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A Study of Chromosome Translocation of Francois'' Monkey by Fluoresence in situ Hybridization (FISH)
应用荧光原位杂交(FISH)技术研究 黑叶猴染色体易位 A Study of Chromosome Translocation of Francois Monkey by Fluoresence in situ Hybridization (FISH)

NAI Wen-Hui,LIU Rui-Qing,CHEN Yu-Ze,WANG Jin-Huan,
,刘瑞清,陈玉泽,NAI Wen-Hui,LIU Rui-Qing,CHEN Yu-Ze,WANG Jin-Huan

遗传 , 1999,
Abstract: 本文应用染色体荧光原位杂交(FISH)技术,利用人9号和14号染色体特异探针,对深低温冻存和长期传代的黑叶猴细胞株染色体畸变进行了分析。确定在长期冻存和传代过程中,一些黑叶猴细胞在No12和No17染色体之间发生了易位,一条No17染色体发生断裂,断裂点在17q13,断裂片段17q13-17qter易位到一条No12染色体长臂末端,形成一条小的中着丝粒的和一条具较长长臂的衍生染色体即der(17)和der(12)。结果表明,荧光原位杂交技术用人染色体特异探针不仅能检测出人类染色体畸变,也能有效地检测灵长类动物染色体畸变
Characterization of Two Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines by Reciprocal Chromosome Painting

PENG Kun-Jing,WANG Jin-Huan,SU Wei-Ting,WANG Xi-Cai,YANG Feng-Tang,NIE Wen-Hui,

动物学研究 , 2010,
Abstract: Lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Some lung cancer patients correlate with a gas of radon besides smoking. To search for common chromosomal aberrations in lung cancer cell lines established from patients induced by different factors, a combined approach of chromosome sorting, forward and reverse chromosome painting was used to characterize karyotypes of two lung adenocarcinoma cell lines: A549 and GLC-82 with the latter line derived from a patient who has suffered long-term exposure to environmental radon gas pollution. The chromosome painting results revealed that complex chromosomal rearrangements occurred in these two lung adenocarcinoma cell lines. Thirteen and twenty-four abnormal chromosomes were identified in A549 and GLC-82 cell lines, respectively. Almost half of abnormal chromosomes in these two cell lines were formed by non-reciprocal translocations, the others were derived from deletions and duplication/or amplification in some chromosomal regions. Furthermore, two apparently common breakpoints, HSA8q24 and 12q14 were found in these two lung cancer cell lines.
Identification of the TRIMS/TRIMCyp heterozygous genotype in Macaca assamensis

CAO Guang,NIE Wen-Hui,LIU Feng-Liang,KUANG Yi-Qun,WANG Jin-Huan,SU Wei-Ting,ZHENG Yong-Tang,

动物学研究 , 2011,
Abstract: The lack of appropriate animal models that utilizes HIV-1 as the challenge virus is a major impediment to HIV/AIDS research. A major reason underlying the inability of HIV-1 to replicate in nonhuman primate cells is the existence of host antiviral restriction factors. The intrinsic antiviral proteins in host cells are described as restriction factors. The understanding of restriction factors and their mechanism in different primates would undoubtedly facilitate the development of HIV/AIDS animal models. TRIM5α is an important restriction factor and can restrict the infection of several retroviruses including HIV-1 in a species-specific fashion. TRIM5-cyclophilin A (TRIMCyp) gene is an unusual TRIM5 locus found in New World and Old World monkeys. The different TRIMCyp genotypes of four primates (110 samples) including assam macaque (Macaca assamensis), tibetan macaque (M. thibetana), stump-tailed macaque (M. arctoides) and Chinese rhesus macaques (M. mulatta) were studied in this paper. We firstly found that TRIM5-CypA fusion gene exist in M. assamensis. The TRIMCyp of M. assamensis also results from the retrotransposition of CypA pseudogene cDNA into 3'-UTR of TRIM5 gene like TRIMCyp of M. leonina. Moreover, there is an extremely high sequence homology between TRIMCyp genes from M. assamensis and M. leonina. Besides, we also found the G-to-T mutation (G/T) in the 3'splicing site of TRIM5 intron 6, which was identical to M. leonina. These results indicateM. assamensis may also encode TRIMCyp protein like M. leonine, which imply M. assamensis might be infected by HIV-1. Therefore, it is very possible that M. assamensis will be used as a new HIV/AIDS animal model.
The Study of the Sry Gene of Muntiacus crinifrons
黑麂Y染色体的鉴别和Sry基因的克隆及定位 The Study of the Sry Gene of Muntiacus crinifrons

WANG Yi,SHAN Xiang-nian,ZHANG Yue,LIU Ning-sheng,LU Xiao-xuan,NIE Wen-hui,WANG Jin-huan,CHEN Yu-ze,YANG Feng-tang,HU Jun,ZHANG Wen-xing,XU Chun-Mao,

遗传 , 2001,
Abstract: The single Y chromosome of Muntiacus reevesi and Y1,Y2 ,X+4,1 chromosome of Muntiacus crinifrons were obtained by flow-sorting ,then they were amplified through DOP-PCR . After that, the metaphase karyotype of Muntiacus crinifrons were painted by using the product of the DOP-PCR of the Y chromosome of Muntiacus reevesi as a special probe and the result showed that Y2 chromosome was the real Y chromosome of Muntiacus crinifrons. Secondly the product of the DOP-PCR of Y1,Y2,X+4,1 chromosome of Muntiacus crinifrons were used as the templates of the next amplification using the special primer devised according to the human SRY gene .One band was obtained only from Y2 chromosome , then it was cloned to the T-vector and sequenced. The Sry gene sequence of Muntiacus crinifrons was acquired and the conclution was that there are 83% homology between the human and Muntiacus crinifrons. It was testified that in all mammal Sry gene is consertive. On the other side the Sry gene was located to the Y2 chromosome of the Muntiacus crinifrons.
Self-framing, Risk Perception and Risky Choice

ZHANG Wen-Hui,WANG Xiao-Tian,

心理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 对行为决策中"框架效应"(Framing Effect)的研究进行了拓展:探讨了自我框架对风险决策的影响及其机制.面对运用图示方法表示的管理,健康,及投资方面的风险决策问题,参与者自主地选择对方案的描述(自我框架).研究有四个主要发现:1)自我框架对风险选择的效应部分显著,而且对风险选择的影响方向因情境的不同而不同;2)机会威胁认知是自我框架效应的一个中介变量;3)自我框架在情绪语气上的差异对风险决策有显著影响:决策者对一个备选方案(确定性或风险性方案)相对于另一个备选方案的自我描述的情绪语气越积极正面,这个方案被选择的可能性越大;4)决策者的机会一威胁认知是这一自我框架效应的部分中介变量.也就是说,对备选方案的自我描述语气作为一种对决策信息的编码影响了风险(机会和威胁)认知,进而影响决策者的风险偏好和选择.
Survey on qualitative/semi-qualitative based fault detection and diagnostics techniques

WANG Wen-hui,ZHOU Dong-hua,

控制理论与应用 , 2002,
Abstract: This paper presents a survey on qualitative/semi-qualitative based fault detection and diagnostics techniques. We first introduce the background and the objective of these techniques. Then, we divide various fault detection and diagnostics methods into two groups and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. Some typical application examples are presented and finally, we point out the developing trend of these techniques.
Analysis of firewall rule configuration mistakes and its detecting algorithm

WANG Wei-ping,CHEN Wen-hui,

计算机应用 , 2005,
Abstract: Possible mistakes in the configuration process were analyzed. Firstly, several familiar types of mistakes in configuration were introduced, and the algorithm which can find mistakes was put forward. And then relevant layouts against different mistakes were provided.
Wen-hui Sah
Taiwan Journal of Linguistics , 2011,
Abstract: The present study investigates developmental differences in Mandarin-speaking children’s use of emotion expressions in narratives and their relatedness to the narrators’ knowledge of story structure. Our data yield age-related differences in the use of emotion expressions. More importantly, the narrators’ emotion expressions seem to respond to different hierarchical levels in the story structure. In particular, the five-year-olds’ emotion expressions were mostly triggered by local, immediate situations. Most nine-year-olds’ emotion expressions were motivated by local situations, while few of them considered both local and global story structure. The adults’ attribution of emotion, however, was triggered by both local situations and the global story plotline, which served to enhance narrative coherence. In addition, the five-year-olds’ attribution of emotion mostly focused on one character in the story, while the adults’ attribution involved several characters, which suggests that the adults possess better ability in perspective-taking. Our data suggest that the use of emotion expressions may disclose narrators’ knowledge of story structure and reflect their ability in maintaining narrative coherence. Findings are discussed in relation to the development of event schema, theory of mind and the Three-Phase Model for problem-solving.
Discussion of time and space differentiation of three-yin and three-yang in Shanghan Lun
MA Wen-Hui
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2005,
Abstract: The concept of "three-yin and three-yang" in Shanghan Lun (Treatise on Cold Pathogenic Diseases), a classic written by Zhang Zhongjing in Han Dynasty, has been always the focus of dispute in successive dynasties. The essence of "three-yin and three-yang" has not been fully revealed up till now. Through studying the six divisions of day and night, the six diseases, the combination of syndromes, the complicated diseases, the complete recovery time and the space division of "three-yin and three-yang", the authors draw a conclusion that the "three-yin and three-yang" in Shanghan Lun is a concept of time-sequence, which is associated with the location of disease in space. So it is suggested that the "six diseases" in Shanghan Lun is a categorization for exogenous febrile diseases, and this categorization reveals a sort of inner relationship between the emergence, development, transformation of the febrile diseases and the time.
Mathematical Simulation of Coal-generating Hydrocarbons Based on Pyrolysis Products from Coal Macerals under Closed System

LIU Quan-you,LIU Wen-hui,WANG Chang-hua,

天然气地球科学 , 2009,
Abstract: 依据构成煤岩端元组分(壳质组、镜质组和惰质组)热模拟实验的生烃潜力和甲烷同位素组成数据,结合已建立的煤成油有效排出门限(30 mg/gToc),建立了煤成烃模式,该模式表明:只有富氢的显微组分才有利于煤岩生油,且壳质组舍量最低为5.0%,而镜质组最高含量为95.0%;当壳质组含量高于22.9%时,煤成油不受镜质组和惰质组二端元组成的影响.同时,按照煤成烃模式计算了不同端元组分在不同热演化阶段甲烷碳同位素组成的变化,结果表明:构成煤岩的显微组分含量能够引起烷烃气碳同位素组成的变化;在同一热演化阶段,甲烷碳同位素组成最大差异可达2.3‰.认为煤成气甲烷碳同位素组成不仅受热成熟度控制,而且也受煤岩显微组分相对含量的影响.
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