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C2MS: Dynamic Monitoring and Management of Cloud Infrastructures
Gary A. McGilvary,Josep Rius,í?igo Goiri,Francesc Solsona,Adam Barker,Malcolm Atkinson
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: Server clustering is a common design principle employed by many organisations who require high availability, scalability and easier management of their infrastructure. Servers are typically clustered according to the service they provide whether it be the application(s) installed, the role of the server or server accessibility for example. In order to optimize performance, manage load and maintain availability, servers may migrate from one cluster group to another making it difficult for server monitoring tools to continuously monitor these dynamically changing groups. Server monitoring tools are usually statically configured and with any change of group membership requires manual reconfiguration; an unreasonable task to undertake on large-scale cloud infrastructures. In this paper we present the Cloudlet Control and Management System (C2MS); a system for monitoring and controlling dynamic groups of physical or virtual servers within cloud infrastructures. The C2MS extends Ganglia - an open source scalable system performance monitoring tool - by allowing system administrators to define, monitor and modify server groups without the need for server reconfiguration. In turn administrators can easily monitor group and individual server metrics on large-scale dynamic cloud infrastructures where roles of servers may change frequently. Furthermore, we complement group monitoring with a control element allowing administrator-specified actions to be performed over servers within service groups as well as introduce further customized monitoring metrics. This paper outlines the design, implementation and evaluation of the C2MS.
Socio-Semiotic “Reading of the Truth” in the Context of Virtual Communication  [PDF]
Iva Rosanda ?igo, Gordana Tkalec
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2018.61014
The paper deals with specific qualities of communication forms on selected websites (24 sata. hr, Index. hr, The Guardian and The New York Times) in accordance with the theoretical instruments of social semiotics. We find that fundamental principles of this discipline are of paramount importance in trying to explain the significance and influence of media messages on shaping awareness of the world. We have followed poststructuralist semiotic tendencies, and we have tried to emphasize the need for signs to be observed primarily as dynamic formations, as semiotic resources which are used in the process of creating meaning and which represent the cornerstone of multimodal content as the third level of virtual communication on which we basically founded this paper. Furthermore, given the context, the way, the character and the occurrence frequency of the term terrorism on the aforementioned websites in a two-month period, we tried to show how certain topics cross narrower, in this case political issues and become a global interest that simultaneously communicates in several segments and creates a specific sign system that spreads to very different areas of interest by corresponding and managing different areas of knowledge while simultaneously influencing the design of our political, ideological, social and cultural attitudes.
Oral Computer-Mediated Interaction Between L2 Learners: It’s About Time!
Yanguas, í?igo
Language Learning and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: This study explores task-based, synchronous oral computer-mediated communication (CMC) among intermediate-level learners of Spanish. In particular, this paper examines (a) how learners in video and audio CMC groups negotiate for meaning during task-based interaction, (b) possible differences between both oral CMC modes and traditional face-to-face (FTF) communication, and (c) how this oral computer mediated negotiation compares to that found in the text-based CMC literature. Fifteen learner-to-learner dyads were randomly assigned to an audio group, a video group, and a FTF control group to complete a jigsaw task that was seeded with 16 unknown lexical items. Experimental groups used Skype, free online communication software, to carry out the task. The transcripts of the conversations reveal that oral CMC groups do indeed negotiate for meaning in this multimedia context when non-understanding occurs between speakers. In addition, results showed differences in the way audio and video groups carry out these negotiations, which were mainly due to the lack of visual contact in the audio group. No differences were found between video and FTF groups. Furthermore, oral CMC turn-taking patterns were shown to be very similar to FTF patterns but opposite to those found in written synchronous CMC. Oral CMC interaction patterns are shown to be more versatile.
An Alternative Method to Obtain the Quark Polarization of the Nucleon
George Igo
Physics , 2000, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.63.057501
Abstract: An alternate method is described to extract the quark contribution to the spin of the nucleon directly from the first moment of the deuteron structure function, $g^d_1$. It is obtained without recourse to the use of input on the nucleon wave function from hyperon decays involving the flavor symmetry parameters, F and D. The result for the quark polarization of the nucleon, $\Delta\Sigma_ N,$ is in good agreement with the values of the singlet axial current matrix element, $a_0$, obtained from recent next-to-leading order analyses of current proton, neutron and deuteron data.
The Vascular Vegetation Populating the Flora in Building Materials of Historic Monuments Cities of the West Central Region of Morocco  [PDF]
Bouamar Baghdad, A. Taleb, A. Carlo I?igo I?igo, H. El Hadi, M. Dalimi
Open Journal of Ecology (OJE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/oje.2014.49046

In the concern of the preservation of the main historic monuments of the cities of Rabat and Sale (Morocco), a botanical study was conducted in 2009. The prospecting of these monuments allowed raising an inventory of the flora populating their building materials, and it has proved that this flora is rich and diversified. Indeed, it consists of 171 adventitious species distributed in 46 botanical families. The most represented families are Asteraceae, Poaceae, Fabaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Geraniaceae, Brassicaceae and Lamiaceae. They supply, to them only 49.7% of the specific size. The annual therophytes and the dicotyledon are dominant with respectively 66.7% and 84.7% of the specific size. Nevertheless, the presence of more than 20 species of trees and perennials constitutes a serious danger for bulwarks walls, especially by the phenomenon of fissuring by the action of the huge roots of these vegetables. These vegetables fitting into are placed on joints or cracks fissures have a chemical action on stones by acids that they release, and also a mechanical action by the growth of roots inside cracks fissures. They remain one of these are one of the important

Towards the identification of the common features of bacterial biofilm development
International Microbiology , 2006,
Abstract: microorganisms can live and proliferate as individual cells swimming freely in the environment, or they can grow as highly organized, multicellular communities encased in a self-produced polymeric matrix in close association with surfaces and interfaces. this microbial lifestyle is referred to as biofilms. the intense search over the last few years for factors involved in biofilm development has revealed that distantly related bacterial species recurrently make use of the same elements to produce biofilms. these common elements include a group of proteins containing ggdef/eal domains, surface proteins homologous to bap of staphylococcus aureus, and some types of exopolysaccharides, such as cellulose and the poly-b-1,6-n-acetylglucosamine. this review summarizes current knowledge about these three common elements and their role in biofilm development.
Prácticas y conciencia en una experiencia de movilización indígena en el noreste formose?o
I?igo Carrera,Valeria;
Intersecciones en antropolog?-a , 2007,
Abstract: the aim of this article is to unfold daily practices shaped by present-day political experiences among the toba people of eastern formosa province in the context of their involvement in a process of peasants' struggle, as well as the forms of consciousness that both support and are produced by that process. likewise, the analysis, centered at the local level, aims to question certain theoretical approaches to social movements.
Configuraciones de la relación de ciudadanía entre los Tobas de Formosa: lo universal y lo particular
I?igo Carrera,Valeria;
Andes , 2011,
Abstract: this article proposes a reflection upon the political forms in which capital accumulation organizes itself in a direct way among the toba people of eastern formosa. in order to do so, it starts from pointing out that the citizenship relation constitutes the full expression of the political individual in the capitalist organization of social production. next, it advances over the tension between the general condition, that of being a citizen of the argentine state, and the specific condition of being indigenous people. likewise, the article deals with the shape that assumes the exercise of that relation as regards the premise of universality it encloses, based on the recognition of special rights granted to indigenous people. in short, it deals with the building of a particular type of citizenship for indigenous individuals. lastly, it approaches the production of the toba people as "political clients".
Programas sociales entre los tobas del este formose?o: ?reproducción de una población obrera sobrante?
I?igo Carrera,Valeria;
Cuadernos de antropolog?-a social , 2007,
Abstract: the toba population of eastern formosa province forms part of the laboring population that sees its capacity to guarantee its own social reproduction increasingly deteriorated, as it is immediately expelled from the process of production as part of the capitalist accumulation dynamics. at the same time, it is the object of the generalized implementation of different social assistance programs in which a tendency towards the maintenance of minimal levels of the material reproduction of life is noticeable. the present article focuses on the modalities taken by these programs as well as on their assumptions, scopes and implications with relation to the productive capacities of the subjects or "target population" of their implementation.
Multimedia Glosses and Their Effect on L2 Text Comprehension and Vocabulary Learning
I?igo Yanguas
Language Learning and Technology , 2009,
Abstract: The present study investigates the effects that different types of multimedia glosses, namely textual, pictorial, and textual + pictorial, have on text comprehension and vocabulary learning when the goal is exclusively comprehension of a computerized text. This study is based on the theoretical framework of attention, which maintains that attention is critical in the acquisition process of an L2 (Robinson, 1995; Schmidt, 1995, 2001; Tomlin and Villa, 1994). Ninety-four participants read a text under one of four gloss conditions while asked to think aloud. This study investigated whether any of the conditions promoted noticing and whether this noticing led to better comprehension of the text and learning of the target vocabulary words. Reading comprehension, recognition, and production measures were utilized in a pre-post test design. Results of quantitative and qualitative analyses of the data gathered showed first that all multimedia gloss groups noticed and recognized significantly more of the target words than the control group. Second, no significant differences were found among any of the groups in production of the target vocabulary items. Finally, regarding comprehension, results showed that the combination gloss group significantly outperformed all other groups. These results confirm that the multimedia glosses under investigation have a different effect on comprehension and vocabulary learning respectively.
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