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Newborn Hearing Screening System Based on Otoacoustic Emissions Sistema para pesquisaje auditivo en recién nacidos basado en emisiones otoacústicas
Juliet Sánchez Galego,Ernesto Rodríguez Dávila,ángel Regueiro Gómez
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2010, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v1i3.24
Abstract: Hearing is one of the five main senses, participating in the individual′s orientation and communication. The auditory organ (vertebrate′s hearing), is in charge of the sound wave perceiving in the audible band (20 Hz to 20 kHz). Due to the increment of the audiologic problems in the society and the growing interest in our country of eradicate it since the 80′s, the investigation proposes the characterization of a channel of entrance for audiologic tests, and the latter one audition investigation in new born based in Otoacustic emission, as for characteristic of frequency, amplitude and trend line; that which can be feasible and useful, because it contributes to the development of Universal Investigation Devices existing in Cuba. La audición es uno de los cinco sentidos principales, participando en el sentido de orientación y en la comunicación de los individuos. El órgano auditivo, (oídos en los vertebrados), es el encargado de percibir las ondas sonoras en la banda audible desde 20 Hz a 20 kHz. Debido al incremento de problemas audiológicos en la sociedad y el creciente interés en nuestro país de erradicarlo desde la década del 80, la investigación propone la caracterización de un canal de entrada para pruebas audiométricas y el posterior pesquisaje auditivo en recién nacidos basado en Emisiones Otoacústicas, en cuanto a características de frecuencia, amplitud y linealidad, lo cual puede resultar factible y útil, pues contribuye al desarrollo de Equipos de Pesquisaje Universal (EPU) no invasivos ya existentes en Cuba.
Primer Taller Nacional de Consenso sobre síndrome metabólico en las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias First National Workshop of Consensus on metabolic syndrome in members of Army
ángel Arpa Gámez
Revista Cubana de Medicina Militar , 2009,
Una WebQuest para la orientación vocacional y profesional en Bachillerato A WebQuest for Vocational Guidance in High Schools
ángel Hernando Gómez
Comunicar , 2009, DOI: doi:10.3916/c32-2009-03-003
Abstract: En el presente artículo se expone una WebQuest dise ada para servir de complemento al Plan de Orientación Vocacional y Profesional (POVP) de Bachillerato, con ella se pretende facilitar al alumnado el conocimiento de sí mismo, el conocimiento del entorno académico y profesional y ayudarle en el proceso de toma de decisiones. Se describen las características de la herramienta, dónde está alojada, los objetivos que se persiguen, los procedimientos TIC utilizados, la metodología de trabajo, así como los recursos y actividades que se plantean. Como conclusión se destaca que la utilización de las TIC en orientación psicopedagógica permite optimizar y enriquecer las intervenciones que se llevan a cabo en los centros de Secundaria. The present paper exposes a teaching resource, designed to serve as a complement to the Vocational and Professional Counseling Program of High Schools. The WebQuest intended to facilitate students′ self-knowledge, the knowledge of the academic and professional environment and to help them in the process of decision-making. This work also presents the characteristics of the tool, the websites where it is housed, the working methodology, the objectives of the teaching resource, a description of the process the learners should go through in order to accomplishing the task, the most representative result and the final conclusions. As a final conclusion, we underline that the ICTs use in professional counseling could optimize and enrichment those interventions developed in High School centers.
Aproximación al poema
Brisa Gómez ángel
?édille : Revista de Estudios Franceses , 2008,
Abstract: Amongst the many artists mentioned in éluard’s verse is Joan Miró, who has a whole poem to himself. The poem is con-tained in the volume Capitale de la douleur and bears Miro’s name as the title. Breton enthused about this book in the following terms: Capitale de la douleur c’est para t-il, un scandale pour certains si la passion et l’inspiration se persuadent qu’elles n’ont besoin que d’elles-mêmes . A study of this poem shows how the poet identifies with two modes of artistic creation, that of painting and that of poetry, through the interplay between metaphor and metamor-phosis.
L’ombre de la femme, dans l’ uvre Mourir de ne pas mourir de Paul Eluard
Brisa Gómez ángel
?édille : Revista de Estudios Franceses , 2010,
Abstract: The women’s presence study in someéluard’s poems of his book Mourir de ne pasmourir highlights the baroque influence inhis poetry. Our work builds on the majorthreads of meaning at the heart of eachpoem: the fertility of the titles constitutingisotopic networks within poems, the coherenceof their imaginative networks, the neobaroque significant features, the corroborativerhythm and syntax. Through this approach,enunciative aspects of those worksappear underlining a period of crisis in thepoet’s life.
The registration of morphofunctional parameters: its evaluation in children-karate athletes El registro de parámetros morfofuncionales: su evaluación en ni os-atletas de karate-do
Harold Pérez Soriano,Angel Regueiro Gómez
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2010, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v1i1.2
Abstract: With the development of national and international practice of Karate-Do as a sport of combat in Cuba, and especially when practiced often by children, morphofunctional control is important for athletes, observing the response of the body still in the making during training and competition in a given preparation macrocycle, as negative results (psychological and / or physical) can be brought to a wrong direction to achieve a given objective competitive. This research identifies and examines indicators for assessing the morphofunctional development of children, developing athletes in the category 10-11 years (weight, height, reach the arms and legs, heart rate, arterial blood pressure and respiratory rate etc.) This allows a better characterization of this sport at an early age and therefore, better health benefit of practitioners in the public interest and national sports. A partir del desarrollo de la práctica nacional e internacional del Karate-Do como deporte de combate en Cuba, y en especial cuando suele ser practicado por ni os, es importante el control morfofuncional de los atletas, observándose la respuesta del organismo aún en proceso de formación durante los entrenamientos y las competencias en un determinado macrociclo de preparación, pues resultados negativos (psicológicos y/o físicos) pueden ser provocados ante una errónea dirección para alcanzar un determinado objetivo competitivo. En esta investigación se definen y analizan indicadores para la evaluación del desarrollo morfofuncional de ni os-atletas en desarrollo en la Categoría 10-11 a os (peso, talla, alcance de brazos y piernas; Frecuencia Cardiaca, Presión Sanguínea Arterial y Frecuencia Respiratoria entre otros), lo cual permite una mejor caracterización de la práctica de este deporte en edades tempranas y por ende, un mejor beneficio en la salud de los practicantes y en beneficio del interés deportivo nacional.
Actualización de teorías archivísticas: una necesidad para mejorar la gestión de archivos venezolanos
Sánchez Gómez,Arcángel;
Enlace , 2007,
Abstract: this paper analize the archival discipline?s theory, as a dynamic element for the establishment of strategies that may allow solving these weaknesses. the goal of the experience is to refl ect about the problems of the national archival sector that have been infl uenced by obsoleteness and bad use of archive technology, as for example, legislación archivística nacional and the conformation of study curricula of higher education institutions, especially the school of archive and libraries at universidad central de venezuela. for such purposes, the descriptive method of research is employed, whose results analysis anticipates the need to define a sole vocabulary so that professionals in the area, may execute learned theory, using strategies based upon the consensus and search of discussion spaces for the analysis of theoretical precepts and its applicability over the particularities of venezuelan archives. it is concluded that it is indispensable to define a discussion agenda that may serve as a proposal for the normalization and validation of theoretical precepts that bear affinity with the national archives development.
Imperial faith and catholic missions in the grand exhibitions of the Estado Novo
Sánchez-Gómez,Luis ángel;
Análise Social , 2009,
Abstract: during the 1930s portugal?s estado novo developed an impressive array of activities directed at awakening and maintaining portugal?s ?national pride?, in an attempt to define the new regime?s symbolic ideology and consolidate loyalties. those intentions were reflected in portugal?s participation in the main international expositions of the time, and in the successful organization of various national expositions, especially those of 1934, 1937, and 1940. the catholic church was featured in some form in all of these historical, economic, and colonial events. the purpose of this article is to analyze this participation and consider how it was useful for the church. finally, i will show how this participation was turned by the estado novo to its own ends.
Aspectos jurídicos de la actividad comercial en Roma y los "tituli picti"
Gómez-Iglesias Casal,ángel;
Revista de estudios histórico-jurídicos , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0716-54552010000100002
Abstract: recent archaeological excavations at mount testaccio in rome have confirmed former findings: it consists of amphorae remains that essentially match the dressel 20 typology and were used for the sea transport of oil produced in baetica to rome. many of these amphorae have inscriptions, the tituli picti, which contain, among other less interesting information, the names of the people involved in such transport with the consular dating. not only the well known mercatores olearii, navicularii and negotiators appear, but also a new figure, the diffusores olearii (former baetica). their specific role, their meetings in public societates, as well as their relationship with the public annona, are unsolved issues. in addition, a series of key questions related with both public law (e.g. in fiscal inscriptions of the tituli picti) and private law (types of sales and purchases carried out, variants of contracts of affreightment etc.) are presented.
ángel Hernando Gómez,Ana Duarte Hueros
Pixel-Bit , 2010,
Abstract: En el presente artículo se describe una experiencia de teleformación en el Campus Andaluz Virtual. El objetivo perseguido era capacitar al alumnado participante, futuros profesionales del campo de la intervención social, para actuar en la prevención de la violencia, en las relaciones de pareja de jóvenes y adolescentes. Se describe el desarrollo de la experiencia, las herramientas, materiales y recursos utilizados, las estrategias metodológicas así como los principales resultados y conclusiones, entre las que destaca el potencial de la Red y de la ense anza virtual para la realización de actividades colaborativas donde se desarrollen procesos de reflexión compartida.

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