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Teaching and Learning for Curriculum of Laser Theory and Technology

Advances in Education (AE) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/AE.2013.33015

Curriculum of laser theory and technology includes two respects: teacher’s teaching and students’ learning. Based on teacher’s teaching, students’ learning potential will be fully aroused. Organically com- bining teaching process with learning process, unifying theoretical teaching and experimental teaching, we will observe the learning effects evidently.

Unification of Theory and Practice Teaching of Laser Theory and Technology

Advances in Education (AE) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/AE.2015.52002
Laser theory and technology is composed of two respects of theory teaching and practice teaching. However, some unavoidable contradiction can be appeared between theory teaching and practice teaching in the concrete teaching procedure. The problems such as asynchronism and disconnec-tion of contents between theory teaching and practice teaching can be effectively solved through adding some demonstrative experiments or some videos of them and introducing some theoretical direction before operation in laboratory which consolidates learning effect. Therefore, the highly unification of theory teaching and practice teaching is good for innovative learning of un-dergraduate students.
The Explicit-Implicit Interaction Theory and Its Explanation to Arguments on Insight

, 忠炉
Advances in Psychology (AP) , 2011, DOI: 10.12677/ap.2011.11004
Abstract: 顿悟涉及五个主要成分(视觉输入的抑制、启发信息的激活、心理定势的破除、新异连接的形成以及啊哈体验)。总结了近年来顿悟研究中存在的三大争论(顿悟是一般化还是特殊化的过程?是外显的搜索还是内隐的激活?是依赖左脑还是依赖右脑?),外显内隐交互理论(EII)包括了八个原则以及一个计算模型,该理论可能对三个争论作出了合理的解释。
It is summarized that there are mainly five parts of insight involving inhibition of visual input heuristic information activation breaking of the mental set forming of novel associations and aha experience. Three arguments are discussed(Is insight general or special? Is insight conscious exploring or unconscious activation? Does insight depend on the left or right hemisphere?). A new Explicit-implicit interaction theory has been introduced, including eight principles and one computational modeling, which can offer reasonable ex-planations for the three arguments.
Study on Ionized Degree of Ar Plasma in Capillary Discharge

, 王骐
Modern Physics (MP) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/MP.2013.31005
Abstract: 毛细管放电软X射线激光或极紫外光刻光源研究中等离子体的电离价是一个重要的参量,它决定光源的波长。依据毛细管放电的特点以及参考文献中提供的数据推导出毛细管放电氩等离子体电离价的经验公式。利用国内首台毛细管放电极紫外光刻光源演示装置研究了氩等离子体的光谱,实验表明峰值~28 kA的脉冲电流对30 Pa氩气放电或峰值~34 kA的脉冲电流对40 Pa氩气放电都产生了Ar7+。而公式计算出30 Pa和40 Pa时分别需要24.4~39 kA和32.7~52.3 kA的峰值电流。这说明经验公式具有一定的实用意义。
Ionized degree of Ar plasma in capillary discharge soft X-ray laser or Extreme Ultraviolet Lithographic (EUVL) source research was an important parameter which determined the wavelength of the plasma source. According to the characteristics of capillary discharge and the data from literature, we deduced an experiential expression of ion-ized degree of Ar plasma in capillary discharge by analogy method. With the first set of capillary discharge EUVL source demonstrative device in China, the spectra of Ar plasma was studied. It was found from experiment that either 30 Pa Ar gas discharged by peak pulse current of -28 kA or 40 Pa Ar gas discharged by peak pulse current of -34 kA could produce Ar7+ ion. While the simulating results showed that it was necessary for the 30 Pa and 40 Pa Ar gas to be ionized to Ar7+ ion by peak pulse current of 24.4 - 39 kA and 32.7 - 52.3 kA respectively. These results proved that the experien- tial expression had some definite practical significance.
Impact of Ar Pressure on Capillary Discharge Soft X-Ray Laser Output

, 王骐
Modern Physics (MP) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/MP.2013.31004
Abstract: Ar气气压是毛细管放电软X光激光研究中的关键参量,其对激光的产生机理和输出等发挥重要的作用。本文通过系统地研究Ar气气压对激光输出的影响,发现当Ar气气压从38 Pa升高到65 Pa时,激光信号的最大输出值确实从~17 V提高到~18.4 V。但前提条件是适当地增大预脉冲电流,并适当地延长预–主脉冲延时,使主脉冲电流能够更充分地利用良好的预电离等离子体状态,获得增益系数较大的激光介质。这些研究工作对进一步优化放电参量,提高激光的输出功率等具有重要的意义。
Ar pressure was such a key parameter in capillary discharge soft X-ray laser research that it played important role in generating mechanism and output and so on of laser. Through systemic investigation of the impact of Ar pressure on laser output in this article, it was found that the maximum output of laser signal had really been increased from ~17 V to ~18.4 V when Ar pressure went up from 38 Pa to 65 Pa. But the prerequisite was to increase the pre-current pulse and to prolong the delay time between pre- and main-current pulse properly which could make the main-current pulse utilize the better state of pre-ionized plasma adequately and obtain the laser medium with larger gain coefficient. These research works had important significance in optimizing the discharge parameter further and improving the output power of laser and so on.
Strategies of Pragmatic Distance Employed in English Writing by Non-English Majors

赵军, 小丽
Modern Linguistics (ML) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/ML.2015.31002
The situation of English writing by non-English majors is difficult to handle, with some being good and some bad. The flexible processing of pragmatic distance in English writing between authors and readers to ensure the effective pragmatic communication deserves much thought. The appropriate use of strategies of pragmatic distance employed in English writing has a direct impact on writing performance. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze how to use relevance theory to interpret strategies of pragmatic distance employed in English writing, and to find out whether there is a certain relationship between the strategic use of pragmatic distance and gender, thus providing a reference for the research to improve English writing proficiency of non-English majors.
Demonstrative References of this and that in College English Speeches

小丽, 赵军
Modern Linguistics (ML) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/ML.2015.32008
Demonstrative reference is a common means of cohesion in discourse. Based on Cohesion Theory by Halliday and Hasan, the paper is aimed at exploring the use of this and that as a means of deixis and reference in college English speeches from the perspective of discourse cohesion to achieve a more effective analysis and appreciation of English speeches.
中国沙漠 , 2007,
Abstract: 通过对以往一些野外观测事实分析,发现在极端干旱荒漠区的晴天热力大气边界层厚度远远超出了以往在其他地区发现的热力大气边界层厚度,由此提出了荒漠地区超常厚度大气热力边界层现象。并且,讨论了控制大气热力边界层形成和发展的主要物理因素,还对极端干旱荒漠地区这种超常厚度大气热力边界层现象进行了理论分析和解释,初步认为地表白天强烈加热和夜间快速冷却是极端干旱荒漠区出现超常厚度大气热力边界层的最根本原因。
- , 2013,
Abstract: 淮安开挖运河的历史可上溯到徐偃王时代。运河淮安段是京杭大运河申报世界文化遗产的重要组成部分。运河淮安段的物质与非物质文化遗产的遗存超过了运河沿线的其他地区或城市。具体地讲,主要有四个方面构成:一是航道及水利工程遗存; 二是运河沿岸城镇及相关的文化遗存; 三是运河沿线的非物质文化遗产; 四是运河沿岸的人文景观和自然景观。千百年来,运河淮安段的文化遗存作为一种独特的文化形态不但没有因运河的兴衰和社会的变迁消亡,反而以其坚韧的生命力顽强地保留和延续下来。然而,在工业化和现代化的进程中,这些文化的遗存正遭受严重的破坏。深入地思考这一文化现象,以积极的态度对其进行评估,不但有利于对其文化遗产实施有效的保护,更重要的是可以纠正经济建设中的偏差。
The history of canal construction in Huaian can be traced back to the period of King Xu Yan. As an important part of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal which is now applying for the World Cultural Heritage, the Huaian section has more remains of tangible and intangible cultural heritages than other sections along the canal. To be specific, the cultural heritage of Huaian section consists of the following four aspects: 1)the remains of the channel and hydraulic engineering constructions; 2)the cultural remains of the towns along the canal; 3)the intangible cultural heritage along the canal; 4)the human and natural landscapes along the canal. Over hundreds of years, these remains did not decline with the canal’s rise and fall or the social changes, but instead kept their unique cultural forms with great vitality. However, during the process of industrialization and modernization, those remains are suffering serious damage. All this provokes our deep thinking and requires us to take a positive attitude when assessing the value of the canal, which will surely help protect this cultural heritage effectively and correct the deviations in economic construction
An Analysis on Transportation Carbon Emission Efficiency of “the Silk Road Economic Belt” in China——Based on Luenberger Productivity Index Method

- , 2018,
Abstract: 为测算“丝绸之路经济带”中国段交通运输碳排放效率,基于Luenberger生产率指数法,构建加权Russell方向性距离函数指数包络分析等模型,并对全要素生产率增长指数进行分解。结果显示:2004-2017年西北地区交通运输碳排放非效率值逐年增加,交通运输低碳发展效率较低;交通运输碳排放全要素生产率增长指数大多为正值,地区差异较大;2010年以来,各地交通运输碳排放的技术效率与技术进步因素共同促进了交通运输碳排放全要素生产率增长,但是技术进步增长较慢,贡献率偏低。
In order to measure the growth of the efficiency of the transportation carbon emissions under the influence of many factors in the northwest of China of “the Silk Road Economic Belt” ,the decomposition model of total factor productivity growth of carbon emissions in transportation industry was constructed based on Luenberger Productivity Index method,this paper analyzed the carbon emission inefficiency of the transportation industry,the calculations showed that the five provinces had obvious differences in the transportation carbon emission intensity, carbon emission inefficiency and TFP growth from 2004 to 2017. Most of the total factor productivity growth index of transportation carbon emissions was positive, the regional differences were obvious. The two factors of technical efficiency and technological progress contributed to the growth of the TFP in transportation carbon emissions since 2010; however, compared with technological efficiency, the technical progress growth was slower, the technical progress had a low contribution rate to total factor productivity growth of the transportation carbon emissions.
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