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北方园艺 , 2010, DOI: 10.11937/bfyy.201008062
催化学报 , 1980,
Abstract: ?
Theoretical Studies of First Hyperpolarizabilities of Octopolar Molecules without Dipole Moments

Applied Physics (APP) , 2011, DOI: 10.12677/app.2011.12013

对4个无偶极矩的八极分子(1,3,5-triazine and 1,3,5-tricyano-benzene derivatives with the donor groups 4-N, N-diethylaminophenyl and 4-N, N-diethlaminophenylethynyl)的静态一阶超极化率β0 进行了理论计算。先在HF/D95V水平计算了一阶超极化率,比较好地重现了实验值的变化趋势。然后根据模型分子的计算,考察了电子相关效应和溶剂效应对分子非线性光学性质的影响。在假设电子相关效应和溶剂效应对相似体系的超极化率的影响幅度有相似性的基础上,粗略估计了这四个大的八极分子的一阶超极率,得到与实验值趋势一致的结果。
A theoretical study of static first hyperpolarizabilities \"\" of four octopolar molecules without dipole moments, 1,3,5-triazine and 1,3,5-tricyano-benzene derivatives with the donor groups 4-N, N-diethylamino- phenyl and 4-N, N-diethlaminophenylethynyl, are reported. The series of molecules have been calculated at level HF/D95V. The trend of the calculated values is the same as those obtained by experiment. The electric correlation and solvent effects are estimated from smaller model molecules calculation based on assuming that these effects are same for the model and real molecules.

Progress on Single Crystals in Substrate Materilas

Material Sciences (MS) , 2011, DOI: 10.12677/ms.2011.11001
Abstract: 介绍了作为衬底材料的一系列单晶的使用状态及其在发光材料、光电子材料、磁性材料、超导材料、光学材料、铁电材料等方面的应用。
The latest research progress on single crystals in substrate materials were described. In this paper using and application of single crystal substrates in fluorescence, optico-electronics , magnium, supperconductor, optical ferro-electrical materials are introduced.
Optical Characteristic of Cr-Ion-Doped Crystals and Its Application Laser

Optoelectronics (OE) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/OE.2013.31001
Abstract: 本文探讨了二价、三价、四价和五价铬离子掺杂的一些激光晶体的光谱特性,由于分属于d4、d3、d2、d1电子组态,在不同配位体和晶体场场强变化时,其特征光谱显示了不同的变化,因而在脉冲激光,可调谐激光,激光调Q和锁模技术中发挥着不同的作用。
In this paper, the optical characteristics of Cr-ion-doped crystals are introduced. The absorption and emission spectra of Cr2+(d4), Cr3+(d3), Cr4+(d2) and Cr5+(d1) ions show its properties varied with symmetry and crystal field. There application in new wavelength laser, tunable laser, high power pulse laser, Q-switched technology and mode-locked laser is presented.
锌K-Alpha X射线组态互相作用计算
Relativistic Configuration Interaction Calculations for the K-Alpha X-Ray of Zinc

, 胡峰
Applied Physics (APP) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/APP.2014.41001
Relativistic configuration interaction calculations with the inclusion of Breit interaction, quantum electrodynamics and finite nuclear mass corrections have been carried out in the extended optimal level scheme using multi- configuration Dirac-Fock wavefunctions on the wavelengths, electric dipole transition rates and oscillator strengths of Zinc. Through the use of the active space method, the calculated values are compared with the other available data on He-like and Be-like zinc and are found to be in very good agreement with them. In this paper, we give accurate transition properties from Zn XXI through Zn XXIX. These data provide reference value for level lifetime, charge state distribution and average charge of zinc plasmas.
Research on the Interactive Relationship between New Urbanization Development and Foreign Direct Investment—An Empirical Analysis Based on Chinese Provincial Data

, 李阳
Business and Globalization (BGlo) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/BGlo.2016.42004
Under the globalization background, the relationship between China’s development of new urba-nization and FDI becomes more and more closely. The paper uses the entropy method to calculate new urbanization index through four dimensions including people, economic, society and envi-ronment, and further studies the relationship between FDI and regional urbanization development by Grainger Granger causality test. The research shows that there is a significant interaction between the FDI and the new urbanization level, but the interaction of the eastern, central and western is different.
“The Smoke-Free Kids”: Principle, Effect, and Application Prospects

福运, 冯永辉
Advances in Psychology (AP) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/AP.2016.67105
“The Smoke-Free Kids” is a home-based smoking prevention program, which is popular in Europe and America. It targeted kids and their mothers. The program is constructed based on the Social Cognitive Theory, the Elaboration Likelihood Model and the Theory of Planned Behavior. The program has an impact on the development of children’s cognitive and behavioral norms regarding smoking through interaction between parents and children in a modular and self-help format. Randomized controlled trials significantly delay the time that children start smoking, and also reduce children’s smoking frequency. The program has many advantages, such as theory-driven psychology, easy operation, focusing on children, significant effect, and so on. Moreover, it could be applied in multiple ways, such as combing school-based program, implementing on a large pop-ulation conveniently, and facilitating the intervention effect of other anti-addictive products. Nev-ertheless, the selection bias and the ceiling effect might exist in the program. The lack of cross- cultural studies and the failure to include father effects suggest that further improvements are needed in future studies. Considering “The Smoke-Free Kids” program and the domestic conditions, the smoking intervention researches in China have some limitations, such as limited number of intervention studies, empirical research, concrete action policy, and research in the field of psychology. In the future, the psychology should be applied to the prevention of smoking. The children should be targeted in ban on smoking, and legislation concerning smoking should be im-proved, especially for children and families.
Design of Collection and Transportation for Rural Solid Waste

, 连淑君
Operations Research and Fuzziology (ORF) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/ORF.2013.34008
>In this paper, the collection and transportation system for the solid waste produced in the rural area is studied. Using the knowledge on linear programming, an optimization model is developed for the location of transfer stations under certain conditions. Based on this location selection plan, the author provides the waste transportation scheme: waste landfill site—transfer stations—waste landfill site. This scheme is the op-timal one with the lowest cost.

微生物学报 , 1980,
Abstract: 西藏的东南隅是真菌区系极为丰富和复杂的一个地区。作者在此地区采到的910号真菌标本,经鉴定有担子菌类5个新种,即:牛肝菌科(Boletaceae)的木生小牛肝菌(Boletitzusligicolus Zang sp.nov),巨孢牛肝菌(Bolctus magasporus Zang sp. Nov.),喇叭菌科(can-tharellaceae)的疣孢鸡油菌(Cantharellus tuberculosporus Zang sp. Nov),灰包科(马勃科)(Lycoperdaceae)的纺锤形灰包(Lycoperdon fusiforme Zang sp. Nov.)和鸟巢菌科(Nidulariaceae)的盘状黑蛋巢(Cyathus dis~oideus Zang sp. Nov.)。
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