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Electric Power Quality and Distributed Generation in Cuba Calidad de la energía y generación distribuida en Cuba
Miguel Castro Fernández,Marielys Francisco Fernández,Raúl Díaz Fuentes,ángel Costa Montiel
Revista Cubana de Ingeniería , 2010, DOI: 10.1234/rci.v1i3.28
Abstract: Diesel engine generator (RM) is one of the most used technologies on distributed generation (DG). The presence of RM, no manner its operation form need an analysis about differents problems: one of them is related with power quality (PQ). First results obained inside one study directed to obtain answers about differents perturbations for the RM presence like shortcircuit and voltage variation on RM termianls and rejected charge are presented in this paper. Entre las tecnologías de mayor difusión que en la actualidad se utilizan dentro de la generación distribuida (GD) están los grupos electrógenos (GE) Los GE en cualquiera de sus formas de explotación, exigen un análisis de los problemas que puedan manifestarse por su presencia; uno de estos problemas está relacionado con la calidad de la energía eléctrica (CEL). El presente trabajo expone los primeros resultados de un estudio que va dirigido a buscar respuestas sobre este tema ante diferentes tipos de perturbaciones que pueden presentarse en la red: Cortocircuito y variación de la tensión en los terminales del GE y la desconexión súbita de la carga (rechazo de carga).
Las teorías de sistemas en el estudio de la cultura política
López Montiel, ángel Gustavo;
Política y cultura , 2008,
Abstract: this essay seeks to build analytically and descriptively the main impacts of systemic perspectives in the study political culture. based on the conceptual elements made by the systemic trends in political science, we can identify its developments in the area of political culture, allowing for the interpretation about kinds of cultures, attitudes, opinions, behaviors, etc. this perspective places a discussion about methodological difficulties for political scientists in the study of specific issues of politics, drawing common bases of methodological tools more adequate to the phenomena under study and interpretation.
Las teorías de sistemas en el estudio de la cultura política
ángel Gustavo López Montiel
Política y cultura , 2008,
Abstract: El presente ensayo busca delinear de manera descriptiva y analítica, los principales impactos de las perspectivas sistémicas en la ciencia política, aterrizando su aplicación al espacio de la cultura política. Identificaremos corrientes metodológicas que nos permitirán ubicar su impacto en la construcción de interpretaciones sobre los tipos de cultura, las actitudes, opiniones, conductas, etc. Con el objeto de plantear las dificultades metodológicas que aún se mantienen al interior de la ciencia política y la necesidad de construir herramientas metodológicas propias adecuadas al tipo de fenómenos que se estudian en la disciplina para incrementar su capacidad de análisis e interpretación
On Macroeconomic Reforms and Macroeconomic Resiliency: Lessons from the Great Recession  [PDF]
Peter J. Montiel
Modern Economy (ME) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/me.2011.24058
Abstract: What are the payoffs from macroeconomic reforms? Whether such reforms yield higher long-term growth has long been controversial. However, the experience of the Great Recession suggests that other important benefits may have been neglected in the controversy over the growth benefits of reform. Specifically, in contrast with previous international recessions, recovery from the Great Recession has been led by emerging and developing economies, many of which have implemented significant reforms over the past two decades. How much of the resilience of these economies can be attributed to these reforms, and what do these lessons suggest for the desirability of further reforms? This paper is intended to provide some preliminary answers to these questions.
Abdominal pain and intestinal malrotation in adults Dolor abdominal y malrotación intestinal en el adulto
Montiel Jiménez-Fuertes,David Costa-Navarro,Carmen Zamora-Amorós
Revista Espa?ola de Enfermedades Digestivas , 2013,
Condiciones de vida y Vih-Sida. Servicio de atención a pacientes con enfermedades infecto contagiosas "Elsa La Corte". Facultad de Odontología de la Ucv. Caracas.2002
Acta Odontológica Venezolana , 2003,
Abstract: abstract this research work is being carried out, so this discusión shows partrally its results, which come from 25 surveyed patients belonging to the "elsa la corte" infectuos disseases center at the central university of venezuela, dental school. the objective is to characterize hiv/aids patients regarding the social groups they belong to, according to breilh classification, taking into account the social reproduction parameter. life conditions of these patients will define their capacity to face up this threatening disease, from the intelectual-afecctive standpoint to the economic and service accesses one.
Estudio de la ense?anza de la Salud Pública Oral en la formación de cuarto nivel en la Facultad de Odontología de la Universidad de Sevilla. Espa?a. 2004
Acta Odontológica Venezolana , 2007,
Abstract: the objective of this article, was to present the data were obteneid from the research to take place between april to july 2004 and may to agost 2005, in the oral public health master of the odontology faculty, sevilla university. in this study to describe and to analyze the subject matter and the teaching methodology used in the education of master, in administration and managament and oral public health.
Las Políticas del Estado Venezolano en relación a la situación de salud de los pacientes con VIH-SIDA
Acta Odontológica Venezolana , 2006,
Abstract: the purpose of the present article is to characterize the answers that the venezuelan state has summed up in the plan strategic national hiv-aids, as political of health, to this pandemic that every day affects to bigger quantity of venezuelans, and to analyze the current situation of the plan, by the light of the previous diagnoses from the epidemic, assistance, preventive point of view, i support sick people with vih/sida, institutional aspects, evaluation and monitoreo, and access to the medications.
El nuevo orden simbólico: la diversidad cultural en la era de la globalización
Literatura y lingüística , 2003, DOI: 10.4067/S0716-58112003001400005
Abstract: in this article the author deals with the prompt and complex transformation of world reality within a globalized cultural diversity. the unesco call to open up an intercultural dialogue and to advocate for pluralism and tolerance becomes necessary and urgent. the author defines culture as the distinctive feature that characterizes a society or social group: ways of life, value systems, traditions, and beliefs. the new symbolic order emerges from the new technologies of communication. besides, specific topics are dealt with, topics such as: cultural phenomena divorced from geography and history, the new imageries, the image era, the market culture, cultural policies and cyberspace, etc.
On machines and instruments (II): The world of the eye in the work of E.T.A. Hoffmann
Montiel, Luis
Asclepio : Revista de Historia de la Medicina y de la Ciencia , 2008,
Abstract: Continuing with the subject of the previous work, this article considers the whole series of problems connected to the question of the vision provoked by the mere existence of the body of the automaton. The eyes of the android and, above all, the reactions aroused by looking at these human- shaped machines are the object of Hoffman’s reflections, from a viewpoint apparently firmly set within the Goethean concept of the world of the eye — Welt des Auges. Similarly, there is also an in-depth analysis from this same perspective of the instrumental approach to natural reality as it had been perceived in science since the seventeenth century. Continuando con lo desarrollado en el trabajo precedente se estudia en éste el conjunto de problemas vinculados al tema de la visión que suscita la mera existencia del cuerpo del autómata. Los ojos del androide y, sobre todo, las reacciones suscitadas por la contemplación de estas máquinas de aspecto humano, son objeto de la reflexión de Hoffmann desde una postura que parece instalarse en la noción goetheana de un mundo del ojo —Welt des Auges—. Desde esta perspectiva se despliega así mismo una aguda crítica del abordaje instrumental de la realidad natural tal como, desde el siglo XVII, venía planteándose en la ciencia.

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