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Self-Switching Classification Framework for Titled Documents
Hang Guo~,Li-Zhu Zhou~,Member,ACM,Ling Feng~,CCF,A CM,IEEE EMC Research China,Tsinghua Science Park,Beijing,China,

计算机科学技术学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Ambiguous words refer to words that have multiple meanings such as apple,window.In text classification they are usually removed by feature reduction methods like Information Gain.Sometimes there are too many ambiguous words in the corpus,which makes throwing away all of them not a viable option,as in the case when classifying documents from the Web.In this paper we look for a method to classify Titled documents with the help of ambiguous words.Titled documents are a kind of documents that have a simple stru...
Research on tourism destination image perception in Wuhan——based on web text analysis

方 雨,黄 翔
,HUANG Xiang

- , 2017,
Abstract: 借助用户生成内容(UGC)分析旅游者对旅游目的地的评价和感受,是研究旅游目的地形象感知的有效方法之一.文本使用火车采集器采集网络社区服务平台“百度旅游”中的武汉点评,以内容分析法作为研究方法,借助ROSTER CM6软件对文本资料进行分析,得出:1)受关注的旅游资源中,武汉市人文旅游资源量多,自然旅游资源质优.2)积极感知因素体现在城市历史人文气息浓厚、自然旅游资源观赏价值高、特色饮食味美实惠、当地居民直率热情等方面,消极感知则是由于城市交通拥堵、人多拥挤、以黄鹤楼为代表的景区质价不符等因素产生.3)武汉市应加强对受旅游者忽视的优质旅游要素的宣传.
Study on tourism destination evaluation based on web reviews——taking 31 provinces in China for example

龚 箭,杨舒悦,
,YANG Shuyue

- , 2018,
Abstract: 以创新旅游目的地评价方法为目的,基于旅游网络评论数据,从旅游目的地发展规模和质量两个维度构建旅游目的地关注度—满意度分析(ASA)模型.整合国内8大在线旅游平台评论数据,采集全国23 496个景点的1 368 052条有效评论,建立我国大陆31个省市自治区基础数据库.通过模型化和可视化的方法对省域旅游目的地发展水平进行分析,结果显示:1)网络旅游关注度呈现长尾和极化特征,约80%的在线旅游评论集中在10%的核心旅游景点;核心旅游景点空间聚集度呈现出由高到低的“东—中—西”格局;2)不同类型景点在网络关注度和满意度上均有明显差异,且游客对不同类型景点具有不同的正负面情感特征.基于上述特征分析,结合31个省市自治区ASA定位分析结果,提出了我国大陆31个省市自治区旅游发展优化路径.
- , 2017, DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-9497.2017.05.019
Abstract: 将网络文本应用于旅游体验要素结构特征分析的研究还较少.以西溪国家湿地公园为例,携程网的游客点评为文本资料来源,利用内容分析法对点评文本进行旅游体验要素编码及要素评价等级评定,整理出西溪湿地公园的旅游体验要素结构和旅游体验质量评价数据集.在此基础上,运用SNA、IPA等手段深入分析了其结构特征.SNA分析结果显示:该旅游体验结构的整体协调性程度较高;湿地自然景观风貌是结构中最核心的要素;整体结构分化为2个有统计学意义和2个无统计学意义的子群结构等.IPA分析结果显示,各旅游体验要素的表现性得分普遍较高,体现游客的旅游体验评价较高.重要性得分差异较大,表明游客对于旅游体验各要素的感知重要程度存在差异.据此,对西溪国家湿地公园的可持续发展提出了相关建议.
Abstract:There are few researches on tourism experience elements structure analysis based on web text. We chose Xixi National Wetland Park as empirical object and selected tourists' comments on Ctrip as text data sources. Based on the coded tourism experience elements and the evaluated grades of the comment text with the method of textual analysis, we established tourism experience element structure and tourism experience evaluation data sets. In detail, we analyzed the structure characteristics by means of social network analysis (SNA) and IPA analysis. The SNA results showed that the structure had a high degree of coordination. The wetland natural landscape was the most core element of perception. The structure was divided into two statistical significant subgroups and two statistical in significant subgroups. The IPA results showed that the performance scores of most elements were high, which showed that tourists had a high evaluation on Xixi national wetland park. The importance scores of elements were remarkable different, which showed that tourists had different importance perceptions to these tourism experience elements. Finally, we provided related recommendations for the sustainable development of Xixi National Wetland Park.
Automated Entity Alias Evocation from Web
Snehal S. Shinde,P. R. Devale
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: Identifying the correct reference to an entity amonga list of references is required in lots of works such as informationretrieval, sentiment analysis, person name disambiguation as wellas in biomedical fields. More previous work had been done onsolving lexical ambiguity here we proposed a method that is basedon referential ambiguity. In this paper we proposed a methodwhich is based on referential ambiguity to extract correct alias fora given name. Given a person name and/or with context data suchas location, organization retrieves top K snippets and depth up tolevel two from a web search engine. With the help of Lexicalpattern extract candidate aliases. As to find correct alias from alist of aliases we used n-depth crowling method. This method isuseful to improve the precision and minimize the recall than theprevious baseline method.
Text and Data Mining in Directive 2019/790/EU Enhancing Web-Harvesting and Web-Archiving in Libraries and Archives  [PDF]
Μaria Bottis, Marinos Papadopoulos, Christos Zampakolas, Paraskevi Ganatsiou
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2019.93024
Abstract: Text and Data Mining (hereinafter, TDM) issue for the purpose of scientific research or for any other purpose which is included in the provisions of the new EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (hereinafter, DSM). TDM is a term that includes Web harvesting and Web Archiving activities. Web harvesting and archiving pertains to the processes of collecting from the web and archiving of works that reside on the Web. Web harvesting and archiving is one of the most attractive applications for libraries which plan ahead for their future operation. When works retrieved from the Web are turned into archived and documented material to be found in a library, the amount of works that can be found in said library can be far greater than the number of works harvested from the Web. This paper aims at presenting certain issues related to the existing legal framework as well as technical/librarianship issues that apply to TDM which includes Web harvesting and archiving activities. This paper elaborates upon the applicable new provisions of Directive 2019/ 790/EU on Copyright in the DSM with the aim to shed light upon issues such as the notion of “lawful access”, the beneficiary of the mandatory exception for TDM, the purpose-specific TDM described in art.3 of the new Directive on Copyright in the DSM, and the application of the “three-step test” in TDM.
Public Opinion Analysis System for WWW-Based Digital Media Content

WANG Xiao-Yan,LIANG Jin-Chun,GUO Xiao-Xi,YAO Ying-Ying,WANG Ying,

计算机系统应用 , 2011,
Abstract: The rapid developing Internet has become an important reflection of public opinions.It has been an urgent problem to be solved how to analyze and monitor public opinions in digital media and on Internet,and how to timely and effectively spot all kinds false information harmful to social security,in order to promote the healthy development of information security and content supervision.This paper proposes a www-based digital media content public opinion analysis model.A digital media content public opinion ...
Editorial: Fundamental Differences between Hyperlinks and Citations
Alireza Noruzi
Webology , 2005,
Abstract: The Web is a growing organism and one of the most important characteristics of the Web is that a web page has ability to link to other web pages through hyperlinks. Since 1996, hyperlinks have been studied extensively by applying existing bibliometric techniques to the Web. The Web affords rich opportunities to apply and adapt bibliometric techniques to new contexts and content. It could be concluded that web resources are volatile and can change or disappear rapidly, thus it is almost impossible to link a web resource on the Web being sure that the resource will still exist in one year time. Consequently, authors of scholarly works should avoid citing documents published online (especially if published outside of electronic journals), as quite often linked web resources will be moved or disappear and the hyperlink will not work any more. Also, the content of any linked web resource can be changed by the linked author at any time.
The Research of Online Customer Reviews on the Base of Text Analysis

王贝贝, 刘茂红
Emergence and Transfer of Wealth (ETW) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/ETW.2014.44006
In the era of Web2.0, customer reviews have become more and more important. Many researchers have done a large number of researches. But they have just focused on the quantitative proxy such as volume and ratings. But the customers care more about the text. By text analysis, we can find more detail from the texts. From the empirical study, we find that volume and the valence of the customer reviews both positively influence sales and they have a positive interaction. We also find that the variance of the customer reviews has a positive influence on the sales. Our findings can expand the understanding of customer reviews and help marketers utilize online word-of-mouth.
Von der Text- zur Hypertextanalyse: Konsequenzen für die qualitative Forschung From Text- to Hypertext-analysis: Consequences for Qualitative Research Del análisis de textos al análisis de hiper-textos: Consecuencias para la investigación cualitativa
Johannes Moes
Forum : Qualitative Social Research , 2000,
Abstract: W hrend immer mehr Texte über das 'World Wide Web' verbreitet und auch zunehmend in der sozialwissenschaftlichen Forschung zum Untersuchungsgegenstand werden, fehlt es an Reflexionen darüber, welche Konsequenzen sich aus dem Wandel vom Text zum Hypertext ergeben. Der Beitrag zeigt einige der Unterschiede auf, die für die qualitative Forschung relevant erscheinen, und strukturiert sie unter dem Aspekt verschwimmender Abgrenzungen. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0001169 While gradually more texts are being distributed via the 'world wide web' and simultaneously becoming analyzed in the social sciences, there is a basic lack of reflection on the consequences of this change from text to hypertext. The article points out some of the differences relevant to qualitative research and structures them under the aspect of blurring boundaries. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0001169 URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0001169
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