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Surface Ehancement of Nickel Ions on Cyanide Free Immersion Gold Deposited from a Chloroauric Acid-Choline Chloride Solution on Medium-Phosphorus Nickel

徐天宇,王世颖,王文昌,<br>XU Tian-yu,WANG Shi-ying,WANG Wen-chang,CHEN Zhi-dong
- , 2018, DOI: 10.13208/j.electrochem.170445
Abstract: 摘要 本文通过加入氯化镍解决了作者实验室之前开发的新型氯化胆碱(ChCl)无氰浸金液不适用于中磷镍基底上的问题. 氯化镍的加入不会对镀速产生明显影响,500 mg·L-1的六水合氯化镍可以有效缓解浸金液对镍基底的过度腐蚀,并能改善镀金层的表面质量. 改良后的氯化胆碱体系镀液对中磷镍基底有良好的适用性,同时对所用的添加剂镍离子具有较高的承载能力(六水合氯化镍2000 mg·L-1),因此该镀液体系具备了应用于工业生产的潜力
Polarization-Independent Guided-Mode Resonance Filters under Oblique Incidence

HU Xu-Hui,GONG Ke,SUN Tian-Yu,WU Dong-Min,<br>
中国物理快报 , 2010,
Abstract: We present the dispersion relation of guided-mode resonances in planar periodic waveguides, both for s-polarized (TE mode) and p-polarized (TM mode) incident waves. For a fixed homogeneous planar waveguide, dispersion curves of the TE eigenmode cannot cross that of the TM eigenmode at all. That is to say, at a certain wavelength, TE and TM modes cannot be excited with the same propagation constant. Due to Bragg reflection in the planar periodic waveguide, dispersion curves of the TE leaky mode may intersect with that of the TM leaky mode in the first Brillouin zone. We employ these intersections to achieve polarization-independent guided-mode resonance filters.
A preliminary report of dematiaceous hyphomycetes from soil in tropical Yunnan, China

XU Jun-Jie,ZHANG Tian-Yu,<br>许俊杰,张天宇
菌物学报 , 2012,
Abstract: A total of 53 isolates of dematiaceous hyphomycetes belonging to 37 species in 29 genera were isolated and identified from 30 soil samples collected in the tropical rain forest, botanical garden, wastelands and cultivated lands in Xishuangbanna and Hekou areas, Yunnan Province, China. Bloxamia nilagirica, Cephaliophora irregularis, Haplographium delicatum and Periconia britannica were newly recorded for China. All the specimens (dried cultures) and living cultures studied have been deposited in the Herbarium of Shandong Agricultural University: Plant Pathology (HSAUP).

Xu Yun-Wei,MA Tian-Yu,Mi YAN,<br>许云伟,马天宇,张晶晶,严密
金属学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 采用真空感应熔炼法,制备Fe1-xMnx(x=O.30,0.35,0.40,0.50,0.55(原子分数))合金,在1000℃保温24h,炉冷至室温.研究了不同结构Fe1-xMnx合金样品的室温磁致伸缩性能.结果表明,x≤0.40时,Fe1-xMnx合金样品为,γ ε双相结构,并且ε相体积分数随Mn含量增加而减小,磁致伸缩性能较差;x>0.40时,合金样品为单一的γ相,具有良好的磁致伸缩性能.Fe0.50Mn0.50合金样品在1.9T磁场中的磁致伸缩可达8.73x 10-4
The Analysis of Climate Characteristics of Water Vapor Distribution over Northwest China with Water Vapor Field Retrieved from GMS5 Satellite Data

CHEN Tian-Yu,LI Zhao-Rong,CHEN Qian,LI Bao-Zi,<br>添宇,李照荣,,李宝梓
大气科学 , 2005,
Abstract: 卫星遥感资料具有反演大气水汽含量的能力.由于山区降水一般随高度增加,而海拔高的地区大气柱的厚度比海拔低的地区薄,整层水汽含量少,使得大气总水汽含量与降水的分布在复杂地形情况下不吻合.为此,引入用卫星反演的单位大气柱水汽含量,较好地反映了降水的空间分布特征.分析结果表明,在云水条件上,西北地区东部具备了较好的实施人工增雨(雪)的条件,尤其在春、夏季,实施人工增雨(雪)的云水条件更加优越.
Observational Experiment on Generation and Development of Summer Orographic Cloud during the Southwest Air Current Pattern in Qilian Mountain

CHEN Tian-yu,ZHENG Guo-guang,CHEN Yue,FU Shuang-xi,<br>添宇,郑国光,,付双喜
高原气象 , 2010,
Abstract: The summertime orographic cloud evolution under the southwest air current pattern condition has been analyzed and the concept model of orographic cloud development and evolution has been obtained based on the analysis of the dataset observed in Qilian Mountain during the summer of 2007. The primary results include:(1) The water vapor of orographic clouds under the southwest air current pattern condition is mainly located in the heights of 3500~6500 m (ASL),and moved from south to north of Qilian Mountain by...
Research and implementation of security SSO authentication model based on SAML and XKMS

CHEN Tian-yu,XIE Dong-qing,YANG Xiao-hong,YANG Hai-tao,<br>天玉,谢冬青,杨小红,杨海涛
计算机应用研究 , 2010,
Abstract: For the security problem existing in the process of SSO which used Browser/Artifact mode, this paper designed a security SSO authentication model based on SAML and XKMS. It used a key management layer which combined traditional PKI with XKMS to provide the key management service, at the same time, this model applied XML digital signature technology and XML encryption technology to ensure the security of sending SAML statement message. Through the implementation on the platform of J2EE,the result proves that the security SSO model can be a very good solution to the security problem in the deli-very of SAML statement by Browser/Artifact mode.

菌物学报 , 1985,
Abstract: Two isolates Colletotrichum Cda. on Cuscuta sp. and C. chinense were isolated from Jinan and Wuchang and have been used as biocontrol agents of dodder succesfully in China for many years. They resemble each other and are identical to Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (Penz.) Sace. morphologically. They can be distinguished from other isolates of C. gloeosporioides (Penz.) Sacc. isolated from apple, grape, Ficus elastica, Olea europea and Citrus spp. etc. by the test of host reaction. The dodder isolates are parasitic on Cuscuta chinensis and cause anthrocnose, while the others do not. They were determined as Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (Penz.) Sacc. f. sp. cuscutae.
Integrated Evaluation and Indication of Water Quality by Lemna paucicostata
稀脉萍(Lemna paucicostata)对水质的综合评价和指示作用

LI Tian-yu,<br>李天煜
生态毒理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: In order to explore the feasibility of using native plant to evaluate and indicate water quality synthetically, we investigated the integrated evaluation and indication effect of Lemna paucicostata, an endemic species of Lemana in China to the water qualities of different sources(tap water, pond water pooled from rain rainwater uniquely, lake water received multiform sewage, and leachate).Results showed that:1) with the deterioration of water quality(from tap water, pond water, lake water to leachate), the ...
A Robust Zero-watermarking Algorithm Resisting JPEG Compression and Geometric Attacks

YE Tian-yu,<br>叶天语
光子学报 , 2012,
Abstract: A robust zero-watermarking algorithm resisting JPEG compression and geometric attacks is proposed, since digital images always face with JPEG compression and geometric attacks through transmission. An original image is split into non-overlapping blocks, and each block is conducted with singular value decomposition.Then, each block's singular value matrix is transformed with Harr wavelet transformation. The zero-watermark sequence is produced by judging the numerical relation between the mean of diagonal elements of singular value matrix's low frequency band from two adjacent blocks. The mathematical theoretical analysis shows that the zero-watermark sequence is essentially produced by judging the numerical relation between the mean of singular value matrix's singular values from two adjacent blocks. The proposed algorithm has perfect visibility due to no alteration made to the original image. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm has strong robustness to resist JPEG compression and several geometric attacks such as rotation, scaling, random row & column removal, row & column shifting, print-and-scan.
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