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Responses of Carex lasiocarpa Underground Part to Water Regimes at Different Growth Stages

World Journal of Forestry (WJF) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/WJF.2016.52002
通过幼苗移植水位控制试验,研究了毛苔草地下部分对不同水文情势的生长响应,同时比较研究了水文情势在其不同生活史阶段的影响。结果表明,?5 cm水位条件下,毛苔草根茎最长,持续淹水条件下,毛苔草根茎伸展最快;后期水分充足有力于根茎伸展,但无法超越苗期水文影响;稳定水文条件的改变抑制根茎生长,而从波动水文情势到稳定水文环境的转变,则促进根茎生长。毛苔草不定根长度,旺盛期,随水分条件的增加而变小;后期,在持续淹水条件下伸展较快,但?5 cm水位条件下的仍然最长。
The characters of C. lasiocarpa underground part were studied to find its responses to different water regimes and growth strategies through different water experiences. The main conclusions were as follows: rhizome was longest at ?5 cm water level and stretched fastest under constant flooding. Sufficient water at the later growing period was favorable for rhizome stretching, but could not compensate the inhibition of seeding stage water regimes. Changes of stable water re-gimes inhibited rhizome growth, and changes from fluctuating regime to stable ones promoted its growth. Adventitious roots length increased as the water decreased in the thriving growth period, and increased fast later under constant flooding, but was still longest at ?5 cm water level.

Journal of Oil and Gas Technology (JOGT) , 2015,
Port Container Throughput Forecasting Based on the Multiplicative Seasonal ARIMA Model

Operations Research and Fuzziology (ORF) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/ORF.2015.52005
Based on the theoretical research of the time series analysis, this paper systematically analyzes the changes rules of the monthly data of container throughput of Shanghai Port from 2002 to 2009 by using MATLAB software. The result shows that the multiplicative seasonal ARIMA(0,1,1(0,1,1)12 model has a high forecasting precision, a reasonable forecasting result and a broad application prospect.
Exponential Synchronization of Reaction-Diffusion Neural Networks with Time Delay in the Leakage Term Based on Periodically Intermittent Control

, 徐瑞
Advances in Applied Mathematics (AAM) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/AAM.2016.52038
Abstract: 本文研究了一类具有混合时滞和Leakage时滞的反应扩散神经网络的指数同步问题。通过构造适当的Lyapunov泛函,结合不等式分析技巧,得到了系统在周期性间歇控制下实现指数同步的条件,且这些条件既依赖于Leakage时滞,又依赖于扩散系数和扩散空间。本文所研究的模型更具有一般性,所得结果去掉了对时滞的限制,降低了同步条件的保守性。最后通过数值模拟说明了所得结论的可行性。
In this paper, the exponential synchronization of neural networks with spacial diffusion, mixed time-varying delays and leakage delay is investigated. By means of Lyapunov functional technique and some inequality techniques, exponential synchronization criteria dependent on leakage delay, diffusion coefficients and diffusion space are derived for the neural networks based on periodically intermittent control. The model studied in this paper is more general. The results obtained remove the restriction on the time-delays and are less conservative. Numerical simulations are carried out to illustrate the feasibility of the proposed theoretical results.
An Investigation on the Status Quo of the Type of Internet Addiction and Its Relationship with Learning Burnout of University Students

Advances in Psychology (AP) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/AP.2015.512111
The purpose of this study is to understand the present internet addiction situation of Chinese col-lege students through the questionnaire and to explore the relationship between the type of in-ternet addiction and learning burnout, and providing reference for domestic research on internet addiction. This study used the method of two-stage stratified random sampling. 1202 students from 7 colleges and universities in Henan Province were selected to fill the questionnaire. The questionnaire includes university student questionnaire of Internet addiction types and the learning burnout scale. Result: There were significant differences among the types of Internet ad-diction in the proportion of gender and age. The network game addiction, the network interper-sonal relationship addiction and the network information addiction questionnaire scores ques-tionnaire scores were significantly different in gender, age, family source. The network game ad-diction scores were significantly correlated with depression, misconduct and learning burnout scores. There was a significant correlation between network information addiction scores and depression scores. Compared to the general internet users, individuals with addiction tendency had more felling of depression, misconduct and low sense of achievement. Conclusion: There is the different proportion of online game addicts, internet interpersonal relationship addicts, network information addicts of college students. The higher scores you get in the network information ad-diction scale, the more obvious manifestations of depression you have. The more obvious tendency to network game addiction, internet interpersonal relationship addiction, or network information addiction, the more prone to learning burnout you are.
Hilbert C*-模框架的和
Sums of Frames in Hilbert C*-Modules

, 李鹏同
Pure Mathematics (PM) , 2011, DOI: 10.12677/pm.2011.13033
Abstract: 本文研究了Hilbert C*-模框架的和,得到了模框架(或Bessel序列)之和还是模框架的几个结果。
In this paper, we investigate the sums of Hilbert C*- module frames. Several results on the sums of modular frames (Bessel sequences) being still frames are given.
Network Micro-Film Never Thought of That and Pop Aesthetics

Art Research Letters (ARL) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/ARL.2014.33005
Never Thought of That—a hot online micro-film in 2013, with witty lines and ridiculous story, has triggered a strong storm of “wangdachui” among young people once it came out. As a network mi-cro-film which mixed with film culture and internet culture, Never Thought of That has completely subverted the traditional movie with its unique post-modern performance language. Those per-verse film roles, mixed temporal, fragmented narrative style shattered people’s memory of the classic story, and then it joked together with a form of collage reconstruction, and took the carniv-al-like popular culture of network era into the art of film, giving this micro-film a typical Pop art style.
Animation Art—Natural Carrier of Surrealism

Art Research Letters (ARL) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/ARL.2014.34006
Surrealism advocates exploring the inner world and seeking the combinations of rational and ir-rational world and fantasy and reality. Animation art is a kind of film and television arts which is characterized by the assumption and has artificial images as the actors. The inherent properties of animation art become an excellent carrier of surrealism in contemporary era. More and more animators use the surrealism technique to express their creative ideas. This paper took the ani-mation art creations of the contemporary animation masters, Katsuhiro Otomo and Satoshi Kon, as an example to analyze the expression and feelings of surrealism in animation. The surrealism makes the creator’s perception of life sublimate artistically so that the viewers can get the satis-faction in the spiritual world that can’t be gotten in the real world.
The Simplicity of the Finite-dimensional Modular Lie Superalgebra W(n,m)

Pure Mathematics (PM) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/PM.2014.46036
In this paper, the finite-dimensional modular Lie superalgebra \"\" is constructed, and the simplicity of \"\" is proved.
Stylized Tendency of Scene Design in Digital Games—Take Gothic and Surrealism for Examples

, 窦潇
Art Research Letters (ARL) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/ARL.2015.41001
In this paper, taking the scene design of gothic style in Alice Madness Return and the scene design of surrealism in Samorost 1-3 for examples, authors analyze the stylized tendency of scene design in digital games. The stylized game scene design sends out avant-garde design thinking, which pro-vides infinite creative potential and aesthetic view to the game design, and makes the game scene design present an aesthetic concept with rich individual characters and cultural accumulation.
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