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Indoor Simulation Experiment of Soil Deformation and Fiber Strain Relations in Sinkhole Collapse Monitoring Area, Shenzhen City

Hans Journal of Civil Engineering (HJCE) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/HJCE.2013.23034
Sinkhole collapse at home and abroad in the distributed monitoring and forecasting have not yet successful applications, implementation in the field and no mature experience, field optical fiber monitoring only reflects fiber strain distribution and change, and we really need is specific soil settlement. Therefore, we need to build the relationship in fiber-optic strain and soil deformation, through fiber-optic strain can intuitively reflect the size of soil deformation. The main purpose of this experiment is reproducing the whole process of development of sinkhole collapse under different conditions indoor through physical model experiment, in order to establish the relationship in the settlement of soil deformation and fiber strain, and then research the critical condition of sinkhole collapse development, to guide the field monitoring and achieve early warning and forecast results.
Integrate with Agriculture Base & Supermarket——New Opportunities to Response Abandoned Rural Land

高华, 邓耀
Modern Marketing (MOM) , 2011, DOI: 10.12677/mom.2011.12007
Abstract: 在中国,二十世纪90 年代农超对接模式和农村土地抛荒问题初见端倪,二十一世纪的今天,他们更成为热点话题。本文首次尝试把“农超对接”和农村土地抛荒两个貌似不相关的问题联系在一起 ,认为农超对接模式的良性发展及推广是应对农村土地抛荒的新机遇。
In China, Integrate with Agriculture Base & Supermarket and the problem of Abandoned Rural Land had begun to take shape in1990s. And they are more than the hot topic in 21st. This is the first attempt to link Integrate with Agriculture Base & Supermarket and the problem of Abandoned Rural Land, which looks like two seemingly unrelated issues. This paper argues that positive development and promotion of Integrate with Agriculture Base & Supermarket is new opportunities to the problem of Abandoned Rural Land.
Research on Train Operation Safety of Large-Scale Railway Passenger Station Based on Petri Net

, , 陈晓红
Open Journal of Transportation Technologies (OJTT) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/OJTT.2013.21010
Based on the importance and complexity of large-scale railway passenger station operation safety, large-scale railway passenger station operation safety was analyzed by using the Petri net from the perspective human error and equipment failure. Taking the overrunning of signal accident of a railway passenger station an example, the accident model was built based on Petri net theory, then qualitative and quantitative analysis was made. The results show that Petri net could more clearly and accurately describe the operation accident process of railway passenger station and the calculated results reflect the situation of railway passenger station operation safety.
Studies on Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Scheme to Support Multi-Services Oriented to Power Transmission Line Monitoring

, 毕建军, 亚东, 孙毅
Smart Grid (SG) , 2012, DOI: 10.12677/sg.2012.22009
The power transmission condition-base monitoring system includes a variety of services. As the different services have different requirements on QoS, such as delay, bandwidth and delay jitter, we need introduce a kind of effective multi-service access strategy and an appropriate quality of service. Mobile Ad Hoc Networks have advantages of convenient organization, flexible scalability, and easy maintenance. In recent years, it has been widely used in the power industry. This article proposed a power transmission line monitoring multi-service access strategy based on the Mobile Ad Hoc Network, which can meets the requirements of multi-services transmitting in the same network. To high real-time, especially, author proposes an identification and classified model, managing different sevices to assure the corresponding QoS.
On h-Completion for Maximal Subgroups and the Solvability of Finite Groups

晓燕, 伟华
Pure Mathematics (PM) , 2011, DOI: 10.12677/pm.2011.12025
本文给出了有限群G极大子群M h-完备的定义,即称C为M的h-完备,若C是M的θ-完备,且有C = G或存在G的一个子群D使得D不是M的θ-完备,但有C < D成立. 从而,可以通过这个定义把θ-完备的极大性削弱,并得到了有关群可解性的重要结论,丰富了有限群理论。
In this paper, we propose new definition of an h-completion for a maximal subgroup M of a group G, that is a θ-completion C such that either C = G or there exist a subgroup D of G which is not a θ-completion for M and C < D holds. This method can weaken the imposed maximality on θ-completion. Moreover, we studied the solvability and of finite groups by means of h-completion and obtained some important properties, which are very useful to research deeply finite groups.
The Reliability Evaluation for Urban Rail Transport Operation System Based on Bayesian Network

陈晓红, ,
Open Journal of Transportation Technologies (OJTT) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/OJTT.2013.22023
The paper is aimed at studying urban rail transport operation system. By analyzing its reliability evaluation index architecture, a model on reliability evaluation for the urban rail transport operation system is established based on Bayesian network. Finally, it analyzes an urban rail by rallying expert advice, calculates the instance and proposes a few points to improve the reliability for urban rail transport operation system.
Space Variation of Water Quantity Parameters in Liao River and Daliao River

利红, 成斌
Advances in Environmental Protection (AEP) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/AEP.2013.31B003
本文对辽河12个断面和大辽河3个断面的水质参数:pH、溶解氧、COD、BOD5、氨氮和总磷的空间变化进行了研究。结果表明,辽河和大辽河流域15个监测断面水体的pH值都大于7;辽河上游到下游COD、BOD5呈上升的趋势,大辽河3个断面都达到劣Ⅴ类;监测断面中有接近70% 断面总磷,80%断面氨氮都达到劣Ⅴ类;辽河和大辽河的污染非常严重。

Space variation of water quantity parameters including pH、DO、COD、BOD5、ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorous were investigated in 12 sections of Liao River and 3 sections of Daliao River. The results showed that pH values in 15 sections were above 7. The trends of COD and BOD5 from upstream to downstream in LiaoRiverwere gradually increased. The values of COD and BOD5 in 3 sections of Daliao River reached interior V class. The values of ammonia nitrogen about 70% of all sections and total phosphorous about 80% reached interior V class.LiaoRiverandDaliaoRiverwere seriously polluted.
Survey of Markov Logic Networks

元子, 迎新, 刘登第
Software Engineering and Applications (SEA) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/SEA.2015.43010
Markov logic networks (MLNs) is a kind of statistical relational learning model which combines Markov network and first-order logic together. MLNs has the significant research value and in many areas it has widely applications, such as entity recognition, data integration and information extrac-tion. In this paper, we introduced the theoretical model of Markov logic networks, inference and pa-rametric learning of it and compared it with other. In the end, we discussed future works of MLNs.
Introduction of Design of Quality Control Laboratory for an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

媛媛, 孙仁弟, 向阳
Modern Management (MM) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/MM.2016.64017
According to relevant regulations, this paper briefly introduces the design and layout principles of quality control laboratory for an active pharmaceutical ingredient. In this paper, we describe the layout of the physics and chemistry laboratory and microbiology laboratory respectively, including design ideas, exhaust system, risk control and other factors, and provide reference for the design of modern quality control laboratory.
半导体学报 , 1992,
Abstract: 本文在一维紧束缚近似下,利用格林函数方法和复能积分技术,研究了H在 Pt/Si上的化学吸附对 Pt/Si界面特性的影响。分别以紧束缚的 d轨道模型和sp杂化轨道模型描述金属 Pt和衬底Si,计算了在H被吸附前、后 Pt/Si的界面能和吸附前、后 Pt的厚度对局域在Si一边的界面电子态密度的影响.
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