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Entre la nutrición y el gusto: Prescripciones alimentarias en la escuela primaria argentina
Historia de la educaci?3n - anuario , 2010,
Abstract: the history of alimentary education in schools, understood as the institutionalization and dissemination of knowledge and precepts about food production, elaboration and selection, shows the confluence of concepts and guidelines of different orders, origins, and locations. in argentina, through scientific definitions, moral and health recommendations, and the assignment of key gender-based roles, part of the pedagogical discourse became oriented towards teaching children in primary schools what, how, and how much to eat. thus, since the last decades of the xix century and the first of the xx, an activity that was primary and basic for individual and social survival (douglas, 1973) would become part of the way schools educated the body and sensitivity, alongside school subjects, spacial arrangements, and the organization of school time tables and calendars. this work is a progress report of a study which seeks to investigate the conceptual frameworks and practices of alimentary policies as articulated in the state's pedagogical discourse, the actions through which some perspectives about food production and consumption were disseminated, between the years 1880 and 1910 through one of the voices of the state's pedagogical discourse: el monitor de la educación común.ii
Para um melhor conhecimento dos domínios coloniais: a constitui??o de redes de informa??o no Império português em finais do Setecentos
História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-59702001000500002
Abstract: this article focus on the participation of scientists, portuguese agents and even natives - including indians - in the developing of an information net that focused on the economic potential of territories subject to the portuguese crown, mainly of brazil. aiming at the crown's economic development, brazilian fauna and flora samples were sent to some institutions in portugal, such as jardim botanico da ajuda, arsenal real do exército and hospital real militar in lisbon, where they were analyzed for future application to agriculture, trade and medicine making.
Vivendo com a guerra: uma entrevista com o Sr. A. Fortuna
Estudos Históricos (Rio de Janeiro) , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21862009000100003
Abstract: in recent years, the war memory theory field has been developing enormously, and oral history has been one of its most powerful tools for accessing personal and collective memories. this methodology has been instrumental in recovering and/or collecting experiences of war, violence and trauma. for some individuals, war is ever present, it is a constant, indelible memory visible in one's body: when an ex-combatant is disabled for life, he has to live with war permanently and his past experience is necessarily life shaping. this paper is based on the testimony of mr. a. fortuna, a lived example of this reality, one of the estimated 30,000 disabled war veterans (ribeiro, 1999) of the portuguese colonial war (1961-1974), who was interviewed for a dphil research project on the memories of its ex-combatants. in 1971, a. fortuna, now aged 59, lost his eyesight and both arms in guinea-bissau, something which subsequently meant a life entirely shaped by the war and his disability. this conflict's memory - notwithstanding the fact that this is a major event in 20th century portuguese history - remains largely unexplored. some authors point out that 'the shame reached such an extent that after 1974 the colonial war was cautiously swept away from the collective memory' (ribeiro, 1999) and its ex-combatants are covered by 'a suffocating veil of silence and neglect' (gomes, 2004), especially the war disabled, uncomfortable reminders of a war the nation is not willing to remember. taking mr. fortuna's interview as a starting point, this paper reflects on some of the challenges an oral historian has to face when interviewing disabled war veterans. it aims at presenting an example of how oral history can shed some light on a less visible topic of portuguese contemporary history.
Infección por Bordetella pertussis
Archivos argentinos de pediatr?-a , 2010,
Abstract: physiopathological, clinical, and epidemiological aspects of whooping cough, an acute highly contagious respiratory infection caused by bordetella pertussis, are described. different vaccination schedules are mentioned, since the vaccine was introduced, more than 40 years ago, until present; and the outbreacks ocurred in argentina during different periods. moreover, the recrudescense of the disease observed in several countries during last years is highlighted, particularly in preschool children, and even more in adolescents, and young adults.
Ades?o à terapêutica anti-retrovírica na infec??o VIH/SIDA: Revis?o de Artigos Publicados
Arquivos de Medicina , 2006,
Abstract: a literature search was conducted on the medline database, for the years 1996 to 2004, to collect published articles correlating hiv infection and adherence. thirty two article were included; we limited to articles in adult human subjects (aged 18 or older) and when the major objective was to determine the prevalence of non-adherence treatment in hiv patients. this review examined adherence definition, study design and methodology, subjects characteristics and measurement of adherence. the barriers to optimal adherence were organized in three major groups: a) social and psychological factors, b) factors related with the disease and c) factors related to treatment regimen. most studies used a categorical definition of adherence. by far, the most frequent used methods were interviews and questionnaires. the study designs were primarily prospective and most commonly in hospital-based settings. man were prevalent in most samples. in most studies adherence was incomplete and difficult to achieve. social-economic factors, as lower income and lower educational level were negatively associated with adherence. depression, lack of motivation and complexity of regimen were also related with poor adherence.
As novas configura??es do mercado de trabalho urbano no Brasil: notas para discuss?o
Caderno CRH , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-49792010000300012
Abstract: this paper investigates the impact of changes recorded between 2002 and 2009 in the urban labor market in brazil on the workers, taking into account its segmentation into groups resulting from the intersection of the dimensions of age, sex and education. in it we make a brief analysis of the changes observed in these seven years in the socio-demographic profile of the population of working age to, then, investigate the levels of occupation, unemployment and the formalization of the various segments of workers defined from those variables .to that end, we constructed and analyzed a set of indicators, based on data from the national survey by home sampling (in portuguese, pnad), that account for labor market insertion of young men and women, adults and elderly according to education level and the new settings of the labor market that emerge in the expansionary cycle of the economy over the last seven years.
Poesia e infancia: o corpo em viva voz
Pro-Posi??es , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-73072011000200008
Abstract: this article seeks to discuss the challenging possibility, placed to the childhood school, of perceiving the bond of the poems reading with its strength as a poetic experience that can be conquered in live voice by a body that feels. at the moment in which, at the brazilian educational scenario, the organization of the elementary schools curriculum has been discussed, the text defends, based onthe theoretical framework of gaston bachelard's creative imagination; on the poetic pedagogy in georges jean; on paul zumthor's vocal performance and on walter benjamin's experience, the approach to literature not as a knowledge area or a subject matter, but as language that emerges from corporeality.
Impactos do desemprego e da precariza??o sobre famílias metropolitanas
Revista Brasileira de Estudos de Popula??o , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-30982006000200002
Abstract: this article addresses the consequences of the crisis in the labor market for families living in the greater metropolitan areas of salvador, belo horizonte and porto alegre, brazil. based on data from the pnad for the period between 1995 and 2004, it presents a brief diagnosis of the family structures in these regions and their respective labor markets and analyzes the behavior of unemployment and the process of growing instability. it then identifies the types of families that have been affected by these processes and the distribution of the main risks related to the labor market in terms of persons' positions in the family, separating the differences among the three regions studied. finally, the article discusses the extent to which the stage reached by unemployment and instability in each region can be explained by the particularities of a family structure, or if, on the contrary, the characteristics of its economy and the resulting impacts imposed by the productive restructuring are determining factors for growing in stability and changes in family structures.
O Brasil nos relatos de viajantes ingleses do século XVIII: produ??o de discursos sobre o Novo Mundo
Revista Brasileira de História , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-01882008000100007
Abstract: the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge on brazil are prior to the opening of brazilian ports to the commercial and navigating activities of european nations. although the importance and novelty of the works of john mawe, thomas lindley, henry koster, maximilian the wied-neuwied and the baron of eschwege remain unquestionable, the knowledge on brazil became available to the 18th century europeans through log-books, journals, maps and drawings produced by sailors, smugglers, corsairs and pirates, that travelled along the brazilian coast during that period, as well as through the records created by learned men such as george anson, james cook, joseph banks, charles solander, and arthur bowes smith. the goals of these accounts produced during the 18th century were: to correct the geography of the earth, to diminish the dangers of navigations and to improve the knowledge on brazilian uses, arts and natural products.
Notícias do Brasil colonial: a imprensa científica e política a servi?o das elites (Portugal, Brasil e Inglaterra)
Varia Historia , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-87752006000100009
Abstract: this article analyzes the minute process of collecting information on the brazilian colony through the news divulged by a scientific periodical, philosophical transactions, the official organ of the royal society in london, as well as the role played by diplomats, scientists, academics and businessmen living in england in the construction of the image of brazil before the chronological marker traditionally pointed to by official historiography as .the beginning of all the changes.: 1808.
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