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Dimensionality Reduction of State-Space Model Based on Projection Theory and Orthogonalization

- , 2017, DOI: 10.15918/j.tbit1001-0645.2017.04.015
Abstract: 提出一种改进型状态空间系统设定,当状态变量的滞后项存在时,可以不改变变量的维度直接估计,且传统的卡尔曼滤波方法依旧有效。改进了一般状态空间模型需要增加状态变量维度才能进行估计的设定,极大地降低了计算的复杂度,扩展了模型的应用范围。此外,使用Durbin and Koopman(D-K)抽样方法对卡尔曼平滑算子进行重新估计。随后使用仿真实验,对比传统状态空间模型和改进型模型的参数估计结果与计算时长,发现改进型系统下估计结果与传统型的差距甚微,但是计算时长大幅降低且精度提升。而D-K抽样法的效率,相比传统卡尔曼平滑法也有着显著的提升。仿真结果证实了降维方法的有效性。
A new setting method was proposed for state space system, being able to estimate state space directly without increasing the dimension of state variables when a lagged state variable existed in measurement equation. The improved state-space system can be estimated still by the regular Kalman filter and have a strongly improvement in point estimate. Moreover, the Durbin and Koopman(D-K) sampling methodology can be utilized to smooth the state variable for Kalman smoother. A simulation experiment of the improved state-space system and comparison with the traditional method were conducted. The results show that, when in point estimation, the value of two systems is almost the same, but the improved model can reduce the computational time. Furthermore, D-K method seems more efficient comparing with the Kalman smoother, validating the efficiency of the posed method.
- , 2018, DOI: 10.13543/j.bhxbzr.2018.06.015
Abstract: 定义一般环境交叉互评指数,并针对现有交叉数据包络分析(DEA)模型计算指数时未能体现整体数据信息的缺点,结合主成分分析(principal component analysis,PCA)提出一种改进型交叉互评指数方法,使得每一个决策单元的评价向量依据其对评价矩阵中变异量的贡献度而赋予不同的权重;并筛除一些影响较小的信息,从而达到降维的目的,改善了交叉环境模型的评估效率。最后基于真实的能源投入与产出数据,对比传统交叉评价方法及改进型方法在计算能源效率结果上的异同。
Abstract:In this work we define a cross environmental performance index (EPI), and propose a new method which integrates principal component analysis (PCA) into a cross evaluation matrix (CEM) in order to calculate the EPI; this overcomes the problem of the traditional cross data envelopment analysis (DEA) model being unable to utilize the information in a CEM. Moreover, our PCA-based method can give different weights to each decision making unit according to the contributions of variances in the CEM. In addition, the new method also removes redundant information in the CEM and improves the evaluation efficiency of the environmental cross-DEA model. Finally, by using the data for input and output of energy, we compare and analyze the results of the traditional cross-efficiency evaluation method and our revised method based on PCA in an assessment of energy efficiency.

中国公共卫生 , 2008, DOI: 10.11847/zgggws2008-24-04-33
Abstract: ?近年来,沈阳市许多餐饮单位自行配制药酒供用餐者饮用,但《食品卫生法》对此并未做出明确规定。自制药酒的卫生质量直接关系到广大消费者的身体健康,为了解沈阳市和平区餐饮单位自制药酒的卫生质量情况,加强对自制药酒的监督管理,沈阳市和平区卫生监督所于2007年7~9月对和平区32家公共餐饮单位配制药酒进行了卫生质量调查。结果报告如下。

第三军医大学学报 , 2014,
The Analysis of Robust Dominant Strategy in the Market with Random Interval Payoffs

Statistics and Applications (SA) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/SA.2016.51002
Abstract: 文章提出了具有随机区间收益的金融市场,在该市场中,证券价格被描述为区间值随机变量,并将研究的金融市场所在的概率空间框架从有限维拓展为一般概率空间,是传统随机市场的推广。在此模型中,提出了强占优策略和线性定价测度的概念,证明了市场无强占优与存在线性定价测度等价的定理,并且研究了随机区间收益市场无强占优与经典市场无占优的关系。该结论既包含经典随机金融市场的结论,又将金融分析推广到随机区间收益金融市场中。
In this article, a new financial market model, in which all securities have random interval pay- offs, is proposed. In the market, the probability space from finite dimensional expands general probability space. Some concepts, such as robust dominant strategy and linear pricing measures, are given and discussed parallel to those in traditional market analysis. With these new concepts, it is discussed that the requirement of no robust dominant strategy is equivalent to the existence of linear pricing measures and the relations between the analysis of the no robust dominant strategy in the market with random interval payoffs and it’s in traditional market. This conclusion includes the traditional random market analysis conclusions, extending to this new financial market.

植物分类学报 , 1990,

植物分类学报 , 1995,
Abstract: 黟县泡果荠 新种 图版1:A Hilliella yixianensis Y. H. Zhang, sp. nov. H. paradoxa (Hance) Y. H. Zhang et H. W. Li ab specie nova recedit foliolis ma-joribus, pedicellis brevioribus c. 2 mm longis sub fructu 2—3 mm longis, sepalis navicu-laribus majoribus c. 2 mm longis 1 mm latis, petalis longioribus (2. 8—3. 3 mm longis), sili-culis valvis irregularibus interdum praeditis.

植物分类学报 , 1996,
Abstract: 为研究察隅阴山荠Yinshania zayuensis Y.H.Zhang(张渝华,1987),笔者查阅了《中国植物志》第33卷(1987)十字花科部分,发现其中云南亚麻荠Camelina yunnanensis W.W.Smith的特征均为察隅阻山荠的特征,图亦与之吻合。显然,这是后者标本误定造成的。

植物分类学报 , 1987,

植物分类学报 , 1986,
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