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Release of the antifoulant in equilibrium swollen polymer: molecular dynamics simulation

程栋材,黄志雄,任润桃,王晶晶,叶章基,张亮,<br>Dong-cai CHENG,Zhi-xiong HUNAG,Run-tao REN,Jing-jing WANG,Zhang-ji YE,Liang ZHANG,Yue-ping WANG
- , 2018, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2018.031
Abstract: 利用Materials Studio软件进行分子动力学模拟研究平衡溶胀结构聚合物。调查溶胀前后聚合物玻璃化温度,水与链段在平衡溶胀态下的动力学、不同含水量下水分子的局部动力学和防污剂分子扩散行为,从分子角度解释包覆防污剂的受控释放机制。模拟发现处于平衡溶胀态下, 3种P(MMA-co-n-BMA)玻璃化温度分别降低21.72、17.27、14.40 K,水的动力学性质接近本体水,并且高于聚合物链段2个指数;溶胀聚合物处于橡胶态时,防污剂的有效扩散明显增加。结果表明,聚合物的含水量与玻璃化温度是控制防污剂分子扩散的关键因素。
To investigate the release of the antifouling molecules in equilibrium swelling (ES) states, molecular dynamics (MD) simulation was performed to analyze the diffusion of 4, 5-dichloro-2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (DCOIT) molecule in P(MMA-co-n-BMA) immersed in water. The glass transition temperature (Tg) was simulated in the dry and equilibrium swelling states, and the dynamics of water and the pendant groups in the ES state were investigated, as well as the influence of water content on the local dynamics of water. The diffusion mechanisms of DCOIT were also analyzed. Tg values of three P(MMA-co-n-BMA)s in the ES state are from 14.84, 17.27 K to 21.73 K lower than in the dry state. Water has the higher mobility than the pendant groups by approx. 2 orders of magnitude in ES systems and has dynamic properties on the same level as those of bulk water. The diffusion of a large-mass penetrant can be controlled effectively with water and Tg as the crucial factors, and the diffusion ability of DCOIT is significantly enhanced when the swollen matrix is in the rubbery state.

SHENG Jing,ZHOU Jia-min,BIAN Dong-cai,<br>盛京,周家敏,边栋才
高分子学报 , 1995,
Abstract: Heating press films of alloy of polystyrene with poly (styrene-butadiene) rubber were measured by the thermally stimulated current and small-angle X-ray scattering and the compatibility on alloy was discussed. Small-angle X-ray scattcring was interpreted in terms of the Porod Law which leads to values for interface layer thickness (compatibillity zone). The relation with compositions of alloy was discovered. A correlation distance and invariant Q were calculated by Debye-Bueche theory. A cormlation distance represents the mean-square electron density fluctllation and thermogeneity of alloy was analyzed using invariant Q. Solvent-cast films of alloy were measured by transmission electron microscopy, and the phase distribution of alloy was investigated.
Hybrid Markov Prediction Model and Research of its Applications in Anti-money Laundering

LI Yu-hua,LI Dong-cai,BI Wei,LI Rui-xuan,<br>李玉华,李栋才,毕威,李瑞轩
计算机科学 , 2011,
Abstract: An important problem in anti-money laundering is to predict the possible transactions conducted by suspicious accounts. Markov model has a wide range of applications in economic predictions such as stock, commodity prices,market share and so on. But the prediction accuracy of the single markov model remains to be improved. A hybrid Markov model jointing with clustering,association rule and low order Markov model was proposed. In the process of constructing the model, the confidence-based pruning was conducted to reduce the time complexity. Finally, the model was used to predict the transactions among accounts in anti-money laundering. hhe experimental results show that this modcl has high prediction accuracy and is a good tradeoff between the prediction accuracy and the time complexity.
Behaviors of Fretting Wear of Microarc Oxidation Coating

ZHU Min-hao,CAI Zhen-bing,TAN Juan,LIN Xiu-zhou,DENG Dong-cai,<br>朱旻昊,蔡振兵,谭娟,林修洲,邓栋才
摩擦学学报 , 2006,
Abstract: LD11 aluminium alloy surface was treated with microarc oxidation(MAO).Fretting wear tests of the microarc oxidation coating and its substrate were carried out under different displacement amplitudes.Dynamic analyses in combination with microscopic examinations through Laser Confocual Scanning Microscope and Scanning Electric Microscope were performed.Results show that fretting regimes of such MAO coating were changed,i.e.the mixed and slip regime shifted to the smaller displacement.Compared with the substrate material,friction coefficient was higher in initial stage due to its coarse surface,and was lower in steady stage.Wear of material reduced greatly for the MAO coating specimens.In the fretting regime of partial slip,damage was very slight,but the wear increased with the increase of the displacement amplitude.In mixed and slip regime,the damage mechanism of the MAO coating was mainly delamination.

ZHANG Zhen-yu,Zhou Ming,ZHAO Kai-hong,ZHANG Ji-ping,CHANG Wen-rui,LIANG Dong-cai,<br>张震宇,周明,赵开弘,张季平,常文瑞,梁栋材
生物物理学报 , 2000,
Abstract: 藻红蓝蛋白α-亚基具有儿可逆光致变色性质。采用DEAE-纤维素柱层析、Sephadex G-75凝胶过滤、FPLC-Superdex 75 HR 10/30柱层析等纯化方法,得到了电泳纯的藻红蓝蛋白α-亚基,光化学活性达93%。在室温、避光条件下,采用悬滴汽相扩散法,得到了两种外形不同的藻红蓝蛋白α-亚基晶体,进一步证实了上述纯化方法的可靠性。
Study on the mechanical properties of diamond like carbon films with Si doping

Zhao Dong-Cai,Ren Ni,Ma Zhan-Ji,Qiu Jia-Wen,Xiao Geng-Jie,Wu Sheng-Hu,<br>赵栋才,任 妮,马占吉,邱家稳,肖更竭,武生虎
物理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 用脉冲电弧离子镀技术,通过调整掺硅石墨靶和纯石墨靶的数量,制备了一系列不同硅含量的类金刚石薄膜样品.研究发现:当硅含量达6.7at.%时,类金刚石薄膜的应力从4.5GPa降低到3.1GPa,薄膜的硬度还保持在3600Hv,和没有掺杂的类金刚石薄膜的硬度相比,基本保持不变;当硅含量小于6.7at.%时薄膜的摩擦系数相对于未掺杂的类金刚石薄膜也保持不变,为0.15.当薄膜中硅含量继续增加时,薄膜中C—Si键的含量增多,导致薄膜硬度和应力都有较大幅度地减小、摩擦系数增大、磨损性能也变差了.
Restoration of klotho gene expression induces apoptosis and autophagy in gastric cancer cells: Tumor suppressive role of klotho in gastric cancer
Biao Xie, Jianping Zhou, Guoshun Shu, Dong-cai Liu, Jiapeng Zhou, Jinhui Chen, Lianwen Yuan
Cancer Cell International , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/1475-2867-13-18
Abstract: Methylation of klotho gene promoter in GC-7901, MNK-45 and AGS gastric cancer cells as well as GES-1 normal gastric epithelial cells was detected by bisulfate-based PCR. Restoration of klotho gene expression was established by applying a demethylating agent and delivering aklotho gene expression vector into GC-7901 cells. Cell viability was measured by CCK-8 assay. Cell apoptosis and cycling were analyzed by flow cytometry. Autophagy was measured by detecting LC3-I and LC3-II expression. Protein levels and phosphorylation were measured by Western blot assay.Methylation of klotho gene promoter and expression of the klotho gene were detected in GC cells. Restoration of klotho gene expression significantly inhibited cell proliferation, induced cell apoptosis, and increased LC3-I/LC3-II expression in GC cells. Restoration of klotho gene expression downregulated the phosphorylation levels of IGF-1 receptor, IRS-1, PI3K, Akt, and mTOR proteins. Both apoptosis and autophagy inhibitors blocked klotho-induced apoptosis and autophagy.Klotho is a tumor suppressor in gastric cancer, which regulates IGF-1R phosphorylation and the subsequent activation of IRS-1/PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling, tumor cell proliferation, apoptosis, and autophagy.
Improvement on fast motion estimation algorithm for H.264

CAI Zi-xing,JIANG Dong-dong,TAN Ping,AN Ji-cheng,<br>蔡自兴,蒋冬冬,,安基程
计算机应用研究 , 2010,
Abstract: UMHexagonS is an rapid integer-pixel motion estimation algorithm for H.264 video coding standard.It showed much higher performance compared to full search,but there were still some problems,such as heavy computing,high complexity and time consuming.To resolve these issues,this paper,on the one hand,added early termination judgment to both of spiral search stage and multi-big-hexagon search stage,on the other hand,replaced spiral searching by a special one.Proposed the algorithm not only sped up terminate th...
Composite Edge Detector Based on Multi-wavelet Operator

CAI Chao,DING Ming-yue,ZHOU Cheng-ping,ZHANG Tian-xu,<br>蔡超,丁明,周成,张天序
中国图象图形学报 , 2004,
Abstract: In image that results from the projection of depth or orientation discontinuity in physical scene or from the effects of illumination and shading, edges are not in general ideal step edges but more typically a combination more than one type of edge primitive (e.g., steps, pulse and ramp etc). These edge points are termed as composite edges, and composite edges detection and localization accurately is a challenge for researcher in this field. In this paper, a composite edge detector based on multi-wavelet is proposed. Take the zero systematic localization error condition as constraint, the new multi-wavelet function is constructed in spatial domain, at the same time, the scale and wavelet functions are even or odd symmetric. Theoretically, based on this approach ones have the possibility of getting arbitrary precise localization for the edges that are composed of steps and pulse with wavelet transformation. Experimental results with simulated and real gray level images demonstrated the feasibility of our edge detector, it shows that the new multi-wavelet based edge detector has a better edge detection ability than Canny edge detector and Mallat-Zhong wavelet based edge detector.
New fast algorithm of Hough transform detection of circles

XIA Lei,CAI Chao,ZHOU Cheng ping,DING Ming yue,<br>夏磊,蔡超,周成,丁明
计算机应用研究 , 2007,
Abstract: This paper proposed a new fast algorithm for the detection of circles, which improved the problem of huge time consuming when using the traditional Hough transform. The new algorithm had three advantages: low time consuming; hold all the advantages of the traditional Hough transform such as high detection rate, robust to noise and fragmentary boundaries; did not need any special qualification. Experimental results demonstrate that the new fast algorithm can be used for fast target recognition, which has a good performance in real time system.
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