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The Latest Application Progress of Human Umbilical Cord-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hUC-MSCs) in Neurological Diseases

International Journal of Psychiatry and Neurology (IJPN) , 2012, DOI: 10.12677/IJPN.2012.13005


The mesenchymal stem cell is rich in human umbilical cord, compared with MSCs of other sources, hUC-MSCs have major advantages such as richer source, easier collection freedom, shorter doubling time, lower immunogenicity, longer-term survival after transplantation, no ethical implications and so on. In recent years, the investigation of hUC-MSCs has been growing. In appropriate circumstances, hUC-MSCs can differentiate into neuron-like cells, when transplanted into different animal models of neurological diseases can promote the recovery of neural function. Now, we will review the latest application progress of hUC-MSCs in Neurological Diseases.

Appraise Harmony about Relationship between Oil Companies and Local

朋程, 李伟
Sustainable Development (SD) , 2011, DOI: 10.12677/sd.2011.11001
Abstract: 油田企业的发展离不开当地政府和民众的支持,而地方经济发展也离不开油田企业的推动,因此,如何处理好油企与地方关系对于油田企业和地方经济的发展至关重要。本文在熟悉了和谐度相关理论基础上,首先,提出了油企与地方关系和谐度以及一套评价指标体系;其次,利用层次分析法、模糊综合评价法构建油企与地方关系和谐度评价模型;最后,利用黄河三角洲油企与地方关系现状对模型进行了实证分析。
Oilfield enterprises’ development needs the support of local and people, local economic development also needs the motivation of the oilfield enterprises, so it is more important to deal with the relationship between oil companies and local for development of oilfield enterprises and local economic. Based on the relevant theory of harmonious degree, first this paper puts forward the harmony about relationship between oil companies and local and an evaluating index system; second, constructs the model of harmony apparition about relationship between oilfield enterprises and local by hierarchical analysis and fuzzy synthetic evaluation; at last, empirical analyses the model by the status of relationship between oil companies and local in Yellow River Delta.
Near-Field Dynamic Non-Destructive Detection Simulation Based on Microcantilever

, 王锋
Hans Journal of Civil Engineering (HJCE) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/HJCE.2013.22026
提供了一种用于近场无损检测研究的采用微悬臂梁进行接收超声波的动态检测技术,借助COMSOL Multiphysics有限元软件模拟了微悬臂梁传感器接收由超声换能器所产生的超声波的动态响应。在进行逐点扫描时,探针针尖恰好在微缺陷上方时,振幅达到其最大值。并与试验结果进行对比,验证了该模拟方法的可行性,有助于对微器件缺陷精确的定性、定量表征作更深一步的理论研究,为后续的实验设计提供了参考,对更加微小的缺陷的检测,可通过改变微悬臂梁厚度或采用更高阶次的悬臂梁以增加谐振频率来实现。
An ultrasonic near-field dynamic non-destructive detection method based on Microcantilever is proposed to receive ultrasonic wave, and dynamic response of the near-field scattering of waves from Ultrasonic transducer using microcantilever receiver can be known with FET software COMSOL Multiphysics. The receiver scans the surface point by point and approaches the defect, when the receiver is just ahead of the defect, and the amplitude shows its maximum peak-to-peak value. The changes in the amplitude come from the near-field surface wave interaction with the free boundary of the defect wall. By contrast with experimental results, feasibility of the simulation method is demonstrated, which will contribute to deeper theoretical research on defect location of the micro-components, affording the reference for the follow- up experimental design. Higher resolution is obtained by changing the thickness of the cantilever or adopting more higher order frequency in order to test nano-defects.
Advances in the Embryonic Cell Culture of Marine Invertebrates

, 郭华荣
Adances in Marine Sciences (AMS) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/AMS.2016.32006
Embryo cells with high potential in active proliferation and pluripotency are optimal cell sources for the establishment of continuous cell lines. However, due to the frequent occurrence of con-tamination by microorganisms and protozoans as well as the mitosis-arrestment of primary cul- ture cells, only primary cell cultures and limited subculture are successful in the cell culture of invertebrates, and no immortalized cell line has been established from invertebrates. This paper has reviewed the advances in the embryonic cell culture of marine invertebrates including Porifera, Coelenterata, Arthropoda, Mollusca and Echinodermata, and predicted its future outlook.
The Evaluation of Dynamic Capabilities of Regional Grid Enterprises

雅坤, 兴平,
Advances in Energy and Power Engineering (AEPE) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/AEPE.2016.43008
The market and industry environment that enterprises face is dynamic and uncertain, and static equilibrium formed in the past is easily broken. In a dynamic environment, dynamic capabilities can help companies continually adjust, deepen, and rebuild themselves in order to maintain the advantage that is established for a long time. In a new environment, how to construct grid enter-prises’ dynamic capabilities so as to adapt to the dynamic environment has become an important issue. According to properties of grid enterprises, this paper defines the meaning of grid enter-prises’ dynamic capabilities and establishes measure system of regional grid enterprises’ dynamic capabilities from four dimensions including environment, technology, innovation and management, and builds the evaluation model by using support vector machine. With regional grid enterprises as the research object, empirical results show that dynamic capabilities’ evaluation based on support vector machine is useful to analyze the present situation and the trend of dynamic capabilities for grid enterprises.

煤炭工程 , 2011,
Abstract: 随着采煤机械化程度的不断提高,原煤中煤泥含量越来越高,小浮沉资料亦越发重要。本文针对按照标准实验方法进行分级小浮沉试验时出现的一些问题,对其进行原因分析,并提出了相应的解决方法。

公路交通科技 , 2011,
Abstract: 为了研究水泥混凝土桥面防水粘结层的粘结性能,采用层间直接剪切试验测定防水粘结层的抗剪强度,并对防水材料类型、试验条件、水泥混凝土界面处理和沥青混合料类型等因素对粘结性能的影响进行分析。结果表明温度的变化对层间粘结性能的影响最为显著,其他依次为防水材料类型、水泥混凝土界面处理和沥青混合料类型;溶剂型粘结剂比水性沥青基涂料和SBS改性沥青的粘结性能好;3种水泥混凝土界面形式对层间粘结性能而言没有显著差异;细型密级配沥青混合料的层间粘结性能优于粗型密级配沥青混合料。
重庆医科大学学报 , 2013,

财会月刊 , 2005,
Abstract: 作为一门会计与道德的交叉学科,会计伦理学的研究取得了喜人的成果。不过,目前对这门学科的研究仍有一些不足。为了使会计伦理学的研究水平再上一个台阶,会计伦理学必须努力彰显自身的学科个性,完善本学科的研究领域,使所设定的价值目标对处于不同道德层次的会计人员都具有行为导向意义;必须确立有效的激励和惩罚机制;必须关注历史与现实。所有这些形成了当代我国会计伦理学研究应该努力的方向。  【关键词】会计伦理学学科个性价值目标近年来,随着人们对会计和会计道德的重视,会计伦理学作为一门从伦理道德的视角对会计活动进行价值分析和行为导向的交叉学科,也越来越受到学术界的关注。不过,从我国会计伦理学的研究情况来看,无论在研究方法的运用还是在研究内容的安排方面都还存在着不足,而这种不足又直接导致会计伦理学的研究在经历了一定的发展阶段后难以再有新的突破,从而难以通过卓有成效的研究成果来应对时代发展提出的挑战。笔者认为,要改变目前的研究状况,会计伦理学学科体系要进一步完善,要最大程度地实现学科的功能价值,应该从以下几个方面来改进和突破。  一、会计伦理学应该具有自身的个性  无论何种学科,都有其研究对象,会计伦理学必须与伦理学“母体”相区别,以显示出自身的个性,形成自己的学科体系。近年来伦理学学科朝两个大方向——理论伦理学和应用伦理学延伸,会计伦理学作为引导会计工作的科学,属于应用伦理学的范畴。这种学科上的渊源关系决定了会计伦理学的发展在一定程度上将受到母学科伦理学的制约和影响。伦理学的基本理论对会计伦理学的研究具有一定的指导作用。

财会月刊 , 2005,
Abstract: 财务监督伦理规范作为社会设定的财务监督者行为的“应有”模式,其现实转换的要件在于本身的合理性,这种合理性包含实质合理性和形式合理性。所谓实质合理性,主要是指财务监督伦理规范内容的合道德性,财务监督者德性的提升是这一规范功能指向的必然逻辑结果。因为对实质合理性的研究较集中,也颇有成果,而对形式合理性的研究不足,故本文仅从形式合理性的视角对财务监督伦理规范进行必要的探析。  一、财务监督伦理规范必须符合社会对财务监督者的价值期待  从发生学的视角讲,财务监督伦理规范不是研究者主观臆想的产物,也绝非财务监督部门心血来潮之作,而是社会对财务监督行为具有伦理意义的规定,蕴含着社会对财务监督者的价值期待。社会不仅规定了财务信息使用者的行为模式和价值取向,而且必然对财务信息提供者存有某种价值期待。这种价值期待作为一种形式上的预设,须借助于一定载体方能实现,这一载体就是财务监督伦理规范。
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