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Drazin inverse of linear combination of two idempotent matrices

曹秋红,谢 涛,<br>CAO Qiuhong,XIE Tao,ZUO Kezheng
- , 2018,
Abstract: 利用幂等矩阵的性质及Drazin逆的定义, 证明了两个不同的非零幂等矩阵P,Q的线性组合aP+bQ(其中a,b∈,a,b≠0)在条件mP=m下存在Drazin逆, 并且给出其Drazin 逆的计算公式.
Invertibility of the combination of two idempotent matrices which products is idempotent matrix

曹元元,,熊 瑶<br>CAO Yuanyuan,ZUO Kezheng,XIONG Yao
- , 2017,
Abstract: 利用幂等矩阵的性质及两个幂等矩阵的和与差的可逆性,研究了两个幂等矩阵P,Q在条件(PQ)2=PQ下,它们的组合T=aP+bQ+cPQ+dQP+ePQP+fQPQ+g(QP)2,(a,b,c,d,e,f,g∈?,ab≠0)的可逆性,并给出它的求逆公式.

罗高骏,,周良<br>罗高骏, , 周 良
- , 2015,
Abstract: 利用矩阵的Σ-K-L分解,研究了广义投影算子(A2=A*)和超广义投影算子(A2=A+)的性质,得到了一些新的特征,这些结论推广了Baksalary的有关结果.

谢涛, 朱小琨, <br>谢 涛, 朱小琨,
- , 2015,
Abstract: 构造了有限域F23k(k≥1)上一类二项式函数, 利用有限域上单变元方程化为多变元方程组的方法证明了该函数是差分均匀度为2t(t≥1)的置换.由此得到一类APN置换和4-差分置换, 并发现该两类低差分置换是已有结果的推广.
Some new characterizations of generalized and hypergeneralized projectors

罗高骏,周良,<br>LUO Gao-jun, ZHOU Liang, ZUO Ke-zheng
- , 2016, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2015.114
Abstract: 摘要: 运用矩阵的ΣKL分解及相关矩阵的特征,研究了广义投影算子(A2=A*)和超广义投影算子(A2=A?)的性质,得到了一些新的刻画,这些结果推广了Baksalary的相关结果。
Abstract: The paper mainly uses the decomposition of the ΣKL of the matrix to give several new characteristics of generalized projectors(A2=A*)and hypergeneralized projectors(A2=A?), which generalized some related results of Baksalary
The new properties of core inverse of matrices

罗高骏, , 周良<br>LUO Gao-jun, ZUO Ke-zheng, ZHOU Liang
- , 2015, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2014.403
Abstract: 摘要: 利用矩阵的Σ-K-L分解,研究了Core逆的性质,得到了Core逆的一些新特征,给出了Core逆的一些充要条件.
Abstract: Several new properties and characteristics of core inverse,the necessary and sufficient conditions of core inverse are given by the decomposition of Σ-K-L of the matrix
- , 2015,
关于两个幂等矩阵组合群逆的探讨 Discussions on the Group Inverses of Combinations of Two Idempotent Matrices
- , 2018,
Abstract: 运用矩阵零空间的性质证明了复数域上两个不同的非零幂等矩阵P,Q的组合a_1P+b_1Q+a_2PQ+b_2QP+…+a_(2n-1)(PQ)~(n-1 )P+b_(2n-1)(QP)~(n-1 )Q+a_(2n)(PQ)~n(其中a_1,b_1,…,b_(2n-1),a_(2n)∈C,a_1,b_1≠0)在条件(QP)~n=0(n≥2)下的秩与系数的选取无关,进而证明了其群逆存在.另外,还得到了组合aP+bQ+cPQ+dQP在条件(QP)~n=0下的群逆表达式

- , 2015,
Abstract: 本文研究了四个三幂等阵线性组合的可逆性及群逆.利用矩阵分解的方法,获得了它们可逆及群逆的一些条件,并得到其逆和群逆的计算公式,这些结论完善了k幂等阵可逆性理论.
In this paper, some conditions for the nonsingularity and group inverses of linear combinations of four tripotent matrices is mainly established. By using the method of matrix decomposition, we obtain some formulae for the inverses and group inverses of them, which perfects the theory of nonsingularity of linear combinations of k-potent matrices
中国晚前寒武纪 Pseudogymnosolenidae

LIANG Yu-zuo,CAO Rui-ji,ZHANG Lu-yi,QIU Shu-yu,XIAO Zong-zheng,DU Ru-lin,CAO Ren-guan,BU De-an,ZHU Shi-xing,GAO Zhen-jia,<br>梁玉,曹瑞骥,张录易,邱树玉,肖宗,杜汝霖,曹仁关,卜德安,朱士兴,高振家
地球学报 , 1983,
Abstract: A new group of stromatolites-Pseudogymnosolen which occurs in thelower member of Wumishan Formation, Jixian System, was reported first in1974 from the stratotype section of Upper Precambrian in Jixian County,North China (Cao Ruiji and Liang Yuzuo, 1974). The members of this groupwere discovered in recent years in many other regions at home. A numberof new groups of stromatolites which both resemble Pseudogymnosolen in morphological feature and bear distinct difference were discovered at thesame time. The authors consider that the original Pseudogymnosolen (Correspond to genus) ought to be promoted to Pseudogymnosolenidae (Correspondto family) because of sufficient evidence. These Pseudogymnosolenidae takestable shape of columns and part of the columns themselves are formed bya series of closely linked pseudo-columns. Therefore their position of classification should belong to columnar-stratiform stromatolites. Since they aresmall columns (diameter of the columns commonly<1cm) and frequentlyparallel or slightly divergent, they can be differentiated prominently withthe other stromatolites of the columnar-stratiform kind. In the Yanshan area,part of this supergroup is fromed by black chert, in which well preserved microflora belonging to Eomycetopsis Schopf, Animikiea Barghoorn, RhicnoemaHofmann and some straight filaments were found. It has proved that theseblue-green algae take part in the process of formation. Based on the materials at hand, Pseudogymnosolen identified as this supergroup contains nine groups and about thirty-eight forms, distributed innine provinces and more than ten localities (Fig.1,). They occur in stablehorizon with isotopic time-range 1200-1400 m.y..The minority of this supergroup might present in the lower Proterozoic era, but we have not foundany from the rock younger than 1200 m. y. .Therefore it is the important fossiliferous evidence of the Wumishan Formation, Jixian System. The materials studied in China indicate that Pseudogymnosolenidae is asuseful in stratigraphic division and correlation of Precambrian as other columnar stromatolites and it is playing an important role in stratigraphic division and correlation of those such as Kunyang, Liaohe and Shinagan groupsthat have been discussed. Scholars of U. S. S. R, Australia, France and India had been engaged widely in studying biostratigraphy of stromatolites in Precambrian from theearly 60's to 70's and published a great many memoirs and treatises,but theirmain object was concentrated on researching into bigger columnar stromatoliteswhile the study of small columnar-stratiform stromatolites was neglected.They did not pay enough attention to the potential biostratigraphic significance, though a few of them did describe occasionally the stromatoliteswhich resemble Pseudogymnosolidae in shape. This paper reports briefly our achievements in recent years. We hopethat it will attract the wide attention of scholars at home and abroad.Weshall discuss togerther the real value
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