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Evolution of Market Geographic Structure Based on Agent Technology

SUN Hua,HAN Zhan-gang,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2005,
Abstract: This paper studies the evolution of geographic market formation. The way agents utilize information from trading history is crucial to the evolution process and the emergence of geographic market structures. Three ways to utilize information are proposed in this paper. Two out of the three are in uttermost conditions namely public information sharing, personal information keeping; and one is in the middle of the former two in the sense of the degree of information sharing, namely information communication within confined groups. Models, with learning, memory, and cooperation mechanisms, are established to study which information sharing mechanism benefits central market formation and which one does not. Results show that stabilized global spatial structure can emerge from simple localized interaction between agents without central planning or any initial biased spatial configuration. When there is public information sharing or when information is well communicated within groups, the geographic market structure will evolve from distributed markets to centralized markets; while when there is just personal information keeping without a common memory, no centralized market emerges.
采矿与安全工程学报 , 2015,
Abstract: 为解决亭南煤矿东翼轨道大巷底鼓问题,采用现场调查、围岩物化成分分析、吸水软化试验和数值分析等方法,研究了亭南煤矿软岩巷道底鼓特征、影响因素和变形力学机制。结果表明:底鼓主要是由于巷道底板岩层岩性软弱膨胀性强,底板在无支护状态下成为巷道变形和应力释放的主要空间,巷道底角软岩在两帮应力传递作用下产生剪切塑性大变形,向底板中部挤压形成底鼓。提出了底板隔水、加固、控制变形的治理原则,采用混凝土反底拱+金属焊接网+底角管缝式锚杆的支护形式,对底板进行加固。通过现场监测和数值分析,表明新支护能够改善底板围岩受力状态,切断底角剪切滑移变形,有效控制巷道底鼓变形。
- , 2018,
Abstract: 目的 观察个体化运动训练对左室射血分数保留心力衰竭患者活动耐量及生活质量的影响。 方法 采用随机数字表法将108例左室射血分数(LVEF)保留心力衰竭患者分为运动训练组(55例)和对照组(53例)。对照组给予常规优化药物治疗,运动训练组在对照组用药基础上辅以个体化运动训练。于入选时及12个月后随访时分别采用LVEF、6分钟步行距离测试(6MWD)及明尼苏达心功能不全生命质量量表(MLHFQ)对2组患者活动耐量、生活质量情况进行评定,同时记录观察期间2组患者不良事件发生情况。 结果 12个月后随访时2组患者LVEF组间差异统计学意义(P>0.05);运动训练组6MWD[(409.9±66.9)m]及MLHFQ评分[(37.8±3.6)分]均显著优于对照组(均P<0.05)。12个月后随访时2组患者LVEF均较入选时明显改善(均P>0.05);运动训练组6MWD较入选时显著改善(P<0.05),而对照组明显改善(P>0.05);运动训练组及对照组MLHFQ评分均较入选时显著改善(均P<0.05)。观察期间2组患者不良事件发生情况组间差异统计学意义(P>0.05)。 结论 个体化运动训练可显著改善左室射血分数保留心力衰竭患者活动耐量及生活质量,同时还具有较好的安全性,但对患者射血分数的影响不显著。
Objective To observe the effect of individualized exercise programs on the activity tolerance and life quality of heart failure patients with a preserved ejection fraction. Methods Heart failure patients with a preserved left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) were randomized to an exercise training group (n=55) or a control group (n=53). Both groups were given optimized heart failure drug therapy, while the exercise training group was additionally provided with individualized exercise training. The LVEFs, 6-minute walking distances (6MWDs), Minnesota living with heart failure questionnaire (MLHFQ) scores and adverse events were noted before the experiment and after 12 months of the intervention. Results After one year, no significant differences were found in the groups′ average LVEFs or in the incidence of adverse events, while the average 6MWD and the average MLHFQ score of the exercise training group were significantly better than those of the control group. The average MLHFQ score decrease (7.8 points) was statistically and practically significant. Conclusion Individualized exercise training can significantly improve the activity tolerance and quality of life of patients with a preserved ejection fraction. It is safe, but the impacts on the ejection fraction are small.
Applying genetic programming to analyze moving average and long & mid-term trends of stock prices

ZHAO Er-bo,MA Huan,HAN Zhan-gang,

计算机应用研究 , 2010,
Abstract: This paper employed genetic programming (GP) to analyze stock price. The task tried to find out how far it could go if used only one element, which was the price, to predict the stock market, based on the understanding that it was impossible to distinguish all the interactions between various elements in the stock market. Our work proposed two multi-scale approaches trying to predict stock prices. One was to use GP to form empirical formulas to predict the moving average lines of stock prices; the other was to use GP to do long & mid-term predictions on pre-processed data. The aim was to find empirical laws for specific enterprises stock prices based on previous stock price data. Simulations show that the method to predict the moving average and long & mid-term trends of stock prices is effective.
Study on Randomness in Genetic Algorithm Evolution

LI Cheng-wen,MA Huan,HAN Zhan-gang,

计算机应用研究 , 2005,
Abstract: Tries to find to what extent GAs relies on random mechanism. This article brings forward 3 algorithms with ascending randomness and compares their searching abilities with simple GA with Elitist algorithms, whose random degree is the highest. Four fitness functions are proposed as test beds for these algorithms. Results show that that the search ability of TIGA algorithm, whose random degree is neither the highest nor the lowest, is the best among the tested sister algorithms.
Design and Implementation of Genetic Algorithms Based on B/S Structure

GUAN Fu-ying,MA Huan,TONG Qing-tao,HAN Zhan-gang,ZHENG Tao,

计算机应用研究 , 2005,
Abstract: On the grounds of the algorithm-oriented genetic algorithms library, we designed and implemented a platform based on the genetic algorithms. And we introduced the class library based on the algorithm-oriented genetic algorithms and COM de-signed for this class library. Not only can it avoid the disadvantages of redeveloping and bad migrating ability of other mecha-nism, but also it can improve expansibility and provide more functions.

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