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Performance measurement and analysis of cloud computing network based on OpenStack

王小艳,陈兴蜀,王毅桐,<br>WANG Xiao-yan, CHEN Xing-shu, WANG Yi-tong, GE Long
- , 2018, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.2.2017.303
Abstract: 摘要: 虚拟网络服务是云计算的一个核心服务,随着云计算技术的发展,虚拟网络服务的实现方法和技术越来越多,搭建网络高可用云计算平台是云服务提供商关注的热点问题。使用重放流量的方式生成背景流量,基于OpenStack云平台对云计算虚拟网络中虚拟路由服务、虚拟交换机及租户虚拟网络模式的不同实现方法和技术进行了分析和测量。详细对比了各种实现方法和技术并给出了适用场景,为云服务提供商搭建网络服务高可用云平台提供了参考和指南。
Abstract: Virtual network service is a core service of cloud computing. With the development of cloud computing, various methods and techniques of virtual network are implemented. It is a hotspot for the cloud service providers to build a high available cloud computing platform. The different methods and techniques for virtual routing service, virtual switch and tenant virtual network mode in cloud computing virtual network which based on the OpenStack cloud platform are analyzed and measured by using replay traffic to generate background traffic. A detailed comparison of various methods and techniques and the applicable scenarios are given, it provides the reference and guidance for cloud service provider to build network service cloud platform
Comparison of fertility characteristics of typical cumulic cinnamon soils profiles and soil fertility index of topsoil in different years

SHE Xiao-yan,XIE Yong-sheng,WANG Hui,ZHANG Ying-long,<br>摄晓燕,谢永生,王 辉,张应
土壤 , 2011,
Abstract: In order to know the fertility characteristics of typical cumulic cinnamon soil profiles in different years, the soil nutrients and the temporal variation in recent 30 years were studied through the situ sampling method and historical materials. The results showed that the fertility of cumulic cinnamon soil has been improved since the 1980s. The nutrient accumulation of soil total nitrogen (TN) increased by 40.7% from the fourth class to the third class. Available nitrogen (AN) increased by 56.1% from the fifth class to the fourth class. Total phosphorus (TP) increased by 44.5% from the third class to the first class. Available phosphorus (AP) increased by 204.0% from the fourth class to the second class. Soil available potassium (AK) content accumulated 57.6 mg/kg from the third class to the second class. Soil organic matter (OM) content increased from 12.42 g/kg to 18.98 g/kg, but still insufficient (the fourth class). In order to keep the balance of soil fertility, OM content should be increased and nitrogen input should be enhanced while phosphorus and potassium should be controlled.
The energy and thermal effects of mesoscopic capacitance coupling LC circuit at finite temperature

Su Jie,Wang Ji-Suo,Liang Bao-Long,Zhang Xiao-Yan,<br>苏 杰,王继锁,梁宝,张晓燕
物理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: For the mesoscopic capacitance coupling LC circuit, the Hamiltonian is given by the canonical quantization. The Hamiltonian operator is diagonalized by a unitary transformation. The ensemble average energy and its fluctuations are derived by ensemble theory. In virtue of the generalized Hellmann-Feynman theorem, the quantum fluctuations of charge and self-conductance magnetic flux for the system at finite temperature are investigated. It is found that, the quantum fluctuations of charge and self-conductance magnetic flux depend on the temperature as well as the parameters of the circuit components.
Phantom study of the classification of liver fibrosis based on nuclear magnetic resonance elasto-graphy

Wang Hong-Zhi,Xu Ling-Feng,Yu Jie,Huang Qing-Ming,Wang Xiao-Yan,Lu Lun,Wang He,Huang Yong,Cheng Hong-Yan,Zhang Xue-Long,Li Geng-Ying,<br>汪红志,许凌峰,俞捷,黄清明,王晓琰,陆伦,王鹤,黄勇,程红岩,张学,李鲠颖
物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: Accurate detection of liver fibrosis stage and fibrosis procession is crucial for assessing prognosis and candidacy for treatment of patients with chronic hepatic disease. A significant need exists for developing a noninvasive technique for quantitative detection of liver fibrosis stage. Magnetic resonance elasto-graphy (MRE) is one of the most repidly advancing technologies for classifying the liver fibrosis. This study establishes a platform for liver fibrosis classification, and discusses some details in developing stimulator and displacement-phase imaging pulse. At last, the preliminary result and analysis of phantom experiment are given, which would form a basis for subsequent research on phantom MRE and its clinic application.
Species composition and abundance variation of protozoa in Dianshan Lake

ZHENG Xiao-yan,WANG Li-qing,<br>郑小燕,王丽卿
生态学杂志 , 2009,
Abstract: 应用淡水浮游生物调查方法,查明了2004—2006年淀山湖浮游原生动物的种类组成及数量变动,并研究了原生动物数量变动、Margalef多样性指数与水体富营养化的关系,以期为淀山湖湖泊水质管理提供基础的生物资料。共鉴定原生动物(仅肉足虫类和纤毛虫类)48种,隶属33属7目,其中肉足虫10种、纤毛虫38种;优势种为淡水筒壳虫(Tintinnidium fluviatile Stein)、恩茨筒壳虫(T. entzii Chiang)、绿急游虫(Strombidium viride Stein)、小单环栉毛虫(Didinium balbiamii nanum Kahl)及钟形钟虫(Vorticella companula Ehrenberg),优势种密度之和最高可占总密度的69.8%;3年原生动物年均密度季节变化,春季(7685 ind·L-1)>冬季(3241 ind·L-1)>秋季(2153 ind·L-1)>夏季(1680 ind·L-1);水平变化表现为村落周边St2站点(4405 ind·L-1)和进水口St5站点(4976 ind·L-1)居高;原生动物密度水平分布与修正的卡尔森营养综合指数变动趋势基本一致;Margalef多样性指数(D)均值为1.45,变幅为1.15~1.99;D值变化与水质状况密切相关。
Entangled coherent states in symmetry phase spaceand their nonclassical effects

Zhang Xiao-Yan,Wang Ji-Suo,<br>张晓燕,王继锁
物理学报 , 2011,
Abstract: We discuss the entangled coherent states in symmetry phase space by introducing orthogonal basis, calculate their entanglement by means of concurrence, and investigate their squeezing effects of single-mode and two-mode and antibunching effects. The calculations indicate that the entangled coherent state in symmetry phase space is closely related to nonclassical effect.
An Integrated Discriminant Analysis Rule based on Logistic Regression and Support Vector Machines

XU Xiao-yan,WANG Yu,ZHANG Bin,<br>徐晓燕,王 昱,张 斌
系统工程理论与实践 , 2007,
Abstract: By geometrical analysis,the value domain of the signed distance of support vector machines can be partitioned into six continuous intervals,and the frequency of misclassification in each interval could be calculated.Based on binary discriminant,we propose an integrated discriminant analysis rule(IDAR) through comparing the frequency of misclassification in each interval with the output probability of logistic regression.The validity of IDAR is illustrated by numerical results on several benchmark datasets.
Constructing potential energy surface of tetratomic molecules using Lie algebra

Wang Xiao-Yan,Ding Shi-Liang,<br>王晓艳,丁世良
物理学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Algebraic Hamiltonian of tetratomic molecules is classified using the coherent state.The potential energy surface is derived from the classical Hamiltonian. We proposed a new transformation for introducing the bond angles to the potential energy surface. We have calculated the dissociation energy and the force constants. These results are in good agreement with previous results.
Modified Josephson Equation for Mesoscopic Parallel LC Circuit Including a Josephson Junction

SU Jie,WANG Ji-Suo,LIANG Bao-Long,ZHANG Xiao-Yan,<br>
中国物理快报 , 2009,
Abstract: By introducing the entangled state representation, the Cooper-pair number-phase quantization of the mesoscopic parallel LC circuit including a Josephson junction is realized. In the Heisenberg picture, the modified Josephson equation associated with the modification of the Faraday equation about the inductance is deduced from the motion equation.
Adaptive Rood Pattern Search for Fast Block-Matching Motion Estimation

Wang Xiao-yan,Zheng Jian-hong,<br>王晓燕,郑建宏
电子与信息学报 , 2005,
Abstract: This paper proposes an adaptive rood pattern search, a new fast block-matching motion estimation algorithm. It combines the advantages of fixed search pattern and spatial correlation search pattern. Compared to the popular diamond search pattern, it has better performances.
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