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Research on British Government Reform during Margaret Thatcher’s Period

Advances in Social Sciences (ASS) , 2012, DOI: 10.12677/ASS.2012.13011
Abstract: 撒切尔夫人执政时期的英国政府改革扭转了英国经济发展的颓势,使得英国的经济开始实现复苏并且逐步走向繁荣。撒切尔夫人及其内阁成员根据英国自身的情况制定了政府改革的内容和纲领。笔者认为,对英国政府改革的内容进行分析研究,有助于我们进一步吸收和借鉴西方国家政府改革和治理的先进经验,以帮助我国政府在自身实际的基础上,开展政府改革和治理。
During Margaret Thatcher ruling period, Mrs. Thatcher and her cabinet members introduced re-form to British which has reversed the British economy development trend. After that the British economy began to recover and gradually moving towards prosperity. The government reform was made according to the UK’s historical background. The analysis of the British government reform content is helpful for us to absorb advanced experience of management and draw lessons from government reform in western countries. This can help the Chinese government to carry out the government reform and to govern the country on the basis of its own situation.
Research Review on Participation Mechanism in the Process of Chinese Public Policy

Advances in Social Sciences (ASS) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/ASS.2013.22006
Abstract: 人类对公共政策的研究起源于20世纪50年代初美国著名政治学家哈罗德·拉斯韦尔和丹尼尔·勒纳合著的《政策科学》一书。第二次世界大战后,各国政府开始对社会发展的各个领域进行大规模干预,随之而来需要政府部门决策的事务也越来越多。公共政策逐渐发展成为影响国家发展,制约政府治理水平的重要研究领域。其中,公共政策制定是公共政策过程的首要阶段,也是公共政策科学的核心和关键。建立和完善公众参与机制是公共政策制定的前提和关键,也是确保政策符合民意及政策合法化的根本途径。在我国,其实公众参与由来已久,毛泽东就曾经说过,“群众既制定政策,又执行政策”。“坚持从群众中来,到群众中去”就是一种典型的公众参与,是一种依靠群众,反映民意的民主决策方式。除此之外,公众参与公共政策制定的途径还有很多,比如:听证会、公民请愿、公民投票和民意调查等。笔者认为,在我国公共政策制定过程中建立和完善公众参与机制对推进我国公共政策的科学化、民主化、法制化有举足轻重的作用,笔者在研究文献和课程学习的基础上撰写出此文,以抒浅见。
Human for public policy research originated in the early 1950s the famous American political scientists Harold, Laesweir and Daniel Lerner co-authored “Policy Science”. After the Second World War, governments began to interfere in every field of social development, generating the affairs of government decision making also more and more. Public policy making gradually becomes the important research field of government governance. Among them, the public policy making is the first phase of public policy process, and the core of the scientific and public policy. Establish and perfect the public participation mechanism is the premise and key to public policy making, policy is to ensure that comply with the basic way of legalization of public opinion and policy. In our country, in fact, public participation has a long history, Mao Zedong once said, “the policy and implement policy”. “From the masses, to the masses” is a kind of typical public participation, is a kind of relying on the masses, reflecting the public, opinion of democratic decision-making way. In addition, the public participation in public policy formulated by the way, there are many, such as: hearing, citizen petition, referendum, and opinion polls. The author thinks that, in the process of public policy in our country to establish and perfect the public participation mechanism to promote the scientization, democratization, legalization of public policy in our country has a significant role, the author on the basis of the research literature and course can write this article, to express their humble opinions.
Research on the Shangdong “Laixi Mode” of Local Government Innovation

, 熊丽
Modern Management (MM) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/MM.2013.33A001
The government innovation is one of the most important issues among academia and politics. The Party Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to the reform and innovation of administrative management system of Chinese government, and clearly pointed out that in the “opinions” of the CPC Central Committee on deepening the reform of administrative management system: with the goal of building a well-off society to adapt, to 2020, to build a relatively perfect administrative system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In order to achieve this goal, the local government must continue to carry out reform and innovation.
Nonexistence of Positive Nonconstant Stationary Solutions for Generalized Gray-Scott Model

Pure Mathematics (PM) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/PM.2016.66066
In his paper, some sufficient conditions for nonexistence of positive nonconstant stationary solutions for generalized Gray-Scott model are given.
Study on Countermeasures of Low-Carbon-City Development in Xianning City

Journal of Low Carbon Economy (JLCE) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/JLCE.2013.23017
Low-carbon city is the core of low-carbon economy development, and is also the effective factor for cultivating and improving regional comprehensive competition power and soft power. It became the key factor of effecting and constraining regional sustained and sound development. Based on the technical road and practical experience of low-carbon city construction and regional development transformation at home and abroad, and according to the key problem of low carbon city construction and development, this paper put forward the road of low-carbon city development on the perspective of development policy, industry economic path, consumption patterns, support system strategic path of low-carbon city development for Xianning City.
Considerations of How to Integrate Red Songs into the Teenagers’ Ideological and Political Education Effectively

李佳, 运祥
Advances in Education (AE) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/AE.2013.32008

As the songs of the revolutionary spirit, Red songs were spread and produced during reform and development period and Chinese revolution’s history stages and the socialist period. It not only has its unique music art characteristics, but its promotion is helpful to promote socialist mainstream consciousness and advanced culture, and to cultivate a correct outlook on life and values. This article discusses the concept of Red songs, significance and the ideological and political education function of teenagers and how to integrate Red songs into the ideological and political education of teenagers effectively.

Current Research in China’s Social Risk Management of Countermeasures

, 陈佩娇
Modern Management (MM) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/MM.2013.33A003
With the deepening of economic globalization and the tensing situation at home and abroad, inten-sified social contradictions in transformation and complicated characteristics in our society become obvious. Various social risks occur frequently. Therefore, research on social risks is imminent. It is obvious that analy-sis and study on urgency and necessity of social risks management has important theoretical and practical significance on our country risk management research at the present stage.
On the Research Orientations of Informational Psychology

, 宗荣
Advances in Social Sciences (ASS) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/ASS.2016.51020
The essential differences between informational psychology and material psychology are the theoretical premises and research objects. Informational psychology advocates \"informational man hypothesis\" and studies informational characteristics of psychological phenomena, but material psychology advocates \"material man hypothesis\" and studies material characteristics of psychological phenomena. In this paper based on the informational man hypothesis, how to study the informational characteristics of psychological phenomena is illustrated. The authors focus on the research orientations of the objects, the subjects, the subject-object relationship, the signal- meaning, and the problems in informational psychology, and explain the basic approaches of theoretical and applied researches in the related directions. We believe that these relevant studies will explore new and more effective ways for the mental health of all citizens, and for the creation of mental wealth and material wealth in society.
Changes of Extreme Temperatures for Heihe River Basin from 1961 to 2010

Journal of Water Resources Research (JWRR) , 2012, DOI: 10.12677/JWRR.2012.16077
Abstract: 本文利用黑河流域内9个气象站1961~2010年的极端温度资料,运用气候倾向率和Mann- Kendall趋势检验法对流域的年、季极端最高气温和极端最低气温进行了分析研究。结果表明,在年变化上,近50a黑河流域极端气温总体上呈上升趋势,且极端最低气温的变化幅度明显大于极端最高气温的变化幅度,其中山丹站极端最低气温的上升倾向率达到了0.95/10a;流域下游地区的年极端最低气温变化幅度较中上游大部分地区显著。在年代际变化上,流域年极端最低气温上升趋势大体始于70年代,而年极端最高气温上升趋势始于80年代末。流域的极端温度变化趋势存在着明显的季节性差异,极端最高气温变化最显著的季节是冬季,极端最低气温变化最显著的季节是秋季。
Based on the measured extreme temperatures of 9 stations from 1961 to 2010, the changes of an- nual and seasonal extreme temperatures in Heihe River basin were analyzed by using the trend slope and Mann-Kendall method. The results showed that the generally increasing trends of annual extreme temperatures occurred all over the basin and the increase of extreme minimum temperatures were greater than those of extreme maximum temperatures, especially the extreme minimum temperature in Shandan station with an increasing rate of 0.95?C/10a. The increase of annual extreme minimum temperatures in lower reaches was greater than those in upper and middle reaches of basin. The extreme minimum temperatures began to increase at the beginning of1970’s, while the extreme maximum temperatures at the end of1980’s. The seasonal differences in trends of extreme temperatures were clear, and the most obvious season was winter in trends of extreme maximum temperatures and autumn in trends of extreme minimum temperatures.

地理研究 , 1986,
Abstract: 世界各国城市人口定义的巨大差异,带来了各国城市化水平对比的极大困难,也由此形成了不同的城市化水平对比方法。本文探求一种新的对比方法,以期提高城市化水平对比的科学性。
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