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Electrochemical Preparation and?Photo-Electro Catalytic Properties of Flexible ZnNi/Al-LDHs/Carbon Fibers Composite

田晶晶,陈涛,包星辰,高梦旭,于业笑,彭思遥,<br>TIAN Jing-jing, CHEN Tao, BAO Xing-chen, GAO Meng-xu, YU Ye-xiao, PENG Si-yao, JIN Guan-ping
- , 2018, DOI: 10.13208/j.electrochem.170726
Abstract: 摘要 本文采用电化学方法,制备了一种便于回收和分离的柔性锌镍/铝层状双羟基/碳纤维(ZnNi/Al-LDHs/CFs) 复合材料. 采用X 射线衍射、红外光谱、场发射扫描电镜、电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱和电化学阻抗光谱技术表征了ZnNi/Al-LDHs/CFs 复合材料的结构、形貌和光电催化性能. 与单独使用Zn/Al-LDHs/CFs 作为光催化剂或Ni/Al-LDHs/CFs 作为电催化剂相比较,ZnNi/Al-LDHs/CFs 复合材料显示了良好的光-电双功能催化特性,既可被用作乙醇和甲醇氧化的电催化剂,也可光电协同催化 2,6-二氯苯酚降解

YE Jing-Jing,TAN Tian-Wei,<br>叶晶菁,谭天伟
微生物学通报 , 2001,
Abstract: strain 49 #(BD-4),which had the highest flocculating activity among 752 strains,was picked out.The fermentation condi tions and the flocculating influence factors were studied.By testing,this cult ure broth had a much more ability to get rid of suspended materials in water and to decolourize the high-density dyestuff wastewater. In laboratory scale,bioflocculant was roughly extracted from culture broth by t he technological process,water extraction-organic solvent sediment-vacuum dry .The suitable work conditions of each step were set up through the tests.0 198 5g dry product was obtained from 100mL culture broth.
Effect of superstrong magnetic field on electron screening at the crusts of neutron stars

Liu Jing-Jing,<br>
中国物理 B , 2010,
Application of metagenomic technique in the exploring of uncultured environmental microbial gene resource

LI Hui,HE Jing-Jing,ZHANG Ying,XU Hui,CHEN Guan-Xiong,<br>李慧,何晶晶,张颖,徐慧,
生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 环境微生物宏基因组是一个巨大的基因资源库,但是仅有0.1%~1%的微生物在现有技术条件下是可培养的,因此致使未培养微生物基因资源的开发利用受到限制.宏基因组技术直接提取环境样品总DNA,避开了微生物分离培养的问题,极大扩展了微生物资源的利用空间,增加了获得新生物活性物质的机会.简要介绍了宏基因组的概念及宏基因组克隆技术的基本操作流程和技术要点,重点阐述了目的基因富集、核酸提取、载体和宿主系统选择、宏基因组文库筛选等"瓶颈"技术的研究进展.目的基因富集技术主要包括稳定同位素探针(SIP)、抑制消减杂交(SSH)和差异显示(DD)等.基因文库筛选分为序列依赖性筛选和非序列依赖性筛选,其中序列依赖性筛选包括特定基因PCR、反转录PCR (RT-PCR)、DNA微阵、亲和捕获等技术;非序列依赖性筛选主要指基于基因表达活性筛选和基因"陷阱"技术等.此外,介绍了一些近年来通过构建宏基因组文库筛选目的基因的应用实例.
Fast dictionary mechanism for Chinese word segmentation

WU Jing-Jing,JING Ji-Wu,NIE Xiao-Feng,Wang Ping-Jian,<br>吴晶晶,荆继武,聂晓峰,
中国科学院研究生院学报 , 2009,
Abstract: With the development of global networking through Internet, the amount of articles in Chinese or other native languages is increasing rapidly. As the lack of explicit separator, word segmentation is a precondition for the processing of these character-based languages and thus it affects the whole system in performance. In this paper, we propose a new solution for Chinese word segmentation problem based on Lexicon named double-character-and-long-word-hash-indexing (DCLWHI).Compared with traditional lexicon mechanism, DCLWHI improves the speed and efficiency of word segmentation without extra memory spending and gains the same accuracy.
Study on Water Depth Extraction from Remote Sensing Imagery in Jiangsu Coastal Zone

TIAN Qing-jiu,WANG Jing-jing,DU Xin-dong,<br>田庆久,王晶晶,杜心栋
遥感学报 , 2007,
Abstract: This paper takes offshore sandbanks in Jiangsu Province as a typical study area.The reflectance of red and near infrared bands is sensitive to water depth based on the analysis of situ water depth and synchronously measuring water reflectance spectra.The linear correlation between depth and reflectance of Landsat TM1 and TM2 is-0.561 and-0.694 respectively.The water depth derived method based on the multispectral remote sensing transfer model shows that depth has linear relationship with the logarithm form of ratio of radiance(or reflectance) differences between deep water and two bands respectively,which are sensitive to water depth.TM4 and TM3 were found to be sensitive to water depth according to former analysis in this study and depth retrieval model was developed using reflectance of these two bands.The model(R2=0.4793) was tested to have good accuracy for depth less than 15m,whereas the predicted accuracy is unaccepted.The reflectance of TM5 combined with the spectra comparison between seawater and sand bank can be used to find the limit between seawater and other objects,which can be used to extract seawater in TM image.Then,water depth was computed by depth retrieval model in the study area.Fathom lines with 5m intervals can be detected through image managing software.With the development of high spatial,spectral and radiant resolution remote sensing technique,the research on shallow water bathymetry remote sensing method and its application will be under continuing investigation.
Study on Dilution and Ion Exchange Chromatographic Refolding of Recombinant Human Granulocyte Colony-stimulating Factor by Reversed Phase Chromatography

LUO Tian-le,DING Hong,LI Jing-jing,SU Zhi-guo,<br>罗天乐,丁虹,李京京,苏志国
过程工程学报 , 2005,
Abstract: A novel way to refold rhG-CSF by combining ion exchange chromatography (IEC) and L-arginine was developed: denatured rhG-CSF from inclusion body was attached to a DEAE column and eluted by a gradient from 6 mol/L urea to 0.5 mol/L L-arginine. Refolding of rhG-CSF was also done by dilution and by passing the rhG-CSF inclusion body through the DEAE column perfused with 0.5 mol/L arginine without adsorption. RPC analysis and bioactivity assay showed that rhG-CSF refolded by IEC had different pattern from those of the rhG-CSFs refolded by dilution and flowing-through, representing fast but asynchronous kinetics, due to the adsorption of the DEAE medium to the rhG-CSF and the gradient of denaturant. It was also found that subsequent dilution and incubation of the IEC-refolded rhG-CSF furthered its refolding and enhanced its bioactivity up to 10 folds.
Retrieval algorithm of quantitative analysis of passive Fourier transform infrared (FTRD) remote sensing measurements of chemical gas cloud from measuring the transmissivity by passive remote Fourier transform infrared

Liu Zhi-Ming,Liu Wen-Qing,Gao Min-Guang,Tong Jing-Jing,Zhang Tian-Shu,Xu Liang,Wei Xiu-Li,<br>
中国物理 B , 2008,
Abstract: Passive Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) remote sensing measurement of chemical gas cloud is a vital technology. It takes an important part in many fields for the detection of released gases. The principle of concentration measurement is based on the Beer--Lambert law. Unlike the active measurement, for the passive remote sensing, in most cases, the difference between the temperature of the gas cloud and the brightness temperature of the background is usually a few kelvins. The gas cloud emission is almost equal to the background emission, thereby the emission of the gas cloud cannot be ignored. The concentration retrieval algorithm is quite different from the active measurement. In this paper, the concentration retrieval algorithm for the passive FTIR remote measurement of gas cloud is presented in detail, which involves radiative transfer model, radiometric calibration, absorption coefficient calculation, {\it et al}. The background spectrum has a broad feature, which is a slowly varying function of frequency. In this paper, the background spectrum is fitted with a polynomial by using the Levenberg--Marquardt method which is a kind of nonlinear least squares fitting algorithm. No background spectra are required. Thus, this method allows mobile, real-time and fast measurements of gas clouds.
Denitrification Water Treatment with Zeolite Composite Filter by Intermittent Operation

QING Cheng-song,BAO Tao,CHEN Tian-hu,CHEN Dong,XIE Jing-jing,<br>庆承松,鲍韬,陈天虎,陈冬,谢晶晶
环境科学 , 2012,
Abstract: The zeolite composite filters (ZCF) with the size of 4-8 mm were prepared using raw zeolite (0.15-0.18 mm) as the main material and the cement as binder. After a combination of material characterizations, such as the void fraction, apparent density, compression strength and surface area, the optimal prepared conditions of composite filters were obtained as follow: weight ratio of m(zeolite):m(cement) =7:3, curing for 15 d under the moisture condition and ambient temperature. Through upflow low-concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater, ZCF filled in the experimental column was hung with the biological membrane. Thus, intermittent dynamic experiments were conducted, the intermittent operation cycle included adsorption, biological regeneration and drip washing. Until concentration of ammonia nitrogen was more than 2 mg·L-1 of effluent standards, water in experiment column was firstly emptied,and then blast biological regeneration was conducted. After the filters were bathed with water, the zeolite adsorption-biological regeneration cycle was performed repeatedly. The experimental results show that under conditions of 24 h blast and 5 d of continuous operation period, ammonia nitrogen removal rate is up to 87.6% on average, total nitrogen removal rate reaches 51.2% on average.
Optimization of Network Resource Allocation Based on Genetic Algorithm

ZHANG Ying,YANG Ya-hui,TIAN Hao-ran,ZHANG Wei,DONG Jing-jing,<br>张英,杨雅辉,田浩然,张威,董晶晶
计算机科学 , 2012,
Abstract: As the next-generation network architecture becomes more and more complex and the applications become more diverse, how to improve the performance of the network becomes a big problem that we must solve. One important effective method to solve the problem is to rationally allocate and optimize the network resource. Based on the multiservice networks, this paper proposed a new optimization model which is targeted at network resource leveling under the QoS restrictions,and balance of network traffic distribution by optimizing the allocation of the network bandwidth and buffers with an improved genetic algorithm so as to improve the performance of network. A method based on threshold of population stability coefficient to terminate the iteration of the genetic algorithm was given by analysing the variation trend of population stability coefficient. The experiments show that the method is effective to improve the efficiency of the algorithm.
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