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科学通报 , 2008,
Abstract: 新矿物谢氏超晶石(xieite)产自于随州陨石冲击脉体中,属于斜方晶系,空间群为Bbmm,晶胞参数a=9.462(6)?,b=9.562(9)?,c=2.916(1)?.矿物实测化学式为(Fe0.87Mg0.13-Mn0.01)1.01(Cr1.62Al0.25Ti0.08V0.02)1.97O4,简化式为FeCr2O4.X射线衍射的特征谱线[d(?),I/I0](2.675,100),(2.389,20),(2.089,10),(1.953,90),(1.566,60),(1.439,15),(1.425,15),(1.337,40).在冲击波引起的高温高压作用下,谢氏超晶石通过固态反应从铬铁矿转变形成,是FeCr2O4的高压多形矿物相.共生高压矿物有林伍德石、镁铁榴石、玲根石和涂氏磷钙石等,形成的压力和温度条件分别为18~23GPa和1800~1950℃.谢氏超晶石已获国际矿物协会新矿物、命名与分类委员会批准(IMA2007-056),该矿物以中国矿物学家谢先德教授的姓氏命名.
The Source Power for Continental Drift —Plate Self-Drive Mode

Advances in Geosciences (AG) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/AG.2013.32013
Based on the simple principle of “arc trench genetic model—the trench volcanic eruption by plates drift boundary” developed by the author, beginning from the simple physical mechanics and sedimentology principle, I give a theoretical plate self-drive mode. That is when continental plate slip across the ocean crust. It will leave a weak oceanic crust, and the underground lava upwelling will produce a force or power and generates forward thrust. So continental plates were driven by underground lava heat and caused forward drifting. Then several real examples confirm the self-drive mode is common on the Globe. At last an analog test was given which showed that continental plate in the ocean is driven by thermal, it looks like that the continental plate brought a propeller for itself.
Study on the Genesis of Geysers in American Yellowstone National Park

Advances in Geosciences (AG) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/AG.2013.33025
Yellowstone geyser is a unique geological landscape, how it was formed? Current explanation about Yellowstone geysers is that it was formed by seafloor spreading and plate tectonics model, but these models cannot explain in many cases and even have contradictory. Combined with the model “source power for continental drifting-plate self- driven mode” by the author, a new genetic model was given in this paper, that is when the continental plates drift, mountains and plateaus were formed in front of the plate motion by Scratching accumulation and extrusion force. It may also whip up some deep-sea water-containing material to the formation of the deep aquifer traps, and the aqueous traps also communicate with the deep magma, it will receive continuous stress changes in the movement of tectonic plates, thus produces geysers. At the same time, deep-sea sediment was formed in its rear. This model fits very well with the Rocky Mountains of North America. The genetic model provides us a new way to rethink the origin model of the North America geographical environment.
Study on the Origin of Taiwan and Huangyan Island

Geographical Science Research (GSER) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/GSER.2013.22006
At first based on the Tethyan tectonic evolution and escape tectonics theory about Southeast Asia block, we find it is necessary for the Southeast Asian blocks to extrude from the southeast corner of the Ti-betan Plateau of China. And then we recover the original shape of Taiwan Island before its separation from Philippines. The recovered result show that the geographic shape, mountains direction all fit very well. At the same time, from the characteristics of geological, geophysical, archaeological and Yami people, we find clear separation evidence of Taiwan Island. Finally, we certify that most Southeast Asian countries including Phil-ippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on are all the result of the India Plate northward extrusion from China Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. They are the results of squeezed out materials. Most of them are accumulated island scraped down by the India Plate from the Tethys Ocean. Taiwan Island is from Luzon Island with its last sta-tion. Huangyan Island is the drifting product of the ancient Huaxia plate.
Eight Evidences Show Japan Was Separated from China

Geographical Science Research (GSER) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/GSER.2013.22003
Based on the arc trench genetic model developed by the author, at first through wake analysis and tectonic evolution history of the Japanese islands, I give a separation mode and the migration path for Japan, then give 8 aspects of evidence respectively from the landscape form, ridge distribution, geological formation, geophysical and paleontology and ancient climate, archaeology, the Sino-Japanese cultural fusion and Japa-nese and Chinese gene contrast. All these show that the Japan mainland was separated by 4 parts and drifted to the current position from different places. The three main islands (Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu) of main part were from China (from the south of Zhoushan City of Zhejiang Province to the coast of Fujian and Guangdong Provinces) by 3 pieces respectively. The fourth main island (Hokkaido Island) was from the posi-tion of Pacific Ocean near the Guam in the past. This paper has denied the final conclusion “Japan was de-rived and separated from the Korean Peninsula” by Japanese authoritative geologists. Tokyo City located ap-proximately near the current Taipei before the Japanese Islands separation. The Diaoyu Islands are the by-products in the drifting and separation of the Japanese Islands.
Study on the Relationship between the Origin of Broken Plates in Northern Canada and Continental Drift

Geographical Science Research (GSER) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/GSER.2013.22004
Broken plates in northern Canada are unique on Earth, how they are formed? The current explana-tion about it is that it was formed by seafloor spreading and plate tectonics model, but this model cannot be explained in many cases and even has contradictory. Combined with the model “source power for continental drifting-plate self-driven mode” by the author, a new genetic model was given in this paper, that is the North America-force model which explains the causes of broken plates in northern Canada. The genetic model pro-vides us a new way to rethink the origin model of the North America geographical environment.
地质学报 , 2013,
百万大气压下的压强校准及5.5 Mbar静压强的获得


物理学报 , 1987,
Abstract: Pressure calibrated up to 0.8 Mbar under hydrostatic condition and to 2 Mbars under non-hydrostatic condition. We find the red shift of ruby R fluorescence to 830nm at the highest pressure point in our diamond high pressure cell. The shift correspond to 5.5 Mbars by calibration.

黄金科学技术 , 2010,
Abstract: 介绍一个原始创新的地球物理勘探新方法(国家发明专利)。该方法利用压电效应的原理,将固体潮所产生的压电效应和自然电位测量结合起来,是直接勘探石英脉型金矿和其他矿床(有压电效应)的全新方法。其实施步骤如下a)在勘查区域按网格布设不极化电极,埋植深度及要求与自然电位法勘查类似。b)对这些布设的电极进行二次电位测量一次是在固体潮高潮时测量,另一次是在固体潮低潮时测量。根据固体潮产生的压电效应,在有石英脉型金矿(或方铅矿、铅锌矿、黄铁矿、铜镍硫化物矿及多种伟晶岩等)的地段将出现二次测量的明显差异,即高固体潮时和低固体潮时测量的电位差将有明显的异常。如果在该地段处没有预期的这些类型的矿床,高固体潮时和低固体潮时测量的电位差将不会有明显的异常。

地质学报 , 2013,
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