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跨語言資訊檢索:理論、技術與應用 | Cross-Language Information Retrieval: Theories and Technologies
Hsin-His Chen
Journal of Library and Information Science , 2002,
Abstract: 頁次:19-32 多語性是網路社會的重要特徵之一,如何將網路資源,介紹給不同語言的使用者,同時吸收其他語言所呈現的資訊,都是資訊國際化不能忽略的重要課題。跨語言資訊檢索,提供使用者以某種語言檢索另外一種語言表達的文件,為近年來很活躍的研究題目之一。本文嘗試將這個研究主題相關的理論和技術,介紹給有興趣的讀者。首先探討詢問翻譯、文件翻譯、和不翻譯等三類基本方法。接著考慮翻譯歧義性和目標多義性,以及專有名詞音譯等進階方法。評估是促進技術進步的必要工作,本文最後也介紹跨語言資訊檢索三大評比:TREC、 CLEF、與 NTCIR。 Multilinguality is one of the major characteristics in network era. The trend toward information globalization has brought new challenges for in-formation management. On the one hand, it is often necessary to share the valuable resources on the web with users of different languages. On the other hand, it is also necessary for a user to utilize knowledge presented in a foreign language. This paper introduces related theories and technologies of cross language information retrieval, which is kernel in multilingual information management. The basic concepts are presented in sequence on the basis of the classification of query translation, document translation, and no translation. Besides, some advanced concepts like translation ambiguity and target polysemy, as well as proper name transliteration are discussed. Performance evaluation is indispensable for improvement. This paper also shows three world-wide IR evaluation, including TREC, CLEF and NTCIR.
New Anti-Inflammatory Aromatic Components from Antrodia camphorata
Yu-Chang Chen,His-Lin Chiu,Che-Yi Chao,Wen-Hsin Lin,Louis Kuoping Chao,Guan-Jhong Huang,Yueh-Hsiung Kuo
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/ijms14034629
Abstract: Three new benzenoids, 3-isopropenyl-2-methoxy-6-methyl-4,5-methylenedioxy- phenol ( 1), 2-hydroxy-4,4'-dimethoxy-3,3'-dimethyl-5,6,5',6'-bimethylenedioxybiphenyl ( 2), 4,4'-dihydroxy-3,3'-dimethoxy-2,2'-dimethyl-5,6,5',6'-bimethylenedioxybiphenyl ( 3), together with two known benzenoids, 2,3,6-trimethoxy-5-methylphenol ( 4) and 2,3-methylenedioxy- 4-methoxy-5-methylphenol ( 5), were isolated from Antrodia camphorata. Our results support that compounds 1– 5 potently inhibited LPS (lipopolysaccharide)-induced nitric oxide (NO) production in a dose-dependent manner. The IC 50 values of compounds 1, 3 and 5 were 1.8 ± 0.2, 18.8 ± 0.6 and 0.8 ± 0.3 μg/mL, respectively.
Two-Level Block Decompositions for Solving Helmholtz Equation via Chebyshev Pseudo Spectral Method  [PDF]
Hsin-Chu Chen
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2018.99107
Abstract: In this paper, we consider solving the Helmholtz equation \"\" in the Cartesian domain \"\", subject to homogeneous Dirichlet boundary condition, discretized with the Chebyshev pseudo-spectral method. The main purpose of this paper is to present the formulation of a two-level decomposition scheme for decoupling the linear system obtained from the discretization into independent subsystems. This scheme takes advantage of the homogeneity property of the physical problem along one direction to reduce a 2D problem to several 1D problems via a block diagonalization approach and the reflexivity property along the second direction to decompose each of the 1D problems to two independent subproblems using a reflexive decomposition, effectively doubling the number of subproblems. Based on the special structure of the coefficient matrix of the linear system derived from the discretization and a reflexivity property of the second-order Chebyshev differentiation matrix, we show that the decomposed submatrices exhibits a similar property, enabling the system to be decomposed using reflexive decompositions. Explicit forms of the decomposed submatrices are derived. The decomposition not only yields more efficient algorithm but introduces coarse-grain parallelism. Furthermore, it preserves all eigenvalues of the original matrix.
Block Decompositions and Applications of Generalized Reflexive Matrices  [PDF]
Hsin-Chu Chen
Advances in Linear Algebra & Matrix Theory (ALAMT) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/alamt.2018.83011
Abstract: Generalize reflexive matrices are a special class of matrices \"\"?that have the relation \"\"where? \"\"and \"\"?are some generalized reflection matrices. The nontrivial cases (\"\" or \"\") of this class of matrices occur very often in many scientific and engineering applications. They are also a generalization of centrosymmetric matrices and reflexive matrices. The main purpose of this paper is to present block decomposition schemes for generalized reflexive matrices of various types and to obtain their decomposed explicit block-diagonal structures. The decompositions make use of unitary equivalence transformations and, therefore, preserve the singular values of the matrices. They lead to more efficient sequential computations and at the same time induce large-grain parallelism as a by-product, making themselves computationally attractive for large-scale applications. A numerical example is employed to show the usefulness of the developed explicit decompositions for decoupling linear least-square problems whose coefficient matrices are of this class into smaller and independent subproblems.
政府網站資訊呈現程序之探討 | The Analysis of Procedures to Information Dissemination of Government Websites
祥 Hsinag Chen
Journal of Library and Information Science , 2003,
Abstract: 頁次:106-112 我國各級政府機關Web網站之建置為電子化政府之重要環節,肩負政府公共資訊網路化與便民化服務之重大施政目標。本研究以深度訪談方式針對十個政府網站的資訊呈現程序進行分析,分別探討各機關之資訊發動權、資訊審核權、資訊篩選權等攸關政府公共資訊公開化之重要構面。研究結果顯示,各機關之資訊呈現流程相異,欠缺標準資訊處理程序,此外因電子化政府僅有政策,欠缺立法與預算的支持,因此目前公共資訊之呈現較難達成應有的目標。 The building of government Websites has been a key point to the success of e-governments, seen as the means to disseminate government information and services to the public. This study, employing techniques of in-depth interviews, analyzes ten government Websites in exploring the procedures of disseminating government information inside organizations. A few issues have been discussed, such as information activating right, information evaluating right, and information approving right, which are important dimensions in building a successful electronic government. The results show that a better and useful procedure and standard is needed to improve the efficiency inside each government agency.
A SVD-Based Approach of Suppressing Transient Interference in High-Frequency Radar

Chen Xi-xin,Huang Yin-he,

电子与信息学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The transient interferences, such as lightening impulse, meteor trail echoes and so on, have to be suppressed since they severely degrade the detection capability of High Frequency (HF) radar. An approach of suppressing the transient interference based on Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) is presented in this paper. In this approach, the HF radar echo is segmented and all segments constitute the columns of some matrix with its SVD computed. Firstly, it can be preliminarily judged whether the transient interference exists in the HF radar echo from the valid rank of the built matrix. Secondly, the orthogonal decomposition of the HF radar echo is obtained using the orthogonality of SVD, thus the transient interference is separated from the radar echo and so easily detected. Finally, the radar echo segment polluted by the transient interference is estimated by building the all-pole autoregressive linear prediction model. The effectiveness of this approach is demonstrated by examples of measured HF radar echo.
資料庫管理系統在圖書館的利用 | The Application of DBMS in Librarys' Environment
昭珍 Chao-Chen Chen
Journal of Library and Information Science , 1992,
Abstract: 頁次:83-95
網路時代公共圖書館的資訊服務 | The Information Services of Public Libraries in Network Age
昭珍 Chao-Chen Chen
Journal of Library and Information Science , 1997,
Abstract: 頁次:20-32
實徵研究/家庭情境中的網路使用行為:多元面向的情境架構初探/陳怡蓁 │ Web-Using Behavior in Context of the Home Use Environment: Toward a Multidimensional Framework / Yi-Chen Chen
怡蓁 Yi-Chen Chen
Journal of Library and Information Science , 2008,
Abstract: 近年來,網際網路逐漸滲透人們的日常生活:在台灣,家中網路使用人口亦大幅增加,顯示我國民眾的家戶日常生活與網際網路之間已產生密切的關連。然 而,在過去的網路使用者行為相關研究中,較少以家庭為主要分析場域去討論家庭情境中的網路使用行為,因而引發本研究之動機。既然家戶是人們主要上網地點, 且家庭又是一個重要的社會互動單位;本文試圖將家庭視為一種資訊使用環境,從情境的概念來探索家庭網路使用環境下的情境面向,並且建立一個多元面向的情境 架構模式。 本研究採用文獻分析法,彙整國內外相關研究,特別是有關家庭網路使用之實證研究:藉由對相關文獻的分析,一方面描繪出一般家庭的網路使用現況,一方面也試圖歸納出家庭環境對於網路使用行為提供了哪些情境面向,進而建構一家庭使用環境下的情境架構。 言 研究結果發現,家庭作為資訊使用環境的情境層級,它既是實體空間環境,也是社會生活環境,提供人類資訊行為一組特定情境的面向:包含:環境本身的特性和社 會條件、環境中的空間配置、環境中的時間分配、環境中的參與成員、環境中的人際互動、以及環境中的資訊活動與需求。而且,這些面向並不是獨立運作的,是在 動態的框架中彼此產生關連。整體而言, As more people gain at-home access to the Internet, information behaviors on the Web has become embedded in everyday life. The objective of this study was to characterize the home as the context of information use environment level and to explore the framework of web-use behaviors in context at home. In this framework, the context of home use environment appears to be a multidimensional construct. In this paper, the author reviewed the literature and analyzed the empirical findings from Internet surveys, web user studies of the home environment, and information behavior studies of the context, etc. Based on the analysis, the author pointed out the multidimensional framework about the context of the home use environment. Findings indicated that the home provided a distinct information use environment beyond physical setting alone in which members used the Web for diverse purposes and interests. This framework is multidimensional, including the properties or conditions of the environment, space of the environment, time allocation of the environment, participants of the environment, social interaction of the environment, and information activities of the environment. A framework is being developed at present; however, future empirical research will be needed to determine the reliability of this finding. 頁次:81-92
政府出版品電子化格式與作業標準 | Digital Formats and Standards for Government Publications
昭珍 Chao-Chen Chen
Journal of Library and Information Science , 1999,
Abstract: 頁次:48-67 在資訊社會中,政府資訊電子化將是大勢所趨,雖然技術進步相當快速,而我們對於網路環境的資訊出版、利用、管理、分享、儲存、安全性、智慧財產權等問題的了解事實上還很淺顯,但是資訊系統的建立與資訊的電子化,交不能等待,為免人力、經費等投資上的浪費,學習他人既有的經驗及採用適當的標準是較妥善的作法。本文主要將就政府出版品電子化所牽涉到的資料處理相關標準,如電子化格式、書目處理、資訊查尋與檢索標準等,以目前歐美國家已普便遍採用者做一深入的探討,作為我國政府出版品電子化與組織與檢索系統建立的參考。 To digitalize our government publications, it seems better to learn from the experience of the more advanced countries such as Europe and U.S.A., and also to use their standards. This article is to investigate the currently adopted standards of file formats, metadata and information searching for government publications. We have reached some suggestions which may be used as a reference for digitalization of our government publications.
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