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High Performance PTCR Ceramic Material with Low Resistivity-Preparation of Overcurrent Protector for Door Lock Motor in Automobile

HUANG Zhong-Zang,SHEN Jia-Qi,

无机材料学报 , 1999,
Abstract: 为满足汽车电器等低电压下的保护元件的需求,研制低电阻率高性能PTCR陶瓷材料已成为研究的热点,本工作采用通常的混合氧化物工艺制备了室温电阻率〈10Ωcm,电阻率的突变达到10^5的高性能PTCR热敏电阻陶瓷,并研究了原材料,固溶性的基方组成,各种添加物以及烧结工艺等对PTCR陶瓷性能的影响,特别注意了用液相方式添加施主和受主杂质在制备低电阻庇护同性能PTCR陶瓷时起的更为有效的作用,对本材料制备的
- , 2017,
Abstract: 针对传统边坡稳定性分析方法未考虑土石混合体边坡内部块石的不足,采用MATLAB编制相应程序生成一定级配随机块石数据,再通过AutoCAD将数据文件转化为图形交互文件,导入Midas建立对应的块石边坡网格模型.最后,通过Midas_to_Flac3d接口程序,生成Flac3d模型,用Flac3d内嵌的有限差分强度折减法对块石边坡进行稳定性分析,并探讨土石界面强度等关键参数对土石混合边坡稳定性的影响.计算结果表明,忽略块石的存在将会给边坡稳定性计算结果引起较大的差异,坡体内塑性区并不像均质土坡那样为规则的类圆弧形态,而是在多种塑性区扩展路径的综合作用下呈现出多滑动带现象,滑动带在贯通过程中有明显的绕石效应,滑动带长度较等效均质土坡有明显延长;在所选定接触面参数变化范围内,接触面刚度参数(法向刚度、切向刚度)对边坡安全系数影响较小,而接触面强度参数(摩擦角、粘聚力)对边坡安全系数影响显著.
During the traditional slope stability analysis,soil-rock mixed slope is always regarded as homogeneous soil slope,and rock blocks are neglected.In this paper,a piece of MATLAB code was developed to generate random rock data containing multiple group particle sizes.By using AutoCAD,the generated rock data was conversed to interactive graphics files,which can be imported into Midas for model meshing.Then,the Flac3d model was generated through a Midas_to_Flac3d interface program,and was used to analyze the stability of the soil-rock mixed slope by the method of strength reduction finite difference,which was embedded in Flac3d strength reduction finite difference.With the developed Flac3d model,the influence of some key parameters including the soil and rock interface strength on the stability of the soil-rock mixed slope was analyzed.The results show that neglecting rock blocks may lead to large difference in slope stability evaluation.The plastic zone in the heterogeneous slope is not a similar circular arc as the homogeneous slope,but under the combined effect of a variety of plastic zone propagation routes,it shows a multi-sliding phenomenon.Meanwhile,there is an obvious rounding rock effect through the process,and the sliding length compared with the equivalent homogeneous soil slope has a significant extension.Within the selected scope of the interface parameter changes,the stiffness parameters (normal stiffness and shear stiffness) have little effect on the factor of safety,but strength parameters (friction angle and cohesion) have significant influence on the slope stability.
The Scientification of Environmental Racism: An STS and Law Approach

Advances in Social Sciences (ASS) , 2012, DOI: 10.12677/ASS.2012.13017
Abstract: 在一般的理解中,环境种族主义一词指的是在环境议题上所发生的种族歧视。既然事涉歧视的讨论,我们很难不直觉地认为,环境种族主义相关判例的争执,必然也集中在法哲学或道德的论辩上。但当我们仔细检视几个经典判例后,就会发现法庭上的攻防,其实早已“科学化”了。也就是说,两造辩论的标的既不是哲学也不是道德,而是如何科学地证明歧视的动机与影响,以及怎样才能准确地测量歧视等这些议题上。本文通过微观的分析,发现判决中科学与法律间的交错。对此,我们认为法学中应该引入社会科学的思考,并重视科学对法律的介入。
This article investigates three leading, but failed, cases to understand what environmental racism (ER) means and how this concept is constructed in the US court. As the court constantly insists that accusa-tions of ER demand the proof of intentional discrimination, this requirement soon becomes a high hurdle in making such cases. These three cases illustrate how legal terms such as intent, discrimination, and racism were considered in the manner of science. Although the application of science to law sounds objective or “scientific”, it is still very difficult to measure and quantify one’s discriminatory intent, or racism, through science. It is mistaken, this article argues, that activists put all their eggs in the basket of science. It is impor-tant that activists prepare a way for shift of thinking in materialising environmental justice.
Monilophytes (广义真蕨类)的概念溯源及中文定名
Notes on the History of the Term Monilophytes and Its Chinese Name

薛进庄, ,
Botanical Research (BR) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/BR.2014.31005
As a new term in plant systematics, the Monilophytes have been widely used in English-written papers and Western botanical textbooks. This term is simplified from the name of the monophyletic group Moniliformopses, which were established by Kenrick and Crane and derived from the detailed studies on permineralized stems of Devonian fossil plants. The Monilophytes actually represent ferns in a broad sense (i.e., ferns sensu lato), including whisk ferns, ophioglossoid ferns, sphenophytes, marattioid ferns and leptosporangiate ferns. Thus, its Chinese name should be translated into “广义真蕨类”.
冰川冻土 , 1986,
Abstract: 骊山位于陕西省临潼县城之南,西距西安市区二十余公里,是著名的旅游胜地。“骊山冰期”之名称首次出现于李永昭等的《中国第四纪冰期的探讨》(以下简称《探讨》)一文中[1]。该文并把它安排在其所划分的秦岭地区冰期序列中,代表着晚于“公王岭冰期”,早于“太白冰期”的一次冰期,时代为晚更新世早期,大致与庐山冰期相当。《探讨》中有关“骊山冰期”的论述甚为概略,其命名显然是以王淑芳等的《陕西蓝田地区第四纪冰川遗迹述要》(以下简称《述要》)的有关资料为依据[2]。
海洋与湖沼 , 1986,

华东政法大学学报 , 1999,
Abstract: 中国海域水螅虫纲(Hydrozoae),花水母目(Anthmedusae),棒状水母科(Corymorphidae)的真囊水母属(Euphysora)经研究有3个新种:褐色真囊水母(Euphysorabrunnescentissp.nov.)、刺胞真囊水母(Euphysoraknidessp.nov.)和硬手真囊水母(Euphysorasolidonemasp.nov.),对此予以详细的描述报道.模式标本保存于厦门大学海洋系.
华东政法大学学报 , 1986,
Abstract: 九龙江口盐度变化幅度很大,从E站的0.04增加到C站的31.7。桡足类的分布明显受到盐度变化的影响,其种数、多样性指数(H')、种类丰度(d)及均匀度(J')都随盐度的上升而增加;但其数量(特别是D站以下)有随盐度的增加而减少的趋势,这主要是由优势种(火腿许水蚤、中华异水蚤及纺锤水蚤)的数量所决定。根据桡足类在不同盐度中的分布,可把它们划分为淡水(<0.5)、河口低盐(0.5—15)、河口中盐(15—25)、沿岸(20—30)和外海(<30)五种生态类群。从它们在九龙江口的分布中可明显看出,由河口上部移向河口口部,这五种生态类群随着盐度的逐渐升高而变化,也就是淡水类群→河口低盐类群→河口中盐类群→沿岸类群→外海类群演替。这种生态类群的演替趋势,正反映出河口盐度从河口上部低盐向河口口部高盐的变化规律。此外,本文对桡足类的季节分布及其与盐度的关系也作了扼要的叙述。

清史研究 , 1984,
Abstract: ?
华东理工大学学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 研究了二氧化锰(MnO2)和氧化铁(Fe2O3)对聚氯乙烯(PVC)热降解和热氧化降解过程的影响。电导率测试得出:PVC在空气和氮气环境下热降解时,都表现出自诱导脱氯化氢反应特征,而MnO2一定程度上消除了PVC热降解时自加速反应特征,Fe2O3实质性地改变了氯化氢释放规律,随时间的推移,使氯化氢释放量缓慢线性增加。热失重法与差热分析量热法显示MnO2和Fe2O3均阻止了氯化氢挥发释放过程,且加速了PVC主链断裂与挥发过程。
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