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A Label-free Immunosensor Based on?K3[Fe(CN)6] and Aldehyde-Functionalized Pyridinium

胡霞,申有名,广宇<br>HU Xia, SHEN You-ming, SHEN Guang-yu
- , 2018, DOI: 10.13208/j.electrochem.170406
Abstract: 摘要 采用聚二烯丙基二甲基氯化铵(PDDA)将铁氰化钾电子媒介体固定在电极表面,构建免标记的电化学免疫传感器. 醛基吡啶盐不仅作为基底物质直接固定抗体,还可以很好地增强电极表面的导电性能. 将构建的传感器用于肿瘤标志物甲胎蛋白的检测. 其线性范围为0.01-20 ng·mL-1,检测下限为0.004 ng·mL-1(3 S/N). 此传感器的构建简单方便、无标记、特异性好,为甲胎蛋白及其他肿瘤标志物提供了新的检测方法

物理学报 , 1991,
Abstract: 本文研究非晶态Co70Cr20Zr10合金在居里温度附近的磁性,样品的磁特性符合二级相变规律。得到临界指数β=0.45±0.02,γ=1.9±0.1,δ=5.13±0.05。Co70Cr20Zr10合金的居里温度为Tc=(186.7±0.2)K。临界指数β,γ,δ满足γ=β(δ-1)关系,但临界指数值都偏离三维Heisenberg模型的理论值,这种行为可能起源于非晶态合金磁的不均匀性。讨论了Kouvel-Fisher(K-F)参数γ(T)对温度T的依赖关系。
Research for (100)-Oriented Diamond Film Radiation Detector

SHEN Hu-Jang,WANG Lin-Jun,HUANG Jian,XU Run,SHI Wei-Ming,XIA Yi-Ben,<br>沪江
无机材料学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 采用微波等离子体化学气相沉积(MPCVD)方法制备了100μm米厚高质量(100)定向金刚石薄膜. 利用(100)定向金刚石薄膜成功制备了α粒子探测器, -100V偏压下电荷平均收集效率为37.7%, 最大的电荷收集效率达到60%以上. 在此基础上, 通过在α粒子探测器条状电极面蒸镀一层合适厚度的硼(10B)膜转化层, 成功研制了金刚石中子探测器. 镀硼之后探测器对中子有明显的响应, 在1V/μm电场下, 对252Cf中子的能量分辨率达到9.3%,探测效率达到1.67%. 同时还研究了电场强度和硼(10B)层厚度对器件探测效率的影响规律. 在厚度<1.5μm时, 随着厚度的增加, 探测效率上升, 当厚度>1.5μm时, 探测效率下降.
Automatic and high-precision extraction of rivers from remotely sensed images with Gaussian normalized water index

Shen Zhanfeng,Xia Liegang,Li Junli,Luo Jiancheng,Hu Xiaodong,<br>占锋,夏列钢,李均力,骆剑承,胡晓东
中国图象图形学报 , 2013,
Abstract: The accurate extraction of rivers is important for survey of water resources, time series change detection on water usage, assessment of large-scale water conservancy facilities, and so on. The general methods of river extraction are difficult to be applied widely because of the disruption by clouds, snow, shadow of mountains, and lakes in remotely sensed images. In this paper, we propose a new index calculation model for river extraction, which is based on an improved water index, named Gaussian normalized difference water index (GNDWI). The model can remove the interference factors effectively by the aid of a DEM. The experiment for the extraction of Ili River from Landsat images show that the new model can automatically and rapidly extract the river in very complex environments. Furthermore, shadows and other useless information can also be effectively removed with a high accuracy.
Dielectric and Thermal Properties of Diamond Film/Alumina Composite

WANG Lin-Jim,FANG Zhi-Jun,ZHANG Ming-Long,SHEN Hu-Jiang,XIA Yi-Ben,<br>王林军,方志军,张明龙,沪江,夏义本
无机材料学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 研究了金刚石膜/氧化铝陶瓷复合材料作为超高速、大功率集成电路封装基板材料的可行性。采用电容法测量了复合材料的介电性质,结果表明在氧化铝上沉积金刚石膜,能有效降低基片材料的介电系数。碳离子预注入处理使介电损耗降低(从5×10-3降低到2×10-3),且频率稳定性更好。金刚石膜的沉积可明显提高基片的热导率,随着薄膜厚度的增加,复合材料的热导率单调递增。当薄膜厚度超过100μm时复合材料的介电系数下降到6.5、热导率上升至3.98W/cm·K,热导率接近氧化铝的20倍。
Adaptive spectral representation of remote sensing objects based on endmember matching

QIAO Cheng,LUO Jian-Cheng,SHEN Zhan-Feng,HU Xiao-Dong,XIA Lie-Gang,<br>乔程,骆剑承,占锋,胡晓东,夏列钢
红外与毫米波学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Spectral information is essential for objects recognition in remote sensing imagery. However, objects which have particular indices are rather few, and spectra types of spectral library and their universality are limited either. Therefore, an adaptive spectral representation method of remote sensing objects based on endmember matching is proposed. Proper endmember of imagery itself is selected. Spectral angle and distance, which is between the characteristic vectors of spectra of the interested pixel and a specific endmember, are both considered to form a new way for comprehensive spectral matching. Experiments of vegetation and water were adopted in ETM+ (Enhanced Thematic Mapper) images, and were compared to those using USGS (United States Geological Survey) library and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) /normalized difference water index(NDWI). Moreover, validations of shadow and bareland images were also carried out to test the effectiveness and universality of the proposed method.
Out-of-order execution in sequentially consistent shared-memory systems: Theory and experiments
Out-of-Order Execution in Sequentially Consistent Shared-Memory Systems:Theory and Experiments

Hu Weiwu,and Xia Peisu,<br>Hu Weiwu,Xia Peisu
计算机科学技术学报 , 1998,
Abstract: Traditional implementation of sequential consistency in shared-memory systems requires memory accesses to be globally performed in program order. Based on an event ordering model for correct executions in shared-memory systems, this paper proposes and proves that out-of-order execution does not influence the correctness of an execution providing certain condition is met. Simulation results show that out-of-order execution proposed in this paper is an effective way to improve the performance of a sequentially consistent shared-memory system. The work is supported by the President Young Investigator Foundation of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. For the biography ofHu Weiwu please refer to p.109, No.2, Vol.13 of this Journal. Xia Peisu in an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a Professor of the Institute of Computing Technology. She received her Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from University of Edinburgh, United Kindom, in 1950. Her current research interests include computer architecture, computer engineering, high speed pipeline system and parallel processing.
Exploration of Related Problems Emerged in Impact Tension Experiment by Using Casing Hopkinson Bar

ZHOU Guang-yu,HU Shi-sheng,<br>周广宇,胡时胜
实验力学 , 2012,
Abstract: Impact tension experiment for materials such as plate or bar is briefly introduced, and some related problems emerged in the tests are explored and answered in this paper, based on casing Hopkinson bar. Through using a kind of auxiliary nut connection, the connection devices for bar material specimen was improved, the influence of connection tightness on bar specimens experiment was eliminated. Finite element model of Hopkinson bar system was established, and ABAQUS software was employed to simulate the operation process of Hopkinson bar in order to analyse the effect of tensile nut thickness at the incident bar end on the incident wave. Finally, the basis for selecting reasonable tensile nut for experiment is obtained.
The Impact of the Tropical Indian Ocean on South Asian High in Boreal Summer

HUANG Gang,QU Xia,HU Kaiming,<br>
大气科学进展 , 2011,
Abstract: The tropical Indian Ocean (TIO) is warmer than normal during the summer when or after the El Ni\~{n}o decays. The present study investigates the impact of TIO SST on the South Asian High (SAH) in summer. When the TIO is warmer, the SAH strengthens and its center shifts southward. It is found that the variations in the SAH cannot be accounted for by the precipitation anomaly. A possible mechanism is proposed to explain the connection between the TIO and SAH: warmer SST in the TIO changes the equivalent potential temperature (EPT) in the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL), alters the temperature profile of the moist atmosphere, warms the troposphere, which produces significant positive height anomaly over South Asia and modifies the SAH. An atmospheric general circulation model, ECHAM5, which has a reasonable prediction skill in the TIO and South Asia, was selected to test the effects of TIO SST on the SAH. The experiment with idealized heating over the TIO reproduced the response of the SAH to TIO warming. The results suggest that the TIO-induced EPT change in the ABL can account for the variations in the SAH.
Study on optical properties of diamond films by means of infrared spectroscopic ellipsometry

Shen Hu-Jiang,Wang Lin-Jun,Fang Zhi-Jun,Zhang Ming-Long,Yang Ying,Wang Lin,Xia Yi-Ben,<br>沪江,王林军,方志军,张明龙,杨 莹,汪 琳,夏义本
物理学报 , 2004,
Abstract: 采用红外椭圆偏振光谱对微波等离子体化学气相沉积法(MPCVD)和热丝化学气相沉积法(H-FCVD)制备的金刚石薄膜在红外波长范围(2.5—12.5μm)的光学参数进行了测量.建立了不同的光学模型,且在模型中采用Bruggeman有效介质近似方法综合考虑了薄膜表面和界面的椭偏效应.结果表明,MPCVD金刚石膜的椭偏数据在模型引入了厚度为77.5nm的硅表面氧化层、HFCVD金刚石膜引入879nm粗糙层之后能得到很好的拟合.最后对两种模型下金刚石薄膜的折射率和消光系数进行了计算,表明MPCVD金刚石薄膜的红外
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