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硅酸盐学报 , 1963,
The Research on Knowledge Employees’ Career Self-Management

Advances in Psychology (AP) , 2012, DOI: 10.12677/ap.2012.21002
Abstract: 当今社会,职业生涯的责任已经从组织向个人转化,因此职业生涯的自我管理成为一个非常重要的话题。作者提出知识型人才职业生涯自我管理的前因变量和结果变量,通过170份问卷调查和访谈,对研究假设进行了验证。结果发现:工作伦理和成就需求影响了知识型人才的职业生涯自我管理,而职业生涯的自我管理可以预测职业承诺和职业满意。该研究证实了职业生涯自我管理的价值。
Much of the responsibility for managing careers is shifting from employers to adaptive and pro- active employees, like knowledge employees. The paper focused on the knowledge employees’ self-mana- gement career. The hypotheses were tested using data collected from 170 knowledge employees. The study found the two variables, which is need for achievement and work Ethic were positively related to subsequent career self-management behaviors, which led both directly and indirectly to career satisfaction and career commitment.
Existence and Multiplicity of Positive Solutions for a Fourth-Order Two-Point Boundary Value Problem

Pure Mathematics (PM) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/PM.2013.36053
In this paper, using the lower and upper solution methods and the topological degree theory, we study the fourth-order two-point boundary value problem\"\" ,\"\" , \"\" ,\"\"with nonhomogeneous boundary condition, where >0 is a parameter,\"\". Under a weaker condition on
Research Reviews of the China’s Urbanization Development

World Economic Research (WER) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/WER.2015.42002
China’s urbanization is an important systemic problem influencing China’s economic and social development. Urbanization in China has entered a new stage of development, and a comprehensive combing for China’s urbanization development history and policy is necessary. The paper sorts out the current studies of some important fields such as the optimal size of the city, urban space layout, etc. Now the influence of technology in the current study of urban is weak, so researchers should pay attention to the impact of technological development to urbanization, so as to do valuable research for development planning of the smart city currently.
The Decadal Shift between October to December Typhoon Activity over the Western North Pacific

Climate Change Research Letters (CCRL) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/CCRL.2016.52014
本文基于日本气象厅区域专业气象中心-东京台风中心(Regional Specialized Meteorological Center-Tokyo Typhoon Center, Japan Meteorological Agency)的热带气旋资料和欧洲中尺度天气预报中心(European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts)的再分析资料,在前人的研究基础上,对西北太平洋10~12月期间台风活动对大尺度环境因子年代际突变的响应进行了讨论,并且通过台风数量和相关大尺度环境因素的分析,对其影响机制进行了比较详细的阐述。分析西北太平洋1980~2013年10~12月生成的台风,与1980~1994年相比,10~12月的台风数量在1995~2013年期间显著减少。分析发现热带气旋最大潜在强度的年代际变化是导致1995~2013年西北太平洋热带气旋潜在生成指数(Genesis Potential Index, GPI)减少的最主要因素,1995年后西北太平洋SST异常场呈La Ni?a形态,导致热带气旋最大潜在强度(The Maximum Tropical Cyclone Potential Intensity, MPI)增大,但在热带气旋的发展过程中过早受到西边界的影响使得增强为台风的热带气旋减少。突变后垂直风切变增强造成西北太平洋东南部的动力条件不利于台风生成,这都是造成台风突变减少的原因。分析还发现垂直风切变主要对西北太平洋东南部的台风活动造成影响。
Based on the data sets of Regional Specialized Meteorological Center-Tokyo Typhoon Center, Japan Meteorological Agency and the reanalysis data of European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, this paper demonstrated the decadal shift between October to December (OND) typhoon activity over the Western North Pacific (WNP) during 1980 to 2013, and discussed the response of the OND typhoon activity to decadal shift of the large-scale circulation. Meanwhile, by means of the analysis of typhoon activity and its relative large-scale environmental factors, it brought a detail exposition of its impact mechanisms. We analyzed that the WNP typhoon activity during October to December from 1980 to 2013, compared with that from 1980 to 1994, the typhoon activity during October to December among 1995 to 2013 decreased significantly. We discovered the main factor that led to the decrease of Tropical Cyclone Genesis Potential Index was the decadal shift of The Maximum Tropical Cyclone Potential Intensity. The anomalous SST patterns appear to be a La Ni?a pattern, leading to the increasing of MPI. However, it early affected by the western boundary during tropical cyclones development process so that fewer tropical cyclones enhanced to be typhoon. After 1995, the vertical wind shear and subtropical high to be strengthener, resulting in the southeastern Pacific Northwest dynamic conditions are not conducive to typhoon genesis; all these are the reasons for the decadal shift of typhoon activity. We also found the vertical wind shear mainly affects the eastern part of the Northwest Pacific typhoon activity.
Happiness Education for Primary and Middle School Students under the Guidance of Education Ecological Ideas

Vocational Education (VE) , 2012, DOI: 10.12677/VE.2012.12009


At present, there exists much misunderstanding in the happiness education for primary and middle school students in our country, such as hedonism, utilitarianism, vanity, etc. It will bring about lots of negative effects to the education in our country if these problems can not be solved in time. This article attempts to investigate the happiness education for primary and middle school students from the perspective of education ecology and put forward suggestions to the primary and middle school students so as to they grow up happily.

Research on the Uniform Theories of Calorifics and Electrics of Metals

Modern Physics (MP) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/MP.2013.32014
Abstract: 现有物理学中,热、电理论的概念相似但内涵不同,公式形式相同但物理规律迥异,热、电理论不统一。本文认为,在电压或温差不同条件下,金属中电子移位运动尽管形式不同,但遵循相同的物理规律,热、电规律本质上具有统一性。在此观念基础上,定义“热子”、温度场强度等新概念,重新定义“热阻”、“热流”等概念的物理内涵,重新研究金属的热学规律,揭示出热、电规律的统一性。本文的创新认识,对创建热、电统一理论具有先导作用,并奠定基础。
In the present physics theories, the connotations of concepts (or laws of formulas) of calorifics differ from those of electrics remarkably, though these concepts (or formulas) are similar. The present theories of calorifics and electrics are disunion. In this paper, it considers that position shift of value electrons of metals fellows the same law under the condition of electric different and temperature different, and the theories of calorifics and the theories of elec-trics are uniform essentially. Based on the thought, it re-studies calorifics laws of metals, defining the new concepts of “Thermo-Particle” named “Rezi” and Temperature Field Intensity, re-defining Thermal Resistance and Heat Flow etc., and reveals the uniform-nesses of the theories of calorifics and the theories of electrics. The fresh cognition serves as the beginning of setting up the uniform of metal calorifics and electrics theories and lies the foundation.
Study on the Measures of Transportation Demand Management for Nanjing YOG

Open Journal of Transportation Technologies (OJTT) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/OJTT.2013.23038
This paper begins with the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing during the current and potential traffic demand, argumentation taken during YOG necessity of transportation demand management, and conduct targeted analysis, combined with sessions of the Olympic Games, the first Youth Olympic Games and other major events held during successful implementation of traffic demand management measures and the actual situation in Nanjing, from land-use planning, urban transport planning and traffic management and comprehensive monitoring on three levels of comprehensive YOG should be taken during transport demand management measures for system analysis, the final on traffic demand management measures do Thoughts.
The Influence of Different Gate Oxide Thickness on Carbon Nanotube Transistors

Applied Physics (APP) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/APP.2014.45011

In this thesis, non-equilibrium Green function theory is applied to calculate random-telegraph-signal (RTS) noises caused by a single defect in gate oxide of carbon nanotube field-effect (CNFET) transistors. We investigate systematically how RTS noises depend on gate oxide thickness and discuss the RTS noises with two different situations: a single layer and a composite layer.

The Supply Chain Management Research of the Construction Enterprises in the View of the Financial Cost—An Example of Company G

志峰, 周路
Frontiers of International Accounting (FIA) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/FIA.2014.32002
Construction industry is a pillar industry of our country and occupies a pivotal position in the na-tional economy. With the change of the international financial situation, the influence of the na-tional macroeconomic regulation and control policy and the growing competition in the construc-tion industry, many construction units have been in a state of small profit. If the units want to im-prove their competitiveness, they have to improve the reaction force of the owners, provide high quality building products timely, further strengthen the cost control and improve the level of profit. In this paper, we simply introduce the supply chain management and construction supply chain from the perspective of financial cost. The introduction includes the concept of the supply chain, the structure model and the concept of the construction supply chain management. Then, we give a construction supply chain model whose core is general contracting construction units.
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