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Research on Reliability Analysis of Urban Rail Transit Emergency System Based on Bayesian Network

Open Journal of Transportation Technologies (OJTT) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/OJTT.2014.34015
Urban rail transit emergency problem is very complicated, which is affected by many uncertain factors. In view of this, considering the advantages of Bayesian network in solving uncertainty problems, through the analysis of reliability of city track traffic emergency system evaluation index system, this paper has established the Bayesian model to evaluate the reliability of city rail transit emergency system. Finally, taking a subway as an example, the reliability of emergency system model is established based on Bayesian network and the calculation is carried out by using Bayesian’s reasoning and BayesiaLab tools. By analyzing the calculation results, some measures of improving reliability of the subway emergency system are given.
Characters on Available Nutrients of Soils under Different Land Use Types in Xuchang

Open Journal of Soil and Water Conservation (OJSWC) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/OJSWC.2015.34009
本文选取许昌市菜地、果园、耕地、苗圃、林地和城市绿地6种土地利用类型为研究对象,通过野外采样和室内分析对不同土地利用类型表层土壤(0~10 cm)的基本理化性质和速效养分特征进行了分析。结果表明:1) 土壤容重变幅为0.9~1.82 g/cm3;城市绿地 > 林地 > 苗圃 > 菜地 > 果园 > 耕地。2) 土壤pH值变幅为7.21~8.49,均值7.93,属碱性;菜地 > 果园 > 耕地 > 苗圃 > 林地 > 城市绿地。3) 土壤速效氮变幅12.55~47.48 mg/kg,均值为26.01 mg/kg,属于土壤养分分级6级水平;耕地 > 菜地 > 果园 > 林地 > 苗圃 > 城市绿地。4) 土壤速效磷含量变幅为11.54~78.86 mg/kg,均值26.71 mg/kg,属于土壤养分分级2级水平,呈现出富磷特征;城市绿地 > 果园 > 苗圃 > 菜地 > 林地 > 耕地。5) 土壤速效钾含量变幅在129.5~295.3 mg/kg之间,均值234.59 mg/kg,属于土壤养分分级1级水平;耕地 > 苗圃 > 菜地 > 果园 > 林地 > 城市绿地。
On the basis of field sampling and laboratory experiment, the basic physicochemical properties and the available nutrients of surface soils (0 - 10 cm) were analyzed between six land use types (vegetable field, orchard, cultivated land, nursery, forest land and urban green space) in Xuchang city. The e results showed that: 1) the soil bulk density was in the range of 0.9 - 1.82 g/cm3 and followed the order of urban green land > forest land > nursery > vegetable plots > orchard > culti-vated land. 2) The value of pH was in the range of 7.21 - 8.49, with the mean of 7.93, which inda-cated the alkaline feature. The order of pH was vegetable field > orchard > cultivated land > nur-sery > forest land > urban green space. 3) The content of soil available nitrogen ranged between 12.55 to 47.48 mg/kg, with the mean of 26.01 mg/kg and the level was the sixth. The order of available nitrogen was cultivated land > vegetable field > orchard > forestland > nursery > urban green space. 4) The content of soil available phosphorus was in the range of 11.54 - 11.54 mg/kg, with the mean of 26.71 mg/kg and the level was the second, indicating a highly rich in the phos-phorus. The soil available phosphorus followed the order: urban green space > orchard > nursery > vegetable field > forestland > cultivated land. 5) The soil available potassium content ranged be-tween 129.5 to 295.3 mg/kg, with the mean of 234.59 mg/kg and the level. The order of soil avail-able potassium was cultivated land > nursery > vegetable field > orchard > woodland > urban green space.

海洋科学 , 1991,
A Public Transport Study of Students in University-Town in Ningbo——A Case Study of Northern University-Town in Ningbo

新科,, 张水潮
Open Journal of Transportation Technologies (OJTT) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/OJTT.2013.22030
Students in university-town rely on public transport to get around. Through a case study of the northern university-town in Ningbo, the paper aims to optimize the public transportation routes in the area based on the basic statistics of students’ travel time, travel destination etc. The paper presents transport problems and advices of the college students living in the area through the questionnaire concerning their average waiting time for the bus, walking distance from the college to the bus stop etc. After a quantitative data analysis, a transport satisfaction study in northern university-town is presented in the paper.
The Attentional Mechanism in Spatial Numerical Association of Response Codes: A Top-Down or Bottom-Up Based Processing

Advances in Psychology (AP) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/AP.2015.510076
近几年来,SNARC (空间–数字反应联合编码)效应受到广泛关注,其内在机制也得到深入探讨。本文总结数字认知引起空间注意转移和空间注意线索激活不同数字表征两个方面的文献,试从注意的自上而下(top-down)和自下而上(bottom-up)加工理论来分析SNARC效应中的注意机制,最后从认知控制的角度来讨论自下而上的加工和自上而下的加工之间的交互作用——即主动性和被动性两种认知控制的动态平衡。
The SNARC (Spatial Numerical Association of Response Codes) effect, in that people respond faster with the left-hand side to small numbers and with the right-hand side to large numbers, had in-spired intensive studies on spatial-numerical representation and its underlying mechanisms in recent years. Deheane et al. (1993) indicated that there is a mental number line in brain, in which the smaller number located in the left side and the larger number located in the right side. The spatial position of a number is activated automatically when a number was displayed. Attention plays the non-neglectable role in SNARC effect. Top-down and bottom-up driven processing are two important thinking ways. Bottom-up driven theory holds that the spacial characteristics of number are stable. Numerical and spacial information are activated simultaneously, yet top-down driven theory holds that number have no stable spacial characteristics and SNARC effect is output of subjective strategy control according to tasks. Concerning the role of attention in SNARC, majority studies have been focusing on the spatial characteristics of numbers, e.g. whether numbers can elicit attentional shifts automatically. Several studies have found that small numbers shift spacial attention to the left, while large numbers shift spacial attention to the right (Calabria & Rossetti, 2005; Fias et al., 2001; Fischer et al., 2003). In bottom-up driven processing, posterior parietal cortex (PPC) play a key role. But when participants were told to image a right-to-left ruler before response, the SNARC effect would disappeared or even reversed (Ristic et al., 2006). The prevailing view is that number can elicit attentional shifts, but under the mediation of top-down driven processing. However, new emerging evidence contributed to this topic from a completely new angle, e.g. how attentional cues, such as encoding of spatial locations, might activate numerical re-presentations differently. Recently the studies from endogenous and exogenous paradigms in spa- cial attention cues, visuospacial priming cues, the special information in interoreceptor show that special attentional cues could activate numerical representations automatically: Firstly,
海洋科学 , 1979,
Abstract: 水质总盐度(总电解质)是一个极为重要的化学参量。在一般化学分析中常以溶解性固体作为总盐度,或以某种无机离子的变化代表总盐度的变化,这是不妥当的。根据有关文献报道,应用离子交换树脂的交换吸附原理,可以测定溶液的总含盐量。本文基于这一原理,使用国产732强酸阳离子交换树脂和717强硷阴离子交换树脂分析溶液的总盐度,并对有关干扰因素进行了研究。

煤炭工程 , 2012,
Abstract: 近距离突出煤层在进行采掘活动前,在进行区域综合防突措施的区域验证过程中,存在无规定可依的情况。本文针对这种情况,结合某矿的实际情况,进行了区域验证必要性的论证,并对采掘过程中区域验证的相关问题进行了探讨。文章对有相似条件的矿井进行区域验证提供了重要的借鉴意义,也对相关的法规和标准的制定提供了一些参考。

公路交通科技 , 2014,
Abstract: 为研究空心板梁桥加宽在接缝结构受力局部承载的特性问题,考虑传统力学分析采用的受力图式和假设与实际结构有一定差异的情况,采用有限元建模的方法进行接缝结构设计的研究。接缝类型为铰接和刚接情况时,重点研究了新旧桥梁差异沉降、差异刚度、局部偏载等因素对拓宽桥梁受力影响。研究结果表明(1)采用空心板边板翼缘直接刚接的加宽方式,较采用铰缝连接方式能更好地适应下部结构不均匀沉降的影响;(2)新旧主梁的模量差对于刚接缝和铰接缝均有增大横向弯拉应力的影响,采用铰缝连接方式增大幅度较大,采用刚接缝连接方式增大幅度较小;(3)不均匀沉降对横向弯拉应力影响较大,有明显的局部应力分布特性,为预防接缝早期强度破坏,两种接缝处均需要进行钢板加固。

包装工程 , 2013,
Abstract: 从人性化设计角度分析了城市轨道交通的出入口、公共空间环境、换乘枢纽空间、交通导向系统以及公共设施的设计。全面系统的人性化设计已成为城市轨道交通的设计理念,是城市公共空间的发展趋势,也是更好发挥城市轨道交通综合效益的需要。
功能高分子学报 , 2001,
Abstract: 以分子量分别为200和1000的聚乙二醇(PEG)与2,4-甲苯二异氰酸酯(2,4-TDI-100)为主要原料,合成了端二异氰酸根聚氨酯预聚体(OCN-PEU-NCO),以不同酯比与β-环糊精(β-CD)进行交联反应,合成了一系列含β-CD链节的新型聚氨酯交联体,并用红外光谱对其网链结构进行了表征,测定了不同β-CD用量时,交联体中的β-CD含量和在50%DMF水溶液中的溶胀特性,最后,考察了该材料对中性红的包合吸附特性。
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