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Properties of modified stochastic gradient operators in continuous-time Guichardet-Fock space

周玉兰,,<br>ZHOU Yu-lan, LI Zhuan, LI Xiao-hui
- , 2018, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2018.179
Abstract: 摘要: 讨论了连续时间Guichardet-Fock空间L2(Γ;η)中修正随机梯度算子及修正点态随机梯度算子族{s;s∈R+}的性质。讨论表明:修正随机梯度算子是L2(Γ;η)中的稠定无界线性算子,而修正点态随机梯度算子族{s;s∈R+}及其共轭族{*s;s∈R+}是L2(Γ;η)中的有界线性算子,具有很多性质:满足典则反交换关系和幂零性;{s;s∈R+}与{*s;s∈R+}的不等时复合可交换,即s*s=*ss,对∠s≠t;同时{*ss;s∈R+}是L2(Γ;η)上一族正交投影。另外,利用{s;s∈R+}和{*s;s∈R+},构造了L2(Γ;η)上一个酉算子群。
Abstract: The paper investigate the properties of the modified stochastic gradient operator and modified point-state stochastic gradient operators {s;s∈R+} in continuous-time Guichardet-Fock space L2(Γ;η). We show that the modified stochastic gradient operator is a unbounded, densely defined linear operator in L2(Γ;η); the family of modified point-state stochastic gradient operators {s;s∈R+} and its adjoint {*s;s∈R+} are bounded linear operator, which have many properties. For example, they satisfies the canonical anti-commutation relations(CAR)and nilpotency; s*s=*ss, for ∠s≠t, which means that, the family of operators{s;s∈R+} and {*s;s∈R+} are commutive for ∠s≠t; the operator {*ss;s∈R+} is a family of orthogonal projections on L2(Γ;η). Meanwhile, we construct a unitary operator group on L2(Γ;η) with the point-state modified stochastic gradient {s;s∈R+} and its adjoint {*s;s∈R+}
Screening and Identification of a Cold-adapted Cellulase-producing Bacteria

HUANG Yu-Lan,LI Zheng,LIU Xiao-Ning,WANG Pei-Pei,ZHANG Jie,<br>黄玉兰,,,王培培,张杰
微生物学通报 , 2010,
Abstract: Strain XW-1 producing extracellular cellulose was isolated from 80 cm depth under the surface layer at Zoige Plateau Alpine Wetland. It was identified as a Brevundimonas sp. by its morphological, the physiological and biochemical properties and 16S rDNA sequence analysis. The results of cellulose producing research showed that the optimum carbon sourse was 0.5% CMC-Na, the optimum temperature was 20°C. Under this condition, the highest cellulose activity reached to 15.6 U/mL in the third day. Enzymatic properties showed that the optimum pH value is 6.0 and the optimum reaction temperature is 20°C, the relative enzyme activity reach to 80% at 15°C, moreover, at 5°C the relative enzyme activity still reach to 56%.
Cognition model based on granular computing

ZHANG Qing-hua,ZHOU Yu-lan,TENG Hai-tao,<br>张清华
重庆邮电大学学报(自然科学版) , 2009,
Abstract: The cognitive process is very complicated, and the granular computing (GrC) is a kind of new idea and method in the artificial intelligence field. In this paper, several typical cognition models were introduced, and then a new cognition model was proposed based on the GrC. In addition, the image cognition model based on GrC was presented and the key issues in image cognition were discussed.
The Incremental Knowledge Acquisition Algorithm Based on Granular Computing

Zhang Qing-hua,Xing Yu-ke,Zhou Yu-lan,<br>张清华,幸禹可,周玉兰
电子与信息学报 , 2011,
Abstract: A new incremental knowledge acquisition method based on granular computing theory is proposed. First, an original knowledge granule tree is established according to the decision-making information system. Then, for any new additional data, its matched knowledge granule in original knowledge granule tree is found at first, and then the original knowledge granule tree is updated according to the corresponding decision-making value. The new method is an efficient tool for processing dynamic data information. Both algorithm analysis and experiment results show that the new method for processing dynamic information systems and acquiring corresponding rules is superior to RGAGC and ID4 respectively.
One-way Communication Scheme Based on Superdense Coding of Four Dimension Two Particles

ZHOU Rui~a,ZHU Yu-lan~a,NIE Yi-you~,<br>周锐,朱玉兰,聂义友
光子学报 , 2010,
Abstract: A scheme of one-way communication is presented using four-dimension two-particle system, which is based on the superdense coding combined with the classical binary coding.The information sender performs a unitary operation on the particles,and sends the particles to the information receiver.Then information receiver performs a joint measurement on the two particles after receiving the sender's particles.The information receiver can know the information sent by the senter according to the joint measurement r...
(G''/G)-expansion method and novel fractal structures for high-dimensional nonlinear physical equation

Li Bang-Qing,Ma Yu-Lan,Xu Mei-Ping,<br>帮庆,马玉兰,徐美萍
物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: The (G'/G)-expansion method is extended to construct non-traveling wave solutions and explore the fractal structure for high dimensional nonlinear physical equation. As an example, a series of non-traveling solutions is obtained for the (2 +1)-dimensional dispersive long wave system with variable coefficient. Furthermore, by setting properly the arbitrary functions in the solutions, a class of novel fractal structures, namely, the cross-like fractal structures are firstly observed.
New Improved Pseudo-boolean Satisfiability Algorithm for FPGA Routing

TANG Yu-lan,LIU Zhan,YU Zong-guanga,CHEN Jian-hui,<br>唐玉兰,刘战,于宗光,陈建
计算机科学 , 2010,
Abstract: 为了避免伪布尔可满足性算法在布线过程中带来的增加转换成本的负面影响,提出了一种用于FPGA的新的布线算法,该算法结合了伪布尔可满足性算法与几何布线算法的优点。在布线过程中,先选用PathFinder这种几何布线方法对FPC}A进行布线,如果不能成功再采用伪布尔可满足性算法。并在布线流程中增加了静态对称破缺技术对伪布尔约束进行预处理,侦测并破缺其中的对称,从而达到减少搜索路径,消减成本的目的。初步的实验结果表明,这种混合布线方法可以显著减少运行时间,加速求解过程,并且对整体方案无不良影响。
H-GRASP: advanced GRASP-based hybrid SAT solver

TANG Yu-lan,ZHANG Hui-guo,YU Zong-guang,CHEN Jian-hui,<br>唐玉兰,张惠国,于宗光,陈建
计算机应用研究 , 2010,
Abstract: In order to improve the limitations of GRASP, this paper proposed a new hybrid algorithm (H-GRASP), which could resolve the problem of mixed constraints of pseudo-Boolean (PB) and conjunctive normal from (CNF). The new method adopted the cutting-plane technique to draw inferences among PB constraints and combined it with generic implication graph analysis for conflict-induced learning. Presented a thorough comparison of the new technique against the other two methods-integer linear programming (ILP) and pure SAT-based methods also. Experimental results prove that H-GRASP has significantly reduced running time and sped up, while keeping the overhead of adding it into the problem low.

物理学报 , 1996,
Abstract: The total-energy change is systematically evaluated in this paper when the thin ZrO2(T) ellipsoidal plate at different orientation transforms into ZrO2(M) under extension, compression and shear stresses. The optimal orientation of Martensitic uncleation is determined by using the oriterion of minimum energy. The numerical results show that the shear strains resulting from the transformation affect obviously the orientation of Martensitic nucleation and the critical stresses inducing transformation are very different.
Folded soliton with periodic vibration for a nonlinear coupled Schr dinger system
耦合Schr dinger系统的周期振荡折叠孤子

Li Bang-Qing,Ma Yu-Lan,Wang Cong,Xu Mei-Ping,Li Yang,<br>帮庆,马玉兰,王聪,徐美萍,
物理学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Introducing symmetrical expansion and nonlinear transformation, the (G'/G)-expansion method is extended to investigate a nonlinear coupled Schr dinger system. Some exact solutions with variable separation are constructed for the system. The solutions involve two arbitrary functions of independent variables. By setting properly the arbitrary functions in the solutions, two types of folded solitons with periodic vibration are observed.
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