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Influence of Acute Ozone Exposure on the Tissue Oxidant/Antioxidant Balance in Physical Exercise
ágnes UGRON,Cristina BIDIAN,Remus MOLDOVAN,Nicoleta DECEA
Applied Medical Informatics , 2012,
Abstract: Aims: The influence of acute ozone (O3) exposure on the tissue oxidant/antioxidant (O/AO) balance in the brain, myocardium, lungs and striated muscles was studied at rest and during exercise. Material and Methods: The research was performed in 3 groups of white male Wistar rats with a weight of 280-300 g: Group I – control group, sedentary rats under normoxia conditions; Group II – sedentary rats, acutely exposed to O3; Group III – animals acutely exposed to O3, followed by exercise under normoxia conditions. The rats were exposed to ozone for 3 days, 5 min/day. Group III was trained daily for 3 days under normoxia conditions by the swimming test. In order to determine the indicators of the oxidant/antioxidant balance, tissue samples from the brain, myocardium, lungs and quadriceps muscle of the anesthetized animals were taken. On the third day the following were measured: malondialdehyde (MDA), protein carbonyls (PC), hydrogen donor capacity (HD) and total sulfhydryl (thiol) group content (SH). Results: Between the indicators of the tissue O/AO balance, significant correlations were evidenced in the brain, myocardium, lungs and muscles. Conclusions: Acute combined stress through O3 pre-exposure and exercise causes OS on account of PC in the brain, myocardium and muscles, a decrease in AO defense capacity on account of HD in the brain, lungs and muscles, and an increase in AO defense capacity in the myocardium.
A multimodal analysis of the sequential organization of verbal and nonverbal interaction
Abuczki, ágnes
Argumentum , 2011,
Abstract: The paper addresses the study of the formal features of conversation from both a theoretical and an empirical perspective. In particular, following the framework and terminology of Sacks, Schlegoff and Jefferson (1974), turn-taking and sequencing are designated ‘formal’ features of interaction. Furthermore, the study adopts and fits into the framework of the theoretical modelling of human–computer interaction (HCI), as outlined in Hunyadi (2011). After reviewing the theoretical background of the multimodal analysis of conversation, a communicative act-based pragmatic annotation system will be outlined which is to contribute to a better understanding of the sequential organization of interaction. Finally, a case study on the sequential organization of nonverbal cues for turn regulation as well as their alignment with verbal content will be described.
The Making of a Bewitchment Narrative
ágnes Hesz
Folklore : Electronic Journal of Folklore , 2007,
Abstract: By analysing the formation of one bewitchment narrative, the paperargues that narratives on bewitchment primarily serve as communicative devices by which one can negotiate his social position in the community, even in cases when overt social conflict is not involved. In case of misfortune the local bewitchment theories give rise to several competing interpretations in the community (a Hungarian village in Romania). The different versions also assign different roles to the bewitched: some put them into the position of the guilty while others show them as wholly innocent victims. By following the interpretational strategies applied during the construction of the bewitchment narrative of a family whose social position was shaken, the paper aims to show how the bewitched managed to reach a version which has put them into a favourable position, and how this narrative was employed to ‘save their faces’.
Intertextualité, motivation et fonction esthétique. Une étude comparative des textes du 12e, du 13e et du 14e siècles de la légende de Saint Alexis
Dancs, ágnes
Argumentum , 2007,
Abstract: The legend of Alex, a Syrian saint who lived in the 5th century A. D., was popular in Europe during the Middle Ages. The Syrian legend was translated into Greek, from Greek into Latin in the 10th century and from Latin to French and other native languages. There are French manuscripts of the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries that are preserved. I made a comparaison between these texts and I found passages in the manuscripts of the 13th and the 14th centuries that I consider thematic amplifications of the texts existing up to those times. These passages are quoted from the Bible. I collate the verses of the Vulgate and the French texts for showing the stylistic modifications and the stylitic instruments of the authors who were forming their sources while rewriting.
The Use of Metaphors in Advertising. A Case Study and Critical Discourse Analysis of Advertisements in Cosmopolitan
Abuczki, ágnes
Argumentum , 2009,
Abstract: The aim of this study is to draw attention to the ways the media use and manipulate people's thinking by applying a specific type of figure speech, namely metaphor in advertisements. I try to investigate the relationship between individual psychology, metaphor and the media by means of a case study of the metaphors contained in two issues of the Cosmopolitan magazine, the original American issue and a Hungarian version. A model is proposed in my essay whereby people's thinking is structured by metaphor. Magazines such as the Cosmopolitan have the power to influence the way that people, and therefore, societies construct abstract domains such as interpersonal relationships, health, and beauty. In the first half of this paper, I will explain the relationship between consumerism and advertising; and I will also provide a definition of metaphors, describe their component parts, observe their role from a cognitive perspective, and provide a brief historical overview of the research of metaphors. In the second part of the paper, I will present my research of a collection of metaphors – categorized according to their source domains – found in the adverts of the magazine.
Stable flows with restricted edges
ágnes Cseh
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: The stable marriage problem with its extensions is a widely studied subject. In this paper, we combine two topics related to it, setting up new and generalizing known results in both. The stable flow problem extends the well-known stable matching problem to network flows. Restricted edges have some special properties: forced edges must be in the stable solution, while forbidden edges may not be in it. Free edges are not able to block matchings. Here we describe a polynomial algorithm that finds a stable flow with forced and forbidden edges or proves its nonexistence. In contrast to this, we also show that determining whether a stable flow with free edges exists, is NP-complete.
Magyarországi gyógyszerészek és üzleteik a 18. század végén (Az 1786. évi patikavizitációk tanulságai) Hungarian pharmacists and stores at the end of the 18th century (The lessons of visits in pharmacy in the year of 1786)
Romhányi ágnes
Kaleidoscope History , 2012,
A népi gyógyítás és a modern orvoslás viszonya a 19. századi Magyarországon The relationship of folk and modern medicine in the 19th century Hungary
Fazekas Eszter ágnes
Kaleidoscope History , 2011,
ágnes M. Godó
International Journal of English Studies (IJES) , 2008, DOI: 10.6018/ijes.8.2.49181
Abstract: The paper presents the findings and implications of a contrastive rhetorical study of Hungarian and North American college students’ L1 argumentative writing. With the help of the refined version of Mann &Thompson’s Rhetorical Structure Analysis, the investigation highlights potentially culture-bound differences in the positioning and function of nuclear or thesis statements, logical organisation in terms of rhetorical structure relations on different levels of text and the representation of alternative viewpoints. Differing argumentative schemata are related to different underlying intellectual traditions, and suggestions are made for the pedagogical integration of findings.
Are you with me? A Metadiscursive Analysis of Interactive Strategies in College Students' Course Presentations
ágnes Magnuczné Godó
International Journal of English Studies (IJES) , 2012, DOI: 10.6018/ijes.12.1.118281
Abstract: In recent years increasing research attention has been devoted to the definition and development of presentation skills. As an interactive oral discourse type, the presentation is characterised by specific speech acts, of which cooperative acts have proved to be of a highly developmental nature (Sazdovska, 2009). The aim of the present paper is to report on a study which investigated the metadiscursive realisations of interactional acts in English major novice presenters’ speeches as well as their correlation with raters’ holistic perceptions of presentation quality. En los últimos a os se ha acentuado la investigación sobre el arte de la presentación oral. Según Sazdovska (2009), cada tipo de presentación tiene su discurso característico, pero todas las presentaciones comparten rasgos interactivos que se manifiestan de manera más o menos intensiva. Puede ser una destreza que se desarrolla con la práctica. El objetivo de mi estudio es presentar los resultados de una investigación en la que se analizan, por un lado, las manifestaciones metalingüísticas de las interacciones en las presentaciones de los estudiantes de Filología Inglesa, y, por otro, la percepción holística de los evaluadores sobre la calidad de tales presentaciones.

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