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Protective Effects of Eerduiwu Geriletu on Rabbits' Retinal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury

WuRentuya,Bao Hongyan,

世界科学技术-中医药现代化 , 2008,
Abstract: We studied malondialdehyde (MDA) content, SOD activity, and morphological changes in rabbits' retina, after a retinal ischemia- reperfusion (RIR) injury, in an attempt to understand the protective effects of Eerduiwu Geriletu, a Mongolian medicine, on RIR injury. In the study, 60 Japanese white rabbits were randomly divided into 4 groups, including normal, model, Mongolian medicine, and vitamin E groups. A method of elevating intraocular pressure of rabbits up to 110mmHg for 60 minutes was employed to make a retinal ischemia- reperfusion model. MDA content and SOD activity in rabbits' retina were determined at 24 hr,72 hr and 168 hr respectively. Slices were observed under an optical microscope using morphological method. In the model group, retina' s inner nuclear layer became thinner, cells arrangement became disordered, and ganglion cells decreased in number, with the formation of numerous vacuoles, an increased MDA content, and a decreased SOD activity. Above mentioned changes aggravated over time. Comparing with the model group, the vitamin E group has a more thickened inner nuclear layer of retina and ganglion cells layer.On the contrary, cells arranged regularly in the Mongolian medicine group, with a significantly reduced MDA content,though an obviously elevated SOD activity. We believe that Eerduiwu Geriletu can lower down MDA content in retina,and elevate SOD activity. Meanwhile, it can eliminate free radicals, reducing damages to retina tissues, with a protective effect on retinal ischemia- reperfusion injury.
Effects of Fas\Fasl,P53 Protein Expression in Retinal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Treated by Mongolian Medicine Zhen-Bao Pills

Wu Sarina,Wurentuya,

世界科学技术-中医药现代化 , 2011,
Abstract: The study was aimed to explore basic protective effects of retinal ischemia-reperfusion injury and effects on the expression of Fas,Fasl,P53 and apoptosis occured in retinal ischemia-reperfusion injury of rabbit model.Ninety-five healthy rabbits without eye disorders were selected.They were randomly divided into four groups,which are normal control group,ischemia-reperfusion group,Zhen-Bao Pills group,and VE group.According to time after reperfusion,ischemia-reperfusion group,Zhen-Bao Pills group and VE group were further divided in to 1 h,6 h,12 h,24 h,48 h and 72 h subgroup.Rabbit model of experimental retinal ischemia-reperfusion injury was made by increasing intraocular pressure.Then,the sample was processed with HE staining and immunohistochemical(SABC) staining.Histological and ultrastructural changes in retina were observed.Results of SABC staining were analyzed by compute picture analytic system.The result showed no Fas positive cells in the normal retina.Fas expression was gradually increased at 6 h.It reached a peak at 24 h.And then,it decreased at 48 h.Similarly,Fasl expression was at peak from 24 h to 48 h in GCL and INL of retina.And the peak of P53 expression was at 24 h.Then it was decreased gradually at 72 h.Zhen-Bao Pills administered before reperfusion ameliorated the retinal tissue damage.It also diminished Fas,Fasl and P53 expression in retinal ischemia-reperfusion remarkably.Fas expression was obviously decreased at 6 h,12 h,24 h,and 48 h in treatment group.Zhen-Bao Pills decreased Fasl expression at 12 h,24 h,48 h.P53 expression was decreased at 6 h,12 h,24 h,48 h.It is concluded that retinal ischemia-reperfusion injury can cause increasing of Fas\Fasl and P53 protein in retina.Zhen-Bao Pills can inhibit the increasing of Fas\Fasl and P53 protein in retinal ischemia-reperfusion injury.Zhen-Bao Pills have protective effects against retinal ischemia-reperfusion injury.It can be used in the clinical treatment of ischemia-reperfusion injury.
Effects of different fertilizing methods of boron on seed yield and quality of alfalfa

- , 2017,
Abstract: 为研究不同施硼方法对紫花苜蓿种子产量与质量的影响,探索合理的施硼肥措施,以公农1号苜蓿为试验材料,通过田间试验研究沟施(B1,10%的植株开花时施硼砂5.3 kg/hm2)、喷施1次(B2,20%的植株开花时喷施0.70%硼砂)及喷施2次(B3,20%、50%的植株开花时分别喷施0.70%硼砂)对紫花苜蓿的花粉数量、活力、不同时期叶、茎、生殖器官中硼含量、种子产量及质量的影响。结果表明,相对于对照(CK),3种施硼处理均显著(P<0.05)增加种子产量,且喷施处理组种子产量显著(P<0.05)高于B1,但B1种子质量好于喷施处理。B1通过提高结荚率和结实率来增加种子产量;B2通过提高种子重量、种子数量和结荚率来增产,但是影响种子质量;B3通过增加花序数、每花序小花数、每花序荚果数和结荚率来增产,但是增加了不正常种苗数,降低了种子发芽率。B2可以获得最高的苜蓿种子产量,但会对种子质量造成不利影响。因此,最适宜的施硼方法为B3。
To investigate the influence of different application method of boron (B) on seed yield and quality of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) in B deficiency conditions of Chifeng area,field experiment was conducted in 2-year old alfalfa cv Gongnong No.1 treated by furrow and foliar application.For furrow application(B1),5.3 kg Borax/hm2 was applied to the furrows at initial flowering stage.For foliar application,0.70% Borax solution was sprayed once (B2) and twice (B3) during flowering stage.The pollen number and viability,B content,seed yield and quality of alfalfa were compared and investigated to determine the optimal methods for B application in alfalfa seed production.The results showed that all three different application methods of B increased the seed yield of alfalfa,and the foliar application was better than that of B1,but the seed quality of B1 was better than that of foliar application.B1,by increasing pod setting rate and seed setting rate,increased seed yield;B2,by improving the seed number,seed weight and pod setting rate,increased seed yield.However,it reduced the germination percentage and germination potential;B3,by increasing the number of racemes/stem,number of flowers/raceme,number of pods/raceme and pod setting rate,increased seed yield.However,increased the number of dead seeds and decreased the germination rate.B2 obtained the highest alfalfa seed yield,but it adversely affected the quality of the seeds.The results suggested that the optimum B application method of alfalfa for seed production was B3.
草业科学 , 2012,
Abstract: ?在内蒙古赤峰地区对引进国内外的35个紫花苜蓿(Medicagosativa)品种进行田间试验,比较了生长第2年的越冬率及不同茬次的株高、鲜草产量、干草产量、叶茎比等各项农艺性状指标的差异,并通过灰色关联分析综合评价不同苜蓿品种的生产性能。结果表明,在种植第2年,综合评价最优的参试品种是龙牧806,其次是飞马、肇东、龙牧801、公农1号等,这些苜蓿品种均为适宜在赤峰地区推广种植的优良品种,而肇东苜蓿、龙牧系列、公农1号与敖汉苜蓿越冬率相对较高,生产性能在综合评价中表现良好,其全面的特点更适合在赤峰市气候偏冷的北部旗县地区推广应用。

地质学报 , 2013,
Experimental Study on Two and Three Acupoint Combination of Anti-aging Acupoints in Mongolian Moxibustion

Siqintu,Agul,Yu Tianyuan,Wurentuy,Siqin,Wuyungerile,Cheng Yinsong,Baowuyer,Narengerile,
,阿古拉,于天源,,斯 琴,乌云格日乐,陈英松,包伍叶,格日乐

世界科学技术-中医药现代化 , 2010,
Abstract: This study aimed to study Mongolian moxibustion rules for anti-aging through experiments. Based on previous studies, acupoints such as Dinghui, Stomach point, Huoshuai, and Kidney point are used in the study. All 120 Wistar rats were divided into the two-acupoint group and three-acupoint group randomly. D-galactose was used in the establishment of models. The change of indexes, such as weight, SOD, CAT, MDA was observed. The spleen (thymus) index, study ability and memory were also measured. The results showed that there was no obvious difference of the content change of SOD, MDA and CAT between the two-acupoint (Dinghui and Huoshuai) group and the three-acupoint (Dinghui, Huoshuai and Kidney point) group (P>0.05). The SOD was also obviously increased in groups with other combinations (P<0.01). Compared with the model group, the spleen (thymus) index was obviously increased in all groups (P<0.01, or P<0.05). But there was no remarkable difference (P>0.05) comparing with normal control group. There was no obvious difference among the model group with Dinghui-Huoshuai combination, Kidney-Huoshuai combination, and Dinghui-Huoshuai-Kidney combination on the aspect of study ability and memory (P>0.05). The results showed that D-galactose aging model was suitable for the research of screening effective acupoints and combination rules for applying Mongolian moxibustion for anti-aging treatment. The combination contradictions were shown among different combinations with Dinghui, Stomach point, Huoshuai, and Kidney point. This study also provided objective basis for Mongolian moxibustion in anti-aging treatment. It also provided experiences for the mechanism of Mongolian moxibustion.
地理学报 , 2007, DOI: 10.11821/xb200704008
Abstract: 利用蒙、汉、日语多种文献资料就科尔沁近百年的人口变化进行了分析,结果发现一个世纪以来科尔沁人口增加很快,平均人口密度从民国初期的2.40人/km2增加到2000年的39.72人/km2,约为世纪初的17倍;新增人口主要为1949年前的关内流民、1949年中华人民共和国成立后的移民以及移民生育;人口增加最高峰出现在1949年后的计划移民时期,伪满时期的流民则构成了研究区近百年另一个显著的移民高潮;移入人口在科尔沁的分布受距离农区的空间间隔、科尔沁自然环境条件及其变化、城镇化等因素影响,人口密度呈现从科尔沁外围到腹地、从农耕区到农牧交错区和牧区、从城镇到农村牧区逐渐降低的空间分布特征,移入人口成为20世纪科尔沁的农耕主力军。
The Population Change in Horqin in the 20th Century
20 世纪科尔沁的人口变化及其特征分析

WULAN Tuya,WU Dun,NA Yintai,

地理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: This paper analyzes the population change of Horqin in recent 100 years based on the Mongolian, Chinese and Japanese documents. The findings show that the population of Horqin has increased rapidly in recent 100 years. The average population density increased from 2.4 peosons/km2 during the period of the Republic of China to 39.72 peosons/km2 in 2000, 17 times that at the beginning of the 20th century. The increased population is mainly migratory people before 1949, the immigrants and their offsprings after the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. The study area has witnessed two population peaks in recent 100 years. One peak appeared in the planned migration period after 1949, and the other is the migratory people of the Puppet Manchuria State. The distribution of immigrants in Horqin was affected by the distance from agricultural area, natural environment condition of Horqin and its changes, urbanization and so on. Population density has turned out to be in gradual decline in terms of spatial distribution characteristics, from the periphery to the centre of Horqin, from agricultural area to agri-pastoral area and pastoral area, from city to village and pastoral area. The immigrants became the chief peasants of Horqin during the 20th century.
草业科学 , 2010,
Abstract: ?采用TTC法、孢粉染色法及联苯胺—过氧化氢法,从花粉活力、花粉可育性及柱头可授性方面研究了蒙古韭Alliummongolicum、碱韭A.polyrhizum和细叶韭A.tenuissimum3种野生葱属植物的传粉生物学特征。结果表明3种野生葱属植物的花粉活力和可育率均较高,分别为蒙古韭73.40%±2.94%,79.44%±2.83%;碱韭71.23%±4.39%,84.32%±1.63%;细叶韭80.62%±4.11%,70.93%±4.86%。三者花粉活力下降快,花粉寿命约为8h,最佳传粉期为开花后3~4h。三者的柱头均具较高的可授性,可授性持续5d左右,最佳授粉期为2d左右。
Effects of Narenmandula on Sports Fatigue

Burendalai,Hashentuya,Ai Hua,

世界科学技术-中医药现代化 , 2008,
Abstract: We studied the anti - fatigue functionality of Narenmandula, a Mongolia medicine, in the context of loaded swimming time, Hypoxia to Leyance, and heat endurance. Results showthat with the help of the drug, mice have registered a prolonged loaded swimming duration. The experiment group has a hupoxia tolerance and heat endurance that is noticeably higher than the control group.MongolianMedicine ShengYangShiYiWeiWan is, therefore, have an anti- fatigue function.
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