makro ve mikro fakt rlerin etkisiyle ortaya kmaktad r. Makro fakt rlerin ba nda; küreselle me, i sizlik, küresel sermaye, ekonomik krizler ve g gibi unsurlar gelmektedir. E itimsizlik, kapasite yoksunlu u, yoksulluk kültürü ve bireysel zellikler gibi unsurlar ise mikro fakt rler aras nda yer almaktad r. Günümüzde küresel bir sorun halini alan yoksulluk, beraberinde e itli sosyal problemler de getirmekte ve birtak m olumsuz sonu lar da do urmaktad r. Yoksulluk, genel olarak, sosyal d lanma, iddet ve su , gecekondula ma ve gettola ma, marjinalle me, konut ve toplumsal cinsiyet ayr mc l gibi sorunlara yol a maktad r. Yoksulluk ayr ca, aile par alanmalar , bo anma ve depresyon gibi problemler do urmaktad r. Yoksullu un yol a t sorunlar dünya genelinde benzer olmakla birlikte, mahiyet e ülkeden ülkeye nemli farkl l klar g stermektedir. Dolay s yla, yoksullukla ilgili ara t rmalar yaparken ve yoksullukla mücadele programlar haz rlarken ülkelerin zel durumlar n ve yoksullar n de i ken profilini dikkate almak gerekmektedir. Bu al mada b yle bir yol takip edilmi tir.AbstractIn this study, the different dimensions of poverty and various problems related to poverty are addressed in the case of Turkey. Poverty comes about due to a number of macro and micro factors in today's world. Among the macro factors there are such facts as globalization, unemployment, global capital, economic crises and migration. The facts such as lack of education, lack of capacity, culture of poverty and individual characteristics are among the micro factors. Becoming a global problem today, poverty brings with it various social problems and also raises a number of negative results. Poverty generally leads to such problems as social exclusion, violence and crime, urbanization and ghettoization, marginalization, housing and gender discrimination. Poverty engenders also such problems as fragmentation of the family, divorce and depression. Although the problems caused by poverty are similar across the globe, it varies considerably from country to country in terms of its nature. Thus it is necessary to take into account the specific circumstances of the countries and variable profiles of the poor when doing poverty-related research and preparing of anti-poverty programs. In this study it has been followed such a way.
Synthesis and Biological Activity of New 1,3-Dioxolanes as Potential Antibacterial and Antifungal Compounds
Hatice Ba?p?nar Kü?ük,Ay?e Yusufolu,Emel Matarac?,Sibel D??ler
Molecules , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/molecules16086806
Abstract: A series of new enantiomerically pure and racemic 1,3-dioxolanes 1-8 was synthesized in good yields and short reaction times by the reaction of salicylaldehyde with commercially available diols using a catalytic amount of Mont K10. Elemental analysis and spectroscopic characterization established the structure of all the newly synthesized compounds. These compounds were tested for their possible antibacterial and antifungal activity. Biological screening showed that all the tested compounds, except 1, show excellent antifungal activity against C. albicans, while most of the compounds have also shown significant antibacterial activity against S. aureus, S. epidermidis, E. faecalis and P. aeruginosa.
Clinical features and risk factors related with suicide attempts in sexually abused children and adolescents
Marmara Medical Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Objective: This study investigated the sociodemographic variables, intelligence levels, psychiatric disorders, and suicide risks of sexually abused children and adolescents who were referred for forensic examination to our child and adolescent psychiatry outpatient clinic.Method: Forensic reports of 157 children and adolescents aged 3-17 years who had been referred to our child psychiatry outpatient clinic between July 2011 - June 2012 were examined retrospectively.Results: Of 157 sexually abused cases, 83.4 % were girls and 16.6 % were boys. The psychiatric diagnosis rate at the time of admission to hospital was 87.9%. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (36.9 %) was the most common psychiatric diagnosis among the victims. 22 patients (14 %) had attempted suicide after the sexual abuse. Forced vaginal-anal or oral penetration, depressive disorder, and PTSD significantly increased the risk of suicide attempts. (in order OR: 3.24, 4.05, 6.78, p= 0.045, 0.03, 0.004 respectively).Conclusion: Most of the sexual abused children had psychiatric disorders. The most common disorder was PTSD. Thus, the risks of suicide must be handled and interventions should be planned on this basis.
Is there a connection between synthetic bone grafts and sisters chromatide exchange?  [PDF]
Banu Gürkan K?seo?lu, Amila Brki?, Mehmet ali Erdem, ?ükrü ?ztürk, ?ükrü Palanduz, Kivan? ?efle
Open Journal of Stomatology (OJST) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2013.38074

Background: In oral and maxillofacial surgery, synthetic bone grafts are most widely used as bone substitutes, due to the limited sources of autologous bone. The aim of this study was to examine the influence of three different synthetic bone grafts (Cerasorb, Fortoss and Perioglass) on sisters chromatide exchanges (SCEs) in peripheral lymphocytes. Materials and Methods: Peripheral blood samples taken from 68 patients (45 females and 23 males), who underwent oral surgery procedures, such as apical resection, cyst enucleation or periodontal curretage, were obtained for SCE a day before and two months after the surgeries. A control group included 30 patients, while the study group was made of the patients who underwent bone grafting with Cerasorb? (11 patients), Fortoss? VITAL (10 patients) or Perioglass? (17 patients). Results: Comparing with the results of the study group before and after the treatment, it was concluded that the results were statistically significant (p = 0.001). In the Perioglass? subgroup, a greater statistical significance (p = 0.003) was noted, than that in either the Cerasorb? (p = 0.620) or Fortoss? (p = 0.210) subgroups, in which there was no statistical significance. Conclusions: Although

Hastane Performans n n l ümünde Path Y ntemi
Dilaver Tengilimo?lu,?ükrü An?l Toygar
Sosyal Güvenlik Dergisi , 2013,
Abstract: Günümüzde sa l k sekt rü kamu harcamalar nda en büyük pay alan sekt rlerden birisidir. Bu nedenle gerek sa l k hizmetlerine ayr lan kaynaklar n tahsisinde, gerekse sunulan hizmetin kalitesi hakk nda karar al c lara nemli bir g sterge olmas nedeniyle performans de erlendirmesi büyük nem arz etmektedir. Hastanelerde kurumsal performans n l ülmesinde bir ok y ntem kullan lmaktad r. Bu al mada, Dünya Sa l k rgütü (DS ) Avrupa B lge Ofisi taraf ndan 2003 y l nda kamuoyuna duyurulan ve Avrupa b lgesinde kullan m giderek yayg nla maya ba lanan PATH (Performance Assessment Tool for Quality Improvement in Hospitals-Hastanelerde Kalite Geli tirme amac yla Performans De erlendirme Arac ) projesi incelenmi tir. PATH, hastanelerde performansa ili kin veri toplama ve kalite geli tirilmesi i in bir i ara olarak tasarlanm t r. “ ekirdek” ve “Uyumla t r lm ” olmak üzere iki g sterge setine sahip olan PATH projesine kat l m g nüllü olmakla birlikte, u anda Avrupa b lgesinde 13 ülkede 150’den fazla hastane bu projede yer almaktad r. Türkiye, PATH projesine Sa l k Bakanl koordinasyonunda 2009 y l nda ülkenin tüm b lgelerinden kamu, zel ve üniversite hastanelerinin olu turdu u 14 pilot hastane ile dahil olmu tur. u anda PATH projesini uygulayan hastane say s 11’dir. The health sector, today, is one of those sectors that get the highest share from public expenses. Therefore, performance evaluation is of utmost importance as it is an important indicator for the decision-makers both about the quality of the service offered and about the amount of resources to be allocated for health services. The are many different methods in order to measure the organizational performance of hospitals. This study examine, the Performance Assessment Tool for Quality Improvement in Hospitals (PATH) which was announced to the public in 2003 by the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization. The PATH has been designed as an internal tool in order to collect data about performance in hospitals and to develop the quality assurance. The participation to the PATH project is based on volunteering and it has two indicator sets; “Core” and “Adapted”. Currently, over 150 hospitals in 13 countries in the European territory have participated in this project. Turkey participated into the PATH project with 14 pilot hospitals all around the country - including state-run, private and university hospitals- in 2009 under the coordination of the Ministry of Health. Currently, there are 11 hospitals that has been implementing the PATH project.
Youth consultation and health centers
Turk Pediatri Ar?ivi , 2011,
Abstract: In 2005, a youth consultation and health center has been established by cooperation of Turkish Ministry of Health, UNFPA and UN CEF. Two doctors, 2 psychologists and 1 dietician is serving in our center. In this center, we serve for diagnosis and treatment of adolescents and when needed reference to other institutions. Consultation on physical-sexual development, psycho-social development, personal hygiene, nutrition, physical exercise, smoking and alcohol use, secure behaviors, secure sexual life and psychological problems is also given. Adolescents generally apply to the center for reasons like conflict with parents, low academic performance, aggression, being overweight, computer addiction, conflict with siblings and being short. As a result of our experience, we think that in order to develop adolescent health services, all health centers should be organized as “youth friendly”. (Turk Arch Ped 2011; 46 Suppl: 135-7)
Hiperglicemia na admiss?o é um preditor confiável da evolu??o de crian?as com traumatismo cerebral grave
A??l?o?lu, Nazik;Turna, Fatih;Paksu, Muhammet ?ükrü;
Jornal de Pediatria , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0021-75572011000400009
Abstract: objective: to identify the relationship between admission hyperglycemia and outcome in children with severe brain injury at hospital discharge and 6 months later. method: a retrospective analysis of blood glucose levels was conducted in 61 children with severe brain injury admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit between november 1, 2005 and october 30, 2009. hyperglycemia was considered for a cut off value of > 150 mg/dl, based on literature. outcome was measured with the glasgow outcome scale at hospital discharge and 6 months after discharge. death was also analyzed as an outcome measure. results: mean admission blood glucose of the patients was 251 mg/dl (68-791). hyperglycemia was noted on admission in 51 (83.6%) patients. a moderately significant positive correlation was found between admission blood glucose and severity of head trauma according to abbreviated injury score (r = 0.46). mean admission glucose level of non-survivors was significantly higher (207 mg/dl vs. 455 mg/dl, p < 0.001). mean blood glucose level of the patients in bad outcome group was found significantly higher compared to that of the patients in good outcome group at hospital discharge and 6 months after discharge (185 mg/dl vs. 262 mg/dl, p < 0.15 and 184 mg/dl vs. 346 mg/dl, p < 0.04, respectively). conclusions: hyperglycemia could be considered as a marker of brain injury and, when present upon admission, could reflect extensive brain damage, frequently associated with mortality and bad outcome. further studies are needed to investigate the effect of strict glycemic control on mortality and outcomes.
Biological Activity of Curcuminoids Isolated from Curcuma longa
Simay ??kr?k??,Erkan Mozio?lu,Hasibe Y?lmaz
Records of Natural Products , 2008,
Abstract: Curcumin is the most important fraction of turmeric which is responsible for its biological activity. In this study, isolation and biological assessment of turmeric and curcumin have been discussed against standard bacterial and mycobacterial strains such as E.coli , S.aureus, E.feacalis, P.aeuroginosa, M.smegmatis, M.simiae, M.kansasii, M. terrae, M.szulgai and the fungi Candida albicans. The antioxidant activity of curcumin and turmeric were also determined by the CUPRAC method.
Acute effects of adaptive servo-ventilation therapy on neurohormones and Cheyne-Stokes respiration in the patients with heart failure
?ükrü Gür,Dursun Dursuno?lu,Ne?e Dursuno?lu,Mustafa K?l??
Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: Objective: Cheyne Stokes respiration (CSR) is frequently seen in the patients with heart failure (HF) and it increases mortality. In the present study, we aimed to evaluate acute effects of adaptive servo ventilation (ASV) on CSR and neurohormones in the patients with HF.Methods: Nineteen males and 1 female patients with HF in the functional capacity of NYHA II-III were included into the study prospectively. One night polysomnography (PSG) was performed to all patients. In addition to medical treatment, 10 patients having CSR were applied ASV in another night together with PSG.. Arterial blood gases, plasma epinephrine and norepinephrine, serum N-terminal -pro-B type brain natriuretic peptide (NT-pro-BNP) were studied in the first night and after ASV treatment. A Wilcoxon test was used for comparison of parameters before and after treatment; and Mann-Whitney-U test was used for comparison of parameters between the patients with CSR and without CSR. Results: Mean age of 10 patients with CSR was 62.2±11.1 years. Their etiologies were ischemic in 9 patients and idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy in 1 patient. While there were no significant differences in the levels of PaCO2, HCO3, PH, before and after treatment; PaO2 (75.3 mmHg) and SatO2 (94.7%) significantly increased after the therapy (84.7 mmHg, 96.5% and p=0.007 and p=0.008 respectively). While NT-proBNP (3029.6±1450.5 pg/ml), norepinephrine (625.4±304.7 pg/ml) and epinephrine (65.4±24.1 pg/ml) were higher than normal before ASV treatment, all of them showed significant reductions after treatment (1694.0±925.9 pg/mvl, 333.9±165.4 pg/ml and 45.0±20.5 pg/ml; p=0.005, p=0.005 and p=0.02, respectively).Conclusions: One night ASV treatment improves CSR, partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood, and oxygen saturation and provides significant reductions in plasma catecholamines and NT-proBNP levels in the patients with HF and CSR. Prospective studies are needed to evaluate long-term effects of ASV treatment on morbidity and mortality in the patients with HF.
Accordion Manoeuvre with Ilizarov Frame over Nail in Situ in a Case of Infected Non-Union of Femur: Discussion on Strategies: A Case Report  [PDF]
Ranjit Kr. Baruah
Open Journal of Orthopedics (OJO) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojo.2014.47030
Abstract: Quiescent Type of H. Rosen & Stage 2 of C.L. Romano et al. for Infected Non Union of Femur after K-nailing (Küntscher nailing) require no debridement & removal of nail and therefore can be treated by a single stage procedure. There are a few reports of treating aseptic non-union of femur by compression alone or compression distraction over nail by Ilizarov Technique. However, no case of Infected Non-Union femur being treated by Accordion Manoeuvre with Ilizarov over nail in situ (i.e. without exchange nailing) has been reported so far. Here, we are reporting a case of Infected Non-Union following K-nailing for a fracture shaft of femur in a 15-year-old female, who was treated by this technique as a single stage procedure. An Ilizarov frame was mounted on the femur with nail in situ followed by Accordion Manoeuvre. The fracture was healed in 5.6 months with two cycles of Accordion Manoeuvre followed by rhythmic compression. There was no recurrence of infection.

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