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Existence and uniqueness of solutions for three point boundary value problems of impulsive fractional differential equations

张莎,贾梅,,<br>ZHANG Sha, JIA Mei, LI Yan, LI Xiao-chen
- , 2017, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2016.213
Abstract: 摘要: 研究了一类分数阶脉冲微分方程三点边值问题解的存在性和唯一性。 利用Schauder不动点定理及压缩映射原理,获得了该边值问题解的存在性和唯一性定理。
Abstract: The existence and uniqueness of solutions is investigated for a class of three point boundary value problems of fractional differential equations with impulsive. By using the Schauder fixed point theorem and contraction mapping principle, some theorems about the existence and uniqueness of solutions for the boundary value problem are obtained
Research of semantic attribute-based access control in federated authentication and authorization

JIANG Hua,LI Xin-you,XIE Sheng-xian,CHEN Chen,LI Jun-qing,ZHANG Sha-sha,<br>姜华,新友,谢圣献,,俊青,张沙沙
计算机应用研究 , 2009,
Abstract: In order to facilitate cross-border information sharing,simplified policy management,integrated the attribute-based access control and the semantic Web technology,expanded the XACML standard framework to implement semantic inference function.Using the approch presented in federation can effectively resolve the attributes semantic interoperability issues.
Isolation and Characterization of Antifungal Endophytic Bacteria from Soybean

ZHANG Shu-Mei,SHA Chang-Qing,WANG Yu-Xi,LI Jing,ZHAO Xiao-Yu,ZHANG Xian-Cheng,<br>张淑梅,沙长青,王玉霞,,,张先成
微生物学通报 , 2008,
Abstract: Endophytic bacteria reside in most healthy plants; it can not be easily influenced by outer environment. Some endophytic bacteria are beneficial to host plants, such as growth promotion, disease prevention and nitrogen fixation etc. Therefore, endophytic bacteria are the potential microbial fungicides, it may be widely applied. In this study, endophytic bacteria were isolated from soybean cultivar Hefeng 25 that was a main soybean cultivar in Heilongjiang province, China. The results indicated that the density of endophytic bacteria varied in different tissues of the plant. It was 3.4×103 CFU/g in roots, 2.8×103 CFU/g in leaves, 2.9×102 CFU/g in stems and 1.4×102 CFU/g in seeds. The activity of 121 strains against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. soybean, caused soybean root rot, were assayed. 25.6% of them showed antagonistic activity against F. oxysporum f. sp. soybean. One of them, strain TF28 isolated from soybean roots could inhibit the growth of many fungal pathogens. The inhibitory rates against F. oxysporum from different plant species were 80.2%-96.7%. Based on the morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics as well as the sequence of 16S rRNA, strain TF28 was identified as Bacillus amyloliquefaciens.
An Internet Intrusion Detection System Cooperating with Firewall

WANG Li-hui,LI Tao,ZHANG Xiao-ping,YANG Pin,YANG Jie,LIU Sha,<br>王丽辉,,,杨频,杨杰,刘莎
计算机应用研究 , 2006,
Abstract: An Internet intrusion detection system cooperating with firewall, referred to as Guarder, has been presented. It optimizes the detection engine by high efficient string matching algorithm, proposes a solution for dynamic cooperation between a packet filtering firewall and an intrusion detection system, and provides a management tool for the remote control of the system.
Cloning, expression and characterization of a thermostable chitinase from Thermoascus aurantiacus var. aurantiacus
嗜热子囊菌原变种Thermoascus aurantiacus var. aurantiacus热稳定几丁质酶的克隆表达及活性研究

ZHANG Jie,XIE Chen,GUO Xiao-Hong,LI Duo-Chuan,<br>张婕,,,多川
菌物学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 研究通过RT-PCR和Tail-PCR技术从嗜热子囊菌原变种Thermoascus aurantiacus var. aurantiacus中克隆了一个几丁质酶同源基因。该基因全长1,253bp,包含一个由1,197个碱基构成的开放阅读框,编码398个氨基酸。序列比对分析表明,该基因编码蛋白属于糖苷水解酶18家族的几丁质酶。利用基因重组的方法构建酵母分泌型表达载体,并转化毕赤酵母。在甲醇的诱导下,重组蛋白得到了高效表达,第6天的表达量最高,达到0.433g/L,酶活力为28.96U/mg,同时对表达的几丁质酶进行了纯化,SDS-PAGE检测该蛋白的分子量为43.9kDa。该几丁质酶的最适反应温度为60℃,最适反应pH值为8.0,70℃处理30min仍有45%的相对酶活,具有较好的热稳定性及工业应用价值。
Bactericidal mechanism of electrolyzed oxidizing water against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

赵凯丽,武平,,王刚,庄玉<br>ZHAO Kaili, LI Wuping, ZHANG Xiaona, WANG Gang,ZHUANG Yuchen
- , 2017, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1671-9638.2017.01.009
Abstract: 目的探讨酸性氧化电位水(EOW)对铜绿假单胞菌的杀菌机制。方法以铜绿假单胞菌作为研究对象,从蛋白质渗漏,核酸和细胞膜钙离子通透性等方面对EOW的杀菌机制进行研究,同时以2%戊二醛作为阳性对照组,以生理盐水(NS)作为阴性对照组。结果以EOW、2%戊二醛对铜绿假单胞菌作用30 s杀灭率>99.99%,作用60 s杀灭率可达100.00%。EOW、NS、2%戊二醛作用铜绿假单胞菌60 s后,经BCA法检测蛋白渗漏,分别为(96.00±7.42)、(94.15±7.49)、(216.97±10.35)μg/mL,总体比较,差异有统计学意义(F=613.20,P<0.01),2%戊二醛组高于EOW组、NS组;蛋白渗漏量不随作用时间增加而改变(均P>0.05)。随机多态性扩增DNA电泳图谱显示,EOW组与NS组均在500~1 000 kb间显示亮度较高的密集条带,2%戊二醛组无扩增条带。EOW及2%戊二醛作用后钙离子荧光强度均低于NS组。结论EOW可能的杀菌机制是使铜绿假单胞菌细胞膜通透性受到一定程度的损伤,致使 Ca2+ 泄漏,但未能造成蛋白质泄漏,对其核酸损伤作用不明显,DNA可能并非EOW杀菌靶点
Secure management method for electronic documents

MAO Chang,LIU Xiao-jie,LI Tao,HU Xiao-qin,SHA Kai-bo,ZHANG Xing-su,CHENG Xiao-xiao,<br>毛昶,,,,沙开波,张行素,程筱筱
计算机应用研究 , 2007,
Abstract: This paper presended a PKI-based secure management mechod for electronic documents(SMMED).This method provided some secure services in high degree,including confidentiality,integrity and nonrepudiation.This paper first de- scribed SMMED's theoretical model,then introduced the architecture of a sealed bid auction system which adopted SMMED, and finally listed the advantages of this method.
Studies on reaction rules for catalytic conversion of FCC light gasoline to propylene

LI Xiao-hong,SHA You-xin,LI Chun-yi,ZHANG Jian-fang,YANG Chao-he,SHAN Hong-hong,<br>,沙有鑫,春义,张建芳,杨朝合,山红红
燃料化学学报 , 2007,
Abstract: FCC light gasoline containing great lot olefins is a kind of good catalytic cracking feedstock for propylene production.A series of experiments about catalytic cracking of light gasoline and 2M-1-C5= were carried out with the ZSM-5 catalyst under different conditions on the riser experimental unit and the subminiature reactor-chromatograph united apparatus.Results show that the contents of C5= and C6= in FCC gasoline can be enhanced via using the ZSM-5 catalyst in catalytic cracking.Light gasoline is more suitable for producing propylene than heavy gasoline or full fraction gasoline.High propylene yield can be obtained from light gasoline even when reaction temperature is low and the contact time is only several milliseconds.The effects of temperature and flow velocity of N2 on propylene yields of cracking light gasoline and 2M-1-C5= are nearly the same,namely propylene yield increases when temperature increases or flow velocity of N2 decreases.The ratio of propylene to butenes can rise via increasing temperature and prolonging contact time.The coking rate of the ZSM-5 catalyst is rapid at beginning and afterwards slow gradually.There is a greater influence of the coking of ZSM-5 catalyst on propylene yield than on butenes yield.It is beneficial to increase propylene yield when there are more strong sites on ZSM-5 zeolite.
Effects of winter burning and cutting on aboveground growth and reproduction of Spartina alterniflora: a field experiment at Chongming Dongtan, Shanghai

Zhichen Wang,Yimo Zhang,Xiaoyun Pan,Zhijun Ma,Jiakuan Chen,Bo Li,<br>王智,张亦默,,马志军,陈家宽,
生物多样性 , 2006,
Abstract: 自1995年首次在崇明东滩发现互花米草(Spartinaalterniflora)以来,该外来种已在东滩扩张成为最具优势的植物之一。作为东滩常见的两种人为干扰,冬季火烧和收割可能会对互花米草的生长和繁殖有一定的促进作用,并可能进一步促进互花米草的入侵。因此,作者选择崇明东滩为实验地点,探讨冬季一次性火烧和收割以及相对高程对互花米草生长与繁殖的影响。结果表明:冬季火烧与收割能显著提高互花米草的植株密度和结穗率,显著降低其植株基部直径,即对其生长与繁殖有一定的促进作用,原因可能在于这两种干扰使其生境改变,光照条件得到改善;从Wilks’值的大小可看出,与相对高程相比,这两种干扰对互花米草生长繁殖的影响相对较小,而且这两种干扰对互花米草的影响差异不显著。上述结果表明,冬季火烧与收割将可能促进互花米草在东滩的入侵,有必要采取措施加以管理。
The Introduction on Artificial Propagation Technology And Embryogenesis of Bagarius yarrelli

xue chen jiang,zhang zheng xiong,ma jian yan,sun yi,luo yong xin,li xiao shuang,<br>薛,张正雄,马建颜,孙 昳,罗永新,
水生态学杂志 , 2012,
Abstract: 巨魾(Bagarius yarrelli)为云南特有的大型底栖肉食性鱼类,分布于澜沧江、怒江和元江水系。2012年3月24日人工繁殖试验成功,4月20日再次进行人工繁殖试验,获苗约1 000尾;观察记录了巨魾的胚胎发育过程。孵化水温27℃时,巨魾的出膜时间为20 h。
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