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Design of fuzzy neural network heading controller for unmanned surface vehicles

赵东明,柳 欣, <br>ZHAO Dongming,LIU Xin,ZHOU Hao
- , 2018,
Abstract: 针对常规PID控制器在无人艇航向控制系统中表现出抗干扰能力弱,控制精度低等问题,本文提出了一种应用模糊神经网络算法的航向控制器设计方法.首先通过神经网络分类回归确定隶属度函数,然后经由模糊控制在线整定PID控制器KP、KI、KD三个参数,确保对无人艇航向的实时控制.仿真结果表明,该控制器满足航向控制所需的实时性,具有控制精度高和鲁棒性好的特点,并且提高了无人艇在复杂环境中的自适应能力.
Fabrication of a High-Performance Solenoid Microinductor

Fang Dongming,Zhou Yong,Zhao Xiaolin,<br>方东明,,赵小林
半导体学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 利用MEMS技术制作了高性能的空芯螺线管型射频微机械电感.这种微电感采用铜线圈以减小线圈寄生电阻,整个微电感的面积是880μm×350μm,与平面螺旋型微电感相比,有效地节省了芯片面积.测试结果表明,微电感在较宽的工作频率范围内具有高Q值,微电感最大Q值为38(@6GHz),对应的电感量为1.82nH.
A Tunable Micromechanical Capacitor Driven by Electrostatic Force

Fang Dongming,Fu Shi,Zhou Yong,Zhao Xiaolin,<br>方东明,付世,,赵小林
半导体学报 , 2007,
Abstract: A radio frequency(RF) tunable micromechanical capacitor with a high quality factor driven by the electrostatic force was fabricated using simple MEMS technology.The surface profile and the displacement of the variable capacitor at different values of applied voltage are measured by using a WYKO NT1100 optical surface profiler.The measured results show that the pull-in voltage is 13.5V,the tuning ratio of the capacitor is 13.1:1,and the quality factor and the capacitance are 51.6 and 0.79pF at 1GHz,respectively.

Wang Qingbin,Zhao Dongming,Sun Wen,Zhou Rui,<br>王庆宾,赵东明,孙文,
大地测量与地球动力学 , 2011,
Abstract: The self-consistency problem of the point mass model method for approximating the Earth's external gravity field is discussed.Considering the fact that the disturbing gravity cannot be obtained through direct measurement at altitudes above the Earth's surface,a solution which made for studying the approximation accuracy of the point mass model method is proposed.That a test of internal and external consistency accuracy based on the ground and airborne gravity observations of Australia was made.Numerical res...

Dongming Zhao,<br>李松涛,张长水,荣钢,边肇祺,Dongming Zhao
自动化学报 , 2002,
Abstract: 1 引言深度图像数据直接反映了景物表面的三维几何信息 ,因而得到了计算机视觉研究人员的关注 .在深度图像的三维表面分析中 ,包含有丰富几何形状信息的表面局部特征 ,如法向矢量 ,高斯曲率等 ,对于分析和描述三维表面特性非常重要 .用模板法可以提取这些特征 ,但其抗噪声能力差1 ] .曲面拟合是另一条思路 .通过拟合三维表面再计算表面几何特征 .文献2 ,3 ]研究了两种方法拟合三维表面 ,抗噪声能力也不好 .一般来说 ,深度图像数据根据等角测距原理获得 ,因而不是等网格间距深度数据 .美国Perceptron公司提供了一种深度数据 :非等网格深…
A low power CMOS 3.3 Gbps continuous-time adaptive equalizer for serial link

Ju Hao,Zhou Yumei,Zhao Jianzhong,<br>巨,玉梅,赵建中
半导体学报 , 2011,
Abstract: This paper describes a high speed continuous-time analog adaptive equalizer as the front-end of receiver for high speed serial interface, which is compliant to many serial communication specifications such as USB2.0, PCI-E2.0, Rapid IO. The low and high frequency loops are merged to decrease the effect of delay between the two paths, in addition, the infinite input impedance facilitate the cascade stages to improve the boosting gain of high frequency. The implemented circuit architecture could facilitate the wide frequency range from 1Gbps to 3.3Gbps with different length FR4-PCB traces, which brings as much as 25dB loss. The replica control circuits are injected to give a convenient way to regulate common-mode voltage for full differential operation, besides, the ac coupling are adopted to suppress the common input from the forward stage. A prototype chip was fabricated in 0.18-um 1P6M mixed-signal CMOS technology. The actual area is 0.6 0.57 mm2, the analog equalizer operates up to 3.3Gbps over FR4-PCB trace with 25dB loss. The overall power dissipation is approximately 23.4mW.
Application of Independent Component Analysis on Noisy Image Separation

ZHOU Wei dong,ZHAO Hao,PENG Yu hua,<br>卫东,,彭玉华
中国图象图形学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 独立分量分析(independent component analysis,ICA)是基于信号高阶统计量的盲源分离方法。在分析独立分量分析的基本模型及方法的基础上,讨论了有噪信号的独立分量分析(Noisy ICA),利用小波阈值去噪和FastICA算法进行了有噪混合图像分离的仿真研究。结果表明,对于含有加性观测噪声的混合图像的分离,先去噪处理再进行独立分量分离的效果要优于独立分量分离后再去噪的效果。
Modeling and Simulation of the Microstructure Evolution of the Gas-atomized Alloy Droplets during Spray Forming
Jiuzhou ZHAO,Dongming LIU,Hengqiang YE,<br>JiuzhouZHAO,DongmingLIU,HengqiangYE
材料科学技术学报 , 2003,
Abstract: In order to understand the solidification process of an atomized droplet and predict the fraction solidification of droplets with flight distance during spray forming, a numerical model based on the population dynamics approach is developed to describe the microstructure evolution under the common action of the nucleation and growth of grains. The model is coupled with droplets heat transfer controlling equations and solved for AI-4.5 wt pct Cu alloy. It is demonstrated that the numerical results describe the solidification process well.
A DNA length reducing computing model for maximum independent set problem

Cheng Zhang,Jing Yang,Jin Xu,DongMing Zhao,<br>
科学通报(英文版) , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, a new molecular computing model is developed to solve the maximum independent set problem, based on the method of DNA length reducing. To solve the maximum independent set problem with n-vertices and m-edges, the time complexity is O(n+m). With the enlargement of the problem scale, the numbers of the required tubes will increase linearly. Two important methods in this experiment are single strand DNA (ssDNA) circularization and DNA length reducing. In addition, using reverse polymerase chain ...
An Improved Angle Polishing Method for Measuring Subsurface Damage in Silicon Wafers
Huo Fengwei,Kang Renke,Guo Dongming,Zhao Fuling,Jin Zhuji,<br>Huo Fengwei,Kang Renke,Guo Dongming,Zhao Fuling,Jin Zhuji
半导体学报 , 2006,
Abstract: We present an improved angle polishing method in which the end of the cover slice near the glue layer is beveled into a thin,defect-free wedge,the straight edge of which is used as the datum for measuring the depth of subsurface damage.The bevel angle can be calculated from the interference fringes formed in the wedge.The minimum depth of the subsurface damage that can be measured by this method is a few hundred nanometers.Our results show that the method is straightforward,accurate,and convenient.
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