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Error Analysis and Preventive Measures of Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture Services in My Hospital

Pharmacy Information (PI) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/PI.2016.54010
Objective: To reduce the occurrence of errors in the dispensing Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture Services (PIVAS) and ensure the safe and rational use of drugs. Methods: To summarize all kinds of errors registered in the PIVAS in our hospital for nearly one year, and to carry out induction anal-ysis and put forward preventive measures. Results: The number of errors decreased from 402 cases to 7 cases, and the error rate decreased from 0.0735% to 0.0013% after the implementation of the corrective measures, which effectively reduced the incidence of internal errors and external errors in the PIVAS. Conclusions: The error analysis and the implementation of appropriate preventive measures can effectively reduce the PIVAS error rate to ensure safe and effective clinical use of drugs.
Steiner Wiener指数与图的参数
Steiner Wiener Index and Graph Parameters

Advances in Applied Mathematics (AAM) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/AAM.2016.54086
Abstract: 本文讨论了给定点着色数和匹配数的图类中k-Steiner Wiener指数的下界,并刻画了极图。图G 的k-Steiner Wiener指数定义为图G 中任意k-点集S 的Steiner距离的d(S)和,而点集S 的Steiner距离d(S)是包含点集S 的最小子树的边的数目。
The Steiner distance?d(S) of vertex set?S is defined as the minimum number of edges of a tree whose vertex set contains vertex set S, and the Steiner k-Wiener index SWk(G) of?G is defined as the sum of?d(S) among all possible k-vertex set?S of G. In this paper, we give the bounds of?SWk(G) in the classes of graphs with given chromatic number or matching number, and characterize the extremal graphs.
The Attentional Mechanism in Spatial Numerical Association of Response Codes: A Top-Down or Bottom-Up Based Processing

葛慧, , 范炤
Advances in Psychology (AP) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/AP.2015.510076
近几年来,SNARC (空间–数字反应联合编码)效应受到广泛关注,其内在机制也得到深入探讨。本文总结数字认知引起空间注意转移和空间注意线索激活不同数字表征两个方面的文献,试从注意的自上而下(top-down)和自下而上(bottom-up)加工理论来分析SNARC效应中的注意机制,最后从认知控制的角度来讨论自下而上的加工和自上而下的加工之间的交互作用——即主动性和被动性两种认知控制的动态平衡。
The SNARC (Spatial Numerical Association of Response Codes) effect, in that people respond faster with the left-hand side to small numbers and with the right-hand side to large numbers, had in-spired intensive studies on spatial-numerical representation and its underlying mechanisms in recent years. Deheane et al. (1993) indicated that there is a mental number line in brain, in which the smaller number located in the left side and the larger number located in the right side. The spatial position of a number is activated automatically when a number was displayed. Attention plays the non-neglectable role in SNARC effect. Top-down and bottom-up driven processing are two important thinking ways. Bottom-up driven theory holds that the spacial characteristics of number are stable. Numerical and spacial information are activated simultaneously, yet top-down driven theory holds that number have no stable spacial characteristics and SNARC effect is output of subjective strategy control according to tasks. Concerning the role of attention in SNARC, majority studies have been focusing on the spatial characteristics of numbers, e.g. whether numbers can elicit attentional shifts automatically. Several studies have found that small numbers shift spacial attention to the left, while large numbers shift spacial attention to the right (Calabria & Rossetti, 2005; Fias et al., 2001; Fischer et al., 2003). In bottom-up driven processing, posterior parietal cortex (PPC) play a key role. But when participants were told to image a right-to-left ruler before response, the SNARC effect would disappeared or even reversed (Ristic et al., 2006). The prevailing view is that number can elicit attentional shifts, but under the mediation of top-down driven processing. However, new emerging evidence contributed to this topic from a completely new angle, e.g. how attentional cues, such as encoding of spatial locations, might activate numerical re-presentations differently. Recently the studies from endogenous and exogenous paradigms in spa- cial attention cues, visuospacial priming cues, the special information in interoreceptor show that special attentional cues could activate numerical representations automatically: Firstly,
Public Value Creation and Management Control System

, 晋烽
Advances in Social Sciences (ASS) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/ASS.2015.44036
After entering the 21st century, along with the rapid development of social economy in developed countries, various unrest have flocked. However, the theory and practice of “creating public value” gradually developed in this scenario. Since the management control system is the important tool for enterprise management, it can promote the organization innovation and knowledge creation, and has the huge promotion effect to the enterprise innovation. It is of great meaning to study the creation of public value through the management control system. Through the concrete analysis of public value theory and the theory of management control system, the paper finds out the connec-tion between them, and seeks to realize the creation of public value through the management control system.

科学通报 , 1995,
Abstract: 70年代知识工程的出现与发展,使得不确定性推理成为人工智能领域的研究热点,从而形成了诸如证据理论、可性度理论、模糊推理理论等研究课题.刘叙华首次研究了算子模糊逻辑(见文献2]),提出了两种模型,即OFL(算子模糊逻辑)和AOFL(结合算子模糊逻辑).陆汝钤指出了OFL和AOFL在证据语义下的不合理(OFL和AOFL是基于可信度语义的),并提出了基于证据语义的算子模糊逻辑EOFL,MOFL和AOFL,本文将其统称为EOFL.本文将介绍EOFL系统及其在证据语义下的合理性.

科学通报 , 1992,
Abstract: Merrifield在60年代初开创的固相多肽合成法,极大地提高了多肽合成的效率。固相法常用的载体为低交联聚苯乙烯,该载体合成容易、价廉、机械性能好和易功能基化。但由于聚苯乙烯骨架与多肽链相溶性不良,因而某些多肽合成采用聚苯乙烯载体缩合率和产率都较

科学通报 , 1998,
Abstract: 介绍了两种取代苯的乙炔高聚物膜材料,PMSPA-poly「o-(trimethylsily)phenylacetylene」和PMSMPA-poly「o-(trimethylsilylmethyl)phenylacetylene」的电吸收特性的测量;观察到电吸收谱与光吸收谱的二阶微分谱相似,得到其电吸收谱及吸收系数改变量Δα;并由K-K公式计算了出折射率改变量Δn;偏移量x(3)-(ω,ω,0,0

计算数学 , 1993,
Abstract: In this paper, the mixed finite element method for the stokes equations is discussed andthe standard isoparametric Q_1×Q_0 scheme, Q_2×Q_1 scheme and P_2×P_1 scheme are proved to allsatisfy the Babuska-Brezzi condition if an appropriate partition of the domain is used.
煤炭工程 , 2014, DOI: 10.11799/ce201405045
Abstract: 设备预知维护是矿山设备管理的发展趋势。本文介绍了大型矿山机电设备远程健康诊断系统(简称为4M系统)的功能模块组成,分别从设备日常管理、设备在线监测、设备故障模拟以及预知维护模型等方面阐述了所在研究团队的相关进展,同时还分析了该系统在现场应用中存在的不足及解决方法,对煤矿设备管理实现预知维护提供了很好的指导作用。

科学通报 , 1998,
Abstract: 使用Mach-Zehnder干涉仪测定了掺染料红1号(DR1)有机玻璃(PMMA)高聚物薄膜在有632.8和514.5nm波长处的复数电光系数张量分量r13和r33;观察到干涉信号与调制信号的幅值比和相位差随入射角振荡;给出了考虑到样品内部多重反射效应的透射光强表达式。理论和实验结果表明,因多重反射引起的实验误差随吸收的增加而减小。
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