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Tomography inversion arithmetic for stochastic disturbance in media

地球物理学进展 , 2009,
Abstract: Tomography inversion was largely deteriorated by background media stochastic disturbance. Considering the stochastic disturb of the study area, an Autocorrelation Smooth Method(ASM) was introduced into computer tomography, which successfully extended pre-restriction from mean values to variances, mean values,and autocorrelation coefficients etc. The ASM stochastic computer tomography can suppress high-frequency disturbance and improve inversion precision. Engineering examples of electromagnetic tomography exploration to karst cares show that when the traditional tomography method could not get logical interpretation , ASM could still get reasonable geological profiles.
The Philosophy of Geotechnical Engineering (I): Basic Concepts

强辉, 李晓
Hans Journal of Civil Engineering (HJCE) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/HJCE.2016.53008
Geotechnical engineering is full of uncertainty and complexity, so there are different degrees of risk and challenge and full of philosophical proposition. Consequently, it asks us to study the relationship of geotechnical engineering and philosophy and to research geotechnical engineering problems from the philosophy point of view. On the basis of analysis and understanding of the predecessors' research results, applying the viewpoints of Marxist philosophy and absorbing the results of engineering philosophy, from the influence of the modern science and technology revolution to geotechnical engineering, based on the scientific philosophy of geotechnical engineering such as systemic thinking, creative thinking and comprehensive thinking, a new discipline about the philosophy and methodology of geotechnical engineering called “Philosophy of geotechnical engineering” was put forward for the first time, and the related basic concepts were discussed deeply.
电子学报 , 2009,
Abstract: 非线性系统、弱的驱动信号和适量的噪声:在一定条件下,三者的相互协作使得噪声在一定程度上能够对信号起到增强的作用,这种反常的现象被定义为随机共振.本文以信号的估计与检测为主线,分析了推动随机共振应用发展的信息学与生物学背景,综述了随机共振在工程信号处理方面的最新进展,深入的介绍了一些模型以及存在的问题,并指出了进一步研究的方向.

- , 2017,
Abstract: 在中国,社区治理位于国家治理体系的末梢,是国家治理的基石,关乎国家治理能力与治理体系现代化的基层基础。国家力量、社会组织、市场力量与居民等多元主体都参与社区治理,形成社区治理的多元互动局面。国家力量是社区治理的主导性要素。社区治理是从单位中国到社区中国国家治理转型的缩影。社区中国的到来,要求国家治理的重心下沉到社区,转型中国的社区治理是国家治理与社会治理的缩小,国家治理与社会治理是社区治理的放大。社会组织参与社会治理达成社区治理专业化。企业依凭自身的专业技能、组织团队、参与式方法与创意,通过两类原理、三种要素、八大路径、四类机制参与社区治理,使中国的社区治理出现从依靠“居委会大妈”的个体经验治理向借助社会组织的专业化治理的方向转变。市场力量参与社区治理达成社区治理公益化。企业通过“进”城乡社区与“建”城乡社区的方式,将企业的各项资源投入社区,使资本在社区发生公益化“大转型”,在深度与广度上促使社区治理的提升。居民参与社区治理达成社区治理参与化。居民通过制度维度的“三驾马车”与空间维度的“楼组自治”,以居民公约为基础,借助议事会、评议会、听证会、协调会等制度载体,逐步完善社区治理体系。社区治理的三大取向使其最终向社区善治迈进。
Abstract:In China, community governance is one of the lowest ranked locations through the whole governance system, but the cornerstone of state governance and the foundation of governance capability and modernization. National power, social organization, marketing forces and resident groups all contribute to the pluralistic situation of the community governance. National power plays a leading role. Community governance is a miniature of state governance from Danwei China to Community China. Community China demands that the government should focus on communities in order to narrow the gap between state and society. To some extent, state governance is the amplificatory community governance. Social organizations participate in the community governance so that it becomes more and more professional. Enterprises also become one of them through their own professional skills, organization groups and creative ideas. Combining with two principles, three elements, eight ways and four mechanisms, the community governance in China began to change from individual experience which is dependent on social worker in communities to special governance on social organizations. Marketing forces contribute to the charity of community governance. By going into and building urban and rural communities, enterprises spread all their sources into communities, which makes a big difference and improve the quality of community governance both in depth and scope. Residents endeavor to complete the system of community governance through institution and action, which bases on “resident pact” such as council, senate, hearing and coordination meeting.All three steps make community governance better.

- , 2018,
Abstract: 政治社会化理论关注微观个体形成政治价值、身份认同和宏观政治体系传递意识形态的过程,其关注点是政治体系的稳定与持续。政治社会化理论也存在如何跨越微观-宏观之间的理论困境:如何解释个体和群体的反政治社会化行为。植入身份认同的筛选机制,可以使政治社会化理论解释微观个体的反政治社会化行为;借鉴广义制度变迁理论,从其五个阶段进行整体思考,可以解释个体反政治社会化行为克服集体行动困境从而赢得制度制定权并创建新制度、复制新制度,并最终实现新制度的稳定化,这可以使政治社会化理论解释群体的反政治社会化行为导致的宏观层面的制度变迁。关注身份认同和制度制定权,政治社会化理论可以打通微观-宏观之间的理论鸿沟,从而完善其对个体与群体反政治社会化行为的解释机制。
The theory of political socialization focuses on the stability and continuity of political system,including the process of microscopic observation of an individual’s acquisition of his political values andidentity and the transmission of ideology by the macro political system. However, this theory faces a theoreticaldifficulty in bridging the gap between the micro and the macro perspectives: i.e. how to explain the antipoliticalsocializations by the individual and by the collective. The theory of political socialization will explainindividual’s anti-political behavior if it is implanted with the mechanism of identity; it will also explain thecollective’s anti-political behavior if it incorporates the five steps of the general theory of institutional change.Combining identity with power to establish institution, the theory of political socialization can bridge the gapbetween the micro and the macro political systems, thus improving its interpretative mechanism for explainingboth the individual’s and the collective’s anti-political actions
- , 2016, DOI: 10.16118/j.1008-0392.2016.02.010
Abstract: 目的探讨外周血白细胞(white blood cell, WBC)计数与代谢综合征(metabolic syndrom, MS)各心血管危险因子的相关性。方法 采用随机整群抽样方法,对崇明县城桥镇40~70岁3249名常住居民进行调查,内容包括问卷调查、体格检查、75g葡萄糖口服耐量试验、血常规和血脂、血糖、尿酸(uric acid,UA)、谷丙转氨酶(alanine aminotransferase, ALT)等生化检查。分析WBC升高与收缩压(systolic blood pressure, SBP)、舒张压(diastolic blood pressure,DBP)、腰围(waist circumference,WC)、血糖、血脂、UA、尿微量白蛋白(urinary microalbumin, UmAlb)、ALT的关系。结果 参与体检者3249名,资料填写齐全者共3149名,占应调查人群的96.92%,占崇明地区人口64.45/万,其中男性921名(29.25%),女性2228名(70.75%),平均年龄(55.62±7.92)岁。按是否有MS,分为MS组(1160例)和对照组(1898例)。MS组WBC计数明显高于对照组。WBC计数与不同MS心血管危险因子比较,随着MS代谢组分增多,WBC计数逐渐升高(F=33.986,P<0.0001)。Logistic回归分析显示WBC升高与WC、空腹血糖(fasting blood glucose, FPG)、餐后2h血糖(2h plasma glucose,2hPG)、SBP、DBP、高密度脂蛋白胆固醇(high density lipoprotein, HDL-C)、三酰甘油(triglyeride,TG)、UA有显著相关性(P<0.0001)。结论 作为炎症因子的WBC与MS心血管危险因子有较强的相关性,WBC参与了MS的慢性炎症过程。
Objective To study the association of white blood cell(WBC) count with metabolic syndrome(MS) and its cardiovascular risk factors. Methods A cross-sectional survey with multiple stage stratified cluster and random sampling were performed. All residents aged from 40 to 70 were invited to participate the survey in Chengqiao Township of Chongming County. Questionnaire, physical examination, serum lipid-profile, 75 g oral glucose tolerance test and routine blood test were performed in all subjects. The association of WBC count with MS and its risk factors was analyzed. Results A total of 3249 residents participated the survey accounting for 64.45/10000 of total residents in Chongming County. Of the 3149 residents surveyed, 921 were males(29.25%) and 2228 were females(70.75%). The mean age of the participants was(55.62±7.92) years and ranged from 40-70 years. Among all subjects 1160 were diagnosed as MS and 1898 as non-MS(control group). The level of the WBC count was significantly higher in MS group than that in control group. With a increasing numbers of cardiovascular risk factors, white blood cell count also raised(F=33.986, P<0.0001). Logistic regression analysis showed that WC, FPG, 2hPG, SBP, DBP, HDL-C, TG, UA were positively correlated with WBC(P<0.0001). Conclusion The WBC count, as a classic inflammatory marker, is correlated with MS and its cardiovascular risk factors
Influence of Structure on Superconductivity in Iron-Based Superconductors by Doping or under Pressure

王少, , 周杰, 张莉
Advances in Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) , 2012, DOI: 10.12677/CMP.2012.11001
According to the various classes of crystal structure of iron-based superconductors, the influence of structure on superconductivity is mainly discussed by doping or under pressure. The structural facts which influence the super- conductivity are summarized and the important significance in theory and practice is also discussed.
Effect of Plant Physiological Ecology Factors on the Formation of Metalliferous Deposit Biogeochemical Anomaly

慈安, , 良奇, 杨仲平
Advances in Geosciences (AG) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/AG.2014.46042
We studied the characteristics of biogeochemical anomaly and plant cell microscopic features by chemical spectroscopy and transmission electron microscope in several gold deposits and lead zinc deposits, Guangxi. Through this study we found that biogeochemical anomaly in the mining area has obvious internal identity with soil geochemical anomaly in material quantity and quality, the plant grown in mining area has two physiological ecology characteristics which are stress absorption and shielding effects, and a large number of metal aggregates appear on the cells of plant grown in ore deposits soil, and they subside in cell vacuole or along cell wall and film border, making internal structure of the cells be subjected to a certain degree of damage. A high metal content of environment and plant stress absorption/shielding effects is external and internal factors of biogeochemical anomaly formation, and toxicity to plant caused by general biogeochemical anomaly may only reach the level of cell or tissue. The metal amounts of the plant body in mining area is the aggregation amounts when shielding-effect is still working and plant organ or individual damage has not yet occurred. Mechanisms of accumulation or tolerance of metal in plant body are mainly cell compartmentalization or cell wall fixation, and plant’s tolerance amount can be roughly estimated through the analytical results of metal aggregates in the plant cells by energy spectrometer or the maximum or lower value of biogeochemical anomaly.
自然科学进展 , 2002,
Abstract: 论述了微囊藻的分子进化,以生化组成和细胞学特征为基础的各种分类方法;探讨了微囊藻基因组的限制性内切障碍,总结了目前为止微囊藻基因克隆中所采用的方法;系统归纳了微囊藻毒素合成酶基因的研究进展,指出了开展微囊藻分子遗传学的研究的重要性.
工程力学 , 2000,
Abstract: 用能量法对顶部自由、底部嵌固桩在顶部集中荷载和桩侧摩阻力作用下的竖向稳定性问题进行了研究。对于部分埋置于Winkler地基中的桩,首先建立了桩的受力模型,根据边界条件给出了桩的挠曲函数,导出了系统总势能的表达式;然后根据最小势能原理推导了求解失稳问题的计算公式,用数值方法求得了桩的临界长细比(λcr)的数值解,通过对数值解的分析,最后得到了简捷易用的λcr近似计算公式;最后给出了算例,计算表明:地基的抗力对λcr有重要影响,当地基的抗力较大时,桩侧摩阻力对λcr影响甚小。
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