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Rubén Dittus B. Cartografía de los Estudios Mediales en Chile
álvaro Cuadra
Aisthesis , 2009,
Quemaduras por frío: Revisión de 10 A os Cold injuries in ten years
Revista Chilena de Cirugía , 2006,
Abstract: La injuria por frío ha sido objeto de estudio desde la década de 1960, Este trabajo entrega los resultados de una revisión retrospectiva de un grupo de 10 pacientes ingresados al Hospital del Trabajador de Santiago (HTS) en un periodo de 10 a os producto de accidentes laborales de distintas etiologías. Cabe se alar que solo encontramos reportes aislados de casos en la literatura revisada. Se revisaron retrospectivamente las fichas clínicas de 10 pacientes en el periodo 1993-2003. Las edades fluctuaron entre los 17 y 68 a os (27,6 a os). Todos pacientes de sexo masculino. Las substancias líquidas y gaseosas frías causaron sus lesiones en su mayoría (90%), 1 paciente sufrió congelamiento por temperatura ambiental <-25° C. En cuanto a la profundidad de las lesiones, 3 pacientes presentaron quemaduras tipo A pura, en el resto el compromiso fue mixto con quemaduras A/AB (1 paciente), AB (3 pacientes), AB/B (2 pacientes), y B en 1 paciente al ingreso, según la clasificación de Benaim. El porcentaje de superficie corporal total (SCT) comprometida consignado (6 pacientes) fue de 1,6% en promedio. En todos los pacientes la lesión se circunscribió a las manos y solo en 1 hubo compromiso además de los antebrazos (4% SCT). El promedio de días de hospitalización fue de 9,1 días excluyendo a un paciente que se trasladó a EE.UU. al primer día de hospitalización. El tratamiento se realizó según el protocolo de manejo para quemaduras del Hospital del Trabajador de Santiago (HTS). De los pacientes que se sometieron a cirugía (4 pacientes) el promedio de intervenciones fue de 3,5 cirugías. Un paciente requirió de amputaciones digitales y otros 2 pacientes resultaron con secuela funcional al final del tratamiento Background: Cold injuries are usually caused by gases or liquids at very low temperatures or by exposure to extremely cold environments. Aim: To review the experience with cold injuries. Material and methods: Retrospective review of medical records of 10 patients admitted to Hospital del Trabajador with cold injuries, between 1993 and 2003. Results: All patients were male and their ages ranged between 17 and 68 years. Nine patients were injured by cold gases or liquids and one patient was exposed to an environmental temperature of -25 oC. Three had solely type A burns, one had A/AB burns, three had AB/B burns and one, B burns. The mean injured body surface area was 1.6%. In all, lesions were restricted to the hands and only one had involvement of the forearms. Mean hospital stay was 9 days, excluding one patient that was transferred to United States on the first d
Cobertura con injerto dermoepidérmicos mediante técnica MEEK en el tratamiento de grandes quemados Skin graft using MEEK technique for skin coverage in severe burned patients
Revista Chilena de Cirugía , 2010,
Extensions of rational modules
J. Cuadra
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2003, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171203203471
Abstract: For a coalgebra C, the rational functor Rat (−):ℳC∗→ℳC∗ is a left exact preradical whose associated linear topology is the family ℱC, consisting of all closed and cofinite right ideals of C∗. It was proved by Radford (1973) that if C is right ℱ-Noetherian (which means that every I∈ℱC is finitely generated), then Rat (−) is a radical. We show that the converse follows if C1, the second term of the coradical filtration, is right ℱ-Noetherian. This is a consequence of our main result on ℱ-Noetherian coalgebras which states that the following assertions are equivalent: (i) C is right ℱ-Noetherian; (ii) Cn is right ℱ-Noetherian for all n∈ℕ; and (iii) ℱC is closed under products and C1 is right ℱ-Noetherian. New examples of right ℱ-Noetherian coalgebras are provided.
Miguel Patrón Marchand
Gonzalo Cuadra
Revista musical chilena , 2010,
Como Ulises con las sirenas: el compositor institucional chileno y la idiomaticidad del canto
Gonzalo Cuadra
Revista musical chilena , 2000,
A Hopf algebra having a separable Galois extension is finite dimensional
Juan Cuadra
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: It is shown that a Hopf algebra over a field admitting a Galois extension separable over its subalgebra of coinvariants is of finite dimension. This answers in the affirmative a question posed by Beattie et al. in [{\it Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.} 128 No. 11 (2000), 3201-3203].
5th Milan Breast Cancer Conference, Milan, Italy, 11–13 June 2003
Manuel Gomez Cuadra
Breast Cancer Research , 2003, DOI: 10.1186/bcr639
Abstract: The conference was guided to a successful conclusion by the experience of the chairmen Dr Umberto Veronessi and Dr Aaron Goldhirsch. This year the European Institute of Oncology Award was given to Dr David Page, Professor at Vanderbilt University Medical School, who gave an excellent lecture outlining the importance of ductal carcinoma in situ as a local precursor of invasive cancer, and the lesions related to in situ staging.Management of high risk women is a major topic. Therefore, the first section of the conference was dedicated to prevention and detection. The main points were summarized in a plenary session. Jack Cuzick (Imperial Cancer Research, UK) gave an overview of the risk factors, which can be divided into four groups: family history/genetic; reproductive/hormonal; proliferative benign breast disease; and mammographic density. Less is known about the possible interactions between these factors. However, a computer program able to synthesize the factors into an individual risk profile could conduct an assessment.Following this broad definition of high risk, Judy Garber (Dana Faber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, USA) showed that BRCA mutations are the cause of breast cancer in only 5–10% of the total cases. In addition, BRCA mutation carriers have a 40–60% risk for developing contralateral breast cancer. Julian Peto (Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, UK) emphasized the importance of reproductive factors in breast cancer.In chemoprevention Andrea Decensi (European Institute of Oncology) and Lawrence Wickerham (Associate Chairman of the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project) showed that the use of tamoxifen can reduce the incidence of oestrogen receptor (ER) positive breast cancer by up to 50%; however, the effect of tamoxifen in ER negative breast cancer is unknown. The dosage of tamoxifen, and the concomitant use of hormone replacement therapy and tamoxifen 5 mg/day will be evaluated in the Hormone Replacement Therapy and Tamoxifen (HOT)
Where Does Mexico Stand? Interpreting NAFTA's. Regional Scope and the FTAA Hemispheric Project
Cuadra Montiel, Héctor;
Norteamérica , 2008,
Abstract: using a hermeneutic strategic relational approach, this article examines the elements of the material and ideational international context directly relevant to development in mexico. it opens with a section on relations between the united states and mexico. the myriad of complex and multifaceted interactions, history and potentialities has been -and will remain- of utmost importance for both countries. the next part focuses on the north american free trade agreement (nafta) which, evaluated under its own terms, has unquestionably been successful. trade and investment have increased, and the ad hoc dispute settlement mechanism operated regularly in cases presented by each member. yet, there are immense numbers of things that nafta cannot accommodate, as it has been narrowly conceived only as a trade agreement, albeit an expanded one. these omissions are of key relevance and must be spotlighted along with the agreement's relative successes for a serious, informed discussion to take place about the prospects of deepening nafta. likewise, the negotiations for the free trade area of the americas (ftaa) would mean broadening its scope and membership. these are some of the key issues in the strategically selective context for the social processes of change in mexico in the last few decades. crucial challenges also lie ahead. if room for manoeuvre has existed in the past, there is a good chance that it will be greater in the future.
Conflito social e movimento estudantil no Chile
de la Cuadra, Fernando;
Estudos Históricos (Rio de Janeiro) , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21862008000200004
Abstract: the following article is a statement about the way chilean government reacted to the conflict raised by high school students practically along the whole first year of bachelet's administration. aside from trying to outline the causes which would be behind the erratic answer given by the authorities, the study intends to understand the position held by some of the sectors in government along with the political society in regard to the uprising of the social conflict. we think it is pertinent to build a new concept taking into account the chilean and latin-american experience. this concept is referred to what we call "hypergovernability", in other words, an excessive attachment to maintain governability by means of "anticipated solutions" of social demands. the current analysis of the various student movements indicates a fear, almost panic, in regard to social conflict, and a disproportionate concern of the state with peace and social cohesion.
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