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Interdecadal change of winter rainfall over Hunan and its physical factors

,QIAO Yunting,WANG Chao

- , 2016, DOI: 10.13471/j.cnki.acta.snus.2016.02.024
Abstract: 利用1960-2010年湖南20个测站的降水资料,采用经验正交函数分解(EOF)等方法分析了湖南冬季降水的年代际变化特征及其影响因子。结果表明:1973-2009年湖南冬季降水经历了两次年代际突变,分别出现在1988和1998年。1973-1987年湖南冬季降水偏少,1988-1997年降水偏多,1998-2009年降水再次偏少。湖南降水的年代际变化与西伯利亚高压、北极涛动(AO)、东亚西风急流和欧亚遥相关型年代际变化的协同作用有关。西伯利亚高压偏弱、AO指数偏强、东亚西风急流偏弱以及欧亚遥相关型为负位相这些因子的共同作用导致1988-1997年期间湖南冬季降水偏多。而1973-1987年和1998-2009年,湖南冬季降水偏少时期,上述影响因子的变化则基本相反
Interpretation and application of the abnormal acoustic data in the steam thermal recovery of heavy oil field

ZHAO Ke-chao,TAO Guo,WANG Ke-jie,

地球物理学进展 , 2007,
Abstract: According to the theory of poroelasticity and the results of associated laboratory works,this paper analyzes the cause of abnormal acoustic data in the steam thermal recovery heavy oil field.It is found that the injected steam causes the abnormal low velocity and very high attenuation of compressional wave.The evaluation method to identify the steam zone and the steam front as well as the behavior of the steam spreading in the oil reservoir has been developed.This method has been applied to the field data and found to work very well.This work may provide a new method to the monitoring and evaluation of heavy oil production.It is a good field example for evaluation of the steam zone with acoustic logs.
Effects of alkalinity and pH on the survival, growth and neonate production of two strains of Moina mongolica Daday
碱度和pH对两品系蒙古裸腹溞(Moina mongolica Daday)存活、生长和生殖的影响


生态学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 在温度为(25±0.5)℃,盐度为31.5±0.5的条件下,研究了碱度和pH对两品系蒙古裸腹溞的存活、生长和生殖的影响.结果表明,两品系蒙古裸腹溞在培养液的pH 6~8时,生长率和存活率显著高于其他各组;晋南品系的内禀增长率最大为0 5758 ind · d-1,内蒙品系的内禀增长率最大为0.5519 ind · d-1.碱度的实验表明,两品系蒙古裸腹溞在培养液的碱度为2.05到4.58 mmol · L-1时,生长率和存活率显著高于其他各组;晋南品系的内禀增长率最大为0.5573 ind · d-1,内蒙品系的内禀增长率最大为0.5376 ind · d-1.在相同的实验条件下,两品系体长的增长差异不大,但各生殖参数晋南品系大多高于内蒙品系.两品系蒙古裸腹溞存活的最适pH为6~8,最适碱度为2.05到4.58mmol · L-1,晋南品系对于碱度和pH的适应能力大于内蒙品系.
A Study of Ecological Geochemcal Early Prediction and Warning in Qingdao City

DAI Jie-rui,ZHAO Xi-qiang,YU Chao,WANG Zeng-hui,PANG Xu-gui,SUN Bin-bin,

地球学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Based on agro-ecological geochemical survey of eastern Shandong Province, the authors divided Qingdao City into 4 types and 11 eco-geochemical areas for ecological environment status early warning. Mathematical statistics, correlation analysis and comparison were conducted between the data obtained from regional survey of north Qingdao (2200 km2) in 2003 and those in 2007 to study the temporal and spatial variation of elements in soil. The result reveals that such elements in soil as P, OrgC, Ba, La, Ag, B, W, Ga, Ge and Co were accumulated significantly in the four years, and elements like N, Bi, Hg, Cd, Au, OrgC and Pb were accumulated remarkably in some places of the study area, and the acidification of soil (pH decrease) was observable. These data strongly suggest that much attention should be paid to the environment. According to the accumulation rate of elements in soil in the four years, the environment quality changes of soil was predicted, and some suggestions were put forward.
The optical properties of conical bubble sonoluminescence in glycol

He Shou-Jie,Ha Jing,Zhang Zi-Sheng,Zhao Zeng-Chao,Dong Li-Fang,Wang Long,Wang Zhi-Jun,

物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Using an improved conical bubble U tube, the optical properties of conical bubble sonoluminescence in glycol are measured. A strong single flash is observed and the width of light pulse reaches 150 us, which is much higher than that of the results obtained by other methods. The spectrum is a continuum ranging from ultraviolet to visible region, superposed with the spectral line of the 3P-3S transition of sodium around 589 nm. The blue satellite bands of Na-Ar has been measured on the sides of atomic spectral line; the red satellite band of Na-Ar and the 3S-4S atomic spectral line of Na are firstly measured in sonoluminescence.
Syntheses and Spin Trapping-ESR Studies of Novel Saturated Alkyl Spin-traps

ZHAO Ji-shou,CHU Yu-jie,DU Li-Bo,HAN Lu,YAO Tong-wei,HE Chao,WANG Wei-jun,TIAN Qiu,JIA Hong-ying,LIU Yang,

波谱学杂志 , 2009,
Abstract: Two new saturated alkyl linear nitrone spin-traps N-(Ethylidene)-t- butylamine N-oxide] (EBN) and (N-(Ethylidene)-1-diethoxyphosphoryl-1- methylethylamine -Oxide) (EPN) were synthesized. Characterization of the structures of these spin traps were carried out using NMR, MS, IR, UV and other means. The two compounds were shown to be able to trap hydroxyl radicals produced in the Fenton reaction and carbon-, oxygen- or sulfur- entered radicals.
Tribological Properties of AlCoCrFeNiCu High-entropy Alloy in High Concentration Hydrogen Peroxide
高浓度过氧化氢中AlCoCrFeNiCu 的摩擦学性能研究

HU Cheng-ping,ZHAO Ya-lin,WANG Jie-peng,DUAN Hai-tao,KOU Hong-chao,ZHANG Tie-bang,LI Jian,

摩擦学学报 , 2011,
Abstract: To investigate the tribological properties of AlCoCrFeNiCu high-entropy alloy in hydrogen peroxide with strong oxidizability, a series of pin-on-disk tribo-tests were carried out using AlCoCrFeNiCu as pin and three types of engineering ceramics (ZrO2, SiC and Si3N4) as disk in a 90% hydrogen peroxide. The characterization techniques, including white light confocal microscope (CM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS), were employed to analyze the worn surfaces, and the wear mechanism of AlCoCrFeNiCu/ceramic tribo-pairs was discussed. The results showed that when sliding against SiC and Si3N4 ceramics, the AlCoCrFeNiCu pins had mild wear and low friction coefficient. The wear mechanism of AlCoCrFeNiCu/ZrO2 tribo-pair was a combination of adhesive wear, abrasive wear and oxidative wear. Both AlCoCrFeNiCu/SiC and AlCoCrFeNiCu/Si3N4 tribo-pair exhibited polishing oxide wear and three-body abrasive wear. The effect of boundary lubrication was found for AlCoCrFeNiCu/Si3N4 tribo-pair.
Clinical features of childhood hemophagocytic syndrome and its association with human parvovirus B19 infection

, 刘冬杰, 马丽娜, 刘满菊, 盛光耀, 赵晓明
WANG Ying-Chao
, LIU Dong-Jie, MA Li-Na, LIU Man-Ju, SHENG Guang-Yao, ZHAO Xiao-Ming

- , 2015, DOI: 10.7499/j.issn.1008-8830.2015.01.006
Effect of shear-key on seismic isolation effect of FPB

, ZHAO Renda

- , 2018,
Abstract: 以粤东高烈度地区某连续梁桥为背景,提出ANSYS中对带剪力键的摩擦摆减隔震支座的数值模拟方法,通过建立全桥有限元模型,利用该数值模拟方法分析剪力键对摩擦摆支座减隔震效果的影响。通过改变摩擦摆支座的相关参数,研究参数变化对摩擦摆支座减隔震效果的影响。研究结果表明:在摩擦摆支座的摩擦因数较小且摩擦摆滑道曲率半径较大时,剪力键对采用摩擦摆支座的减隔震桥梁墩底弯矩影响较大,需要在地震反应分析时考虑剪力键的影响。
Taking a continuous beam bridge in the highly seismic region of the eastern Guangdong Province as an example, the numerical simulation method for the FPB with shear-key was put forward. Based on the full-bridge finite element model, the effect of shear-key on seismic isolation effect of FPB was analyzed by using the numerical simulation method. By changing relevant parameters of FPB, the influence of the shear-key with different parameters on the isolation of FPB was investigated. The results show that when the friction coefficient of FPB is small and the radius of curvature is large, the shear-key has a great influence on the bending moment of the pier base. It is necessary to consider the influence of the shear-key in the seismic response analysis
Physically Based Real-time Animation of Interactive Garment

SHEN Chao,SHEN Ming-xin,ZHAO Jie-yu,

中国图象图形学报 , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper,a new real-time interactive garment simulation based on physical model is proposed.The animation of interactive garment of moving body in real-time has always been a great challenge in the field of computer graphics because the computation of the garment model and collision detection is very lumping.In order to improve the performance,we firstly simplify the classical "particle-spring" model,and utilize the advantages of the processing separately of longitudinal and latitudinal restriction in "semi-rigid-complex pendulum" model;According to temporal and geometric coherence,we accelerate the collisions detection between the body and the garment because the collision detection is very local.The experimental results show that the computational complexity reduce rapidly and the movement of interactive garment can be simulated in real-time.
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